19 Gadgets to Keep Car Cool in Summer [+ Easy and Effective Tips]

Whether you're heading on a long road trip or just running errands around town, our researchers have found some easy and effective gadgets that keep cars cool in summer, including cooling systems for parked cars.11 min

Last updated on July 8th, 2023

Summer is the season of sun, sand, and road trips! The warm weather and bright sun can be enjoyable, but it doesn’t take much time to turn your car into an oven on wheels. That’s why you need gadgets to keep car cool in summer. 

As a car owner, you know how quickly your vehicle can turn into a sweltering sauna during the hot summer months.

But hey, don’t worry, you’re in luck because there are a variety of gadgets to keep the car cool in summer available in the market.

Whether you’re heading on a long road trip or just running errands around town, our researchers have found some easy and effective gadgets that keep cars cool in summer, including cooling systems for parked cars.

So buckle up and get ready to beat the heat!

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19 Effective Gadgets to Keep Car Cool in Summer

Say goodbye to the days of rolling down your windows and blasting the air conditioning. With these easy and effective gadgets, you can beat the heat without breaking a sweat.

1. Fully Automatic Car Tent

Senllen Car Tent Fully Automatic 189 inch Large Size Hot Summer Anti-UV Wireless Control Vehicle Umbrella with Removable Charger, Windproof Carport Canopy Sun Shade for SUV, Minivan, Truck

We use umbrellas on hot sunny days to protect ourselves from the heat of the sun, so why are we careless about our cars?

Give your cars the care they deserve. This fully automatic car tent will keep your car under a cool shade in the burning hot days of summer.

Eight adjustable windproof straps and a strong suction cup sticking closely to the car roof allow wind to flow through the car tent keeping your car cool and protected in every season.

So, grab this effective gadget to keep your parked car cool, and be no fool!

2. Mini Car Fan

Imagine being struck in a jam on a hot summer day, and the air conditioner of your car isn’t working properly. Terrifying, right?

Worry not, we have a perfect solution for this situation. These cool mini-car fans can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing air to get in every corner of the car. They also reduce unwanted hot air, cigarette smoke, dust, and even pet odor!

So why not treat yourself to a little slice of paradise during those hot summer months and make every drive a breeze?

3. Innovative Windshield Sun Shades

We know how difficult it can be to keep your parked cars cool on hot summer days!

That’s why you need these innovative windshield sun shades that will not just keep your car cool but also protect it from UV rays! The 5-layer super reflective insulation reduces interior car temperatures by 30-50 degrees.

So, let’s cool down your car’s engine and yours too.

4. Regular Windshield Sun Shades

It’s not always about keeping your car cool; sometimes; it’s about making it look cool!

With these windshield sunshades, you can have them both! All of the sun shades selected here are universally made to fit most personal vehicles. They fit the windshield perfectly with the rear-view mirror as support.

They also come in a variety of fun and stylish designs to fit your personality and make a statement on the road.

So, let’s park in style!

Another option for those who need sun shades with a storage pouch:

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade | Reflector Sunshade Offers Ultimate Protection for Car Interior | Cool Reflective Sun Blocker Fits Small Sedans, Mini SUVs, & Hatchbacks | Medium (64x32 inches)

5. Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan

Let’s make the ride more cool and comfortable with a portable air conditioner neck fan.

It’s more like your own personal air conditioner that you can wear around your neck wherever you go. It’s like having a cool breeze following you around all day long!

The bladeless design ensures maximum comfort and safety and prevents hair tangling. The impactful battery life lasts up to 2-4 hours in cooling mode and 3.5-8 hours in fan mode and keeps you cool anytime you’re on the go!

More affordable option:

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan, Hands Free Bladeless Fan, 4000 mAh Battery Operated Wearable Personal Fan, Leafless, Rechargeable, Headphone Design,3 Speeds Gifts for Women Men-Dark Green

6. Portable Waist Clip Fan

SLENPET Portable Waist Clip Fan, 6000mAh Battery Operated Necklace Fan, 23 Hours Working Time, 3 Speeds, 5100RPM Strong Airflow Hands-free Belt Fan for Outdoor Works, Farm, Hiking, Camping, Travel

One is better or two? Definitely, two as 2-in-1s are always the favorites!

Now keep yourself cool on sweaty hot summer days in two ways. The Waist Fan and Necklace Fan 2-in-1 is a portable fan that serves dual purposes. Attach it to your waist, the cool breeze will circulate underneath your clothes, providing a quick and effective way to cool down.

The fan also comes with a necklace strap, enabling you to wear it around your neck as a necklace fan and enjoy the heavenly breeze! These fans are also great as cool gadgets for truck drivers.

7. Car Mesh Curtain

The sun can be an unwanted passenger in the car, but with these cool car mesh curtains, you can keep out harmful rays and beat the heat!

They are designed to fit most SUV models, providing a perfect solution for shielding you and your passengers from harmful UV rays while reducing the temperature inside your car.

Made from high-quality mesh material, they not only block the sun’s glare and heat but also provide excellent ventilation, allowing for fresh air to circulate freely throughout your car.

Also, check out this option:

kinder Fluff Car Window Shade (4Pack)-The Only Certified Car Window Sun Shade for Baby Proven to Block 99.95% UVR - Mom's Choice Gold Award - Car Seat Sun Protection - Standard

8. Car Noogle

NOGGLE, 6ft - Kids Personal Air Conditioning System, Made in USA, Directs Cool Air to Children in The Backseat - Air Conditioning Vent Hose for Vehicles, Making The Back Seat Cool Again - Black

Don’t get boiled, get this cool gadget to keep your car cool in summer!

No more sweaty or uncomfortable rides. The Noggle car air vent extender is a must-have item for road trips, as it efficiently delivers cool air to passengers seated in the second or third row of your vehicle. It’s the ultimate solution for keeping your backseat passengers comfortable during long drives.

This easy-to-use gadget needs no extra tools and installs in less than 30 seconds. It’s great for cars without the back vent.

9. Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Zone Tech Cooling Car Seat Cushion - Black 12V Automotive Adjustable Temperature Comfortable Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Say goodbye to sweltering hot car seats!

Get a feeling of lying down on the ice with this cooling car seat cushion. It protects the seats from the intense summer heat and gives you a wholesome driving experience.

No more sticky and uncomfortable car seats that make you feel like you’re sitting in a sauna. This cushion creates a cool and breathable layer between your body and the upholstery. Its unique design allows for a constant flow of cool air to absorb your body heat and reduce perspiration.

This might be the perfect gadget that keeps both your car and you cool in summer!

Another option:

EXCEL LIFE Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cover Massaging Cooling Cushion for Car Truck. Keeps The Back from Getting Sweaty While Driving. Makes Driving More Bearable and Less Painful On Long Trips

10. Portable Car Freezer

AstroAI 12 Volt Car Refrigerator, 12V Portable Freezer Camping Fridge Cooler (-4℉~68℉) with 12/24V DC & 110V AC for Car, RV, Truck, Van, Boat for Camping, Travel, Fishing Outdoor(15L)

You are on a long road trip in the scorching hot summer days. Your throat is dry, all you want is an ice-cold drink at your fingertips! But dang, your car doesn’t have a portable car freezer!

With a compact size of 13.8” L x 9.6” W x 7.1” H, this portable car freezer of 15L capacity fits in your car easily and keeps your food, drinks, fruits, ice cream, milk, vegetables, and skincare products more chilled.

So, have one of these, avoid eating soggy foods, and keep yourself and your car cool no matter how hot it gets outside!

11. Auto Vent Visor

Thinking about how to keep your car cool in summer?

An auto vent visor can work fine. It will relieve you from the feeling of walking into an oven. It is the ultimate accessory for any driver who wants to keep their car cool and comfortable, even in the hottest weather.

This cool device attaches to the outside of your car’s windows and allows you to keep them slightly open, providing a constant flow of fresh air without letting in any rain or other unwanted elements.

12. Car Mini Humidifier

LtYioe Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Car, Office Room, Bedroom,etc. Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet. (Navy)(Black)

It’s time to take control of the temperature inside your vehicle and make those scorching summer drives a thing of the past.

This cool mini humidifier with colorful, soothing light settings creates a peaceful ambiance and a soothing mist.

The ultrasonic humidifiers operate at a near-silent frequency of 26dB, which is quieter than a library. It effectively takes care of your skin as it moisturizes dry skin and helps reduce skin peeling alongside cooling the environment.

Install it in your car and see the magic!

13. Portable Air Conditioner

GOFOIT Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Evaporative Mini Air Cooler with 3 Speeds 7 Colors, 3 IN 1 USB Personal Air Cooler Desktop Cooling Fan with Large Water Tank for Home Room Office,White

It’s okay for car AC to not work properly sometimes. That’s why you need to be prepared for that. A portable air conditioner can be the solution.

The latest technology uses warm air passed over ice-cold water to circulate cold air throughout the car, resulting in a significant temperature drop of up to 45-50℉ and providing an instantly refreshing and powerful airflow.

Even if your AC is a working property, it needs a break sometimes. So, don’t take chances; take this amazing portable air conditioner.

14. Portable Car Seat Fan

Portable Car Seat Fan

Don’t let a sudden heat wave catch you off guard and leave you sweating like a sinner in church!

This cool gadget keeps you and your car cool anytime, anywhere. This car seat cooling fan provides a soothing cooling breeze to your back and the car seat. As it has three levels of power, you can choose the power of air as you want.

With a long USB cable of 6ft, it can provide coolness for people in the front seats.

So, be techy, be calm, and keep your car cool!

15. Cooling Seat Pad

Sleepavo Black Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Office Chair - Cooling Gel Pillow for Sciatica, Coccyx, Lower Back, Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion - Chair Pad for Lumbar Support in Office Desk, Car

What would it feel like to put your bum on a cooling seat pad? It might get frozen!

Haha, jokes apart, this cool gadget is set to give you a cool riding experience on hot summer days. Not only does it keep your car cool and comfortable, but it also helps you to relax a bit.

With the U-shaped design and cooling gel inside the pad, it gives you comfort and relieves back pain, tailbone pain, and sciatica.

So, say no to sitting on sizzling hot stones, and trust me, your backside will thank you!

16. Elastic Car Cover

Budge Lite Car Cover Dirtproof, Scratch Resistant, Breathable, Dustproof, Car Cover Fits Sedans up to 228', Gray

This time we have a cooling system for parked cars.

This elastic car cover is not only meant to keep your car cool but also make it dust, dirt, and scratch-proof. It has durable single-layer polypropylene that protects against moderate UV exposure. It is designed to fit cars of the size 228″ L x 60″ W x 51″ H.

Its breathable material improves airflow and reduces condensation while your car is cool, covered, and safe from the burning heat of summer!

Some other options for portable car covers:

17. Stretch to Fit Sun Shade

Munchkin® Brica® Magnetic Stretch to Fit™ Sun Shade, Black, 1 Pack

Whether your car is parked or on the way, this magnetic stretch to fit sun shade helps to keep your and your babies’ eyes and skin safe from sun rays.

This 14 x 28-inch shade stretches to 18 x 34 inches to fit large size windows. These car shades can be rolled down with the windows to allow for a breath of fresh air during your ride.

It blocks harmful UV-A/UV-B rays and the safe-view mesh blocks glare, but not the view. It allows you to enjoy the outside view without getting burned.

18. Heat Resistant Steering Wheel Cover

Motor Trend GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Black Comfort Grip - Small 13.5 to 14.5 inch, Model:SW-761-BK-S__AM

Keeping the steering of your car cool and comfortable on hot days can be a heck of a task!

We know that, and that’s why we have a heat-resistant steering wheel cover so that you don’t burn your hands.

Keep your wheel in tip-top condition with the ultimate protection against cracking, peeling, pesky dirt, and oily fingers. With a comfortable and breathable grip, you’ll be insulated against scorching summer heat so you can focus on the road ahead.

So, say goodbye to sweaty palms and hello to a cool and luxurious driving experience!

19. Dashboard Cover

Last but not least– dashboard covers!

When you keep asking yourself how to keep your car cool in summer, you certainly do not think about keeping your interior cool first.

A dashboard cover is used to keep your car’s interior cool, and safe from sun damage and cracks. It also cuts squint-inducing windshield glare, prevents heating your car by blocking sunrays, and finally cools down your car’s temperature!

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How to Keep Car Cool in Summer

Just using cool gadgets to keep car cool in summer may not be enough. You know how stubborn the summer sun can be! To beat the scorching hot summer days, you also need to apply some techniques. And, like always, we know exactly what they are!

So, let’s not waste our time. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts! We’re going for a ride on tips and tricks on how to keep car cool in summer!

Always Park Your Car in Shades

Thinking about how to keep a parked car cool? Simple, always park in the shades!

It’s always better to park your car in your home garage. But often you don’t have that option. In that case, you should find a shady area for your car. Always try to park it in a covered parking lot or under the shade of trees and buildings.

When your car gets in direct contact with the sun, it creates a sort of greenhouse effect in the car, making the temperature inside go high in minutes. That’s why you should always park your car wherever you can find a bit of shade, and not in open parking lots under the open sky.

Use a Car Shade or Car Cover

Sometimes, you can’t find a covered parking lot, or even shades of trees and buildings, especially when you are traveling to a new location. That’s why you should always keep a car cover inside your car trunk.

So, wherever you can’t find any shades, use one of those to keep the interior of your car cool. You can check out some portable car covers we have added to the above list of gadgets to keep your car cool in summer.

Tint Your Car Windows

Using tinted car windows or tinting your car windows will give you a satisfying result. Tinted car windows are designed to block out the sun’s thermal rays and 99% of harmful UV rays. At the same time, it allows a good amount of light to pass through the window. 

Apart from keeping your car’s interior cool, tinted windows protect you and your skin from harmful UV rays and allows you to maintain your privacy.

Use a Windshield Sunshade

Blocking down the sun’s primary entry point seems a good idea to keep your car’s interior cool on summer days. When you use a windshield sunshade, you block sun rays from entering your car, resulting in keeping the temperature inside low and comfortable. It’s also a great cooling system for parked cars.

Many people don’t want to use a windshield sunshade because it doesn’t look so cool on a car. They feel it makes the car look unattractive, especially when it is in the parking lot with old-styled windshield sunshades. But we won’t disappoint you here. We have found some cool sunshades that won’t just keep your car cool but also make it look cool. So don’t forget to check out the list of car cooling gadgets above!

Cover Car’s Interiors

Covering up the car’s interior parts, like the dashboard, steering wheel, and car seats, is a great option for keeping your car cool on hot summer days. 

Leather and vinyl seats and steering wheels become unbearably hot on summer days. The same goes for your dashboard. It can get very hot when it gets in contact with direct sun rays. When you cover it, you help to keep your car’s interior cool.

For the sake of yourself and your car, you should use some good interior covers. Don’t worry, we already have them on our list. Also, check out the cooling seat pads we have got for you!

Use a Solar Power Ventilation System

The solar power ventilation system keeps your car cool by continuously supplying cool and fresh air inside your car and removing all the hot air from the car’s inside. They use solar panels to power the fan, making it sustainable and budget-friendly.

You can use two fans on the two front sides. It will help to circulate more fresh air, increasing the airflow, and finally decreasing the temperature.

Crank up the AC

Car air-conditioning systems are there to keep your car cool on any scorching hot summer days. You just need to make the best use of it. Here’s a trick to do that.

Whenever you are planning to go anywhere, turn it on sometimes before entering the car and open all the windows. It will remove all the hot air trapped inside and start to cool it. Then when you get inside, just close the windows. Just try it once, and you will thank us!

Maintain Car’s Cooling System

Maintaining your car cooling system is a good option for keeping your car cool in summer and for your car’s overall condition. Before the summer arrives, it’s always a good idea to service your car’s AC. And also, check if the coolant and air filters are working properly or not. 

It’s always better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent. Make sure your car is ready to give you the best cooling service throughout the whole summer! And, always keep a portable AC as a backup.

Keep Necessary Things in the Glove Box

When you leave things inside your car openly, it gets into direct contact with the sun and makes the temperature inside the car increase. To avoid this situation, you should take your necessary items with you. And if you want to keep them inside your car, then keep them in your car’s glove box.

Trust me; it will not only keep your car cool but also keep your belongings safe!

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Hot cars are not just uncomfortable, they can be unsafe too! For enjoying this beautiful weather of summer and also for keeping you and your near ones protected from heat, you can try the useful gadgets to keep car cool in summer that we have found for you, and of course, follow our tips and tricks!

We hope we can play an important role in keeping your car cool in the burning hot days of summer. So, don’t let the heat get the best of you. Beat it with the help of these effective gadgets and actionable tips. We hope you will have some cool and comfortable rides all summer long! 


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