30 Cool Things to Buy with 500 Dollars

These fun & cool things to buy with 500 dollars ranges from household useful items to fancy playthings that you can enjoy.12 min

Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Superb news! You have quite a lot of cool, fun, funky, and awesome options at hand if you are looking for things to buy with 500 dollars. 

These cool things to buy with $500 ranges from household useful items to fancy playthings that you can enjoy. 

We have scoured the web to find out all the best options based on utility as well as user reviews to bring to you only the best options. 

Get any of these things to buy with 500 dollars, and you can rest assured that you won’t regret spending those dollars. 

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All the Fun and Cool Things to Buy with 500 Dollars

All these products below were hand-picked after thorough research into thousands of available options. Also, we have included only the products that have a sufficient amount of positive reviews from verified buyers. 

1. A New Phone

Things to buy with 500 dollars - Samsung Galaxy Phone

If it has been a while since you bought a new phone for you or your family members, this can be a great time to buy one! 

We have picked this Samsung Galaxy for the budget as it comes with all the features that would satisfy any kind of phone user. 

It sports 8GB RAM with 256GB of storage memory. The screen size is 6.7″. Most importantly, it offers a massive battery life with a 5000mAh battery. The processor is also a powerful one — Snapdragon 720G. 

2. Apple iPad Air 

Apple iPad Air under 500 dollars

Would you believe that you can have an iPad for under 500 dollars? 

Yes, now you can! Here’s a great offer from Amazon Renewed Store that lets you have it within your budget. Although this product was pre-owned, it has been refurbished and works just as new. 

This is an Apple iPad Air, 4th generation, 10.9-inch with 64GB of built-in memory storage. If you are okay with refurbished products this can be one of the finest things to buy with 500 dollars. 

3. A New TV

65-inch 4K smart TV - one of the coolest things to buy with 500 dollars

What to buy with 500 dollars? 

How about a 65-inch 4K smart TV with Dolby Vision? Yes, we are talking about the Amazon Fire TV here! You can operate it hands-free with Alexa.

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day return policy. It has 3 HDMI 2.0 and one HDMI eARC 2.1 port so that you can easily connect with cables and video game consoles. 

4. A Personal Pool

A Personal Pool

Who would have believed that there’s a swimming pool on the list of things that cost 500 dollars?

But here we are with your very own personal pool! 

It’s a 20′ x 48’ pool set that can hold your whole family. It’s easy to set up and comes with all the equipment that you need to maintain and clean this pool. A majority of customers who bought this product are super happy with it! 

5. An Awesome Drone

Drone is a great option within 500 dollars.

A drone should definitely be on your list of things to buy with 500 dollars if you do not have one already. Or, even if you have one, why not another? 

Toying with a drone can be a very enjoyable thing to do whether you are alone or with your friends or kids. 

This drone from DJI comes with a 4K Camera. You can fly it for an uninterrupted 31 minutes. It also offers 4X zoom and can transmit video for up to 10km.

6. An Ultrawide New Monitor

LG 34WP65C-B, a 34-Inch 21:9 curved UltraWide QHD monitor; another great choice for 500 dollars.

Would you be able to resist buying this one? 

LG 34WP65C-B, a 34-Inch 21:9 curved UltraWide QHD monitor for your workstation.

It’s a 3-side virtually borderless display for a sleek and modern feel. With a display resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, it’s perfect for entertainment, gaming, and long-sessions of screen time for work purposes.  

7. Air Purifier 

An air purifier - smart option to spend 500 dollars on.

An air purifier can be one of the cool and smart purchases if you have $500 to spend.

This air purifier has a whopping 85% of 5-star reviews. It has a long filer life and is suitable for even larger rooms of 800SqFt. 

It cleans off dust, allergens, mold, smoke, and pet odor very efficiently. It sports a medical-grade H13 True HEPA layer for capturing 99.99% bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns.

8. A New Apple Watch

An Apple Watch from Apple Watch Series 7

Oh, my! A new Apple watch! Things are getting hotter by the minute, ain’t it? It’s surely among the most exciting things that cost 500 dollars.

It is an Apple Watch Series 7 with a screen size of 41 Millimeters. It does all the fine things that an Apple Smartwatch is capable of doing — activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and blood oxygen monitoring. 

You can also receive your texts, emails, and calls even when you don’t have your phone with you. Also listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks without even needing your phone around you. 

9. Oculus Quest with Pro Bundle

Oculus Quest 2 - another one of the best things to buy under 500 dollars

Get the Oculus Quest 2, an advanced all-in-one VR headset with 256GB of storage, along with a carrying case and elite strap for comfort VR. 

The Oculus quest offers a blazing-fast processor and the highest-resolution display.  

The controls are super intuitive. And the sound is 3D cinematic. You can also connect your headset with your PC for getting into the Oculus Rift experience. This is all you need to get into the Metaverse! 

10. GoPro

GoPro -- Cool things to buy under 500 dollars

If you do not have a GoPro, then you must have one. Especially, if you are searching for cool things to buy with 500 dollars. 

A GoPro is a super exciting and very small action camera that lets you record 5.3K ultra HD video and 23 MP photos. 

It’s also waterproof and functions very well in low-light environments too. You can do amazing things with it. 

11. PlayStation

PS 4 -- An awesome thing to buy with 500 dollars

Although Playstation 5 has already been released, PS 4 is far from being out of the game. 

What’s more appealing is that you can get a PS 4 for 500 dollars. 

So, if you are into gaming and have not gotten a chance to try out Playstations yet, this surely would be your best bet.  

12. New Sofa cum Bed

Sofa cum Bed

Are you looking for things that cost 500 dollars for the whole family? Check out this sofa that can also be turned into a twin bed. 

The piece of furniture will embellish your living room while giving you the flexibility of utmost space utilization. It has a sturdy metal frame and offers a blend of classic and modern looks.

13. Smart Security System

Smart Security System -- great investment.

Here’s another one of those best things to buy with 500 dollars for the whole family. 

It’s a two-camera security system that offers a 2K video. Pretty neat for a security camera, isn’t it? 

Also, it’s fully wireless and comes with color night vision and a 160° view. You can control it with Alexa. 

14. Commercial Floor Sweeper

Commercial Floor Sweeper

Struggling to clean a large warehouse or a production facility? This commercial floor sweeper makes cleaning feel like a breeze. 

It’s a 38-inch indoor and outdoor sweeper that cleans 3800 square feet per hour. 

It has a 12 gallon (48 liters) onboard waste container that makes the life of the cleaner super easy.  

15. Solar Panels for Sustainable Living

Solar Panels - Empower sustainable living for $500.

“What can I get for 500 dollars?” 

Buying a solar panel for 500 dollars can be the smartest move to make. This is a portable power station with adjustable stands making it very easy to access the sustainable energy of the sun. 

Apart from being a life-saver at the time of emergencies and power outages. This foldable solar panel is great for off-the-grid outdoor events like campings.   

16. Portable Power Station 

Portable Power Station

Here’s another powerful accessory to have in the house, and it’s among the things that cost 500 dollars! 

With a 518 watt-hour (24Ah, 21.6V) capacity, it’s perfect for emergency home use as well as any outdoor activity that requires a steady supply of electricity. 

This small basketball-sized power station is very easy to carry and set up anywhere. It features 1 AC outlet, 3 USB-A ports, 2 DC ports, and 1 car port. It can also be charged via solar panels. 

17. Personal Spa

Personal Spa

Who wouldn’t like to have a personal spa at home? This inflatable hot tub and AirJet Spa will enable you to have a nice relaxing spa time whenever you want a spa right in the comfort of your own home. 

The tub can easily accommodate four persons at the same time. You can also control the temperature and the flow of the jets right from inside the tub. No need to step outside! 

18. Lounge Egg Swing Chair

Lounge Egg Swing Chair

Although there are patio swing chairs at slightly less prices, this one is the most stylish and slightly bigger than the other available swing chairs. 

It can be a great addition to your patio or lounge. Not only does it add an aristocratic view, but it also feels aristocratic when you sit on it.  

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19. Flight Simulator 

Cool things to buy with 500 dollars - Flight Simulator

Here’s another great deal for gaming enthusiasts, especially if you are into flight simulator games. 

This flight simulator is officially licensed by both Boeing and Xbox. It’s also compatible with PC.

The simulation and design were inspired by the iconic Boeing 787 airliner. You can experience the pendular suspension just like a genuine Boeing Dreamliner airplane. It “feels like a dream”, they say!  

20. Music System

Music System

How about a beautiful music system to uplift the vibe of your living room or home office well within USD500? 

Here comes the Bose Wave Music System IV with lifelike, room-filling sound with breakthrough award-winning Bose waveguide speaker technology. A stunning 83% of customers who bought and reviewed this sound system left a 5-star review.

You can play it with CDs and DVDs or connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also connect with any other sources with auxiliary input.

21. A Cool Toy

A Cool Toy

Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster, is a cool and fun toy for all age levels. Fire a massive, rapid-fire storm of 50 darts via a fully motorized spinning barrel. A total of 50 Official Elite Darts are included in the package.

Whether you buy it for you or your kid, both of you will surely enjoy playing with it a lot!

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22. Something New for The Gym

Schwinn Recumbent Bike priced at around 500 dollars.

A piece of new gym equipment is always exciting, isn’t it? 

This Schwinn Recumbent Bike comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a 5.5″ LCD screen that offers 13 workout programs. 

You can also access 50+ global routes on the video screen, 1000 structured workouts, and 80+ virtual routes. However, you will need Explore the World and Zwift subscriptions to enjoy the routes. 

23. Canon DSLR

Canon DSLR under 500 dollars

Into photography, but not so much into drone or action cameras? Then, the old-school DSLR would be best for you.

It’s one of the latest models from Canon with a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor. You can also take full HD videos with it. 

On top of that, with the EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software, you can also turn this DSLR into the highest-quality webcam that your colleagues have ever seen! 

24. 3D Printer

Cool things to buy with 500 dollars - 3D Printer

Surely one of the coolest and the most cutting-edge things to buy with 500 dollars. 

Print anything that you can imagine with this resin 3D printer. But your imagined design has to be within the printing size 192x120x200mm/7.55×4.72×7.87inch. 

The UV LCD technology of the printer utilizes an 8.9-inch 4K Monochrome LCD screen with a matrix 54 UV LED light source. 

25. Billiard Table

Billiard Table

Why not invest 500 dollars into making your family time more lively. 

This billiard table comes in many sizes, but the 60-inch one fits right into your budget of $500. 

It’s a compact table that is ideal for limited recreational spaces. All the accessories needed to play the game are included. 

26. Apple AirPods Max

Cool things to buy with 500 dollars -  Apple AirPods Max

Want the best sound quality that money can buy for your tender ears? 

Apple AirPods Max provides high-fidelity audio powered by a dynamic driver designed by Apple. There’s an active noise cancellation as well as Transparency mode so that you can also listen and interact with others while using the headphones. 

It also offers spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. With charging only once, you can listen up to 20 hours with Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio enabled.

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27. Espresso Machine Bundle with Milk Frother 

Espresso Machine Bundle with Milk Frother within 500 dollars

This espresso machine from Nestle Nespresso is among the most useful things to buy with 500 dollars. 

The Nespresso Expert can brew four coffee sizes: Ristretto (25ml), Espresso (40ml), Lungo (110ml), and the new Nespresso Americano (25ml coffee and 125ml hot water). 

You can connect this machine with the Nespresso mobile app to create your own personalized coffee. There are also a lot of other options. 

28. Kids’ Playset

Here’s something super cool specifically for the kids in the house. Buy this kids’ playset for the backyard and you are all set to entertain up to six children for hours. 

This playset comes with all the classic and zesty games that kids of all ages love to indulge in. The features include two swings, a slide, a rock wall, a chalk wall, a clubhouse, and a sandbox

This is surely among the coolest things to buy for around 500 dollars for kids aged 3 to 10 years. 

You can also set it up indoors if you want as it has a very compact footprint of just 80 sq. ft.

29. Star Wars Lego Set

Star Wars Lego Set with 500 dollars

Here’s another unique and cool thing that you can buy with 500 dollars — A Lego Star Wars building kit with 3187 pieces. 

Dive right into it to have a fun time with your near ones and recreate the classic Star Wars scenes. 

This Lego set is highly detailed and quite challenging too! Anyone would enjoy building with it even if they are not into Star Wars. 

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30. A Brand New Computer

A Computer CPU under 500 dollars

What can be the best things to buy under 500 dollars? How about a brand new computer! 

Although you will have to buy RAM and Storage drive separately, this super cute and very small personal CPU can be an awesome buy within 500 dollars. 

It comes with a powerful Intel Core i5 Processor which is perfect for anything from gaming to business operations. You can connect three displays with it and it sports 6 USB Ports. 

We hope this mega collection of 30 cool and fun things to buy with 500 dollars has given you enough options to brainstorm and choose one that you really want! 

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