18 Cool AirPod Cases & Holders That Stand Out

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Last updated on May 13th, 2022

If you are enthusiastic about music and AirPods, I’m guessing the basic white case just won’t do for you.

But hey, that’s exactly why you’re going through this writeup. In this article, I’ll present to you a long list of cool AirPod cases and holders that keep the style signature on the edge.

Well, not all of them speak of style, some indicate hobbies and others are just straight-up cute. My task here is to introduce you to the special ones that’ll stand out from the crowd. Aesthetics apart, all of them are pretty well built and are meant to last.

There are indeed a lot of cases that exist in the marketplace. But not all of them can make a mark on the onlooker’s eyes. So, let’s see if we can find the right ones for you.

Hold Up those Pods!

Before we bring to you all the cool and exciting AirPod cases, let me talk about a slightly different kind of AirPod accessory. Let’s take a look at AirPod Holders, shall we?

Dance Cat Headphone Stand

Cool AirPod Holders - Dance Cat Headphone Stand Headset Holder Accessories Creative and Novelty Gifts for Apple AirPods 1&2 and Pro

What can be cooler than this?

If you don’t know how to move it on the dance floor with your AirPods, this little kitty will do it for you. I personally love the concept and this PVC doll is rather sturdy too.


Cool AirPod Holders - AirPod 1 / AirPod 2 / Airpods pro Holder , Portable Anti-Lost Silicone Compatible for Apple AirPod Watch Band Holder

Compatible for AirPod 1 / AirPod 2 / Airpods pro, this holder will help you to NOT lose your pods. You can literally keep them attached to your watch band.

Now, the unique AirPod cases…

The Funky and Cool AirPod Case Lineup

Each of these cases speaks about the taste of their owners. If you’re a gamer, an athlete or just a person who’s looking for some awesome aesthetics, your AirPod case can actually bear your signature.

I bet you’ll find something interesting here for sure. So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

Airpods 2 & 1 Charging Case (Blue Sport Drink)

Cool AirPod Case - 3D Cute Cartoon Funny Cool Kawaii Fashion Airpods Case

Some keep their gear on with music and some with nutritious sports drinks. Why not get something that’ll charge your AirPods and signify your athletic zeal at the same time? This case has the appearance of the renowned G-Force sport drink bottle.

Not only does this thing look cool, but it also has a soft silicone cover that absorbs shock. With the charging port reserved at the bottom, this can charge both Airpod 2 and 1 version.


Cool AirPod Case - Super Funny Creative Stylish Instant Noodles Shape AirPods Case

From sports to survival, we move on to the AirPod case that looks like it’ll help you survive upcoming hungry nights. This thing literally looks like cup noodles that just need some hot water to get ready. I’m joking, it might die out on you if you do.

It’s pretty small-sized and can be easily carried just about anywhere. Just like the previous one, the soft silicone material ensures safety for your AirPods even in rough situations.

Hairland for Airpod 2/1 PVC Case

Cool AirPod Case - Cartoon Fashion Cute Food Design Air Pods Cover Girls Funny Cool Fun Headphone Accessories

Some tunes are sweet, and so are some AirPod cases. This creative design makes you instantly think of Dunkin’ Donuts and their goodies. This well-crafted AirPod case is built to meet high-quality standards.

Reusable silicone rubber PVC has been used in the build. Which means it has good elasticity and tear resistance. Not only that, but this one is anything but easy to deform. Close to zero maintenance makes life a lot easier as well. Just wipe it off, and it’ll look as good as new.

WowChic Case for Airpod Pro

Cool AirPod Case - WowChic Case for Airpod Pro

Keep note, this one is built for the Airpod Pro/3. Compatibility is an issue so it’d be best to check it out beforehand. With that said, this candylike cute appearance is especially adored by youngsters. The exterior offers powerful protection against shock and is pretty flexible.

The bottom opening allows easy access to the charging port and proves to be very convenient. This item has a holiday and fun feel to it instead of a sleek and stylish appearance. If you’re always in a jolly mood, it’ll only add to it.

Jowhep Case for AirPod 2/1 Cartoon Design Cute Silicone Cover

Enhance your cute coolness with this AirPod case So, carry it at your own risk. This awesome little AirPod case from Jowhep is based on cows. Yes, you got that right! If you love cows, then you’ll love this design.

Apart from being dust and waterproof, the surface of the case has a really nice feel to it. Plus, the attached keychain can easily clip onto your backpack. Portability options really won’t be an issue with his one.

With its super cute and on-trend styles, this case makes the perfect gift for any AirPods 1/2 users!

PS-5 Airpods Case

Cool AirPod Case - PS-5 Airpods Case

If you’re a gamer and you’re into the PS5 hype, then this one might just be the thing for you. This one too is designed for the AirPod Pro and supports wireless charging. Nothing speaks the gaming language better than an actual PS5 controller. These look almost identical to the newest dual shock design.

There’s an added keychain slot into it that makes the whole deal even better. The case can also be an ideal gift for those who love gaming and music as well.

elago AW5 Compatible with AirPods Case 1 & 2

Cool AirPod Case - Classic Game Player Design AirPods Case 1 & 2

Since we’re talking gaming here, why not look into something rather old school? This bad boy here looks like the classic Gameboy console which is super cool. This case will make a lot of gamers nostalgic and give them a trip back to their childhood.

By the way, this case is compatible with AirPods 1 and 2 only. So, it’s best to consider the compatibility issues. The impact-resistant silicone material is a nice finish to the whole deal if you ask me.

LUOENO Cute AirPods 1 2 Pro Case

Cool AirPod Case - Cute AirPods 1 2 Pro Case Cover Cartoon Funny

This is perfect for those who love to look cute rather than cool. This backpack chick-styled AirPod case just looks adorable It might even look better with gear that has a similar color scheme. You really can’t go wrong with the dust-proof, drop-proof, shockproof, scratchproof, and waterproof design.

Since this case ensures optimal safety, you can use it as casually as you want. Not to worry, this case is easy to open, close, and disassemble. No hassle whatsoever.

Ultra Thick Soft Silicone Red CocaCola Case

Cool AirPod Case - Soft Silicone Red CocaCola AirPod Case with Bag Hook for Apple Airpods 1 2

It’s pretty much obvious that this case looks just like a mini soft drink can that we’re all very familiar with. Just like a lot of the previous ones that we discussed, this one is also built with a soft and durable silicone exterior. Placing the AirPods in and taking them out is pretty easy as well.

Even if you drop your can of cola, some of it might spill. But rest assured, this case will keep your pods safe even if you drop them several times.

KillBR Airpod Case for Apple Airpods 1&2 (McDonald’s)

Cool AirPod Case - McDonald's Airpod Case for Apple Airpods 1&2

Since we’re talking about soft drinks and fast food, why not discuss something that’s been a consumer favorite for decades? This case for AirPods 1 and 2 looks like your favorite meal box from McDonald’s. The shockproof and scratch-proof case offers multifaceted protection.

The only thing you need to worry about is not to get hungry when you’re listening to some music. Even if you are, why beat yourself up over it? Just get the actual order from your favorite fast-food joint.

Grenade Airpods Case

Cool AirPod Case - Grenade Airpods Case

This AirPod case from YNDZ is the bomb! I mean, it literally looks like a handheld grenade. Apart from offering hours of booming music, this is made of soft silicone with shock-absorbing capacity. Giving your AirPods multifaceted protection.

The carabiner keychain can very well be attached to your backpack or wristband. Just so you can carry your arsenal of gadgets just about anywhere. Not to mention, this case can be used to create a powerful decorative signature.

Spigen Classic Shuffle [Retro] Designed for Apple Airpods Pro Case

Cool AirPod Case - Classic Shuffle [Retro] Designed for Apple Airpods Pro Case

This case here will make you travel back through time. Remember those good old days when the iPod shuffle had made its mark? Well, this Airpods Pro case looks just like that and it offers the same rugged feel all the good ones do.

This timeless retro-inspired look a\was originally designed by the guys at Spigen. And I have to say, they have indeed outdone themselves once again.

Lupct Green Camera Compatible with Airpods 1/2 Case

Cool AirPod Case - Green Camera Compatible with Airpods 1/2 Case Silicone

This case is just great for photographers and music lovers alike. The case looks like a cool and fashionable green compact camera. IT hits the checkmark on both the cool and cute department.

You really don’t have to worry about the AirPods slipping off the case. After the installation is done, the sync button and charging port can still be used just like normal.

If you’re worried about losing the pod case, there’s a dedicated carabiner to hang it to your backpack or any other accessory.

GVIEWIN Aurora Series AirPods Pro Case

Cool AirPod Case - Aurora Series AirPods Pro Case

Now this case has some pure Aesthetic value. It looks like it’s been brought straight out of some Asian Jade empire. This case is compatible with the AirPods Pro 2019 edition. In other words, older versions won’t actually be compatible.

The case is crafted with high-quality TPU material, can resist bumps, scratches, drops, and annoying fingerprints. The best part is, unlike other fashionable counterparts, the front LED is visible during charging sessions. A big thumbs up to that.

Maxjoy Compatible Airpods Pro Case Cover

Cool AirPod Case - Cute Cartoon Case Silicone Protective Cover with Neck Lanyard Keychain Compatible with Apple Airpods Pro 3 Wireless Charging Case

I am vengeance, I am the knight, I am… an AirPods Pro case! I just had to end our list of cool AirPod cases with something from the DC Universe. You’ll be glad to know that your purchase will include, 1x AirPods Pro case, 1x Keychain, 1 x Neck Lanyard, and 1 x hand wristlet strap.

Nothing looks as awesome as a case that has the Batman feel coming off of it. If you’re into superheroes and are a Dark Knight fan, this will be just the perfect case for you.

Here’s a bonus for the Star Wars fans:

Cool AirPod Case

Final Words

These AirPod Cases and holders can make the user experience way more interesting. Apart from the aesthetic value, a lot of them offer a better design and a better build quality in general. At the end of the day, you’ll have to see what clicks for you.

I hope you find just the right one for yourself from my 15 super cool AirPod cases. If you don’t want to lose track of where you kept your pods, I even showed you two holder options.

Without dragging this any further, I want you to have a great shopping experience. Just pick the one that suits your style and needs. Adios for now!