32 Cool Things to Buy with 300 Dollars

We have scoured the internet to bring to you only the best things to buy with 300 dollars. 12 min

Last updated on November 24th, 2022

We know, you want something great from this list—truly fun, useful, and cool things to buy with 300 dollars.

And, we assure you will not leave empty-handed. If you were thinking of saving those 300 dollars for later, this article is going to make it difficult. 

We have scoured the internet to bring to you only the best products that 300 dollars can buy. Along with being cool stuff, everything included here was selected keeping user reviews and usability in mind. 

Consider your quest for what to buy with 300 dollars quenched once and for all.  

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32 Fun, Useful, and Cool Things that Cost 300 Dollars

Another crucial aspect you should know is that we also put special care into getting you the best deals under 300 dollars. 

1. All Terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

All Terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers as a great option under 300 dollars.

This one is perhaps among the coolest stuff that you can buy for 300 dollars. 

It’s an all-terrain hoverboard that you can go off-road easily. On top of that, you can play your favorite music right on the hoverboard with its built-in high-quality music speaker. 

Also, the self-balancing technology used on this hoverboard makes it easier and safe for beginners.

2. Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector; another cool thing to buy with 300 dollars.

Thousands of reviews. Available in black and red. This 2.68 x 2.68 x 4.72 inches capsule-size projector is a show-stopper at any home, party, or camp. 

This cute beauty can output 854x480P video onto a 100 inches screen. You can download and use your favorite media apps, like Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, directly through the portable capsule projector, or you can also cast your mobile screen. 

It’s also equipped with a powerful 360-degree omnidirectional speaker. It’s rightly called the soda-can-sized theatre. 

3. TV Console with Fireplace

TV Console with Fireplace

Use this TV console for TVs up to 60” wide or 95 lbs. 

The realistic fireplace effect on the 18″ fireplace insert can be used with or without heat. It can heat up to a 400 sq. ft. room and plugs into a standard 120V outlet.

Along comes the four open shelves that feature wire management holes. You can organize all of your video and audio components there. 

4. 3D Wood World Map Wall Art

3D Wood World Map Wall Art

While we are discussing things made of wood, why not take a look at this unique wooden 3D world map that doubles down as a wonderful wall art?

You can select the size and color that suits the need of your room. 

Do you know what makes it something special? It’s that you can spend quality time with your family while setting up this map on the wall. Please note that this item has a whopping 91% of 5-star reviews. 

5. Logitech Racing Wheel and Floor Pedals

Logitech Racing Wheel and Floor Pedals

Any racing fans in the house? If yes, then this can be among the coolest things to buy with 300 dollars for them. 

This racing wheel and pedals work with Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC, and Macs. 

6. Amazon Glow

Amazon Glow; a video calling device with an interactive 19-inch projected touchscreen.

Wanna buy something cool for kids? Amazon Glow can be the thing for you! 

Amazon Glow offers uniquely interactive features that combine regular video calling with a 19-inch projected touchscreen. 

You can interact, play, and learn with the kids via the projected touchscreen while having the video call on the 8-inch HD touchscreen. On top of that, it comes with one year of Amazon Kids+ included. 

It’s suitable for kids aged from 3 to 9.

7. Drones


To be honest, you might not get all the advanced features of a thousand dollars drone here with a $300 budget. 

But this one we have selected here will be more than enough for having a state-of-the-art droning experience. 

Especially for beginners, this can be the best option to experience all the possibilities of drone flying without the fear of losing a lot of money by buying and crashing the expensive ones. 

8. Portable Dishwasher Countertop

Portable Dishwasher Countertop

Here’s another useful and supper cool thing to buy with 300 dollars — portable mini dishwasher. 

Measuring only ‎17.1 x 18.1 x 17.1 inches, it’s small and can be accommodated anywhere. However, the capacity is not small in any way. It can wash 30+ items at a time, including 9.5-inch plates. 

Another cool feature is that it can boost water temperature to 192 ℉, which can tackle any kind of soiled utensils. 

9. Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Standing Desk - a smart thing you can buy for $300

Thinking of what can you buy with 300 dollars? This height-adjustable desk can be a no-brainer if you want to work in style. Go from sitting to standing with a click of a button.  

There are multiple desk sizes available, but you will get the 55×24 Inches version well within 300 dollars. 

The standing desk has four preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.16″ to 46.06”. 

10. Recliner Chair with Heated Massage

Recliner Chair with Heated Massage

Chandler and Joey’s chairs didn’t have a heated massage feature. But this one has reclining, rocking, massage, heating, and swiveling features. 

Talk about things that cost 300 dollars? What can be cooler than this? 

It offers 360-degree swivel and 151-degree reclining features. It also has cool cup holders on both arms. 

11. High-End Gaming Chair

High-End Gaming Chair

Okay, while we are talking about chairs under 300 dollars, then we should also include a high-end gaming chair on the list.

However, it’s a chair not only for gamers. The comfort features on it will make anyone working on a pc very happy. You can use its 165° recliner feature even for napping. It also comes with an adjustable massage lumber for your back. 

12. RollerMouse – The Mouse Redefined

What if I tell you there’s a new you to operate your computer?

Yes, Contour Design has redefined how you control the cursor of your computer without ever needing to remove one of your hands from the keyboard to touch that old mouse or trackpad of yours. 

With this RollerMouse that sits with your keyboard, you can now get the most out of your two hands while working. You can type with all of your eight fingers while using two thumbs to control the cursor. 

It really opens up a pandora’s box of ergonomics here, I must tell you that. Even if you chose any other cool thing to buy under 300 dollars from this list, we would recommend spending another three hundred bucks or so for this novel experience in computing.

13. Inflatable Water Bounce House

Inflatable Water Bounce House -- a fun thing to buy for kids under 300 dollars

This one is cool, certainly cool. It’s an Inflatable bounce house combined with a water slide and a pool. 

Your kids will never forget your love for them if you buy this one for them. 

Most importantly, you can gift them the best thing well within your budget of 300 dollars.

The size of this beauty is around 11.4’x10.1’x8′ feet, and the air blower is included.  

14. Water Heated Bed Warmer

Water Heated Bed Warmer

What if you could make your sleeping experience the best one in the world for $300? 

Yes, you can do exactly that with this hydronic heating technology. It heats your bed from 50F to 149F by circulating warm water throughout the mattress pad. 

Also, there’s no risk of overheating and radiation that were associated with traditional electric mattress pads.

15. Space Saving Small Treadmill with Large Running Area

Space Saving Small Treadmill with Large Running Area

How about investing in your personal gym with that 300 dollars at hand right now? 

This small yet very efficient treadmill offers a 2.25 HP motor with speeds of 0.6-6.2 MPH so that you can get an outdoor-like running experience. 

It comes with 12 different running settings, and you can fold it in only one step to store it aside. It weighs only 74lbs and supports 265lbs weight capacity.

16. Portable Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidifier

Portable Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidifier

For homes with no central air-conditioning, getting a portable air conditioner can offer the much-needed flexibility in controlling the home temperature. 

On top of that, this one comes with a built-in dehumidifier feature capable of removing 2.3 pints(1.1L/hour) of water per hour.

The conditioner can cool spaces up to 300 square feet. It measures around 11.8″D x 15.4″W x 30.4″H and weighs around 55 Pounds.  

17. Metal Frame Daybed and Trundle

Metal Frame Daybed and Trundle

Do you have a space at home that could use a little bit of facelift? Then this bed with a trundle could be one of those cool things for 300 dollars that you need. 

The daybed measures around 77.5″L x 56″W x 42.5″H and the trundle is 71″L x 40.5″W x 3.5″H.

The sturdy metal frame gives it unparalleled durability. It can be super useful for small rooms and can be a lifesaver whenever you need to accommodate more guests.   

18. Sony Wireless Portable Karaoke Party-Speaker

Sony Wireless Portable Karaoke Party-Speaker

Okay, so we are back with all the party vibes again. And, after the pocket home theatre above, here comes splash-resistant and 20-hour-battery powered karaoke party speakers from Sony. 

Powerful yet super portable, it is a must-have for anyone who loves to party outdoors. You can enjoy a powerful sound with mega bass anywhere. 

This speaker measures around 11.61 x 10.83 x 22.52 inches. Also comes with quick charging capability — 10 minutes of charging provides 3 hours of playback. 

A disclaimer: you have to buy the microphones separately, if you don’t have them already, to enjoy the karaoke function.   

19. Home Security Camera System

Home Security Camera System

Were you thinking of upgrading your home security system lately? Then why not spend those 300 dollars to good use by getting these 6-camera wired 1080p HD security system? You can use the cameras for both indoor and outdoor security setup.

It comes with night version, motion sensor, and 1 TB of hard drive to store the footage. You can extend the camera count to up 16 if you need.  

20. Portable Gas Pizza Oven

Portable Gas Pizza Oven

Are you a pizza lover who would love to have pizza whenever you want? Then stop wondering, “what can I buy with 300 dollars?”, and get this portable pizza oven right away! 

It bakes pizza in about 2 minutes! You just need to connect it to LP gas supply. 

It measures only 22.6 x 22.2 x 17.7 inches and weighs around 47.6 pounds. 

21. Rustic Industrial Ceiling Light

Rustic Industrial Ceiling Light

Are you thinking, “c’mon! I could buy a ceiling light for a few dollars! Why would I buy this rustic cool industrial-grade bronze and glass ceiling light for $300?”

Well, because its rustic bronze and classy glass design will transform your house into something that everyone would be super jealous of.  

22. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Oh, my! Don’t you have a Nintendo Switch, and you are wondering about things that cost 300 dollars?

C’mon; wait no more! Get this cool gadget right now; even if you are not a gamer! 

23. Luxury Hoop Earrings

Luxury Hoop Earrings

How about buying some luxury for yourself or your loved ones for just 300 dollars? 

Yes, with the resin pearl earrings from Oscar de la Renta, bring this piece of fashionable luxury home. 

24. Men’s Sunglasses 

Men's Sunglasses

So, you have probably guessed that we are talking about style, fashion, and luxury at this stage of this grand article listing all the awesome things for 300 dollars. 

So, here comes the sunglasses from Costa Del Mar. This copper green version is the most versatile lens option from the brand. It offers 100% UV protection and scratch-free clarity. 

25. Gemstone Necklace 

Gemstone Necklace

Here’s another fashion item for 300 dollars – natural gemstone and solid 14k gold necklace. These necklaces are handcrafted and feature naturally unique gemstones. So, these are one-of-a-kind pendants. 

You can pick your favorite stone from four different variations of blue opal, lapis lazuli, onyx, and Turquoise.

26. Nixie Tube Clock

Nixie Tube Clock; another cool option for things to buy with 300 dollars

These stylish retro nixie tube clocks are definitely one of the coolest stuff you can buy with 300 dollars. 

These are handcrafted pieces of art made in Ukraine. 

If you are wondering, a nixie tube, or cold cathode display, is an electronic device used for displaying numerals or other information using glow discharge. Within the glass tubes, there are wires that light up using electricity to display the numeric digits of the clock, offering you a very soothing and stylish clock. 

27. Custom Cedar Swing

Custom Cedar Swing

Buy this beauty and your home will instantly turn into something of an exotic place. 

You can set this up on the patio, porch, or deck. You can even use this swing in any room large enough to accommodate this piece of art. 

Please note that you will need to buy hanging chains and stand separately. Also, you might need handyman support to install this at your place. 

28. Outdoor Camping Tent

Outdoor Camping Tent

This cool camping tent comes in multiple sizes. The one you can buy for under 300 dollars can easily house 8-10 people at outdoor camping events. 

It’s an automatic popup system with no assembly needed. The top fabric provides UPF 50+ UV protection. However, it’s not waterproof.

It’s easy to fold and carry with a bag measuring 42.1 x 2.8 inches. It weighs only 20lbs. So, you can easily take it with you to create a personal space during your next visit to the beach or the poolside.  

29. LED Photon Therapy Skin Care Device

LED Photon Therapy Skin Care Device

LED, or light-emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red and blue, to treat various skin conditions and concerns, such as acne, fine lines, and psoriasis.

This photon therapy device increases skin elasticity and improves circulation. It also stimulates collagen production, which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

This is the best device that you get with your budget of 300 dollars to get professional-level LED therapy at home. 

30. Foot Massager Machine

Foot Massager Machine

Imagine coming back from work and having a hearty massage on this highly-rated massage machine. 

Yes, you can get this luxury for well under 300 dollars. 

It can massage your feet, ankles, and calves with multiple modes and intensity levels, including heat therapy. It uses a deep kneading Shiatsu technique.  

31. Laptop

Laptop for 300 dollars

Well, laptops for 300 dollars won’t be super powerful. However, if you are in need of a new one with decent performance, you can surely get this one from HP. 

It comes with 4 GB Ram, 64GB of storage, and an Intel Celeron processor. Yes, these settings are in no way high-end, but enough to take care of everyday office work if you are not into video editing, gaming, and high-intensity graphics designing. 

The 14-inch display is a touchscreen which makes it a cool device to own on this budget. 

32. Standard Content Creation Kit

Standard Content Creation Kit

Are you or the person you are looking to buy something for into film-making or content creation? 

Check out this 360-degree hands-free motion-tracking AI video recording kit. It allows you to record your videos totally hands-free, while the AI smartphone holder follows you around. 

Along with the camera stand, it comes with Bluetooth remote control, a mount, tripod, and a travel case. It’s surely a worthy bargain for a quality product.  


We hope this mega collection of 32 cool and fun things to buy with 300 dollars has given you enough options to brainstorm and choose one that you really want! 

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