34 Cool Things to Buy with 20 Dollars

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Last updated on October 16th, 2023

The dollar amount 20 has a sweet ring to it, whether you want a 20-dollar gift for someone or wanna buy something for yourself.

Yes, you can surely buy some great stuff with 500 dollars or 1000 dollars, but $20 is not any short when it comes to the ability to bring sweetness into our lives. 

It’s an amount that most people have at any given moment. They can afford to spend freely to buy their favorite things at any time and most of the time. 

People from almost all age groups, even three-year-old kids, are given the autonomy to spend that much. 

So be assured that we have given our best to assort these cool things to buy for 20 dollars. 

We have also covered buying guides for other similar dollar amounts that you can check out – 50 dollars, 25 dollars, and 10 dollars.

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Cool, Useful, and Fun Things to Buy with 20 Dollars

Here you will find cool things for 20 dollars from across all types of products. So, this list of fun stuff under 20 dollars is likely to cater to a wide variety of your needs and desires. 

All these items are also great as 20-dollar gifts for any occasion.

Just pick the one you want, knowing you are getting the best deal that $20 can get!

1. Personal Blender

What is cooler than having your very own personal blender to juice out every one of those fruity little things that you encounter in life?

Yes, get your health and mood a solid boost for only 20 dollars with this personal blender. 

The 14 oz. blender jar also doubles down as a go-cup to enjoy your juice with a sporty attitude. 

The small size of this beautiful mini-blender offers all the versatility you need to enjoy your favorite drinks even while camping. 

Here’s another versatile blending option for you within your budget of $20: 

Electric Immersion Hand Blender
Electric Immersion Hand Blender

2. Solar Charger 

Solar Charging Power Bank - one of the coolest thing to buy with 20 dollars

Personally, our Product Researcher wanted to make this the coolest thing to buy with 20 dollars, due to obvious reasons. 

Who doesn’t love solar power? And, when it comes in such a compact form, it’s like having the power of the sun in your palms! 

Imagine getting such a powerful tool for just around 20 dollars! Unimaginable, right? 

Features-wise, it comes with a 20000mAh battery, can recharge by solar or outlet, can charge two phones simultaneously, and has two built-in powerful LED lights. 

Here are a couple of power bank options, but not solar:

power bank
10000mAh Battery
power bank
Two 10000mAh battery packs

3. Screen Magnifier

Phone Screen Magnifier - a fun and useful thing to buy with 20 dollars

This is one of those smartphone accessories that you shouldn’t live your life without. 

It enables you to turn your phone into a 14-inch display instantly. Without doing any sci-fi-level engineering, this one does a sci-fi-level job with ease and simplicity. 

Its lightweight foldability will enable you to enjoy big-screen functionalities without needing to carry your heavy laptop everywhere you go. 

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4. Monitor Height Adjuster

Monitor Height Adjuster

It’s fascinating how small changes in life can bring out massive benefits. This monitor height adjuster is definitely one of those cool things to buy for 20 dollars that can have such an impact on your life. 

Having your monitor at the wrong vision angle and working on it all day long, year after year, can have a damaging effect on your physical health and cause long-term ailments like back and neck pain. 

Consider buying this as the most crucial investment of 20 dollars that you will ever make. 

5. Coffee Warmer

While we are taking a look at your working environment with the monitor height adjuster above, here’s another cool thing for your workstation – a coffee warmer. 

Have this neat little thing on your table and get the liberty to forget about your coffee for as long as you want. The moment you remember to take the next sip, find it just as perfectly warm as you had left it earlier.

Also, the auto on-and-off feature works like a charm – just put the cup on it and it’s on; remove the cup, and it’s off! 

6. Countertop Single Cast Iron Burner

Countertop Single Cast Iron Burner

The only downside of the coffee warmer above is that it can’t heat coffee, tea, or water up to a boiling point. 

But in case you were looking for such functionality with as much ease of access as that warmer, here’s a countertop iron burner for you.

This 6.4-inch cast iron flat cooking plate enables you to cook all that you want in as tiny a space as you need. Why not cook something and write then and there while having a Zoom call?

7. Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker

Here’s one of the hugely popular things to buy under 20 dollars. The number of positive reviews it has is in six figures. 

This cool and fun little thing can make boiling eggs an activity that you will look forward to every day. 

Just place the eggs, put water, and power on to get boiled eggs within minutes. Please note that you have to pierce the wide side of the eggs before you put them in. The piercer is built-in into the water measuring cup that comes with it. 

It also comes with separate accessories like a poaching tray and an omelet tray to try all sorts of egg recipes that you might have in mind. 

8. Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker

How about taking home entertainment to the level of cinemas? Yes, you can do exactly that with this mini popcorn maker by your side. 

Just remember to have some popcorn kernels in your kitchen cabinet all the time, and you are ready to go!

Simply put the kernels, add butter, and your popcorn starts popping out in no time. 

You can quickly and efficiently pop up to 16 cups of hot and fresh popcorn. It’s also perfect for parties and large group gatherings.

9. 3 Happiness Makers

Mini Donut Maker
Mini Donut Maker
Egg Bite Maker
Egg Bite Maker
Sandwich Maker
Sandwich Maker

Thinking about what can you buy with 20 dollars? Well, consider your search over! Here are three different kinds of snack makers that are simply irresistible. Each one of them is around your budget of 20 dollars. 

With any one of these by your side, happy giggles will never cease to exist in your home. 

All three of these snack makers are so easy to use that even kids love to unleash their culinary selves with these tools at home. These are also great 20-dollar gift ideas for the whole family.

10. Sleep Headphones

Sleep Headphones

This surely is among the top cool things to buy under 20 dollars. 

Have you ever felt pain in your ears after waking up and realized that you slept with your earphones on, and it gave you that pain? Well, those days of pain are over with these sleep headphones. 

You can lie in any position while enjoying your favorite music or ambient sounds. 

11. Light Therapy Lamp

Light Therapy Lamp

If you are one of those sun lovers who can’t stand cloudy days or the glooms of twilight, this is one of the cool things you need to buy right away. 

Although there are other therapy lamps out there with a much higher price tag, this one surely doesn’t fall short in any one of the essential features that you need to enjoy the full benefits of light therapy. 

12. Mini Security Camera

Mini Security Camera

Whether you have a passion for spying or not, you are bound to find this mini security camera very appealing due to various reasons. 

Most importantly, if you want to monitor your home or office without alerting anybody, this is the best way to go about it. 

This mini camera comes with all the big and essential features like night vision, motion detection, and audio-video recording. 

13. Decor Figurines

Decor Figurines

Are you a thinking thing? You probably are! Then why not decorate your home with stuff that represents your seeker soul? 

With these three pieces of golden resin figurines, you can declare your intellectual nature to guests without uttering a single word. 

There are multiple color variations and design options available to choose from. This can also be a cool 20-dollar gift for any occasion.

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14. Bathroom Scale

Bathroom Scale

Here’s something for your health-conscious self. If you do not have a bathroom scale to regularly monitor your weight already, here’s your chance to get one for only 20 dollars. 

This digital weighing machine comes with an LCD display to show your weight. It can hold up to 400 lbs. And its transparent design will complement the decor of your bathroom quite efficiently. 

15. Digital Infrared Thermometer

Digital Infrared Thermometer is surely among the cool things to buy for 20 dollars

Throw away your old thermometer and buy this digital infrared thermometer right now. 

Although it costs a bit more than 20 dollars, it’s worth the investment. It will make taking temperatures easier than ever before. 

The no-contact technology makes it fully hassle-free. It’s the fastest way to go about it when anyone is feeling a bit feverish around you. It tells you the most accurate body temp reading in just one second. 

16. Led Strip Lights

While talking about decor, we can’t ignore the essentials of lighting. Here’s a cool thing that costs 20 dollars and is great for creating the ambiance you want at your home. 

This 100ft led strip light offers utmost flexibility in terms of color control and brightness levels. Also, it has music-sync capabilities. 

You can stick these light strips anywhere you want and control all the settings with an easy-to-use mobile app. 

Similar cool thing to buy for $20 from the lighting category:

Motion Sensor LED Lights
Motion Sensor LED Lights

17. Car Vacuum

Car Vacuum

Buy this cool thing that costs around 20 dollars, and never worry about keeping the interior of your car squeaky clean. 

It has a strong motor and upgraded aluminum fan blades that deliver 7500PA of suction power. Also, the wide-angle LED light and a long power cord help to reach and see the remotest corners of your car. 

18. Car Backseat Organizer

Car Backseat Organizer

Here’s another cool thing to buy for your car for only around 20 dollars. Keep your car clutter free and all the essential stuff right by your side wherever you go. 

This organizer has nine storage pockets of different sizes for stuff of all shapes and sizes. Also, it has a tablet holder that makes consuming entertainment effortless for the people at the back. 

19. Car Mount Phone Holder 

Car Mount Phone Holder 

Have you been thinking of buying a nice phone holder for your care for a long time but didn’t quite end up getting one yet? 

Well, now could be the right time to get one with those 20 bucks that you have left to spend. 

The options that you see above and below are great picks consciously made by our product researchers based on the sturdy durability and flexibility of using the phone while driving. 

Here are a couple of similar options with different designs:

20. 6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit

6-in-1 Travel Cable Kit

Gone are the days of searching for compatible cables while charging your devices. 

With this cool thing for 20 dollars by your side, you will be deemed as a superman who has all kinds of instant cable solutions to any charging problems. 

Above all, the included SIM card pin could be a true lifesaver at times. Any techy soul would love to have this as a gift as well!

Similar super cool thing to buy with 20 dollars:

6-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable Keychain
6-in-1 Multi-Charging Cable Keychain

21. Tooth Ornaments

Tooth Ornaments

Gone are the days of buying ornaments only for your nose, ears, and neck. Now you can also embellish your tooth with this cool and funky tooth gem kit. 

Enhance your smile with charming colors or plain white diamonds. This kit includes both options.

The materials are totally safe. The resin adhesive takes only 60 seconds to cure, and the gems can last up to 3 weeks. You can also use these gems for nail art. 

22. Art Supplies

Art Supplies

How about this cool stuff for 20 dollars that will fulfill all of your coloring, sketching, and journaling needs all at once? 

This 76-piece coloring and sketching set includes charcoal pencils, watercolor pencils, oil-based pencils, wooden graphite sketching pencils, metallic coloring pencils, woodless graphite pencil, refillable water brush pen, paintbrush, and a unique 3-color sketch pad along with a few other art supplies. You will also get a portable zip-up case to ensure all drawing tools is well organized and easy to carry.

Will all these perks, it simply becomes a no-brainer when you are thinking of what to buy with 20 dollars. 

Here’s more cool stuff from the art supplies category:

Dual Tip 60 Colored Marker Set
Dual Tip 60 Colored Marker Set
120 Unique Colors Gel Pen Set
120 Unique Colors Gel Pen Set

23. Clay Kit

Clay Kit

Playing with clay has become a very popular activity among kids. Even adults love to play and spend some creative free time with clay these days. 

If you are one of those adults or have a kid who is a clay lover, then get this clay set with 36-color air dry clay to have fun with. 

This kit also comes with the essential tools required to make perfect clay art. 

24. Sewing Kit for Adults

206-piece Sewing Kit as a cool thing to buy under 20 dollars

Here’s another fun thing to buy for 20 bucks that’s also a no-brainer when it comes to the value it provides for that amount of money. 

This kit contains a massive 206 pieces of accessories. That means it has literally all of the stuff that any sewing enthusiast needs in their life. 

On top of that, everything comes neatly packed inside a nice little case for you to organize them and carry wherever you need them. 

25. Rechargeable Hands-Free Headband Magnifying Glasses

Rechargeable Hands-Free Headband Magnifying Glasses

We have included a lot of cool things to buy with 20 dollars that belong to the world of arts and crafts. In the same vein, here’s something that will be super useful to any craftsperson who often indulges in doing delicate projects like sewing and jewelry making. 

It comes with five optical lenses with different levels of magnification. It can magnify your work or text by up to 350% with high clarity. 

People with vision difficulties and seniors can also use it for reading books with greater clarity. 

26. Glue Gun

Glue Gun

Are you into crafts or love to fix everyday broken items that are lying around? Then you will love this cool thing. 

This glue gun kit comes with 30 hot glue gun sticks for you to start fixing stuff right away!

Also, unlike those bulky glue guns that are available in the market, its compact – 10 x 8 x 2 inches – size won’t take up much space in your toolbox. 

27. White Noise Sound Machine

White Noise Sound Machine

You could probably do this on YouTube or something, but there’s the hassle of turning it on and off again, ads, and some other issues. 

However, with this white noise sound machine, you get something that’s specifically built to make you fall asleep. 

It has pre-installed six soothing soundtracks with timer settings to have a customized ambiance to deal away with sleep issues. 

Here are a couple of similar cool things to buy under 20 dollars:

White Noise Sound Machine
20 Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds
White Noise Sound Machine with night lights
10 Colors Night Light, 25 Soothing Sounds

28. A Pair of Flashlights

A Pair of Flashlights

Flashlights are the OG of all cool things that humanity has ever produced. So, why not buy a pair of these for just around 20 dollars? 

What makes this pair even cooler is their adjustable focus capability. You can use the intense spotlight focus for long-range observation for up to 600 feet and circle floodlight for large-area illumination.

29. All-in-One Trimmer

All-in-One Trimmer Set

Although most of the shavers and trimmers at this price point are not reliable enough to be recommended, we have found this one from Philips to be doing exceptionally well. 

It has over hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews across platforms and markets. So, we figure you could definitely try this out if you are looking for a trimmer that’s packed with features and is heavily reliable for performance. 

30. TWS

Bluetooth Earbuds

We are having a similar situation with these earbuds as well! The popularity of this thing is over the roofs. 

Compared to buds from Apple or Samsung and their prices, you might be thinking – “what can we get from 20-dollar buds?” 

Well, prepare to be surprised with this one as it has some quite impressive features, like being waterproof, sweatproof, lasting for over 10 hours on a single charge, and having fast charging capabilities.  

31. Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick

Here’s another sweet deal for 20 dollars – a tripod that’s also a selfie stick. 

You can set this tripod at varying heights for up to 62 inches and use the remote controller to take selfies from afar. 

It’s actually a nice setup that you can use to fulfill all your video recording needs with 360-degree rotation and stuff. 

Similar thing to buy with 20 dollars: 

Ring light for phone

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32. Tabletop Football

Tabletop Football

Although kids are the ones who would love this fun game the most, adults also won’t mind having a go at it. 

It’s easy to set up in minutes, and the two hand controllers enable you to have an exciting footballing experience right at your tabletop. You can confidently gift this to any family with kids.

The size of this table football game is 14.88″ x 6.89″. 

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33. T-Shirt Subscription

Joining a t-shirt club could be another great way to spend your 20 dollars now. 

There are a lot of exciting clubs to join, starting from Star Wars to Naruto, and all of them are very conveniently priced under 20 dollars. 

Just subscribe to a club and receive new t-shorts delivered to you each month. There are clubs for all kinds of fan bases.

34. Rocket Launcher

Toy Rocket Launcher - a cool thing to get for Kids

Let’s end this mega list of cool things to buy with 20 dollars with something fun and festive for the kids in the house. 

This rocket launcher kit comes with eight colorful foam rockets that can shoot upwards over 100 feet with the launcher. 

Kids will simply lose their minds seeing this and would spend hours with ultimate outdoor fun. 

Another similar fun thing for kids at around 20 dollars: 

Toy Airplane Launcher
Toy Airplane Launcher

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We hope this exclusive collection of 34 fun, useful, and cool things to buy with 20 dollars has given you enough options to brainstorm and choose one that you really want! 

After buying one of these, if you still want some more fun, do check out our other mega-collections of products — 75 dollars, 100 dollars, and 200 dollars.

On the other hand, if you are also considering buying something much bigger, these three buying guides are for you — 32 Cool Things to Buy with 300 Dollars, Cool Things to Buy with 500 Dollars and Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars. 

[Price Disclaimer: All the products selected here were available for purchase for around 20 dollars during the time of research. The price can be a bit more or less than that as pricing varies from time to time depending on market dynamics like supply and demand variables. However, the price of the things listed here is not likely to vary too much from the baseline of 20 dollars.]

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