Top 29 Trending Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him in 2024

Find out the top trending Valentine's Day gifts for him in 2024. From gadgets to heartfelt surprises, let's set up a day of unforgettable celebrations.9 min

Last updated on January 31st, 2024

Since Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door, you should wrap up the gifts you have for your man. It can be difficult to find the perfect present for your perfect guy. What else do they enjoy besides video games and sports? It’s time to find out. 

Get ready to discover some specialties—gifts that tell stories of love. Find the best tokens of affection for the man who holds a special place in your heart! 

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1. HERSHEY’S Hugs & Kisses Candy

HERSHEY'S HUGS & KISSES Assorted Flavored, Valentine's Day Candy Bag, 23.5 oz

Don’t start the celebration without some sweets. HERSHEY’S Hugs & Kisses Candy is a work of art of delicious chocolates that you can share as a romantic treat. It included heart-shaped candies, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day surprise. With each bite, you will be shipped to a state of bliss! 

2. Valentines Novelty T-shirts

V Is For Video Games Funny Valentines Day Gamer Boy Men Gift T-Shirt

Men love to play video games regardless of their age. So, add a playful twist to the surprise with this unique design t-shirt. It’s a standout choice for casual wear and an absolute must for Valentine’s Day! You can find more designs, and the fabric will not compromise on comfort.

Whether he is a gamer or simply loves unusual fashion, these T-shirts are sure to make him smile.

To get more designs, check here: 

3. Valentine Socks

Man of Men Valentine's Day Socks - Soft Cotton, Trendy Simply Romance

Keep his feet cozy while keeping his heart warm. One cool pair of Valentine’s socks can be a nice addition to his wardrobe. The material is cotton, and the elasticity is sufficient to fit any size without causing discomfort. This is an excellent option for adding a festive flair to the day. 

A lovely treat for the lover-man’s feet! 

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4. Couples Bracelets 

XIANNVXI Couples Bracelets Black Matte Agate White Turquoise Bracelet His and Her Matching Couple Long Distance Bracelet Boyfriend Valentines Day Gifts Girlfriend Gift

XIANNVXI Bracelets can symbolize your loving connection. These bracelets are carefully crafted, and you can have one to match with your partner. Especially if you have a long-distance relationship, you may want to give them something that will always remind them of you.  

On top of that, the bracelets will be packaged in a lovely small box containing message cards and flowers. It makes an ideal gift for a special occasion. Fashionably share your love! 

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5. Personalized Spotify Plaque

witfox Spotify Plaque Personalized Gifts for Women Men - Acrylic Spotify Song Plaque - Custom Gifts for Boyfriend Girlfriend - Customized Birthday Christmas Valentines Day Gifts for Him Her

How can you present a song that lets you express your love? Here’s a wonderful way. Use the witfox Custom Spotify Plaque to capture your favorite soundtrack. It will add a personal touch to your gift, and nothing makes you feel more loved than that. The sleek design and customization options make it an ideal piece for decoration.  

Craft a piece of melody; tell them how much you love them through the power of music!

6. Date Night Ideas

ARTAGIA Romantic Game for Couples - Date Night Ideas Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Newlywed, Wife or Husband. 3 Games in 1: Talk, Flirt, Dare. Reignite and Deepen Relationship with Your Partner.

Are you running out of date night ideas for Valentine’s Day? Let’s spice things up with a fun couple’s game. Challenge them with dare cards or explore new levels of intimacy. It will help you revive the passion in your relationship. The game will allow you to spend quality time together, strengthening your bonds. Even for party nights, you can organize a couples’ night and play as a team! 

7. Personalized Funny Briefs

Custom Funny Boxer Briefs with Wife's Face, Customized Print Underwear for Men, Personalized Face Boxers Briefs, Photo on Underpants Gifts for Valentine's Day, Wedding Gift for Husband from Bride

Step away from traditional gifts and add some humor to the day. Give the person you love an exclusive pair of briefs that show the strength of your relationship. What adds to the fun is putting your face on the brief that declares you own him in a fun way. This playful gesture is a great way to make someone chuckle while also expressing your affection. You can bet he will burst out laughing!

8. Valentine Necktie 

Hi-Tie Mens Print Red Heart Tie Set Necktie with Handkerchief Cufflinks Set For Wedding Party Valentine's Day

A Hi-Tie Valentine’s necktie can enhance his special look for the day. This necktie was designed with a Valentine’s Day theme in mind. The fabric is silk, and it will not cause any discomfort while wearing it. 

To complete the look, it also includes a matching handkerchief and cufflinks. Keep things classic and match the necktie to your outfit for the day. That way, you’ll achieve the power couple look! 

There are other designs available:

9. Wallet Insert Card

Fleure Esme Wallet Insert Card Gifts For Men Husband From Wife Girlfriend Boyfriend Birthday Gifts Metal Mini Love Note Valentine Wedding Gifts For Groom Bride Him Her Deployment Gifts

A man in love will always keep something that reminds him of you in his wallet. We will keep the traditional romance but in a modernized form. This wallet-insert card will carry a message from you to your significant other, reminding them how much you love them. Don’t worry, it won’t bend; the material is stainless steel with an engraved design.

Plus, expressing your feelings through writing can be an excellent option if you’re not a big talker. 

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Wallet Insert Card

10. Fill in the Love Book

Knock Knock What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Book Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal, 4.5 x 3.25-inches

You can create a book filled with small details from your beautiful journey. The Fill in the Love Book will help you pen down what you love about your relationship, resulting in a treasured keepsake. This charming journal allows you to express your sincere feelings. Its small size makes it a handy and meaningful keepsake.

In a way, it’s a heartwarming way to reflect on your special bond. Perfect for couples with years of shared memories! 

11. Love Note Messenger

Lovebox Black & White | Love Note Messenger | Meaningful for Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Grandma, Grandpa, Kids, Couple Gift, Long Distance Relationship Gift

The Lovebox Messenger, which grew out of a long-distance love story, lets you send heartfelt messages to your loved ones. Perfect for staying in touch with your significant other, parents, grandparents, or anyone you care about. 

When a message is received, the heart turns, and the recipient can unbox the surprise you sent for them. Truly, a magical box that triggers a great deal of emotion! 

12. 3D Screen Magnifier

14 inch Screen Magnifier for Smartphone – Mobile Phone 3D Magnifier Screen Expanders for Movies, Videos, and Gaming – Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier – Compatible with All Smartphones B1

A 3D screen magnifier can make screen time much more enjoyable. It works with smartphones and has an excellent display. It is also foldable so that you can adjust the viewing angle. You will have a better viewing experience when watching movies or browsing together. If your man is the tech-savvy type, he will undoubtedly enjoy this gift! 

13. Tabletop Fire Pit

KORNIFUL Tabletop Fire Pit, Indoor/Outdoor Table Top Firepit Small Fireplaces for Smores Maker,Portable Fire Pits Home Patio Balcony Decorations Gifts for Mom Women Her Wedding Housewarming Birthday

If your man is very into cozy interior design, help him to create an atmosphere that’s relaxing. The tabletop fire pit can be an ideal gift for romantic occasions or to add charm to your home. You can snuggle up, enjoy the hit, and praise the pit’s fine detailing and elegance. Furthermore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Celebrate your special day in an intimate setting with a view of flickering flames! 

14. Funny Keychain 

LParkin You're My Favorite Asshole Keychain Funny Man Valentines Day for Husband Boyfriend Gifts

Is your boyfriend both the most adorable man in your life and a real pain in the ass? Well, tell him the truth! This Valentine’s Day, add a touch of humor to your present with this funny keychain engraved with the quote, “You’re My Favorite Asshole.” It will serve as a daily reminder to him of your love. 

There’s more, 

15. Jerky Heart Snacks

Jerky Heart – Includes 14 Delicious Beef Jerky Snacks With Flavors Like Habanero and Honey Bourbon – In A Delightfully Surprising Heart-Shaped Box

If your guy enjoys sharing snacks, here’s a savory treat to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. It’s a box of thirteen Jerky Heart Snacks to make romance more delicious. Men aren’t big on chocolate, so when he opens the box full of flavorful surprises, you’ll see how quickly his face lights up! These will be the finest meaty jerky you can find! 

16. Beard Grooming Kit 

XIKEZAN Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit w/Beard Conditioner,Beard Oil,Beard Balm,Beard Brush,Beard Wash,Beard Comb,Beard Scissor,Bag,E-Book,Beard Care Daddy Gifts for Men Him Dad Husband Boyfriend

If he’s the one for you, then you need to make sure his beard is well-groomed and presents its best. You can get help with that from XIKEZAN’s Beard Grooming Kit. This kit includes all the necessary items for beard grooming, such as balm, combs, scissors, and beard oil. Let the guy be proud of his facial hair! 

17. I Choose You Charm

I Choose You Charm

The “I Choose You” charm adds extra warmth to the gift you’re offering; He can carry it with him everywhere he goes. The small bottle with a Pokemon ball inside holds a hidden message. It will be a message from you to him that you will be his Pikachu. Just like in the Pokémon, where Ash sings the song to declare that Pikachu will be his Pokémon of choice!

18. Scented Soy Candle

Valentines Day Gifts for Her, Funny Romantic Naughty Gifts for Her Tin Soy Candles Stress Relief Unique Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend Wife Women, 9oz Scented Candles

A romantic scented soy candle can help set the mood for celebrating the valentines. It contains premium gardenia fragrances, which instantly enhance the romance in you. Also, the candle bears a message declaring that your love is not limited to one day, but for the rest of your life! Isn’t it the sweetest? Fix a candlelight dinner for him, and add this piece for a warm glow! 

19. Beard Apron

Beard Bib Apron for Men, Father's Day Gift Beard Trimming Catcher Bib for Shaving & Hair Clippings, Waterproof Non-Stick Hair Catcher Grooming Cloth with 2 Suction Cups

This beard apron is designed to catch all of the fall-offs while trimming, preventing your beautiful sink from becoming buried under beard hair. It is waterproof and non-sticky, making it an ideal companion for trimming. A thoughtful and practical gift for the man who values good grooming habits.

20. Nut Cravings

NUT CRAVINGS Gourmet Collection - Mixed Nuts Heart Shaped Gift Basket, Love in A Box (6 Assortments) Teacher Appreciation Romantic Arrangement Platter, Healthy Kosher USA Made

A gourmet assortment of nuts can make the celebration more delightful & flavorful. This heart-shaped pack contains pistachios, almonds, pecans, cashews, salted peanuts, and walnuts—a delicious combination of flavors. Ideal for the health-conscious man who enjoys a variety of nutty treats. 

21. You Are My Life Blanket 

Anniversary Father's Day Birthday Gifts for Husband Boyfriend Dad, You are My Life Wedding Christmas Blankets Gifts to My Man, Fleece Blankets Soft Bedding Sofa

Because Valentine’s Day often falls during the coldest months, your man can benefit from your lovely warmth via this “You Are My Life” blanket. This blanket provides comfort while also conveying a message of love, making it the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. The ultra-soft material offers incomparable comfort, and the generous size can fit cozy snuggles for you two. 

22. Multitool Pen

BIIB Gifts for Men, 9 in 1 Multitool Pen Birthday Gifts for Men, Cool Gadgets Gifts for Him, Mens Gifts for Boyfriend, Husband, Grandpa, Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing, Unique Tools for Men

If you’re looking for a useful and elegant gift, look into this multitool pen. Ignore the first impression; this isn’t your typical pen; it’s a pen, flashlight, stylus, can opener, screwdriver, and more all in one. A handy tool that any man would want to have in their toolbox to add convenience to their daily activities. 

23. Couples Handholding Mittens

Couples Handholding Mittens

These handholding mittens make an adorable Valentine’s Day gift. It allows you to stay connected to your partner and match them while holding their hand. At the same time, you don’t need to bother about the cold because it will keep your hands warm. For a winter Valentine’s Day, these hand warmers are both effective and symbolize a symbol of togetherness!

24. I LOVE YOU- Knife

Gifts for Boyfriend Him Husband Dad Men,Multitool Knife I LOVE YOU,Valentines Day Unique Gifts,Anniversary Cool Gifts for Husband,Fathers Day Birthday Gifts,Christmas Stocking Stuffers,Gadget Gifts

It does not always have to be flowers and chocolates. It can also be a knife with a “I love you” to keep things a little rugged. If you’re looking for unusual gift ideas for your man, this pocket knife will do. It is more than just a knife; it is a multitool with a can opener and a 9-in-1 screwdriver bit set. And if you’re concerned about safety, all of the tools will be securely locked in place. There is no risk of accidental cuts or anything. A must-have for modern men!

25. Tree Ring Art

Tree Ring Art

The tree ring art is a beautiful wall hanging shaped like a heart that you can use to mark your romantic journey. It’s more than just a wall hanging; inspired by a tree’s cross-section, it will represent the beginning and significant moments of your connection. It is a heartfelt and personalized gift that allows you to share your milestones as a couple. This special piece is an excellent present for a partner who has grown alongside you! 

26. Massage Gun

No products found.

Does your partner frequently return home tired from a long day at work? A relaxing healing session with the massage gun could be an ideal Valentine’s gift for him. Its deep tissue massage reduces tension and soothes muscle aches. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface, adjustable speed settings, and a variety of modes, all in addition to its ergonomic design! 

27. Heart Shaped Whiskey Stones

Valentines Day Love Gifts for Him Husband Men - Mens Valentines Gifts, Whiskey Stones - Gifts for Him, Husband Gifts, Anniversary Birthday Gifts for Men Husband - Valentines Day Husband Gifts

You can plan a romantic whiskey session featuring heart-shaped whiskey stones for the Valentine’s Day theme. These stones chill drinks without diluting, creating the perfect sips. In addition, the package is very sophisticated; the stones are in a velvet pouch that has been delicately boxed, making it an ideal present. A unique present to have fun and memorable whiskey tastings together!

28. Valentine’s Tumbler

Gifts for Him Husband Boyfriend, I LOVE YOU Tumbler 20oz, Christmas Stocking Stuffers Anniversary Valentines Day Birthday Gifts for Husband from Wife, Boyfriend Gifts

Convey your love in a useful and fashionable way with this Valentine’s tumbler! The tumbler lets you express your feelings through a brief yet profound quote written on it. The vacuum insulation feature is a game changer, ensuring your drinks stay at the perfect temperature. Plus, this tumbler’s sweat-free design and lightweight construction not only keep drinks perfect but also make it incredibly portable.

29. Hallmark Pop-Up Card

Hallmark Paper Wonder Valentines Day Pop Up Card for Significant Other (Hot Air Balloon Valentine)

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without cards, so Hallmark brings you the cutest ones. Among them, this card stands out due to its adorable design. It includes a pop-up feature that beats regular store-bought cards.

On the inside portion of the card, there’s an illustration of an animated scene with colorful balloons covered with festive glitter. You can slide it under your presents for an extra loving gesture!

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No products found.

What’s Your Pick?

Finding the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him can be exciting. But more than that, it is meaningful and thoughtful of you to look for something that will meet his needs. Whether it’s a massage gun for relaxation, a heartfelt blanket for warmth, or a witty pop-up card, each item conveys the spirit of love. 

As you keep on looking through the options, let the joy be doubled when you find just the one. In the end, it’s all about spreading love and strengthening bonds.

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