Beyond the Pokéball: Pokemon Gifts for Adults 

Nobody ever said you were too old to join the Pokemon world. Let's explore a world full of adult Pokemon gifts to find the best gift ideas in the Poke-verse! 12 min

Last updated on December 31st, 2023

Pokemon fandom is passed down from generation to generation. Although Gen Z had the most out of it, even today, the ideals of the Pokemon world linger in every adult’s heart, just as they did in their childhood. Here, nostalgia would collide with sophistication. It’s more than just a way of life; it’s what shaped our youth and is a big part of our childhood memories. 

So, grab your Pokéball and join us as we explore the world of Pokémon gift ideas for adults, where the adventure is never-ending and the treasures are limitless.

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1. Pokeball Gear Shift Knob 

BOWERKAR Pokeball Gear Shift Knob for 4 5 6 Speed 2.15 Inches for Most Car Models with 3 Adapters

The Pokeball gear shift might be the most priceless present for a grown-up Pokemon fan. It’s a cool accessory that gives the inside of the car a slight Pokemon vibe. Don’t worry; it comes with adapters that make it fit into a variety of car models without a hitch, ensuring a simple installation. The material is resin; it won’t break or wear off easily. With this, every time they travel, it will seem true to be a real Pokemon trainer. 

2. Pokeball Ramen Noodle Bowl

Silver Buffalo Pokemon Pokeball Ceramic Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chopsticks, Microwave Safe, 20 Ounces

Make boring mealtimes exciting! The ideal addition to a Pokemon fan’s kitchen is this bowl of ramen noodles. It can be used for any type of meal, not just ramen. The dish is made of ceramic and comes with a set of chopsticks to add a little extra thrill. It is additionally microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

3. Pokemon Charmander Beanie

Bioworld Pokemon Charmander Face Orange Cuff Beanie

Adults might feel a little self-conscious about donning the full suit of their preferred Pokemon character. What they can do is make the concept more approachable, like these Charmander beanies! These beanies can be a cozy companion during the colder months to protect the head and ears from the cold breezes. They have vibrant designs and a hint of Pokemon art, making them fashionable. 

We have some more beanies for you:

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4. Pokémon Adult T-Shirts

Pokemon t-shirts are one of the typical gift suggestions that come to mind, particularly when you’re considering them as a gift for an adult. They might not be entirely into bright, vivid t-shirts, but they will adore these cool, edgy Pokemon t-shirts. It highlights the fashionable wardrobe collection while incorporating the themes from Pokemon, making it the ideal gift for fashionable older folks! 

5. Pokémon Classics Silk Necktie

Try wearing one of these neckties to add sophistication to your collection of Pokemon clothing. It’s crazy that you can attend formal events and parties while wearing attire that playfully represents your interests. These incredible neckties have classy renditions of Charizard and Pikachu, two iconic Pokemon creatures. It’s the best way to subtly show off your love for Pokémon while dressing in formal attire.

6. Classic Pikachu Sandals

Put on these relaxed Pikachu sandals and walk out in style. Both a strap and a clog style were added to make it more comfortable. Not only that, but the design is also very fashionable and striking to wear. It goes well with some Pokemon t-shirts, and joggers can be added to the outfit to complete it. These can be the best ways to rest your feet, whether you’re going to the beach or running errands. 

7. Antank Tiny Charging Stand

Antank Tiny Charging Stand Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED, Cute Switch Dock Station USB-C Port, Portable Charger Stand for Switch Games, No Projection, Red&White

Users of the Nintendo Switch will be happy when they use these charging stands. In addition to being functional, the design is quite distinctive. The Nintendo Switch will remain charged and available whenever you need it. To further protect the device, these even come with a cover. It can be a fantastic addition to any Pokemon and Nintendo fan’s gaming rig. 

Also, check out this charging dock for Pokemon GO Plus:

Poke GO Plus + Charging Station 2023, Charging Dock for Poke GO Plus + with Soft Silicone Protective Cover Case for Poke GO Plus +

8. Pokemon Band-Aid

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages for Minor Cuts & Scrapes, Wound Care Featuring Pokémon Characters for Kids, Assorted Sizes 20 ct

It may sound strange, but Pokemon items, such as this Pokemon band-aid, can become your daily necessities. It will add a playful touch to your wounds, soothing minor cuts and tears. These bandages have adorable Pokemon designs all over them, making healing a little more enjoyable. The best way to make people smile after a bad accident 

9. Pokemon Coffee Mugs

What if I told you that you could turn your ordinary coffee into a magical potion? Pokemon coffee mugs can help you with that. Start your day with a cup of coffee in one of these cool Pokemon coffee mugs; you’ll feel the caffeine kick in even more. These Pokemon coffee mugs are ideal Pokemon gift ideas for adults to enjoy their morning brews! 

10. Pokemon Wallets

Pokemon wallets are a must-have for adults who want to carry their cash and credit cards in style. The men’s wallet with Pikachu-inspired designs can be the coolest gift to give to someone. To keep your essentials organized, the women’s wallet has several pockets for your cards, a phone pocket, an ID holder, and so much more. It has a strap that you can easily wrap around your wrist and twirl while deciding what to buy! 

11. Pokemon Wall Pocket

Pokemon Wall Pocket

Add some cool Pokemon wall pockets to your room’s decor. It’s the best way to flaunt your collection and exhibit your enthusiasm for Pokemon. It’s designed to hang on your wall. Five pockets are provided for storing small items, so you never lose your prized collectibles. It can be quite convenient for adults to store their belongings and have them in one place.

12. Pokemon Graphic Shirt

Pokemon graphic t-shirts can be a stylish item to up your dressing game. These make an intense fashion statement, allowing you to combine your fandom and style into one piece that you can wear to elevate your fashion sense. For any adult man who’s into Pokemon stuff, these can be great choices for occasional presents. Give their wardrobe a trendy touch, and let them have the most fun wearing it! 

13. Pokemon Mens Casual Sock

Infuse these funky casual Pokemon socks into the men’s wardrobe. These come in a variety of designs and are well-crafted to provide comfort. These cool sock sets make great adult Pokemon gift ideas. They could wear these with their Pikachu clogs to show off their fandom in style!

14. Men’s Pikachu Sleep Bottoms

Pokémon Men's Pikachu Allover Character Subtle Tie Dye Adult Sleep Bottoms Pajama Pants (X-Large)

Nothing beats these sets of sleep bottoms for a good night’s sleep. They have a subtle tie-dye design and, of course, Pikachu style! It makes the style twice as good. These sleep bottoms are ideal for lounging on sofas, sleeping, and even going for a short walk outside. Wearing them, you’ll have pleasant dreams while being super cozy at night!

15. Pokemon Mens Pikachu Boxer Briefs 

Pokemon Mens Pikachu Boxer Briefs - Gotta Catch Em All Ash Pikachu Charizard Mens 2 Pack Boxer Briefs Underwear (Multi, Small)

You can even take your style to the next level with these incredible Pikachu briefs. It’s similar to incorporating a Pokemon theme into everyday attire. Despite their amusing appearance, they are extremely comfortable for everyday use. This may not be what you had in mind for Pokemon gift ideas for adults, but it is sure to make everyone in the room laugh! 

16. Pokeball Throw Pillow

No products found.

Throw pillows with Pokemon designs can add a distinctive touch to the home’s decor. These cushions are cool for living spaces, and they are even designed to look like the famous Pokeball. It has high-quality prints that won’t disappear after numerous washings and is a simple yet classic piece. You can bring these to events like birthday parties and sleepovers with a Pokemon theme. 

17. Pokemon Digital LCD Quartz Watch

Accutime Pokemon Kids Digital Watch Pikachu & Ash, Easy-to-Read LCD Display, Educational Quartz Wristwatch, Durable & Fun, Ideal Gift for Boys and Girls - Model POK3018

A digital watch with a Pokemon theme can make a great timepiece for Poke-fans of any age. The addition of the Pokemon design made the Quartz watch twice as cool as it was before. The watch is multicolored and goes well with both formal and informal attire. Allow them to live in their Pokemon world at all times! 

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18. Pokémon-themed Puzzles and Games

Enjoy some quality time with these exciting Pokémon-themed puzzles and games. The game’s challenging yet exciting design makes it a hip and creative piece to play for adults in their leisure time. These puzzles enable you to celebrate your love for Pokémon in a fun and cool way. Let’s offer them hours of fun and relaxation by choosing these as adult Pokemon gifts.

19. Pikachu Building Brick Set

Mega Pokemon Collectible Building Toys for Adults, Motion Pikachu with 1092 Pieces and Running Movement, for Collectors

Allow the Pikachu building set to spark your imagination. Although it appears to be a child’s collectible, believe me when I say that if you give this to any adult Pokemon fan, their heart will leap with joy. It has a mechanized motion to add to the excitement. The advanced building aids in improving one’s level of problem-solving abilities. They can use it as an exciting activity to enjoy some leisure time. And if they have children, it is the ideal combination to enjoy together!

20. Pokemon Valentine Charms

Kseniya Revta Cute Anniversary Present For Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Unique Game-Inspired Romantic Bottle, Anniversary Love Wish Jar (No Box, I Choose You)

Looking for an unusual and special way to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day? The most unique gift you can give them is this Valentine’s Day wish jar. The fact that it was handmade adds even more significance, and inside, there is a Pokeball heart. Is there anything cuter than this? You can add a loving message to the attached card and make it extra special! 

21. Pokémon Anniversary Card

Hallmark Pokémon Valentines Day Card (Pikachu, I Choose You) Anniversary Card, Love Card

If your partner is a true Pokemon fan, you’ve found the perfect anniversary present! Surprise your spouse with this lovely Pikachu anniversary card and express your love for them. It’s a high-quality printed car that they can keep for the rest of their lives. There’s Pikachu on the cover holding a heart with the words “I choose you” written on it. It doesn’t get much better than this! 

22. Pokémon Adventure Bracelet 

Pokémon Adventure Bracelet 

If you want to keep it simple while still incorporating a Pokemon theme, check out these Pokemon bracelets. These are wrist bracelets made in boho and hippie styles. Each bracelet has a single small bead with Pokemon characters on it. You can even customize it if you want. It will subtly highlight the franchise’s fandom.

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23. Pokemon Lunch Bags

Adults who work or go to school will adore these Pokemon lunch bags as their daily essentials. These lunch bags are both functional and fashionable; whether you like Pikachu, Gengar, or Snorlax, they have every theme covered. They’re ideal for Pokémon fans who want to keep their meals fresh in a trendy and unique way. These can be a great choice for office hours, travel, or picnics.

24. Pokemon Interactive: My Partner Charmander

Pokemon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Charmander- Reacts to Touch & Sound, Over 50 Different Interactions with Movement and Sound - Charmander Dances, Moves & Speaks - Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Get them a great Charmander partner, so they always have someone for company. It’s an electronic device with a variety of interactions and facial expressions, including a glowing tail and movable arms. It’s like entering the world of Pokémon and coming face-to-face with Charmander’s attacking rage! It has amazing detailing and would make an ideal bedside decor. 

25. Pokemon Night Lights

No products found.

Use these incredible night lights to add some Pokemon adventure to your bedtime routine. These lights will give the area a cozy, enchanted ambiance for Pokemon fans, somewhat resembling the Pokeverse. The Pokeball light has flashing effects and offers eight types of light modes. Since the shape is modeled after a Pokeball, fans of that franchise will undoubtedly adore it! 

26. Charmander Baseball Cap

Bioworld Pokemon Charmander Big Face Men's Orange Baseball Cap

This Charmander baseball cap enhances the desired casual appearance of a Pokemon fan. It’s a cool and fashionable item for wardrobe additions. The vibrant Charmander face on the cap can give your outfit some flair while displaying your franchise loyalty. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of cap, so for adults or kids, you can get it for both! 

Also, take a look at some super cool Pokémon hats:

27. Pokémon blankets

Kids and adults all love to snuggle up in soft blankets. These Pokemon blankets are excellent for keeping you warm and super comfortable to sleep in. Numerous Pokemon characters are printed on them. With such a wide selection of designs, you can choose your favorite Pokémon blanket to keep you warm on chilly winter nights. You can even purchase an entire bed set with the theme if you want to! 

If you want a whole Pokemon bed set, check this out:

Northwest Pokemon Bed in a Bag Set, Full, First Starters

28. Pokemon Onesies

These quirky-style Pokemon onesies will add a little bit of magic to the sleepwear collection. 100% fleece makes the fabric incredibly comfortable. There will be no shedding or peeling, and it is safe to machine wash. Additionally, it comes in sizes for both adults and children. The best choice for parents is that they can do twinning and watch their favorite Pokemon programs! 

29. Nintendo Adventure Pack

Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack (Poke Ball Edition) Travel Bag by HORI - Officially Licensed by Nintendo & Pokemon

Take the Pokemon universe with you wherever you go with this awesome Nintendo adventure pack. It provides you with an organized gaming experience and includes everything you need. The straps have a secure grip and won’t snag on your muscles. With this Adventure Pack, you can take your gaming setup wherever the journey takes you! It’s a fantastic option for Pokemon adult gifts.

30. Pokémon Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Pokémon Wrapping Paper with Cutlines on Reverse (3 Rolls: 60 Sq. Ft. Ttl) with Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur for Birthdays, Kids Parties, Gamers, Christmas Gifts

There is one thing you might have forgotten to pick up if you already bought some adult Pokemon gifts: Pokemon wrapping papers! This perfectly captures the theme. This set of wrapping paper features three cool patterns: Pikachu and a Pokeball on blue, a vibrant grid of fan favorites, and Charmander on a red color scheme. Many people have a thing for crafting and organizing, and these might go over well as presents for them!

31. Pokémon Hoodies

With these hoodies, you can dress like a real, classic, and true Pokemon trainer. It’s ideal for casual wear and is entirely made of a soft and breathable cotton blend. It comes in all sizes, so if you’re buying for someone, make sure their measurements are not a problem! They can wear it to parties, Pokemon quests, and gaming competitions to gain some extra energy. 

32. Pokemon Coasters

Check out these coasters if you want a functional Pokemon accessory for your dining area. It will prevent beverages from slipping out and spilling. These can be used as car coasters so that when you get to Starbucks, no accidental leaks ruin your car. You can combine these with Pokemon tumblers, coffee mugs, and other items to create a gift set! 

33. Pikachu Safety Scissors

1 Count Pikachu Safety Scissors with Cover (Yellow or Blue will be sent randomly)

With these tiny Pikachu safety scissors, you can add a touch of Pokémon charm to your stationery collection. They are not only entertaining but also extremely useful, making any crafting task a pleasure. These scissors are appropriate for both children and adults, particularly those who frequently participate in craft activities. 

34. Pokemon PopSockets

With Pokemon PopSockets, you can give your ordinary, boring phones an appealing makeover. These provide a firm grip, so you can easily watch videos, take better pictures, and text with one hand. There are numerous designs to pick from. Simply pair it with a matching Pokemon phone case, and yep!—you have a Pokemon phone! These could make adorably cute little Pokemon gifts for adults.

35. Pokemon Airpod Cases

With these Pokémon AirPod cases, you can give your boring AirPod cases a fun makeover. It adds an extra layer of security and helps make sure you never lose your AirPods again. The cases are made of top-notch, durable silicone, and have a carabiner for easy attachment. It can be a useful tool for people who might be a little forgetful or careless with their earbuds. 

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36. Pokeball Fidget Spinner

Cool Spere Fidget Spinners for Kids Adults, Magic Sphere Hand Finger Spinner Glow in The Dark, Metal Handheld Gadget Desk Toy Luminous Fingertip Gyro Goody Bag Fillers Idea Gift Prize Collection

This fidget spinner can work as a long-lasting stress reliever. It produces quiet, smooth spins that allow you to stay focused and playful for hours. It also adds a cool and one-of-a-kind decorative touch to your office and desk. The entire package comes wrapped in a premium box, making it an ideal last-minute gift for both adults and children! 

The Journey Never Ends

The Pokemon universe is a timeless source of entertainment and an all-time favorite among many fans! This theme won the hearts of a lot of folks through advanced gaming, endearing characters, eye-catching gadgets, and many other things. 

We can see a lot of cool and exciting stuff that brings people of all ages together when it comes to finding adult Pokemon gifts. These gifts will remind them of their favorite memories and how awesome Pokemon is! 


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