30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars

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Wow! You have $1000 to buy cool things? You are awesome! But your problems are not over yet, huh? You are probably wondering about where to find cool things to buy with 1000 dollars!

It’s difficult to answer instantly. Because we’re always waiting for the money to arrive so that we can spend it on our desired items. But once we do, we are unsure of what to buy and what not to buy.

This loop of uncertainty keeps going on and on until you have got the objects in front of you. So, to make it a little bit easier here’s a list of cool things to buy with 1000 dollars.

It has all sorts of versatile products. Starting from a piece of helpful household furniture to things that’ll keep you entertained. While a thousand dollars is not a little amount, spending it has to be worthy enough.

Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars and Never Regret

It’s good to have a prepared list of cool stuff to buy so you don’t keep doubting your choices. So, take a look at what has been served here. There are up to 30 amazing things ready on this list. These options will surely fascinate you to spend your money wisely. 

AQUILLA Smokeless Fire Pit

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- AQUILLA Smokeless Fire Pit

Make your regular bonfire parties a little luxurious with this wooden fire pit tank table. It’s smokeless, there’s no hassle to clean the ashes or collecting woods. The free lava stones will do the rest. You can move it indoors or outdoors as per your preference.

The attached rain cover won’t let it get all wet or ruined. 

CJVJKN Indoor Football Game Table

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- CJVJKN Indoor Football Game Table

It’s a great choice for sports lovers. You can have a little football game with friends while staying at home. A perfect interior plus entertainment for decorating playrooms. 

The laminate finish of this table will meet your aesthetics. Who says you can’t play football with your hands? Hit them with scores.

Intex Pool Set

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Intex Pool Set

There aren’t many people that have swimming pools in their backyards. But what if you can do it on this tight budget? Yes! This Intex portable pool set will make those hot summer days more enjoyable. Nothing can be cooler than this cool thing that costs $1000!

It has enough space for you and your pals to hang out. You can fill the tub using your garden hose. However, make sure it’s placed upon solid ground.

DJI Mavic Air- Drone Quadcopter UAV

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- DJI Mavic Air- Drone Quadcopter UAV

This is a remote-controlled flying camera drone that elevates photography to new heights. It’s a must if you’re a technology enthusiast. With this, you can take your destination wedding or holiday photos to a whole new level.

If you enjoy aerial photography, don’t let this tool escape your grasp. It’s one of the cool things that cost $1000.

Fujinon Techno Binocular

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Fujinon Techno Binocular

Allow your inner sleuth to shine with this one. Are you a wildlife enthusiast or a far-sight observer? This binocular’s outstanding optics will allow you to see clearly even at a great distance.

You can take it with you when you go out into the wild or traveling in the ocean to get a good look at the wildlife creatures. It’s even suitable for stargazing. And, when not in use it simply embellishes the interior of your home. This is one of the irresistible cool things to buy with 1000 dollars.

Philips Espresso Machine

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Philips Espresso Machine

Enough with boiling water or using the stove when you have the money to get your regular coffee with a touch of luxury. This Philips espresso machine will help you to make instant coffee shots within minutes.

Moreover, it has options to make other aromatic beverages like latte, Americano, or any other milk-based recipes. Get your morning coffees in Starbuck style. 

DSRJ Crystal Chandelier Light 

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- DSRJ Crystal Chandelier Light 

If you’re fond of posh interior designing, then this lavish crystal chandelier will touch your heart. It’s a great choice to decorate your living room or foyers fancy.

You can control the dimness of it. The light pendants were created using modern technology. It’s not like the others you’ve seen before. 

Theragun PRO – Massage Gun

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Theragun PRO - Massage Gun

Although you can order a masseuse but why bother it when there’s a massage gun waiting for you to give those achy muscles a relaxation. It’s similar to any expensive massage treatment out there. 

Especially athletes and sportsmen will pay anything to get this on hand. It’s battery-operated and will serve you up to 300 minutes without any hassle. 

TAG Heuer Men’s Watch 

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- TAG Heuer Men's Watch 

For a rich collection of expensive casual watches, you got to have this one. This is a black bezel wristwatch from Tag Heuer; one of the renowned brands to serve the best quality products. 

It’s made with high-quality stainless steel and top-notch water resistance. But not much suitable for scuba diving as per said.

TRIFO Robot Vacuum

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
-  TAG Heuer Men's Watch 

No more wasting time in mopping and cleaning floors. This is a robot vacuum controlled by a smartphone. And the coolest feature is the 1080p camera fitted in. 

It’ll help you to have an eye on pets or home while you’re away. So, you’re getting a spy and a cleaner. Two in one! What more useful gadgets or things that cost 1000 dollars will be worth the same?

The Diamond Channel Earrings

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- The Diamond Channel Earrings

Paying a large amount on tiny things isn’t something you should always put doubts into. This glamorous diamond earring set will take your breath away. This may look small but it has one of the finest edge cuttings. 

You can either gift yourself this beautiful piece of jewel or gift it to another, either way, it’s a worthy shot. 

Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera

Grab this digital camera and take your raw photography skills to another level. It has a touchscreen operating system. There’s an auto SR mode for shooting, a variety of modes for exposure, and an extraordinary AF mode for focusing. 

Still, thinking why it’s one of the cool things that cost $1000? Check out the amazing wireless feature to control this mirrorless cam with your smartphone or tablet. 

Arcade Gaming Machine Mortal Kombat

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Arcade Gaming Machine Mortal Kombat

Modern pc games or playing gadgets can’t beat this vintage gaming machine. It’s a cool arcade machine to play all the mortal combat series in actual gaming style.

This is a classic ‘Cabinet’ model with Real-Feel arcade joysticks and a 17′ LCD screen. It has a dual-mode for multiplayer. You’ll get the old-school vibe with it.

Phiestina Wine Refrigerator

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Phiestina Wine Refrigerator

Set your very own personal mini-bar at home with this wine refrigerator. It has a premium outlook with an ergonomic style. Now, you can show off your wine collection in a classy way. 

There are 12 adjustable shelves with enough space to store bottles and cans. You can control the temperature according to your preference and keep your drinks cooler and fresh. Moreover, you can lock the machine for safety concerns. This belongs to even a cooler list of cool things to buy with 1000 dollars.

WWKA; Portable Pool Table

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- WWKA; Portable Pool Table

Not everybody is a lover of football, mortal kombat, etc. Some people enjoy playing pool as well. Such as the fans of this indoor pool set.

This miniature table is a perfect sport for family times. It’ll keep you entertained for hours. You can fold the table to save spaces in your playroom. So, what’s not worth the money here?

Climbing Cargo Net; Rope Netting Ladder

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Climbing Cargo Net; Rope Netting Ladder

Talking about indoor sporting funs, this is a cargo net ladder edition to make your climbing games Strong. It’s safe for both adults and kids.

The net is made from polyester nylon material making it sturdy, durable, and preventing it from breakage. If you have kids, this will be worthwhile.

Segway Electric GoKart Drift Kit; Racer Car

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Segway Electric GoKart Drift Kit; Racer Car

Drifting is a well-known skill among drivers and cyclists. This is a pedal racer car, but it’s more of a giant toy vehicle for kids to play with. Even for adults, too. People of all ages will love to get a swing of this.

The Drift set is fantastic for indoor racing games with friends. It can speed up to 10 mph. Your safety will be ensured by the seatbelts.

Sven & Son Adjustable Bed

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Sven & Son Adjustable Bed

Ever thought how cool it’ll be if you turn your ordinary bed into a massage table. And it not only gives you a dual massage mode but also a whole new bedding system. 

This portable bed finds the right spots for aches and body pains and relieves the sore muscles through vibration. There’s a backlight attached within. And everything will be controlled by you through a remote. Talk about cool things that cost 1000 dollars? What can be cooler than this?

Bose A20 Headset for Aviation 

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Bose A20 Headset for Aviation 

This wireless headset is specially designed for aviation experts. The specialty is, it has a great noise cancellation mode. If you’re not a flyer you can still use it for a long way flying and make them less tiring. 

There is a wide range of features in it. A high-performance microphone and a built-in Bluetooth to help with communication and connectivity. 

KidKraft Wood Swing Set

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- KidKraft Wood Swing Set

Playing with a barbie doll or pc games doesn’t excite kids much these days. They need something genuine like this KidKraft playset. It’ll make their heart jump with joy once you settle it for them.

It’s like an indoor park with swings and slides. The set is made with wood and plastic; hence, totally safe for little ones. A fresh air-readymade playground at home.

Coleman SaluSpa; Hot Tub Spa

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Coleman SaluSpa; Hot Tub Spa

Get your own hot tub relaxation massage at home without paying for any spa treatment. This tub has enough room for 4 to 5 people. It’s simple to set up in the yard or in the garden. You can heat it up to 104-degree F. Whoa! Talking about cool things to buy with 1000 dollars, eh?

The warmth and warm bubbles will lead you to a state of complete relaxation. The walls are thick enough to support your weight.

Touchstone Electric Fireplace

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Touchstone Electric Fireplace

Another lavish wall-mounted fireplace is on the way. This will be a smokeless, remote-controlled electric fire pit. A superb way to enhance elegance to your interior.

Although it’s artificial, you’ll not notice the difference because of the similar warmth and realistic flames it’ll produce. You can control the hit with the touchscreen system.

LEGO – Star Wars R2

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- LEGO - Star Wars R2

Are you a fan of Star Wars? If not, then please start your journey to be one. You can’t let this extraordinary piece of Lego set pass you through.

There are a total of 2127 pieces. You’ll have a lot of fun building this. It’s quite a creative set of toys for both adults and kids. 

Vitamix A3500; Smart Blender

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Vitamix A3500; Smart Blender

The Vitamix blender features a built-in smart sensor that allows it to adjust settings and control blend times. So there’s no need for you to stand there and keep an eye on it. Hot or frozen drinks, dips or spreads, dough, anything is suitable for it. 

The blender is capable of much more than just making smoothies. It’s more efficient, speedier, and less time-consuming than the older systems. The cleaning procedure is simple and hassle-less.

Mongoose Legion BMX Bike 

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Mongoose Legion BMX Bike 

This one is especially for riders who have enormous affection for bikes or cycles. It’s capable of aerial tricks, drifting, and so on. A superb brake control system built-in will encourage you to boost up your speed safely. 

The bikes may look heavier but trust me, it’s super lightweight. From mountains to urban jungles, nothing can stop it. 

VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk

It’s an excellent choice for those who work long hours at a desk or in front of a computer. This height-adjustable stand-up desk can be shifted from sitting to standing. Nice! It’s one of those useful things that cost 1000 dollars that you can resist. 

It’s like having two tables in one; one for electronic stuff, and the other for lining up files, papers, and so on. This will save a lot of space while keeping your workspace cornered and organized neatly. 

Best Choice Patio Bistro Set

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- Best Choice Patio Bistro Set

Back to show you some more lovely furnishings. This patio bistro is suitable for relaxing in the garden in the afternoon while having a warm cup of tea and backyard chills or enjoying the evening sunset.

It comes in a set of two rocking chairs and a tea table. The tempered glass table has a superb capacity for heavyweights. You can style your outdoor area with a modern appeal.

SideTrak Triple Portable Monitor

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- SideTrak Triple Portable Monitor

Tired of staring into one screen? Let’s get you three. This triple-screen monitor technology will give you a 180-degree view of your computer or laptop. 

The monitors are portable allowing you to safely attach/ detach them on your wish. It’s compatible with any kind of device; Xbox, ps4, etc. So, now you can extend your screen, rotate, and even mirror it whenever you want. 

SereneLife Portable Sauna

30 Cool Things to Buy with 1000 Dollars
- SereneLife Portable Sauna

After a long tiring working day, coming back home and having a relaxing spa session is what you need. Here comes your very own personal home-style sauna. It’ll create the perfect steam with excellent power efficiency. 

You can move it from door to door. It’ll soothe those sore muscles, relieve stress, and fatigue. Bring the spa home with this portable sauna system. Ooh! 

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System

- HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System

For all the gamers, there’s a new PlayStation in town. It’s a VR system gaming, taking everything to a whole other world. High-resolution headphones, an excellent 3D sound system, and superb noise reduction will make your virtual reality adventure more immersive than ever before. 

The lightweight headset won’t make you feel heavy or dizzy. You’ll love the experience with it. 

And The Dollars End Here 

Most probably your confusion is over by now. Finally, you’ve got so many products worth 30 thousand dollars. So, what’s stopping you? Spend it all! Just kidding. You don’t have to pay that much. 

It’s a long list full of cool things to buy with 1000 dollars. Any of these options will not leave you wondering, “Wow, where did all my money go?” Rather there’ll be a sense of luxury for the decent cost.

All I’m saying is that these amazing products may be a little pricey but they’ll never leave an open door for any regrets. So, don’t overthink it.

If you wait too long, the item you want will be sold out. Because smart people don’t leave worthy shots behind for heavy price tags.