30 Dragon Gifts: Best Gift Ideas for Dragon Lovers

Our carefully curated list of Dragon gifts will help you pick the best gifts for dragon lovers. Get multiple options for the same gift idea!17 min

Last updated on October 31st, 2023

Are you looking for gift items to surprise your loved ones? More specifically, are you looking for dragon gifts, because your loved one has a thing for dragon stuff? Then, congratulations, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to the world of all things dragon!

We have searched and researched the most interesting dragon gifts for her and dragon gifts for him to come up with a list of the best and the coolest dragon gift ideas the internet has to offer. 

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30 Best and the Coolest Dragon Gift Ideas

Our carefully curated list will help you pick the best gifts for dragon lovers while saving you the trouble and time of searching for them on your own. 

1. Dragon Coloring Book

Dragon Coloring Book as a Gift for Dragon Lovers

Everybody needs to relax once in a while. If your near and dear one is a dragon lover, what better way for him or her to relax than to color mesmerizing illustrations of dragons? 

The relaxing coloring pages of this dragon gift have 30 unique and beautiful illustrations and are great for all skill levels. This is a perfect gift for friends, family, and anyone else you love. 

2. Dragon Pen Holder

Dragon Pen Holder - one of the coolest dragon gifts

Another fine dragon gift idea for dragon lovers would be this delightful resin-made dragon figurine that is also a pen or stationary holder. 

This will definitely stand out on your loved one’s desk, and they will have a pleasant time answering people’s questions about where they got it! 

This approximately 4.75″ tall, 4.75″ long, and 3.25″ deep pen holder will really make a considerate gift for your dragon-loving friend.

A couple of other lovely options for dragon pen holders are as follows: 

Polyresin Dragon Statue with Warrior Helmet
Polyresin Dragon Statue with Warrior Helmet
Double Dragon Gothic Pen Holder
Double Dragon Gothic Pen Holder

3. Dragon Incense Burner

Dragon Head Incense Burner

Many people like to burn incense for various purposes. Besides aromatherapy or getting rid of odor, the right incense can also clean the indoor air for you. 

Burning incense also has religious and spiritual implications. Your dragon lover friend would love this dragon incense burner. 

This smoking dragon statue head will give onlookers the illusion of smoke coming out of the dragon’s nose after it has spat fire. This will surely make people look at it twice!

This resin-made 0.86-pound incense burner or holder also makes a great home decor piece. 

Here are some other awesome dragon incense burner options:

Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner
Ceramic Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner with 100 Cones
Dragon Waterfall Incense Burner
Dragon Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner with 100 Cones

4. Dragon Stapler and Dragon Stapler Remover

This dragon stapler and dragon stapler remover will make great dragon gifts for her or dragon gifts for him. 

These stationeries are an everyday necessity, and what better way to remind your loved one every now and then about how much you care for their taste? 

They will surely remember you every time they pick up the stapler or stapler remover. Or, every time someone compliments these stationeries in their desks. 

These tools are very detailed and made of high-quality resin and aluminum.

5. Dragon Pen Set

Dragon Pen Set of 5 Pens, a very stylish dragon gift idea

This dragon pen set is another unique stationery item that would make an impressive dragon gift. Be ready to blow any dragon lover’s mind with this gift. 

The sculpted details on each one of the pens will give you a medieval gothic vibe. 

Each pen measures approximately 6.5″Wx0.5″Dx0.5″H, and weighs 0.25 lbs. The pens use a standard ballpoint refill. 

Cast in quality resin, these pens will definitely attract glances wherever they are used, be it in an office or a classroom setup.

Check out a few other great options for Dragon Pens:

Dragon Themed Pen
Multiple Designs and Colors Available
Mystical Sculptural Dragon Pen and Dragon Head Pen Holder
Mystical Sculptural Dragon Pen and Dragon Head Pen Holder

6. Dragon Journal/ Diary/ Notebook

Dragon Journal

A journal or notebook always makes an intimate gift. This dragon journal as a gift will definitely make your dragon lover friend feel over the moon. 

It is a thing of regular use, and this dragon gift will help your loved one remember you every time they write in it. 

This 300 pages journal with a handcrafted leather cover has a double dragon design on the front and back. The unlined pages are perfectly suited for accepting charcoal, pen, pencil, or even paint. It measures 5 by 7 inches and has thousands of 5-star reviews. 

A few other options for a dragon journal or notebook are as follows:

Dragon Journal
Leather Double Dragon Journal
Available in Two Sizes
Embossed Leather Dragon Themed Journal
Embossed Leather Journal
Multiple Designs Available

7. Dragon Bookmark

Glow in the Dark Dragon Bookmark

Gifting a bookmark can also be a mark of love and affection. Booklovers are always in need of bookmarks, and this dragon bookmark has the distinctive feature of glowing in the dark. 

This fine work of art has a special resin layer covered on the surface of the feather that makes it glow in the darkness. It is made of zinc alloy and is durable, compact, and rust-resistant for long-term use.

We have picked another dragon bookmark option for you:

Golden Dragon Bookmark

8. Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle

Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are popular for a reason. Besides being a brain teaser, it is also a great time-passing activity that can be done together with your loved ones. 

This wooden jigsaw puzzle is one of the best gifts for dragon lovers. It is just the right amount of challenge for both adults and kids.

The 183-piece dragon jigsaw puzzle makes a great dragon gift. It has whimsy pieces and an exciting plot in every piece. 

Check out another dragon jigsaw puzzle we have picked for you:

Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle

9. Dragon Keyring

Dragon Keyring

A keyring makes an excellent gift item as a person always carries them with themself. Your dragon lover friend will remember and appreciate you every time they bring out their car or home keys from their pocket. 

Besides usefulness, the details of the dragon head keychain are mesmerizing and a testament of fine workmanship. 

Made of metal, it is firm and durable. We bet your dragon-lover friend will gush over this thing of beauty.

A couple of other options for dragon keychains:

Dragon Keyring
Zinc Alloy Dragon Head KeyRing
Dragon Keyring
Vintage Style Brass Dragon Key Chain

10. Dragon Lighter

Dragon Lighter with a one-click ejection knife; one of the coolest dragon gifts

A dragon lighter is among the most useful dragon gifts for her or dragon gifts for him. Lighters can be useful for non-smokers too for camping and sports. 

This particular lighter has a one-click ejection knife, which is great for self-defense purposes.

Smoker or not, your dragon-loving friend would always want to keep this gift from you close to them. 

This refillable butane lighter’s dragon-shaped appearance is electroplated, which has a clear texture and is not easy to fade.

A few other similar options for dragon lighters:

Dragon Lighter
Adjustable Butane Torch Lighter (Windproof)
Zippo Dragon Lighters
Zippo Dragon Lighters. Numerous designs available
Metal Carved Dragon Lighter
Metal Carved Dragon Lighter
Multiple colors available

11. Dragon Pendant

Glow in the Dark Dragon Pendant

A pendant necklace can also be a very personal gift and an excellent memento. Your dragon-loving friend can wear it close to their heart and remember you. 

This exquisite necklace is made of stainless and titanium steel. Its unique feature is that parts of it can shine in the dark. The design goes well with both men and women. 

Here are our picks for a few other similar items:

Dragon Holding a Cultured Pearl Necklace
Dragon Holding a Cultured Pearl Necklace
Dragon Holding Wolf Tooth Pendant
Dragon Wolf Tooth Pendant
Multiple design & color variations available
Dragon Yin Yang 2 Pewter Pendant Necklaces Set
Dragon Yin Yang 2 Pewter Pendant Necklaces Set
Green Agate Dragon Pendant Necklace
Green Agate Dragon Pendant Necklace

12. Dragon Feng Shui/ Lucky Charm Bracelet

Dragon Feng Shui/ Lucky Charm Bracelet

These bracelets would be perfect dragon gifts for anybody who likes dragons. Apart from being nice to look at, they are also considered lucky according to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese traditional practice. Feng shui has gained popularity all over the world in recent times. 

The beads of the bracelets are made of natural stone. These bracelets will be nice gifts for both men and women. 

A few other similar items:

Red Bead Bracelet with Charm Red Pi Xiu/Pi Yao
Red Bead Bracelet with Charm Red Pi Xiu/Pi Yao
Vintage Stainless Steel Dragon Head Braided Leather Bracelet
Vintage Stainless Steel Dragon Head Braided Leather Bracelet
Dragon Bracelet - Adjustable Steel Cable Bangle
Dragon Bracelet – Adjustable Steel Cable Bangle

13. Dragon Candle Holder

Dragon Candle Holder with 3 Candles. Dragon surrounding a castle.

Candle holders are essential home decor items. These rustic dragon candle holders will suit your dragon-loving friend’s taste just right. They are vintage and gothic-looking. 

This dragon gift will definitely complement any living room. 

This 4.96-pound resin-made dragon candle holder is sculpted to look like it is made of stone. The gothic dragon is sculpted in expert detail. The Dragon’s Wrath sculptural candle holder definitely tells a story for the onlookers. 

Here is our pick of another dragon candle holder:

Dragon Candle Holder with 3 Candles. Dragon on top of a castle.
Made of polyresin & felt
Size: 9.25 x 5.13 x 7.5 inches

14. Dragon 3D Puzzle

Red Dragon 3D Puzzle

Another puzzle gift option for your dragon lover friend is this magnificent 3D crystal puzzle. It is a great brain teaser and very visually satisfying once assembled with its 56 pieces.

It can also make a great dragon decor for the living room of dragon lovers. 

Check out these color options for this amazing dragon stuff:

15. Dragon Bookend Statues 

Dragon Bookend Statue

These dragon bookend statues are sure to leave your dragon-loving friend awestruck! They are as useful as they are pleasing to the eyes. 

The bookends will complement the leaving room or library of any dragon lover. These bookends will be the star of the reading corner. 

Made of polyresin, the bookends look like two winged watchful dragons climbing heavy stones to protect your favorite books. The high-quality figurines measure 4″Wx5″Dx8″H and weigh 2 lbs.

Here’s another dragon bookend for you to pick as gifts for dragon lovers:

16. Dragon Decorative Figurine

Dragon Decorative Figurine

This dragon figurine is a perfect gift for those who love dragons. With its dragony cuteness, it’s sure to impress both men and women. This will make a stunning centerpiece for the living rooms of dragon lovers. 

The five-inch tall dragon statue is made of polyresin. It showcases incredible design and craftsmanship. It is a must-have for dragon lovers. 

A few other options for dragon figurines or statues:

Dragon with a Sword Figuring
Dragon with a Sword
Size: 6.5″L x 4″W x 4.5″H
Dragon Mom with White Baby Dragon Figurine
Dragon Mom with White Baby Dragon
Size: 9″L x 5.5″W x 5.5″H

17. Dragon Ashtray

Dragon Ashtray

Smoking is injurious to health and you should encourage your friends to stay away from the bad habit. But habits are not easy to get rid of. People often need to try for months before they can quit smoking. 

If your cigarette-loving friend is also a dragon lover, this ashtray can be a daily reminder about how much you care about them and their taste, and that you would like them to quit. Leave a note or a card with the gift saying it will keep them company while they try to quit. 

It truly would be a very thoughtful gift for smokers who also love dragons. 

Here are a couple of similar dragon gift ideas:

Ancient Celtic Guardian Dragon Ashtray
Ancient Celtic Guardian Dragon Ashtray
Zinc Alloy Windproof Round Dragon Ashtray
Zinc Alloy Windproof Dragon Ashtray

18. Dragon Wall Sculpture

Dragon Wall Sculpture

Any dragon lover will be very excited to receive this dragon wall sculpture as a gift. The sculpture on their wall will scream their fascination about dragons. It will also mark their good test in decor, thanks to you! 

This sculpture alone is enough to give a place the gothic and mythical vibe all dragon lovers like. 

The sculpture is made of polyresin and the sword is made of stainless steel. Its dimensions are 4.45″ L x 8.65″ W x 6.55″ H.

Here are a couple of other options for dragon wall sculptures:

Yin Yang Dragon Wall Sculpture.
Yin Yang Dragon Wall Sculpture
Size: 10″x10″ inches
Chinese Dragon Head Paper Sculpture.
Chinese Dragon Head Paper Sculpture.
It is a Craft kit consisting of 45 parts, not a ready model.

19. Dragon Finger Ring

Dragon Finger Ring

A small but meaningful gift for all dragon lovers. It will suit both men and women. Like any jewelry, this will also make a cherished gift.

This dragon gift for her or dragon gift for him will remind them of you every time they look at their fingers. What better purpose for a gift?

The uniquely designed ring is gold-plated and has white protective epoxidation that can maintain its metallic luster for a long time. The design also meets most people’s size requirements.

Here are some other dragon rings you might want to check out:

Glow in The Dark Luminous Dragon Ring
Glow in The Dark Luminous Dragon Ring.
Multiple colors available
Vintage Dragon Open Ring
Vintage Dragon Open Ring
Multiple design & color options available

20. Dragon Trinket/Jewelry Box

Dragon Trinket/Jewelry Box is a cool gift for dragon lovers

A jewelry/trinket box is a safe place to hold one’s precious and cherished items. It is an excellent thing to gift somebody you value. 

This particular jewelry box will make a perfect gift for dragon lovers. It will fit the criteria of both dragon gifts for him and dragon gifts for her.

This resin-made rectangular box is 4″D x 5″W x 3″H in dimension. It is delicately handcrafted to give you the impression that a fiery winged dragon is crouching atop a pair of books, keeping a close guard over the treasures hidden within.

Another option for a dragon jewelry box:

Dragon Trinket/Jewelry Box

One suitable gift for children:

Dragon Trinket/Jewelry Box for Kids

21. Paper Flying Dragons for Kids

Paper Flying Dragon Kit for Kids

The Klutz Paper Flying Dragons activity or craft kit is perfect if you are looking for a dragon gift for kids. This kit will stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

Children can make 12 different kinds of flying dragons from the punch-out dragon parts that come with the kit. The package includes a 48-page instructional book and fascinating dragon facts. 

It is recommended for children over eight-year-old.

22. Dragon Books

Dragonology - The Complete Book of Dragons

Your dragon-loving friend will love this book on dragons! In fact, it is a must-have for true dragon lovers, and they will be grateful to you for introducing them to this gem. 

The book deals with the most prominent legends on dragons and offers a unique and interesting view of this creature. 

This lavishly illustrated book has an embossed faux leather cover with silver foil and feels magnificent to hold and read!

Another book on dragons your dragon lover friend may like:

Dracopedia - A Book on Dragons

Here’s one for the children!

A Children's Book on Dragons

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23. Dragon Figurine for Kids

Dragon Figurine for Kids

Your dragon-obsessed niece or nephew will love this rainbow dragon toy figurine. Don’t miss out on this chance to become their favorite uncle or aunt. 

This plastic dragon figure has unique moveable wings. The material is durable, and the figure will not break at being knocked off the shelf.

This toy will give birth to many one-of-a-kind night-time stories and help the kids’ imagination run wild!

Other options for dragon figurines for kids:

Flying Flower Mother and Small Baby Dragon figurines
Flying Flower Mother and Small Baby Dragon
12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking 4-inch Dragon Figures
12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking 4-inch Dragon Figures

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24. Dragon Pin/ Brooch

5 Dragon Pins/Brooches

Brooches and pins make a strong style statement. This set of dragon brooches as a gift will surely bring a smile to your dragon-loving friend’s face.

Lovers of dragons can attach these dragon brooches to their sweaters, clip them to a dress, pin them on shirt collars, use them to secure a scarf, style a jacket, or accessorize a backpack. 

With so many usage options, your gift to your friend will definitely stand out!

Some other options for similar gifts are:

Anodized Soft Enamel Pin Lapel.
Anodized Soft Enamel Pin Lapel.
Gold variation available
Zinc Alloy Dragon Badge Pendant Brooch
Zinc Alloy Dragon Badge Pendant Brooch
Dragon Haku Anime Enamel Pin
Dragon Haku Anime Enamel Pin

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25. Dragon Socks

Dragon Themed Socks

Socks make excellent gifts. It is super useful and people will not stop needing it anytime soon. 

This pair of socks has prints of several mythical creatures, including dragons. 

If you choose to gift this to your dragon-loving friend, they will understand how much their taste means to you. It will also reflect on your appreciation of their quirky nature. 

The pair is stylish, comfortable, and stretchy. It mostly goes with men’s style, but it is great for women too! 

Get ready to surprise your dragon lover friend with this pair of thick and comfy socks that corresponds to their taste!

Here are a few more similar dragon socks:

26. Dragon T-Shirt for Men

Dragon T-Shirt for Men

This t-shirt will make an excellent dragon gift for him. Every man who loves dragons would love to get this as a gift. 

The excellent graphics on the t-shirt makes it very unique and appealing. It is 100% cotton and machine washable. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and environment-friendly. The t-shirt will not lose its shape and texture easily. 

Few other options for dragon t-shirts for men:

Dragon T-Shirt for Men
Available in multiple colors

Dragon T-Shirt for Men
Available in multiple colors

Take a look at this dragon shirt too:

Dragon Shirt for Men
Available in multiple colors

27. Dragon T-Shirt for Women

Dragon T-Shirt for Women
Available in multiple colors

If your lady friend loves dragons and also likes to read, this is the perfect gift for her. The t-shirt is available in several solid colors. 

It is light weighted and has a classic fit. Wearing it would be a way to announce her love for dragons to the world! 

The t-shirt has double-needle sleeves and a bottom hem. 

A couple of other great dragon t-shirts for her:

Dragon T-Shirt for Women
Available in multiple colors

Dragon T-Shirt for Women
Available in multiple colors

28. Dragon Plush Toy for Kids

Dragon Plush Toy for Kids

All kids love plush toys. This dragon plush toy is so cute and a perfect gift for any child who has a fascination with dragons. 

This dragon stuffed toy will make an ideal sleeping partner for your niece or nephew who loves the mythical creature. The colors and glitters on the toy make it more alluring to kids. 

This toy is approximately 7″ long, and metallic fabric accents his horns and wings.

Few other options for dragon plush toys:

Dragon Plush Toy for Kids
Available in multiple colors & Designs
Dragon Plush Toy for Kids
Many design & size variations available

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29. Dragon Car/Christmas Ornament

Dragon Car/Christmas Ornament

Another thoughtful gift for dragon lovers is a car or Christmas ornament. This multicolored dragon ornament can be used as both.

It is made of resin and measures 3½”Wx3″Dx5″H. 

It gives out a north pole gothic vibe, which caters to the taste of dragon lovers. Your dragon lover friend is bound to receive many compliments on the ornament. 

Other cool options for Dragon Christmas/car ornaments are:

Minecraft Dragon Ornament
Minecraft Dragon Ornament
Santa and The Snowdragon Hanging Ornament
Santa and The Snowdragon
4-inch Hanging Glass Dragons
4-inch Glass Dragons

30. Dragon Coaster Set

Dragon Coaster Set; another great dragon gift idea

Your dragon-loving friend would be overjoyed to receive this gift of a dragon coaster set. It is an ideal homeware for dragon lovers. 

These unique coasters are bound to set up the mood and strike the most interesting conversions. This will also garner a lot of compliments.

The resin-made dragon coaster holder is 6 1/4 Inch (L) x 6 Inch (W) x 2 3/4 Inch (H) in size. Al; the coasters are four inches in diameter. 

Here are a few other options for such coaster sets:

Dragon Coaster Set
6 Dragon Coasters & Coaster Holder
Dragon Coaster Set
Dark Dragon Coasters Set (6 coasters)


We hope our efforts and hard work in finding out the best dragon gift ideas paid off, and you have found the perfect gift for your dragon lover friend!

On the other hand, if the gifts suggested here do not really match the picture of a perfect dragon gift that you had in mind, please let us know your thoughts, ideas, and imaginations at [email protected]

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