Gifts for 19 Year Old Female: 32 Beautifully Soothing Gift Ideas

An exclusive and comprehensive selection of gifts for 19 year old female that includes everything from everyday use items to fancy stuff. 10 min

Last updated on August 17th, 2022

This article is here to make one of the trickiest tasks easier than ever before — finding the perfect gifts for 19 year old female. 

Yes, you heard it right, here you will find an exclusive and comprehensive selection of gifts for 19 year old female that includes everything from everyday use items to fancy stuff. 

Be it for a birthday, Christmas, or for any other occasion, you will find all ranges of gift ideas for 19 year old female here. 

Also, no matter the relationship you have with the girl, whether she is a daughter, sister, or the girlfriend, most of the gifts for 19 year old girl here are carefully selected to be an all-purpose superstar. 

32 Beautifully Soothing Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Female

Brace yourself for the most comprehensive selection of coolest gifts for 19 year old girl!

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1. Cute Engraved Pocket Makeup Mirror

Usability aside, this portable pocket mirror is a super cute and meaningful gift for a 19 year old girl. 

The inscribed inspirational quote will uplift the mood of your girl along with assuring her that you are always there for her. 

2. Mini Backpacks 

Vegan Leather Mini Backpack
Capacity: 9.8″L x 6.0″W x 11.0″H

Mini Classic Backpack for Everyday
Measures 11.4″ x 7.9″ x 5.1″

Backpacks are a super favorite and popular gift item for girls of all ages, especially the ones who are around 18 or 19. 

And, you know what, no matter how many backpacks they have, they can never have enough of these. 

Here are a couple of great backpack selections for your 19-year-old loved one. 

3. Cell Phone Purse

Along with backpacks, here’s another very useful accessory for girls at that age. 

A cell phone purse allows them to carry their phone in style and keep their phones easily accessible at all times. 

4. Princess Style Medium Size Jewelry Box 

A jewelry box is perhaps the safest option when it comes to gifts for 19 year old girls. 

Even if they have a few lying around in the house, they are always eager to replace the old ones with new and stylish versions. 

5. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are favorite tech gifts for the youth of all ages and gender. 

However, you can’t just gift any bland one to a girl with a high-end sense of style and panache. 

Here are a couple of great selections of Bluetooth speakers that will soothe the style-hungry populace. 

6. Bluetooth Speaker with Lights, Wireless Charging

How about a Bluetooth speaker that’s also a wireless charger, a phone holder, and a dimmable multi-color modern night lamp? 

What can be a cooler and funkier gift for the cool 19 year old girl than this one? 

7. Hanging Ornament 7 Chakra Wall Ornament 

New age people are always looking for items that are infused with the spirit of spirituality. 

If your 19 year old female is into spirituality and mysticism, then this chakra ornament can be a very appealing gift for her. 

8. Skincare Mini Fridge 

No more using the same home fridge to store the skincare amenities anymore. 

Gift this cool and super useful mini fridge that was specially built to preserve skincare products. 

You will be doing a great favor by gifting this to your favorite 19 year old female in your life. And, you will know it the moment you see the broad and happy smile on her face seeing this gift. 

9. UV Light Sanitizer Box with Wireless Charging 

Here’s another tech gift that’s unique and useful. 

It’s a UV light sanitizer box that doubles down also as a wireless charger. The girl can sanitize her phone along with other everyday use items like keychains and glasses with ease and style. 

10. Shape Shifting Box – Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube

Is the 19 year old into using and collecting fidgets? Would she be someone who would love to have this award-winning fidget cube? 

This cube fidget features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. 

For fidget lovers, it’s a no-brainer. 

11. Adulting Tumbler 

The 19th year is a unique year in her life. It’s the last of her teenage years and the first year of her adult life. 

So, giving them something that symbolizes this unique phase of their life can be another cool gift idea for a 19 year old female. 

In this line of thought, here’s a tumbler that will help her to alleviate all the pressure of adulting. 

12. Adulting Mug

Funny mugs like the ones above can be another option to help them take away the unwanted seriousness out of adulting.  

13. Adulting Books 

On the other hand, if you want to take a bit of an intellectual route into the adulting gifts scenario, books would be among the best options. 

Here are four popular books on adulting that have helped many teens prepare for their adult lives ahead. 

14. Cute Socks 

Cute socks are great cheap gift ideas for 19 year old females. Believe it or not, girls like to wear cool, funky, and cute socks. the ordinary bland socks don’t really suit their beautiful soul and body. 

That’s why we have selected a couple of great options for you! 

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15. Lap Desk 

A stylish lap desk for the stylish 19 year old girl in your life. It has a cell phone holder that holds the phone vertically along with a mouse pad and wrist rest. 

The slap desk is available in multiple color and style variations. 

16. Solar Garden Statue Turtle Figurine

Is the 19 year old gift receiver into gardening? Would something that uplifts the vibe of her garden also uplift her mood? 

Then, consider getting this solar garden statue turtle for her. 

It’s also great for decorating any outdare space such as patios and backyards. It runs up to 8 hours with a full charge of sunlight. 

17. Bonsai Starter Kit 

Now, while we are already talking about gardening, how about a bonsai starter kit for the girl? 

This bonsai kit includes everything you need to bring the joy of growing bonsai into your favorite 19 year old girl’s life.

18. Photo Clips Lights 

Okay, so how about a few room decoration items that would beautifully suit her room at the dorm or at home? 

Yes, here come photo clips lights. A total of 20 to 50 clips attached with LED lights to hang her favorite photos. 

19. Picture Frames Collage Wall Decor 

Here’s another photo-themed gift idea. 

The girl will be able to hang all of her favorite photos on the wall. This photo hanger wall art has 20 clips to hang the photos. 

20. Personalized Bracelets

Choose the quote you like

Morse Code Bracelet: Choose the code you like

Morse Code Bracelet: Choose the code you like

Gold and Silver options with quote selection facility

Bracelets have been popular with girls for ages. Bracelets are also one of the safest and most affordable gift-giving options out there. 

Here is a selection of bracelets including the ones with personalization options. 

21. Inspirational Tree of Life Leather Bracelets  

This couple of bracelets above deserves a separate entry in this selection of gifts for 19 year old female. 

These bracelets have hidden messages and deep symbolism going on with them. As you can easily guess, the tree of life symbolizing the life-giving motherly force residing within her. 

22. Tumbler For Daughter 

Here’s another beautiful tumbler that would be a perfect gift from parents to their 19 year old daughter. 

It emits a very meaningfully deep massage portrayed through uplifting sunflower imageries. 

23. Scented Candles Gifts Set 

Here’s a unique gift idea: scented candles that are also beautiful to look at. 

Not everybody will think of gifting scented candles, so you get the opportunity to gift something that will stand out. 

This gift set comes with four fragrances — spring, lavender, lemon, and mediterranean fig.

24. Initial Jewelry 

Is the name of the 19 year old female starts with A or R? No matter the letter, you can gift her jewelry or other items that start with the first letter of their name to bring a personalized touch to the gift. 

Here’s a few jewelry items that feature letters. You can pick the letter that you need. 

Initial Bracelets

Initial Anklets

Initial Necklaces

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25. 19th Birthday Decorations for Women – Super Cute Table Decor 

Here’s a gift that’s suitable for the 19th birthday. It’s a cute table decor that highlights all the key stats and news from their birth year. 

The girl and other people at the birthday event will surely find it interesting to discuss the world as it was the year they were born.  

26. Happy Birthday Gifts Keychain 

Okay, we are focusing on the birthday gifts for a bit in this section of this gift collection. 

In that vein, here’s a 19th birthday gift keychain that features a philosophic quote to inspire her on her birthday. 

This unique keychain keepsake is made of high-quality stainless steel.

27. Holy Poop You’re 19 Printed Toilet Paper Gag Gift 

After the philosophic heavyweight, how about a hilarious one? 

Here comes the toilet paper that will reignite the birthday laughter every morning until the paper lasts. Want to keep the laughter going? Why not buy a whole year of toilet paper supply? 

28. 19 beads for 19 Year Old Girl 

This necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver chain and wire that holds 19 beads. Each of the 19 beads symbolizes each year of their 19 year old life. 

As a result, this gift becomes a uniquely meaningful gift for a 19 year old female. 

29. Magic Bullet Blender 

Here’s a handy and useful gift idea — bullet blender. 

The magic bullet blender chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds, and more. You can effortlessly create your favorite meals and snacks like smoothies, omelets, sauces, and dips with this blender. 

On top of that, it’s easy to carry, use, and clean. 

30. Safesound Personal Alarm Siren Song 

Just like the magic blender above, here’s another one of those very useful gifts for 19 year old female. 

It’s a personal alarm siren that will enable her to alert an area of 300 yards whenever she finds herself in any dangerous situation. 

31. AirPods Cases and Holders

Funky Cat AirPods Holder

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AirPods are an all-time favorite with the youth of our time. 

So, you can gift AirPods or airpods-related accessories with your eyes closed and can be certain that the 19-year-old girl will surely love the gift from you. 

32. Titanium Ceramic Hot Air Brush 

Now, let’s take a look at some personal care stuff for girls. 

This titanium ceramic hot air brush will enable them to dry and style damp hair at the same time. 

The girl can create a salon-worthy blowout in her own home and harness 50 percent more ions for shiny and frizz-free hair. 

Okay, so we have reached the conclusion section of this article featuring 32 gifts for 19 year old female. 

As you have seen, this selection of gifts has been carefully created to suit all situations and relationships. Be it for the birthday or Christmass or any other occasion, the gifts above suit them all! 

By the way, do you happen to know any 19 year old boy who might also be in need of a gift or two, please do check out a cool collection of gifts for 19 year old boys here!

Pro Tip: Be it a 19-year-old boy or a girl, stuffed balloons can be one of the sublime ways of gift-giving for this situation.