36 Cool Things to Buy with 400 Dollars

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Last updated on March 30th, 2023

The dollar amount of 400 is quite a good sum of money to spend. However, the question arises, how to find the cool things to buy with 400 dollars to ensure it doesn’t feel like a waste?

That’s why we are here. We have been researching cool products at every possible price point for years. Our work is making your job of finding unique things easy. We always take user reviews and usability into account, making sure that everything we offer is the best of the best.

Get ready to have the shopping experience of your life. Because we’ve got a list of cool, amazing, and fun products that will make you want to throw caution to the wind and treat yourself!

Don’t even think about saving that hard-earned 400 dollars for later, because we’re about to show you some seriously cool stuff that will make it impossible to resist.

So get your wallet ready and let’s do some shopping!

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36 Fun, Interesting, and Cool Things to Buy with 400 Dollars 

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Now, let’s dive into the exclusive list of cool things for 400 dollars!

1. Virtual Reality Headset 

A Virtual Reality Headset presented as one of the cool things to buy with 400 dollars

How will it feel to experience something without doing it in real life? Meta Quest 2 — an advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset is set to give you that wonderful experience. 

It offers immersive experiences with 3D audio, hand tracking, and haptic feedback, allowing users to explore fantasy worlds, collaborate in workspaces, and socialize with others in multiplayer arenas.

A wireless headset allows you to roam free. GOLF+ and Space Pirate Trainer DX are also included!

Trust me on this one, this cool stuff under 400 dollars will make you admire it. 

2. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX

ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX - another cool thing to buy for 400 dollars

Hey, Gamers! Let me give you a piece of advice, don’t miss this cool deal for 400 dollars and make your gaming life more smooth than ever before! 

The ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC is a graphics card based on the NVIDIA ampere architecture, featuring GDDR6 memory, 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores, 3rd Gen Tensor Cores, and VR readiness. 

With IceStorm 2.0 Cooling, active fan control, and freeze fan stop, it is ready to give you a solid gaming experience.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, yet another cool stuff.

Forget about everything for a sec and check out this sweet gadget that’ll blow your mind!

If you are a gamer and looking for things that cost 400 dollars, this bad boy is still a must-have. 

From a 7-inch OLED screen and 64 GB internal storage to a wide adjustable stand and enhanced audio, you will get every facility you need for gaming on the go! 

4. A Smartphone 

A Smartphone

A great smartphone for $400, isn’t it a cool deal? 

Google Pixel 6a is a 5g android phone that offers everything you can get in a flagship android phone but at a lesser price. 

This phone by Google is super fast and secure and powered by Google Tensor, the first chip designed by Google just for Pixel. 

With Pixel’s 12-megapixel camera and tools like a magic eraser, motion mode, and portrait mode, you will get the best camera experience. 

You will get a Google Fi simply unlimited SIM kit with this phone ensuring you unlimited data, calls, and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

5. An iPad 

An iPad

I heard you’re in the market for a new tablet, and I’ve got to say, there’s no better choice than the Apple 2021 iPad. 

This iPad features a stunning 10.2-inch retina display with true tone technology, offering an incredible viewing experience. With an 8MP wide back camera and a 12MP ultra-wide front camera at the center stage, you can capture clear and beautiful photos and videos. 

With up to 256 GB of storage, this is one of the coolest things to buy for 400 dollars. 

Here’s another option from the android tablet section if you want: 

Tablet computer

6. A Camera 

A Camera 

If you are looking for a mid-range DSLR camera with better specifications, you are in the right place! 

The EOS Rebel T7 camera ensures you “Quality Without Complexity”. With this camera, mobile device users can take their photography skills to the next level.

Featuring a large 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, fast autofocus, built-in wireless connectivity, and more, this camera combines outstanding features with a user-friendly operation for producing high-quality images that you’ll be excited to share with others.

Also, check out this Wireless Streaming Camera:

Wireless Streaming Camera

7. A Smart TV

A Smart TV

Can you believe your eyes that you are getting this amazing Amazon Fire TV for under 400 dollars!? 

Neither do we. This 50″ Omni Series 4k UHD smart TV is set to deliver a cleaner and more vibrant picture. It also comes with a 4-Year Protection Plan. 

Make your personal time more fun and enjoyable. With the support of Alexa, you can put down the remote and dive into entertainment with only your voice. The additional support of Dolby Digital Plus is just the icing on the cake.

8. A Digital Notebook

A Digital Notebook is surely among the cool stuff to buy under 400 dollars

Let’s make our reading and writing a fun process with Kindle Scribe. 

It’s an amazing device that lets you carry thousands of books with you wherever you go, without having to lug around a heavy bag full of paperbacks.

The Kindle Scribe is perfect for people who love to read on the go, or for those who just want to have access to a vast library of books at their fingertips.

Not only reading, but you can also add handwritten notes to your book with the help of the included Premium Pen. 

With a 10.2″ 300 ppi paperwhite display and 64 GB storage, this is surely a cool buy with 400 dollars! 

9. Smart Baby Monitor 

Smart Baby Monitor

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!  

Nanit pro smart baby monitor & floor stand ensures the parents get 36 more nights of sleep per year. 

Cutting-edge camera with computer vision technology allows you to see your baby from anywhere using the app. It tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and analyzes them to send expert tips to improve sleep quality. 

Nanit tracks breaths per minute and sends real-time sound and motion alerts through the app to your smartphone.

Buying this for 400 dollars is definitely worth it. 

10. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

What comes to your mind when you hear of a Bluetooth speaker? Party!!! 

But wait wait, that’s not the end. The Speaker we have found for you is Sonos Move – a battery-powered smart speaker that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Alexa built-in. 

With Amazon Alexa built right in and the support of Wi-Fi,  you can play music, check the news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands-free. It is also weather resistant and the battery lasts about 11 hours.

So what keeps you waiting to grab this cool deal for 400 dollars? 

Here’s another option for speakers: 

Bluetooth Speakers

11. Portable Projector

White, Cute Portable Projector presented as one of the cool things to buy with 400 dollars

With this portable projector, you can watch anything anywhere on a big screen. From football matches to movies, watch it all! 

XGIMI MoGo pro portable projector is a perfect fit for your cool things to buy with 400 dollars list. 

The patented smart keystone correction will adjust the projected screen up to ±40 degrees both vertically and horizontally from any angle. 

The 1080P FHD resolution, dual 3w Harman Kardon speakers, features of android TV, and battery life for at least two hours will make your movie-watching experience awesome.

12. Water Park for Kids

Green, red, and yellow colored Water Park for Kids

If I were a kid, I would definitely love to have a cool water park in my yard. 

This 157.2 x 134.4 x 94.8 inches inflatable water slide park by SUNNY & FUN can carry a maximum amount of 350 Pounds. This is suitable for both little and big kids. 

Keep your children cool and active this summer. Give them the best summer gift you can afford within the budget of $400.

13. Framed Swimming Pool

A Framed Swimming Pool is surely among the coolest stuff for $400

Imagine relaxing inside your own swimming pool and that too for under 400 dollars! 

This 15′ x 42″ pool by Bestway is perfect for your family. It’s easy to set up and no tools are required to install this above-ground pool in your backyard. You will get all the necessary equipment for maintaining and cleaning this pool. 

So, get this one and make sure you and your family get endless summer fun!

14. Foosball Table

Foosball Table

How about you take your game nights to the next level with an epic foosball table? 

This cool, stylish, and classy 56″ foosball table won’t cost you more than 400 dollars. With the compact size of 56″L x 28.75″W x 34.5″H,  you can fit it anywhere in your house. 

Trust me, once you get your hands on those little figures and start scoring goals left and right, you won’t be able to stop! 

Here’s another option for basketball lovers:

Arcade Basketball Game

15. Noise Canceling Headphone

Over-Ear Headphone

We know that traveling without headphones can be so painful. That’s why we have brought this cool noise-canceling headphone by Bose that you are sure to love! 

This over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone has 11 levels of active noise canceling that let you enjoy music, podcasts, videos, and calls without distractions. The deep and full bass ensures clear and crisp audio quality. It also supports Alexa voice control. 

With up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge, this headphone is also great for gamers. 

Order now because you won’t get any better offers under $400. 

16. Air Purifier 

Air Purifier 

Don’t take risks with your health! If you’re concerned about allergies, dust, or other airborne particles, an air purifier is a perfect solution for you. 

Medify MA-112 air purifier cleans up to 5,000 sq ft in one hour. With advanced filtration technology, it can remove up to 99.9% of harmful particles. On top of that, the compact size of 16″D x 28″W x 15″H makes it very suitable for all room sizes. 

So, if you want to take a breath of fresh air in today’s world of pollution, investing $400 won’t make you regret it! 

17. Robot Home Cleaner 

Robot Home Cleaner

Want to get a smart, cool, and cute-looking cleaner that you can control with your voice? 

Well, then this amazing robot vacuum cleaner by Roborock will surely make it to your what to buy with a $400 list. 

From pet hair to dust, with the powerful 2700Pa suction, remove it all. Its 180mins runtime guarantees up to 3230 sq ft of cleaning on a single charge. The multi-directional floating rubber brush stays close to the ground and ensures an effective cleanup. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get this cute-looking robot cleaner before it gets stocked out! 

18. Security Camera 

A set of security cameras

With this outdoor security camera by Blink, you can roam freely without worrying about your home’s security.  

The high-definition video quality and night vision capabilities ensure that you’ll always have a clear and detailed view of what’s happening, even in low-light conditions. You can see, hear and speak to visitors with a live view in real time.

But what really sets the Blink outdoor camera apart is its wireless and weather-resistant design. With a battery life of up to two years and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, this camera can be installed virtually anywhere without having to worry about power outlets or exposed wiring.

Other options for security cam: 

A set of security cameras

19. A Wristwatch

A Wristwatch

A wristwatch does not only show you time but also shows your class! 

Whatever outfit you wear, this wristwatch by Bulova is sure to give you a classy and elegant look. This watch will give you a premium feel with a brown patterned and rose gold dial, leather strap, and slightly domed mineral crystal body.  

Besides its all attractive looks, this watch is also water resistant to 99 feet. This cool stuff under $400 is a worthy deal. 

Also, check out this one if you are looking for a smartwatch: 


Watch for her: 

Wristwatch for women

20. Smart Ice Cream Maker

Smart Ice Cream Maker

What to buy with 400 dollars? 

A smart ice cream maker can be a cool option to consider. Making ice cream will be a fun and creative activity for kids and adults alike.

This scoop ice cream maker by Breville comes with 12 hardness settings and a 1.5 quart (1 liter) bowl capacity that helps you to customize your ice cream. 

Now experiment with different flavors, and surprise your friends and family with your ice cream-making skills!  

21. Portable Car Freezer

Portable Car Freezer - cool as chill

Hey, our traveler friends, we have great news for you! No more worrying about cold water and fresh foods. 

We have found a cool, stylish, and easy-to-move portable car freezer that won’t cost you more than $400. 

This portable car freezer by LG Aircool has a 53 quart (50 liters) capacity and can fit up to 57 cans of cola. It also features dual temperature control with a detachable sensor divider, with cooling capabilities reaching up to -4°F (-20°C). This portable car freezer can also be adjusted to function as either a fridge or freezer. 

Traveling will become more fun when you have this Portable Car Freezer with you.

22. Grill and Smoker

Grill and Smoker

When you have Z GRILLS wood pellet grill & smoker with you, every night is a BBQ night!

This versatile pellet grill has an adjustable wide temperature range, allowing for 8-in-1 cooking capabilities. You can sear, smoke, BBQ, roast, char-grill, braise, bake, and grill with ease.

So go ahead, add this to your $400 list, and ask for anything, because this grill can handle it all.

23. A Juicer 

A Juicer 

Imagine enjoying a glass of cold fresh homemade juice on a hot sunny day. Just thinking about it feels refreshing, right? 

That’s why we have enlisted this stylish and cool-looking blender by Vitamix for you. It is super easy to use and control. It comes with a self-cleaning technique that allows it to clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds with just a drop of dish soap and warm water. 

The 64-ounce container is ideal for blending everything from a single smoothie to a family-sized batch of hot soup! 

It will surely be a cool thing to buy with $400. 

Here’s another option that might attract you:

Cocktail and Margarita Machine
Cocktail and Margarita Machine

24. Portable Power Station

Portable Power Station - A cool and powerful thing to buy with 400 dollars

If you enjoy camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, a portable power station can make your life easier.  

With a 518-watt-hour (24Ah, 21.6V) capacity, Jackery’s Explorer 500 is ready to provide power to charge your devices, run lights, mini cooler, fan, projector, lamp, or power other small appliances. 

The Explorer 500 is designed for portability, with a size equivalent to that of a basketball and a solid handle for easy carrying. This makes it a compact and reliable option for activities such as camping, road trips, RVs, and emergency home backup. 

All these facilities are under 400 dollars, isn’t it awesome? 

25. Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster

What to buy with 400 dollars?

The network is nowadays one of our biggest concerns. Without a proper network connection, you feel detached from the world. 

If you have network issues at home or the office, the Hiboost cell phone signal booster can be an option for you. 

This cell phone signal booster supports all US and Canadian carriers of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, US Cellular, etc. It is 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G compatible. 

It allows coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft., and it is also multi-room and multi-user friendly.

26. Portable Dishwasher

Portable Dishwasher

Are you tired of spending hours washing dishes by hand? Well, we have got some exciting news for you!

Farberware has made a complete portable countertop dishwasher that will give your hands some relief. This dishwasher has a 5-Liter built-in water tank. Its 5-washing program and compact design allow it to clean a variety of dishes. 

With the compact size of 20.9″D x 21.9″W x 22.4″H, it’s easy to move around your home or apartment, so you can use it wherever you need it most.

It’s surely one of those cool things you can buy with 400 dollars. 

27. A Freezer

A Freezer

A freezer is definitely a cool item to buy for $400.

If you were planning to buy a freezer for a long time, and couldn’t find the perfect one yet, then this Midea Upright freezer might be the best option for you.

A total space of 5.3 cubic feet allows you to put a heavy load in it. The most attractive part of the freezer is the reversible door hinge. It allows right or left-side openings, which makes it easy to fit any spot in your room.

If you need more Space, you can also check this out:

A Freezer

Also, check out this Wine Cooler: 

Wine Cooler

28. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

Let me give you a piece of advice. Take this oven to your home and don’t give your wife a chance to complain! 

This microwave oven by Panasonic offers you inverter technology with a turbo defrost facility. With 1250-watt high power and 2.2 cubic-foot capacity, this stainless steel countertop oven ensures perfectly cooked food for large families. 

The cyclonic wave technology ensures ultra-efficient cooking at all temperature levels. 

When it comes to buying cool things under 400 dollars, this Panasonic microwave oven is a winner. 

You can also check out this one:  

Microwave Oven

29. Bread Maker 

Bread Maker

Thinking about making bakery bread at home gives us excitement, right? 

Now turn your home into a bakery with Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker. This easy-to-use and clean bread maker can bake two pounds of bread at once. 

Rapid courses allow you to bake a loaf of white or whole wheat bread in just 2 hours and 25 minutes. 

This can take a place in your cool things to buy with 400 dollars list for sure!

30. Electric Mixer

Electric Mixer

I don’t know about you, but my hands have begged me to buy an electric mixer and give them some rest!  

If you’re someone who loves to bake and cook, but finds the mixing process tedious and time-consuming, this cool-looking KitchenAid Artisan mixer is the one you’re looking for. It’s available in many different colors.

This electric mixer has 59 touchpoints around the mixer bowl for efficient mixing. It has a 5-quart stainless steel bowl that can mix up to nine dozen cookies in a single batch. 

The mixer has ten speeds that can be adjusted to complete nearly any task or recipe, from stirring ingredients to whipping cream. Additionally, the mixer is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

31. Electric Beard Trimmer 

Electric Beard Trimmer

To all my brothers out there, this one is for you. 

Beard is perhaps one of the major concerns of men. Shaving sometimes can be painful. Shaving with regular razors can lead to skin problems such as itching, facial cuts, etc. 

With Braun’s electric razor, you can avoid all these problems and have a perfectly smooth shave. It comes with five shaving elements and is designed to gently cut tough hairs—no matter if it’s a 1, 3, or 7-day beard.

It allows both dry and clean shaves. It has a portable charging case that can provide up to six weeks of use, which is 50% more battery time than other charging cases.

32. Complete Snowboard Package

Complete Snowboard Package

Are any snowboarding fans in the house? If yes, this can be among the coolest things to buy with 400 dollars for them.

System’s MTN and APX complete men’s snowboard package is the best option for beginners. This board is a true powerhouse. 

With MTM snowboard, you can effortlessly float through powder, carve through trees, and still excel in the park. When paired with System’s high-performance APX bindings, you’ll experience unparalleled control and response on every run.

33. Cabin Tent

Cabin Tent

To all our traveler friends, we have something for you! Here’s a useful and super cool thing to buy with 400 dollars, a cabin tent.  

Coleman cabin tents are easy to carry and easy to use. With instant setup in just 60 seconds, your tent is totally ready to use. The spacious size of 168″L x 79″W x 120″H makes room for up to 10 persons with ease.

The dark room technology reduces the inside heat of the tent for more comfortable rest at any time of day. It also has a rainfly for extra weather protection and an E-port to bring electrical power inside easily. 

34. Trampoline 

Trampoline - A cool and fun thing for kids

Talk about things that cost 400 dollars? Well, a trampoline might be a cool answer to it! 

This cool 120″L x 120″W x 93″H trampoline by JUMPZYLLA is designed with padded curved bars for your child’s safety. While most of the 10ft trampolines have only three legs, the Jumpzylla trampolines have four legs for extra stability. 

From kids to adults, this easy-to-set trampoline is sure to give you a hell of fun! 

35. Pet Carpet Cleaner

Pet Carpet Cleaner

We know how annoying it can be to clean your pet’s mess. That’s why we have enlisted BISSELL’s big green pet carpet cleaner that will relieve you from this heavy duty and also keep your pets clean. 

With this carpet cleaner, pet parents get professional-grade cleaning. The bonus 48 oz bottle of BISSEL pet pro oxy urine eliminator formula eliminates stains and odors. It cleans better and dries faster.

Every purchase of this will also contribute to saving pets through BISSELL Pet Foundation. Its mission is to help and save homeless pets.

36. Sewing & Quilting Machine

Sewing & Quilting Machine

A stitch in time saves nine.

Well, don’t get confused! This product has nothing to do with this proverb, but with stitches for sure! 

The SINGER sewing and quilting machine is not only a cool product but also a useful one too. It has 600 built-in stitches including five alphanumeric fonts and 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes with an exclusive buttonhole underplate. 

With a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, projects can be sewn quickly, and your job will be done with ease. 

Here’s another option for the decoration experts: 

Smart Cutting Machine
Smart Cutting Machine. Cuts 300+ Materials


We hope that this extensive selection of 36 cool, fun, enjoyable, and exciting items to purchase with $400 has provided you with plenty of choices to consider and pick the one that truly appeals to you! 

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