68 Bigfoot Gifts: The Classic, the Cool, and the Fantastic

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Last updated on November 7th, 2023

While searching for bigfoot gifts, or for any kind of specific gift items for that matter, if you do not have a well-researched list at hand, things can become very time-consuming. 

But luckily for bigfoot gifts, the availability was not that extensive. We could only find a worthy collection of bigfoot gifts on Amazon and Etsy. 

But even then, it took us over four hours to go through all the gift items and select only the best 71 for you to browse and buy. 

As a result, you can get the best and the coolest bigfoot gifts available on the internet in just 10 minutes, instead of spending hours browsing through all the online shops. 

You can also easily create a bigfoot gift basket by combining some of these bigfoot gift items. 

Most importantly, for easy and fast browsing through the items, we have arranged this comprehensive selection of bigfoot or sasquatch gifts in 7 categories. 

  1. Bigfoot T-Shirts
  2. Caps and Hats Featuring Bigfoot
  3. Tools and Accessories
  4. Decorative Bigfoot Gifts
  5. Mugs as Sasquatch Gifts
  6. Fun and Games with Bigfoot
  7. Jewelry Bigfoot Gifts

Simply click any of the categories above to be taken directly to that section below, or simply keep browsing to explore all the options. 

Some of the links to products are affiliate links. We may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps us run the work of discovering the best products across the web.

Bigfoot T-Shirts

Bigfoot t-shirts are among the most popular kind of bigfoot gifts. 

There are lots of smart and fun t-shirts out there that any bigfoot lover would love to get as a gift.

Here are the ones that are the most popular and worthy of being gifted to a bigfoot lover.  

1. Bigfoot Saw Me But Nobody Believes Him T-Shirt

Bigfoot Saw Me But Nobody Believes Him T-Shirt

This quote is funny and loved by all. You will find t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and many other kinds of merchandise featuring this quote. 

2. Bigfoot Surfing Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaii Shirt, Button Short Sleeve Shirt for Men, Aloha Shirts Women (Large)

If you want to get into high-pitch and vibrant energy, then this shirt is for you. What can be more funky and energetic than featuring a bigfoot surfing the ocean? 

3. Alien And Bigfoot Moon T-Shirt

Alien And Bigfoot Moon T-Shirt

How about a mystical aura emitting out of your t-shirt. What can be more unreal and mystic than featuring an alien and a bigfoot on the same t-shirt? 

4. Bigfoot Doesn’t Believe In You Either – Sasquatch Gift T-Shirt

Bigfoot Doesn't Believe In You Either - Sasquatch Gift T-Shirt

This is another one of those fun t-shirts featuring bigfoot that anyone would love to own. 

5. Just A Boy Who Loves Bigfoot Gift T-Shirt

Just A Boy Who Loves Bigfoot Animal Gift T-Shirt

A classic t-shirt for bigfoot-loving boys. 

6. Funny Bigfoot Holding A Taco T-shirt

Bigfoot Carrying Taco Funny Cinco de Mayo Boys Men Sasquatch T-Shirt

A mesmerizing combination of bigfoot and tacos. 

7. Bigfoot Vitruvian Man Funny Sasquatch T-Shirt

Bigfoot Vitruvian Man Funny Sasquatch T-Shirt

Why can only men be Vitruvian? Why can’t a bigfoot be Vitruvian as well? Well, now you have got a Vitruvian bigfoot! 

8. Bigfoot Riding The Loch Ness Monster T-Shirt

Bigfoot Sasquatch Riding The Loch Ness Monster Funny,Short Sleeve T-Shirt

One myth riding another. What can be more majestic than that? 

9. Dabbing Bigfoot T-Shirt

Dabbing Bigfoot Funny Sasquatch Boys Men Dab Dance Monster T-Shirt

Ha ha! Noice! 

10. Bigfoot Bringing Beer T-shirt

Bigfoot Bringing Beer T-shirt

When you wear this, you are the coolest person on the planet earth. 

Caps Featuring Bigfoot 

Caps are another one of those classic items that you can gift to anyone on any occasion. 

If you want a cap featuring bigfoot, then this list is here to satiate your thirst for caps as bigfoot gifts. 

11. Bigfoot UFO Cap

Bigfoot UFO Abduction Unisex Adult Cowboy hat Adjustable Sun Dad Caps Black

Has the bigfoot just landed on earth from the UFO? Or, is the bigfoot getting abducted by the UFO? What do you think? 

12. Bigfoot Is Real Cap

Bigfoot is Real and He Tried to Eat Hat Cotton Bigfoot Costume Gifts Baseball Hats Black

What can be more solid evidence of the existence of bigfoot than this? 

13. Bigfoot in the Wild Cap

LARIX Wild Bigfoot Trucker Hat (Black Hat) Gray, Silver Logo

A classic, beautiful, black cap featuring a sasquatch roaming in the wild. Nothing can beat this classic, controversy-free hat.

14. Sasquatch Fishing Hat

BASSQUATCH Fishing HAT - Bigfoot Distressed Dad Hat Khaki One Size

This is another simple and classic bigfoot cap with a bit of humorous touch. 

15. Bigfoot in Nature Hat

Big Foot Outdoors Nature Bigfoot Embroidered Dad hat Green Camo One Size

Here’s another option for you if you want to feature a free-roaming bigfoot on your hat. 

16. Bigfoot Fishing Hat

Bigfoot Hat Baseball Cap for Women Men Black Retro Vintage Adjustable Cotton Unisex Dad Hat for Outdoor Sport

And, here’s another design variation for a cap showing a sasquatch just finished a successful fishing trip. 

Tools and Accessories

Tools and accessories are the all-time favorite gift categories. 

There’s no exception for bigfoot gifts as well. 

Here are all the cool and fun bigfoot or sasquatch gifts under the tools and accessories categories. 

17. BEAST (Bigfoot Expedition and Survival Tool)

BEAST (Bigfoot Expedition and Survival Tool) Multi-Tool & Bottle Opener, Bigfoot gift for fans of Sasquatch, Yeti, Camping, Hiking - With Screwdriver, Wrench, Carabiner, Box Opener

Get this beast of a multitool featuring bigfoot that contains all the essential 15 tools in one. 

Most importantly, it has a field identification viewfinder to identify a bigfoot if you happen to spot one in the wild. 

18. Bigfoot Leather Journal Notebook

Bigfoot Leather Journal Notebook

A beautiful leather notebook featuring bigfoot. This is enough to win any bigfoot lover’s heart. 

19. Sasquatch Full Moon Oven Mitts

Funny Bigfoot Sasquatch Full Moon Heat Resistant Hot Oven Mitts & Pot Holders for Kitchen Gift Set with Non-Slip Textured Grip Set of 2, Oven Gloves for BBQ Cooking Baking, Grilling

Happen to know one bigfoot lover who’s also into cooking? Gift this beauty to them! 

20. Bigfoot Business Card Holder

Bigfoot Business Card Holder

Another adorable bigfoot gift. This card holder is made of processed lumber. It’s durable and suitable for any desk in the home or office. 

21. Bigfoot Wallet

Bigfoot Wallet

Everybody loves a new wallet. And, a wallet with bigfoot on it is simply a charm for bigfoot lovers.  

22. Bigfoot Woodburned Wood Coaster

Bigfoot Woodburned Wood Coaster

This can be a wonderful addition to any sasquatch lover’s desk and kitchen. 

23. Bigfoot-shaped Multi-tool

ust tool-a-long multi-tool carabiners with durable, compact stainless steel construction for hiking, kayaking, camping, travel and outdoor survival, asquatch

Here’s a multitool literally in the shape of a bigfoot. 

24. Bigfoot American Flag Spare Tire Cover

cozipink Bigfoot American Flag Camping Spare Tire Cover Wheel Protectors Weatherproof Wheel Covers Universal Fit for Trailer Rv SUV Truck Camper Travel Trailers Accessories 14in

What can be cooler than this tire cover featuring a smart bigfoot holding an American flag? 

25. Metal Insert License Plate

Metal Insert License Plate Frame Bigfoot Doesn't Believe in You Either D Weatherproof Car Accessories Black 2 Holes Solid Insert

Want something extraordinary as your license plate? This bigfoot gift is for you! 

26. Bigfoot Believes in Me Keychain

GRAPHICS & MORE Black Leather Bigfoot Believes in Me Funny Humor Keychain

What can be more empowering than the thought of bigfoot believing in you? This keychain can be a constant source of empowerment for you and your loved ones. 

27. Bigfoot Keychain

Sonoran Souvenirs Bigfoot Keychain Pewter Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Gift Metal Key Chain Keychain Ring

A keychain that’s also a bigfoot. 

28. Bigfoot Survival Tool

Bigfoot Utility Tool - MultiTool w/ 10mm wrench - Bottle Opener/Multi-Tool/SQUATCH Carabiner - Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti/Camping/Hiking Gift - SQUATCH METALWORKS

Yet another multitool featuring a bigfoot viewfinder. 

29. Retractable Badge Holder and Keychain

Badge Reels Holder Retractable Keychain Heavy Duty with ID Clip for Key Card Name Tag Funny Retro Gorilla with Rainbow Work Office Key Retractor Leash Black Metal Carabiner Belt Clip ZJK542

This keychain and badge holder features an inspiring quote coming directly from a sasquatch. 

Decorative Bigfoot Gifts

Bigfoot gifts that embellish the beauty of the surroundings usually make for great gift ideas. 

Here are all the most popular decorative bigfoot gifts:

30. Bigfoot Statue

No products found.

What can be more adorable to a bigfoot lover than an actual bigfoot statue? Yes, you got it right, another bigfoot statue!

31. Meditating Bigfoot Statue

Funny Guy Mugs Garden Gnome Statue - Middle Finger Bigfoot - Indoor/Outdoor Garden Gnome Sculpture for Patio, Yard or Lawn

What can be more adorable to a bigfoot lover than an actual bigfoot statue? Yes, you got it right, a meditating cute bigfoot statue!

32. Sasquatch Bigfoot Figure

Sasquatch Bigfoot Figure

Here’s yet another bigfoot statue if you can’t get enough of these cute and cool bigfoot statues. 

33. Another Bigfoot Statue

Safari Ltd. Bigfoot Figurine - Detailed 5.25' Model Figure - Fun Toy for Boys, Girls, and Kids Ages 3+

This time it’s a multicolored sasquatch statue. 

34. Bigfoot Air Freshener

Bigfoot Air Freshener - Pine Scent (3)

Well, you can never know how fresh and wonderful this bigfoot smells. 

35. 3D Hanging Bigfoot Spinner 

Bigfoot Metal Wind Spinners Funny Bigfoot Gifts Sasquatch Gifts for Men Women, 12 Inch Hanging Garden Decor for Outside Bigfoot Americana Flag Decor July 4th Decorations Outdoor for Garden, Yard

This bigfoot hangs on and spins, holding the American flag while creating 3D visuals. 

36. Bigfoot Sitting On Toilet Sign

Bigfoot Sitting On Toilet Funny Retro Metal Tin Sign, Vintage Bathroom Toilet Decoration Metal Poster Plaque for Home Bar Restaurant Cafe Wall Decor 12x16 Inch

Can be a cool sign to hang on your toilet doors and walls. In fact, you can hang it on any wall to have artistic effects.  

37. Thinking Bigfoot

BELLA HAUS DESIGN Bigfoot Thinker Garden Statue - Yeti Decorative, Sasquatch Sculpture for Patio, Deck, Office, Outdoor- Full-Color Resin (12 Inch)

If you want another variation of a bigfoot statue as a gift for bigfoot lovers, then go for this thinking bigfoot. Believe it or not, bigfoots do think a lot. We bigfoot lovers know this as a fact, actually. 

38. Bigfoot Holding Gnomes

duoxinshangmao Gorilla Statue Bigfoot and Gnomes Figurine Outdoor Garden Resin Statue,Miniature Bigfoot and Gnomes for The Fairy a Large Garden Accessory, 6inch X 3.5inch X 2.7inch

Okay, so this bigfoot statue goes one step further. Bigfoot holding three garden gnomes lets your imagination roam wilder than ever! 

39. Bigfoot in Starry Night

Lantern Press 12x18 Inch Metal Sign, Bigfoot, Starry Night

No matter how many spinoffs of the starry night you have seen in your life, this one surely will make among the top of the charts. 

40. Sasquatch/Bigfoot Night Light

Sasquatch Bigfoot Night Light made out of Rusted Steel

It is a night light that features a sasquatch walking in the foreground with three layers of trees behind and beside him.

41. Bigfoot Santa

Bigfoot Santa

Christmas or not, you need to gift a bigfoot Santa to every home you visit. 

Mugs as Sasquatch Gifts

Mugs featuring bigfoot and bigfoot-related quotes are also a great bigfoot gift idea. 

42. UFO Bigfoot Coffee Mug

Hasdon-Hill UFO Bigfoot Travel Coffee Mug for Men Women, Stainless Steel Tea Cup for Friends Birthday Christmas Gift 12 Oz

Here’s the UFO and Bigfoot combination. But this time it’s on a travel mug. 

43. Bigfoot Holding American Flag Mug

Joyloce Camping Gifts Wine Tumbler, Sasquatch Gifts for Men Women Coffee Mug Cup, Sasquatch Lover Gifts for Campsite RV Travel Outdoor Hiking Stemless Tumblers With Lid Insulated Vacuum 12 Oz

Previously we saw this flag-holding smart bigfoot in the t-shirt section. Now get him in the mug as well! 

44. Bigfoot Beer Glass

Onebttl Bigfoot Gifts for Men, Sasquatch Gifts, 15 oz Funny Beer Glass, Funny Idea for Bigfoot Sasquatch Lover, Great for Bigfoot Party - I Believe in Bigfoot

Believe it or not, bigfoot and bear both are real! 

45. Bigfoot/Sasquatch Glass Beer Mug

Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti 16oz. Glass Beer Mug Handmade Deep Carved Engraving Bigfoot print with Bigfoot inside Etched Engraved Sports Mug Unique Bigfoot Gift.

This beer mug features a deeply carved engraving bigfoot print. Make your bear cooler than ever! 

46. Bigfoot Coffee Mug

Bigfoot Coffee Mug, Sasquatch Coffee mug, Bigfoot Tea Cup, Bigfoot Coffee Cup,15oz Bigfoot Gloss Black Ceramic Mug, Bigfoot Merchandise, Bigfoot Gift, Handmade Engraving. Free Shipping

Now, here’s a coffee mug with similar bigfoot engravings. But this time it’s ceramic. 

47. Frosted Bigfoot Glass Beer Mug

Bigfoot Frosted Blizzerd Glass Beer Mug,16oz. Handmade Deep Carved Blasted Engraving, with Bigfoot inside,Sasquatch foot print, Custom Beer mug Sports beverage mug. Unique Bigfoot Gift.

After glass and ceramic-built mugs, here’s one that’s made of frosted glass. 

48. Bigfoot Sandblasted Ceramic Coffee Mug

Bigfoot Sandblasted Ceramic Coffee Mug

Here’s another variation of a coffee mug featuring a bigfoot for your reference. 

49. Bigfoot Wooden Mug

Bigfoot Wooden Mug

This one is one of our personal favorites. Custom, hand-painted bigfoot on wood grain color mugs. However, they are not made of wood. They are made of stainless steel and FDA-compliant epoxy resin. 

50. Beer Mug and Glass Gift Set

Bigfoot Sasquatch Drink 'Till You Believe Engraved Beer Pint and Beer Mug Glass Gift Set

Get this gift set containing a mug and a glass. Both of them feature engraved bigfoots. This mug and glass set can make a suitable bigfoot gift basket if you are looking for one. 

51. Funny Bigfoot Saw Me Mug

Funny Bigfoot Saw Me Mug

We have found a mug version of the very famous bigfoot quote for you. There’s also a t-shirt containing this quote if you want one.  

52. Another Funny Bigfoot Coffee Mug 

Another Funny Bigfoot Coffee Mug

Whether you believe in bigfoot or not. Bigfoot believes that you will have another cup of coffee in this exact coffee mug. Spooky, ain’t it!? 

Pro Tip: Combine a mug, a t-shirt, and a cap to make a super adorable bigfoot gift basket.

Fun and Games with Bigfoot

What’s life without having some fun and games with bigfoot featured merchandise. 

That’s the reason for this section of bigfoot gifts in the fun and games categories. 

53. Bigfoot Electronic Noisemaker

Mcphee Archie, Emergency Bigfoot Electronic Noisemaker, 1 Count

Have you ever heard a bigfoot making all the weird noises? If you haven’t, now’s your chance to hear and make the world hear what a bigfoot sounds like. 

54. Sasquatch Poop 

The Original Bag of Poo, Sasquatch Poop (Brown Cotton Candy) for Novelty Poop Gag Gifts

Bigfoot may or may not exist. But bigfoot poop cotton candy surely does. And, now you can have some! Or, gift some. 

55. Sasquatch Bigfoot Plush Stuffed Animal 

Douglas Kash Sasquatch Bigfoot Plush Stuffed Animal

Baby bigfoot plush stuffed toy. Its cuteness level makes it a suitable plaything for all ages.  

56. Massive Bigfoot Hand Ice Scraper

Gears Out Massive Bigfoot Hand Ice Scraper - Bigfoot Gifts - Sasquatch Claw Faux Fur Hand Warmer with Built in Ice Scraper Foam Grip Novelty Winter Snow and Ice Remover for Cars Trucks SUV

Scrape and remove ice in comfort, ease, and style. 

57. Bigfoot Paw Slippers

Lazy One Animal Paw Slippers for Kids and Adults, Fun Costume for Kids, Cozy Furry Slippers, Sasquatch (Bigfoot, X-Large) Dark Brown

These cozy fur slippers, emulating the feet of a bigfoot, are super fun to wear and show off to your friends. 

58. Bigfoot Silver Coin

Bigfoot 2 oz .999 Silver Round Sasquatch American Folklore New high Relief Chunk

Get some bigfoot coins for your coin collection or gift them to a coin lover who’s also a bigfoot fan. 

59. Full-Fledged Bigfoot Costume

Plus Size Bigfoot Costume for Men Adult Sasquatch Costume Plus Size Bigfoot Suit & Mask 4X

Every bigfoot or sasquatch fan should have one of these full-size bigfoot costumes.

Jewelry Bigfoot Gifts

How about some jewelry items that are super cool bigfoot gifts? 

Here’s a list of all the best sasquatch gift jewelry. 

60. Stainless Steel Bigfoot Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel Yeti Sas Bigfoot Big Foot Monster Ape Pendant NecklaceFF

This necklace is perfect for die-hard bigfoot lovers. 

61. Bigfoot Earrings

Forest 'Believe' Bigfoot Earrings

Pair these earrings with the necklace above or below and add any other suitable sasquatch gift from the list to make a perfect little bigfoot gift basket. 

62. Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Bigfoot Pendant

Big Size Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Big Foot Monster Ape Pendant Necklace, Silver, Approx. 1.7 inch(H) x 1.25 inch(W) x 0.08''(Thick)

Here’s a golden bigfoot necklace if silver is not the color you are looking for.

63. Bigfoot Tear Drop Earrings

Artisan Copper Sasquatch Bigfoot Earrings -Watercolor Art Earrings, Gifts for Bigfoot Enthusiasts, Bigfoot Gifts, Sasquatch Gift Ideas for Bigfoot lovers

Here are differently designed bigfoot earrings with a bit of color. Ear wires are hypo-allergenic surgical steel, lead-free, and nickel free. 

64. Sasquatch Bigfoot Necklace

ECOLEEX - Sasquatch Necklace, Big Foot, Bigfoot Necklace, Mythology, Minimalist Pendant, Geek Gift, Fun

We have tried to incorporate as many variations of necklaces and pendants as possible so that you can easily get the bigfoot gift you need. 

65. Forest Moon Sasquatch Pendant

50pcs Forest Moon Sasquatch Bigfoot Pendant Charm Jewelry for Women Man Accessories DIY - (Metal Color: 6)

In the same vein, here’s another bigfoot pendant. You can choose from many different kinds of designs. 

66. Bigfoot Image Pendant

Jewelry tycoonBigfoot Image Pendant/Necklace Jewelry, Fine Art Necklace Jewelry, Bigfoot, Sasquatch Photo Jewelry Glass Pendant Gift

This pendant features the historical image of the bigfoot in the wild. 

67. Bigfoot Necklace Pine Tree Mountain

SanLan Bigfoot In The Pine Tree Mountain Outdoor Necklace 45cm+5cm Chain (02)

Here’s another necklace pendant if you still need more varieties of bigfoot jewelry.

68. Sasquatch Dangle Earrings

Sasquatch Dangle Earrings | Bigfoot Quirky Handmade Wood Jewelry

These eco-friendly earrings are hand-made from sustainably-sourced birch wood.

Bigfoot Gifts Selection Criteria

We considered the following factors while selecting each of the sasquatch or bigfoot gifts listed above:

Cultural Appropriateness: How closely and accurately does the gift item represents the traditional cultural sentiment surrounding the myth of bigfoot. 

Aesthetics: Is the product design and features aesthetically pleasing enough to be a good bigfoot gift.

Customer Reviews: Are the reviews for the gift item predominantly positive. 

Suitability: Are the products suitable enough as a gift for every occasion.

Ordering Process: Is the ordering process easy enough and includes good packaging. 

Depending on the above factors, the team at Things I Need To Buy has evaluated hundreds of products to prepare this exclusive list of best bigfoot gifts available now.

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