32 Cool Things to Buy with 700 Dollars

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Last updated on March 17th, 2023

Looking for fun, useful, funky, and cool things to buy with 700 dollars? Then why are we here for? Rest assured you have come to the right place! 

If you are having any problem finding the coolest things for you with a $700 budget, leave it to us. We have found some cool and useful things that you won’t regret buying.  

We have explored the internet and have lined up some awesome finds that you are sure to love! The products have diversity in their qualities. We have got you covered, from helpful products such as household things to electronic goodies. 

However, if you have a little less budget than $700, we have also secured the heavens for you!  Here are our other collections of cool things to buy that are way more affordable — with 100 dollars, 200 dollars, 300 dollars, and 500 dollars.

32 Fun, Useful, and Cool Things to Buy with 700 Dollars

Below you will find cool and useful things that cost around 700 dollars. If you are the seeker of fun stuff that also matches your need and desire, then have a look at our list, and you won’t regret it. 

1. At-Home Spa

Portable, Inflatable Spa: One of the best things to buy for 700 dollars

What does having a spa right at home for the whole family sounds like? Would you consider this among the cool things to buy under 700 dollars?

With this cool buy, you will not only be able to satisfy your family members, your friends will want to hang out at your home all the time. And, the neighbors will be super jealous! Just kidding, but they will be jealous nonetheless. 

This 77″ x 26″ portable hot tub can easily give a premium spa experience to six people at the same time.

The spa system has 140 jets to release air bubbles creating a warm, relaxing experience. You can control all the settings in multiple smart ways, i.e. an app or the digital control panel. And, the durable construction ensures years of uninterrupted spa time.

2. A Brand New TV – 65″, 4K

65-inch TV is another cool and useful option with 700 dollars

I bet you will love this set of tv if you are a big-screen movie freak. 

Watching movies and series on a big screen with your friends and family always sounds like a fun idea! And if you get additional support for Dolby Vision, then there’s nothing more to ask for. 

Make your home a movie theater and get the best movie experience with this 65” Omni Series 4K UHD Smart TV with the support of Dolby Vision and convenient hands-free voice controls, and a 4-year protection plan.

This Amazon Fire TV is surely among the cool things to buy with 700 dollars.

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3. Multi-Game Table

Multi-Game Table: Cool and Funky

Wait, What? You don’t know about the Eastpoint Multi Game Tables!? 

Eastpoint offers you a multi-game table under the budget of $700! You are getting two mind-blowing time pass games in a single table, Air Hockey and Table Tennis. 

This Multi Game Table is a perfect companion for your family game room. There aren’t any fun games like air hockey and table tennis when you are with your family and friends. 

So, make sure you get one for yourself or regret it later! 

4. A New Phone

Smartphone - one of the cool things to buy under 700 dollars

Whenever we have a few hundred dollars at hand, a brand-new phone confidently peeps into our minds as a cool buy. 

This phone of the Samsung Galaxy series meets all our requirements. It comes with Android 12, 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 50MP Camera Sensor, 8K Video Support with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm), and 25W fast charging.   

So, if you ask what to buy with 700 dollars, then this new impressive phone can be your answer!  

Here are some other smartphone options if you want to look at: 

5. A New Laptop


Not in need of a new phone right now? What about a new laptop then? 

How about a powerful performance and a smooth gaming experience on top?

Then you are looking for an Asus TUF F15 gaming laptop. Its Intel Core i5- 10300H Processor with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD, 144Hz 15.6″ Full HD display keeps you one step ahead of others! Its design and self-cleaning tech are the icing on the cake. 

From smooth game-play experience to streaming and multitasking, TUF F15 has it all.

If you are a MacBook lover, you can check out this:


6. A Portable Gaming Station

A Portable Gaming Station

We all are children when it comes to gaming. Whether you are a professional gamer or just an amateur, you will surely love this gaming platform!  

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp is the ultimate gaming environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. 

The Guardian ensures users the best gaming experience with a powerful and portable performance. With a 24″ built-in monitor, 1440p resolution, and dynamic sound storage, it is also the perfect solution for gaming content creators and streamers. 

If you want to have the best gaming experience, you won’t regret buying it for 700 dollars.  

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7. An Apple Watch

An Apple Watch - surely a cool thing to buy within your budget

Smartwatches are a trendy, classy, and cool thing to have for yourself or as a gift to your near and dear ones. 

When it comes to smartwatches, Apple Watch tops the list with its sleek design, starlight sports band, fitness tracker, blood-oxygen measurement ability, cellular connectivity, retina display, and water resistance. 

This Easily Customizable Ultimate Fitness Partner is one of the coolest things to buy for 700 dollars. 

8. An iPad

An iPad - another cool option for 700 dollars

Can’t find any cool stuff to buy under 700 dollars? Well, an iPad can be a perfect solution to this problem. 

We have enlisted an Apple 2022 iPad Air for you. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and performs well in multi-tasking. 

This stylish 5th generation 10.9″ iPad with up to 256GB of storage is surely a perfect buy for iPad lovers. 

9. Laser Engraver with Rotary 

Laser Engraver with Rotary 

Are you an art and craft person? Because if you are, then we have found the best gift that you can give yourself! 

Now you can make your designs by using xTool D1 Laser Cutter and Engraver Machine. Give your imagination a perfect shape with the 10W laser output power and 60W machine power of xTool D1. 

You can show your art on any metal and wood surface. It also supports LightBurn and xTool Creative space software and allows data transferring via Wi-Fi, USB cable, and TF card. 

10. A Home Projector

A Home Projector

A Home Projector can be another cool stuff to buy with 700 dollars. 

It is a great source of entertainment and amusement, especially when you are on a holiday, chilling with your family. 

Nebula Cosmos Home Projector is an outdoor projector that supports 4K videos, digital zoom, Dolby digital plus, and Cosmos’s colossal 120-inch picture scale for a true cinematic experience.  

You can watch your favorite movies, sports, games, shows, and also educational videos or documentaries.

11. A Party Speaker

A Party Speaker

There’s no party without a cool, stylish party speaker!  

JBL PartyBox Party Speakers are designed to give a unique party experience. This JBL speaker comes with 800 watts of high-performance Pro Sound, extra deep bass, and built-in lights that give you a perfect party vibe. 

Whether the party is inside your house or outside, with their big, robust design and smooth-running wheels, you can easily transport them to any location and always get the party rolling! 

If you are a party person, you can’t miss this beast for 700 dollars.

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12. Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Are you tensed thinking about the mess of yesterday’s pool party? Worry no more!  We have the perfect solution that is too within the budget of $700!

Introducing the Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner – the ultimate party cleanup companion. This cleaning champion will have your pool looking fresh and ready for the next bash in just two hours.

This easy-to-use robotic cleaner is perfect for small swimming pools, whether above or in-ground, with a maximum capacity of 33 feet. 

13. Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella 

Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella 

If you ask what to buy for 700 dollars, there is a cool and stylish answer to your question. 

Whenever you are partying beside your pool or spending time with your family, a large umbrella can make the moment more comfortable, enjoyable, and beautiful. 

With a diameter of 13ft, this Cantilever Umbrella from PURPLE LEAF has a unique double-top canopy and wood pattern design. This easy-to-assemble Umbrella is UV resistant and saves you from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Don’t be a sunburnt, sad little crab. Get yourself a cantilever umbrella and live your best life in the shade.

14. Outdoor Patio Sofa Set

Outdoor Patio Sofa Set

Dining with friends and family outside will become more elegant if you have this outdoor patio sofa set.  

With a range under $700, Wisteria Lane offers you a seven-piece outdoor dining patio sofa with a dining table and chair. This outdoor patio furniture set is made of a high-quality upgraded sponge that ensures your comfort. This modern and stylish furniture set can accommodate up to nine persons simultaneously. 

The outdoor patio sofa set is a perfect companion for the garden, lawn, porch, countryside, poolside, or balcony. 

15. Portable Power Station with Solar Panel

Portable Power Station with Solar Panel

This is a solar power punch; a dream of every off-the-grid camper. If are an avid outdoor person, or simply want a unit of solar power for your home use, this 518-watt-hour beast could be the thing you need. 

Its small basketball-sized build makes it optimal to take anywhere with you. It can power many appliances, like fans, lights, mini coolers, projectors, laptops, and TVs. You can use your laptop for an uninterrupted 30 hours with this power supply. 

A 100W Solar Panel is included to charge this power station. 

Here’s another option with a bit more power within your budget of $700:

Portable Power Station

16. Espresso and Coffee Machine

Espresso and Coffee Machine

Are you a caffeine-craving person? Are you fond of coffee shop espressos? Now get the taste of cafe espressos at home with this De’Longhi Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine.

With a professional burr grinder and 13 adjustable settings, you can grind any type of beans you like. A manual frother mixes steam and milk to deliver a rich cup of amazing coffee. 

Get this cool espresso machine for under $700 and enjoy coffee-shop-like espresso at home.

17. Foldable Camera Drone

Foldable Camera Drone - one of the coolest things to buy with 700 dollars

Are you someone who likes videography or recording videos of nature and the world? Do you want to see how the world looks from a bird’s viewpoint? Then you should not miss this cool thing that costs $700. 

With a drone, you can capture stunning photos and videos from a unique perspective. Whether you’re taking panoramic shots of a beautiful landscape, capturing your outdoor adventures, or simply snapping some cool selfies from high above, a drone allows you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning visuals like never before. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro comes up with a 48 MP camera, 4K/60fps video, 34 minutes flight time, and level 5 wind resistance.

The lightweight design makes sure you make no compromises with your adventures.  

18. A Massage Chair

A Massage Chair - surely among the coolest buys

Are you tired of feeling stressed out and achy all the time? Don’t you want to treat yourself to a relaxing experience without leaving your comfort zone? Then thank us, because we might have a perfect solution for your situation! 

SMAGREHO Massage Chair with Zero Gravity Design gives you a completely luxurious treatment. The “Zero-Gravity” button takes your feet higher than your heart and reduces your heart load. 

With six preset auto modes, three levels of airbag, and back roller massage, it is sure to give you the pleasure you deserve. 

19. A New Camera

A New Camera

Is your daily camera not clicking great natural pictures? Want to upgrade to a camera with a better configuration in the mid-range? 

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 can be your perfect companion. It is the smallest and lightest EOS DSLR camera to date, and it has 4K video recording capability, an 18-55mm lens kit, dual pixel CMOS AF, a 3.0 inch Vari-Angle Touch Screen, and DIGIC 8 image processor to help produce high image quality. 

With this DSLR, you’ll be able to capture stunning, high-quality photos that will remind you of your beautiful moments. It’s not always just about the quality of photos but also the experience while capturing them. This DSLR will make sure you have the best time with it! 

If photography is your passion, then don’t miss this cool stuff for 700 dollars! 

Here’s another option from the mirrorless form factor if you want:

A New Camera

20. A Propane Grill

A Propane Grill

Whenever friends and family meet up for a party, what do they do? They have a barbecue party! 

This burner liquid propane grill by Weber is one of those things that you can spend $700 for. 

From making grills and barbecues to making perfect steaks, using a burner liquid propane grill can be a convenient and enjoyable way to cook your favorite foods. 

21. A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 

A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 

Looking for a new lawn mower that will make your lawn care routine a breeze? Well, you’re in luck because we have just the thing for you – a self-propelled lawn mower!

This Worx Nitro Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower will give you that perfect cut in less time and with less effort. Plus, you’ll be able to tackle even the toughest terrain with ease. As designed to move forward without much effort, this lawn mower will give you a break. 

So, why not make your life a little easier and invest $700 in a self-propelled lawn mower today? Your lawn (and your back) will thank you!

22. A Treadmill  

A Treadmill 

What can you buy with 700 dollars? Well, if you are a fitness freak, we have enlisted a cool treadmill for you! 

This NordicTrack T Series Treadmill is not only a cool buy but also a blessing for your fitness. This workout beast comes with a 30-day lift Membership, providing you with on-demand workout classes by elite trainers globally.

It has an innovative space-saver design with Easylift Assist, which means you can fold it up after your workout. 

For a fitness freak, this treadmill is surely worth the price. 

23. An Electric Cycle 

An Electric Cycle 

If you have had an electric cycle on your wish list for a while, then this electric cycle by ANCHEER is the thing you should buy. 

This Stylish and cool-designed electric cycle has three working modes – e-bike, assistance bicycle, and normal bike. You can choose the e-bike for a long trip. It comes up with a low step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting, making it comfortable for exercise.  

The 26″ wheels and 1.95″ high-volume e-cruiser deliver a luxuriously smooth ride. 

24. An Electric Scooter

An Electric Scooter

Want to cruise around the town in style? This cool, fashionable electric scooter will help to cruise around the city with swag! 

This Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter with 350W powerful motor and 6.7 wide deck makes the scooter comfortable and easy to move. It comes with an electric code lock system, so no worries about protection.

With an estimated range of 25 miles, the scooter is best for those who crave long rides.  

This fun, cool, and stylish scooter should be on your list of cool things to buy with $700. 

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25. Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Do you have a cool collection of electric vehicles and are looking for a home charging point? Then we might have a surprise for you!

Charge any kind of electric vehicle, from electric cars to electric bikes, name it all. 

This 240-volt electric vehicle charging point is safe, reliable, and easy to install. With the ChargePoint app and Alexa voice control, you can set a schedule and it will remind you. 

Charge faster and smarter with this cool device! 

26. Stroller + Car Seat for Kids

Stroller for kids that also can be used as a car seat

Looking for a perfect ride for your little one? Well, we have found this fabulous baby stroller, the ultimate vehicle for your little adventurer.

This quick-fold stroller comes with a sleek design and doubles down as an infant car seat, ensuring a comfortable ride. This also features one hand, multi-position reclining seat with a 3-position reversible seat cushion. 

With this smooth ride, your baby will be cruising in style! 

27. A Pair of Cool Binoculars


If you are an outdoor adventurer, an explorer who loves to travel around the world to witness beautiful nature, and also thinking about what can you buy for 700 dollars, then this amazing pair of binoculars is what you are looking for! 

This binocular by Canon comes with superb image stabilization, a high magnification ratio of 12x, and a 36mm/1.42 inches objective lens that provides you with clear and bright, high-resolution images. 

With this pair of binoculars, witness the beautiful things that you can’t see with your naked eyes. From watching wildlife to admiring the details of a distant mountain range or even getting a closer look at the stars in the night sky, you can get it all! 

28. A Beverage Refrigerator

Beverage Refrigerator

Are you a beverage lover? If yes, then this beverage refrigerator can be another cool thing to buy for 700 dollars. 

A beverage cooler or wine cooler is a fancy thing to have, and it helps you to show off in style too! This small fridge with seamless stainless steel and transparent glass front with white LED cooler light brings elegance to the design. 

It has storage space for up to 120 cans and 16 bottles. 

29. A Washing Machine

A Washing Machine - Another cool and useful thing to buy with 700 dollars

Make your life a hell lot easier with this washing machine for just under 700 dollars. 

Washing clothes can be boring and stressful sometimes. This multi-tasking washing machine is here to give you some relief. With a 4.2 cubic foot capacity, deep cleaning, and high-efficiency ability, this washer can take care of your laundry needs while reducing your water and energy usage. 

With 12 wash cycles, including delicates and express wash, this 19-towel capacity washer can effectively clean any amount of clothes you want to clean.  

If you want advanced cleaning, and a convenient and easy-to-use washing machine with customized cleaning modes, this washer is definitely for you. 

30. Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor Cleaning Machine

Just like washing clothes, another monotonous household work and time-consuming work is floor cleaning. Don’t worry, there is a solution to make this job easier. 

The versatile and effective easy-motion, multi-purpose floor machine can perform a range of tasks, including drying and cleaning carpets, removing allergens, buffing and sanding hardwood floors, and scrubbing and cleaning ceramic tile, concrete, brick, and slate. 

With its easy fingertip control, it’s an ideal solution for all types of surfaces.

Have one of these, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning floors anymore.

31. A Stylish Chandelier with Fan

Stylish Chandelier with Fan

Imagine returning home after a tiring day, and suddenly, your eye gets stuck on this luxurious crystal chandelier. All tiredness will fade away as soon its cool air hits you. 

A crystal chandelier makes your home look more classy and elegant, and it gives you a luxurious feeling. 

It’s an aesthetic chandelier with a crystal ceiling fan and LED lights. This chandelier by Moooni gives you this awesome combination! 

Its downward airflow in summer provides cool wind, and its upward airflow in winter promotes air circulation. 

Here’s another option that also looks great on high ceilings:

Stylish Chandelier

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32. A Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant

It is really hard to find a woman who doesn’t love diamonds! For all the pretty ladies on the floor, we have found this fascinating diamond pendant. 

This 0.75-carat round-cut diamond pendant is worth the price for its beautiful design and uncompromising quality. Wear it with any outfit, it will surely garner a lot of attention. 

Add it to your diamond collection before it gets sold out! 


We hope this extensive selection of 32 cool, fun, enjoyable, and exciting items to get with $700 has provided you with plenty of choices to consider and pick the one that truly appeals to you! 

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