24 Preppy Things to Buy: To Own or to Gift 

If you are eager to get preppy gifts for someone or want preppy things to buy for yourself, this is the post you need.  11 min

Last updated on September 9th, 2023

The defining fashion sense for what’s considered preppy changes every few years. To get the pulse of the time, bookmark this page and keep an eye on this list of preppy things to buy. We will keep updating this list to reflect the ever-evolving style from time to time. 

Though initially preppy things meant stuff associated with the style sense of the prep school crowd, over time, the preppy sense of style permeated all ages and all over the world. 

If you are eager to get preppy gifts for someone or want preppy things to buy for yourself, you have reached the right place. 

Also, to be clear — whether you are looking for preppy Christmas gifts or preppy birthday gifts, any of the items included here on this list would serve the purpose absolutely well. 

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Preppy Things to Buy: 24 Preppy Items You Can Own or Gift

So, without further ado, let’s start our selection of preppy things to buy, that you can also use as preppy gifts, as per the latest fashion sense. 

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1. Apple Watch Compatible Preppy Beaded Bracelet

Apple Watch Compatible Preppy Beaded Bracelet

Wondering how you can turn your everyday Apple Watch into a preppy eye catchy watch? 

Just buy this cosmopolitan watch band or bracelet that fuses styles from all over the globe. 

It has modern smilies embedded within the motifs of traditional Turkish ‘evil-eye’ repellants. 

Nothing can beat this preppy thing, both in terms of affordability and style. 

Also, there are multiple variations of the bracelet available. Just click the check it out button to check all the variations. 

Here’s another option for you if you want a preppy watch instead of turning Apple Watch preppier:

preppy watch

2. Pink Kanken Backpack

Pink Kanken Backpack as a preppy thing to buy

Backpacks indeed are an all-time preppy thing. But this pink canvas Kanken backpack truly speaks to the preppy fashion now in vogue. 

It measures around 10.25in by 14.5in. That means it’s neither too large nor too small — just the perfect preppy size. 

If you don’t want the pink one, it has many other color variations available that you can browse by clicking the check it out button above. 

3. Preppy Earrings Pack

Preppy Earrings Pack

Earrings are another one of those sure-shot preppy things to buy. However, not any average earrings would be considered preppy by the people in the know. 

So, rest assured that if you have these nine pairs of preppy earrings collection at your disposal, you get to be preppy seven days a week plus two days extra to awe-struck even the preppiest person around you! 

4. Earrings and Bracelet Combo

Earrings and Bracelet Combo

This one compliments the previous item on the list. 

If you buy this item, you will get three pairs of earrings along with seven similarly preppy bracelets. 

Like the watch bands we saw earlier, these bracelets also emit the vibe of a world citizen combining global motifs. 

Similar preppy bracelets for your consideration: 

5. Year-round Sweatshirt

Year-round Sweatshirt as one of the toned-down preppy things to buy

One of the secrets of being preppy is to mix and match classic regular clothes with unusual, unique, and new elements. 

So, having this classic and muted sweatshirt will help you when you find yourself in a situation that demands toned-down preppiness. 

Remember, you have the option to go for the Prime Try Before You Buy option with a Prime account

Want to get a preppier sweatshirt instead? Here you go: 

preppy sweatshirt

6. Preppy T-Shirts

Preppy T-Shirt

While you are looking for preppy things to buy or preppy gifts for this Christmas or an upcoming birthday, believe me, you will need a hell lot of t-shirts in your collection. 

That’s why we have included quite a few preppy t-shirts for you to choose from. Or, you can simply get all these below for yourself and your friends! 

7. Tennis Shoe

Tennis Shoe

Tennis shoes are a must when it comes to being preppy or buying preppy stuff. 

If you are feeling like having a new pair of this preppy item, just click the check it out button, and you will be able to browse many variations of tennis shoes available from Adidas. 

This shoe is also covered under the Prime Try Before You Buy option with a Prime account

8. Cargo Jogger Pants

Being preppy is also being unpredictable. So, here comes your chance to throw some unpredictable yet finely preppy outfits at your friends and family. 

These 100% cotton yellow cargo pants will be suitable for all occasions other than super formal setups. However, if you are up for it, why not? 

However, if you want to go with a formal khaki instead, here are the preppy pants for you: 

Khaki pants

Here’s another similar item:

Yellow pants can be another options for preppy things to buy

9. Multicolor Braided Elastic Stretch Belt 

Multicolor Braided Elastic Stretch Belt - One of the sure shot preppy things to buy

Here’s a belt in a braided design that showcases all the preppy colors in its multicolor design. 

Everything in this belt simply screams preppy. 

It’s an 80% high elastic fiber and 20% cotton, no-hole belt. That means you have all the flexibility of the world that your waist might require. 

10. Metal Waist Chain Belt

Metal Waist Chain Belt

If you are looking for a belt that’s unconventionally preppy, then this metal chain belt could be your thing. 

You can use this to prep up any regular outfit. Just pair it with your everyday skirt or jeans, and you are preppier than ever!  

11. Personalized Makeup Bag

Personalized Makeup Bag

Monogrammed items are widely considered preppy things to buy nowadays. And, if it’s a makeup bag or purse that has your initials monogrammed on it, you can bet that nothing would beat that on the preppy scale. 

Just click the image or the check it out button to select the letter your name starts with on the product page. 

Similar customizable personalized monogrammed preppy gift:

Personalized Makeup Bag

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12. Crochet Tote Bag

Crochet Tote Bag

Here’s another one of those sure-shot preppy things to buy that you can gift yourself and others as a preppy gift with your eyes closed. 

This bag is made of good quality polyester material through a flat knitting process. The exotic knitted bag emits a vibe of a soothing vacation to your daily routine.  

Including the handle, the tote bag measures around 12.59*21.65in/32*55cm. Also, multiple color options are available for you to choose from. 

Similar preppy tote bags: 

Tote Bag
Multiple Design & Preppy Quotes Available

Tote Bags
Multiple Design & Color Variations Available

Tote Bag
Multiple Design & Color Variations Available

13. Floral Ruffle Shirt

Floral Ruffle Shirt

The simplicity of this floral ruffle shirt is what makes it super preppy. You can choose from multiple floral designs and even some basic pastels. 

Did you notice the subtle v-neck that can effectively showcase your preppy jewelry? Fun, isn’t it? 

Similar preppy item:

Floral overcoat

14. Real Pearl Bracelet

Real Pearl Bracelet

Do you know what will never go out of preppy fashion any time soon? It’s subtly flaunting your pearls underneath your ordinarily preppy clothes. 

Just imagine a soft pastel t-shirt kindly revealing these shining real pearls beneath it. Heavenly, isn’t it? 

Similar bracelets, but with cultured freshwater pearls:

15. Multi-Colored Bead Necklace

Multi-Colored Bead Necklace as a preppy thing to buy

This necklace features mixed faceted beads, delicate stone accents, lovely flowers, and a heart embellished with woven multi-colored charms. What’s not to love about it? 

This piece is set in gold-tone metal with a lobster clasp closure.

While we are at it, why not also get these preppy pearl studs: 

pearl studs

16. Jeans


We know how these classic jeans will never go out of the preppy fashion, so we have included these highly-rated jeans in case you need a pair of new ones!  

It’s ultra stretch and ultra-comfortable. Also, multiple designs are available. (You can use Prime Try Before You Buy option with a Prime account.) 

Don’t need jeans right now? How about these work pants:

work pants

17. Fashion Boot

Fashion Boot

In the same vein, if you were looking for some preppy boots that would go with the jeans you’ve just bought, do check out these boots from UGG. 

This highly-rated boot is available in all the preppy colors you might need. Also, the 100% leather and rubber sole combo makes it durable and very comfortable. 

Remember, you can always go for the Prime Try Before You Buy option with a Prime account

Here’s an even bit preppier option — Knee High Riding Boots

Knee High Riding Boots

18. Wedge Sandal

Wedge Sandal

While we are at making your feet all the preppier, here’s a preppy wedge sandal for you to check out. 

What makes it especially preppy is the braided fabric featured at the upper and midsole areas of the sandal. 

While we are at footwear already, do check out these really tasty loafers and sneakers in all those aromatic preppy color options: 

Preppy loafer

Preppy sneaker

19. Headbands


Here’s another one of those classic preppy things to buy that will never go out of the preppy sense of fashion. 

With this set, you get six pieces of headbands in all the classic colors so that you get plenty of options to mix and match with the dress of the day. 

What makes this set truly special is it’s built of sparkly crystal beads.  

Here are a couple of more preppy headband options if you are up for it:

20. Fuzzy Pullovers

Fuzzy Pullovers -- a popular preppy fashion item

Fuzzy pullovers are also quite prominently visible in the preppy culture nowadays. 

So, if the weather is right, you might enjoy showing off this piece of preppy that you have got. 

Multiple colors and designs are available. 

21. Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box

Okay you are buying all these preppy things and stuff, but how about keeping these items stored in a preppy style too? 

That’s why we have included this surely preppy thing to buy — a jewelry organizer box. 

This 3-tier jewelry box has so many compartments specifically made to store all kinds of jewelry that you have.

Were you looking for something bigger to store all of your preppy stuff? Here you go — Standing Jewelry Armoire:

Standing Jewelry Armoire

22. Pink Gray Stripes Comforter

Pink Gray Stripes Comforter

While we are making every aspect of your life a bit preppier, why not get right inside your bedroom? 

If you are up for a preppier room, and also cozier, do get one of these pink gray stripes comforters. 

It is made of 100% natural cotton fabric, lightweight and breathable. It also includes two pillow covers. 

23. Smart Light Table Lamp

Smart Light Table Lamp

Here’s another preppy thing to buy for your room — the wireless, portable, and rechargeable Philips Hue Go. 

You can customize your own personal light show, and it’s capable of 16 million colors and shades of white light. 

The shape of it, though, is something entirely different kind of preppy. 

24. 3350mAh Ultra-Compact Power Bank

Ultra-Compact Power Bank as one of the preppy stuff to buy

Preppy also means smarter than others. So, those bulky power banks or the low battery problem don’t suit a preppy lifestyle. 

That’s why we have selected this cute little but powerful power bank to give your life a preppy boost. 

Want to get rid of the low-power bug from your life entirely? Buy a few of these together! 


We have attentively scanned the preppy cultural scene of the time through various relevant and recent shows and magazines to bring to you only the most appealing and in-the-vogue preppy things to buy. 

Also, to remind you one more time — all these preppy things to buy are also suitable as preppy gifts for every occasion. So, whether you are looking for preppy birthday gifts or preppy Christmas gifts, you can pick, mix and match any of the items listed here. Please let us know your favorite picks from the list. Feel free also to suggest anything else that we might have missed at [email protected].

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