Octopus Gifts: 33 Octopus-Themed Gift Ideas for Octopus Lovers

Find all relevant categories of octopus gifts here. You get octopus gift ideas suitable for all occasions and situations just by reading this one article. 13 min

Last updated on August 4th, 2023

You know the drill, right? We have scoured the internet to get you the best octopus gifts the world has to offer. 

With this list of octopus-themed gifts at hand, you won’t have to scroll through the endless pages of your favorite shop. We have done all the hard work for you so that you get all the most wonderful octopus gift ideas for your octopus-loving friends. 

Without further discourse, let’s get to the real substance right away!

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33 Octopus Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Please note that we go the extra mile to find all relevant categories of octopus gifts. You get gift ideas suitable for all occasions and situations just by reading this one article. 

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1. Octopus Pen Holder

Octopus Gift Pen Holder

This is a dream penholder of every octopus-loving friend out there. That’s why it’s number one, the numero uno, on our list of octopus gifts. 

Whether you are looking for octopus gifts for him or octopus gifts for her, you can get this pen holder without any hesitation. 

This pen holder is made of quality polyresin and has been hand-painted to perfection. It measures more or less around six inches. 

2. Octopus Wall Sculpture Key Holder

Octopus Wall Sculpture Key Holder

This 11-inch wall sculpture is made of resin but has been polished to such an extent of bronze finish that it looks like heavy metal. 

It’s both a super useful and a fantastic wall sculpture to have at any octopus lover’s home. In fact, any ocean or wildlife lover would love to have this as a gift. 

You can also consider this as a gift for someone who loves Pirates of The Caribbean movies. 

A similar item with different color and size:

Octopus Wall Sculpture Key Holder
Measures 6. 1” x 1” x 6. 7”

3. Octopus Fridge Magnets

Octopus Fridge Magnets

If you were looking for some truly cool affordable octopus gift ideas, you will instantly fall in love with these fridge magnets. 

This set of six 1-inch magnets is so cute that they would win over the hearts of anyone, even if they are not octopus lovers. 

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4. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder - a fun and funky octopus gift idea

This is totally an out-of-the-world phenomenon. Imagine an octopus servicing your toilet paper after you are done with the business. What grander dream can an octopus-loving friend have? 

Now, you can fulfill that very dream by giving them this octopus toilet paper holder. 

Its antique silver finish is something that makes it even more irresistible. It can hold single and double tissue paper rolls. All the mounting hardware that you need is included. 

Another option:

Toilet Paper Holder

5. Octopus Decorative Wall Plaque 

Octopus Decorative Wall Plaque

This is colossal. It’s more on the Kraken side of things. If your octopus-loving friend is into the mythical and mystical side of the octopus spectrum, then they would love this wall plaque.  

These sculptures are made of polyresin, hand painted, and polished individually. It measures approximately 12″ high, 12″ wide, and 1.25″ deep and weighs about 2.5 pounds. 

A similar but less frightening option:

Octopus Decorative Wall Plaque

6. Hipster Octopus Stainless Steel Flask 

Hipster Octopus Stainless Steel Flask - one of the funkiest octopus gifts

What can be more impressive than appearing in public with this classic flask at hand? Sipping your favorite liquor slowly with unparalleled style. 

These cool 8 oz. flasks measure around 3.75″ x 5.75. The size is perfect for keeping it comfortably in your bag or back pocket. 

7. Octopus Clocks

Octopus-themed wall clock
Real vintage vinyl record wall clock
Octopus-themed table clock as gift idea
Bronzed resin with felt bottom table clock

What do you think about these two octopus-themed clocks displayed above? Would any octopus-loving friend be able to resist the beauty of these two gifts? I don’t think so! 

We have selected the most impressive clocks featuring an octopus design – one wall clock and a table clock. 

You would be further surprised to know that the wall clock is made of a real vintage vinyl record, and the other one is expertly cast in a bronzed resin with felt bottom.

8. Octopus On Nautilus Shell Tray

Octopus On Nautilus Shell Tray

Can you feel the exuberance of a room that hosts this tray with an octopus casually nestling on? 

You would have to see it to believe it! 

You can use this tray to hold your keys and other everyday clutter that you have to accommodate on your table. It’s also great as a cigar holder or something like that. 

It’s 7 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and 2.5 inches high. 

9. Trinket Box

Mythical Trinket Box with Octopus on Top

After the mystical tray, here comes a mythical trinket box. 

This charming cold-cast resin box features a steampunk-style octopus on the top. The detailing is excellent and is hand-painted with metallic copper and bronze enamel paints.

The top lifts off to reveal the open space for your small treasures.

The box measures 3 1/2 inches high, and 4 inches in diameter. The interior box area is 3 inches in diameter, and 1 1/2 inches deep. It makes a great item to adorn the tabletops of your home. 

Here’s another octopus trinket box:

Trinket Box

10. Ashtray

Octopus Ashtray

Here’s another out-of-the-world gift for octopus lovers – an ashtray with an octopus sitting on it. 

Even the usability aside, the looks of this beauty make it a wonderful showpiece item to showcase in the living room. 

These are made of polyresin. Also, individually hand painted and polished. It measures around 5.5″ long, 3 1/8″ tall, and 4.75″ wide.

11. T-Shirts

We at Things I Need To Buy are always great fans of t-shirts as useful gift ideas for any occasion and situation. 

That’s why we have made a special collection of t-shirts as octopus gifts featuring many different forms of design and concepts featuring octopuses.

We have spent hours bringing you only the best octopus t-shirts: 

T-Shirt - Octopus reading books

Hoodie with Octopus

Octopus-Themed T-Shirt

Octopus-Themed T-Shirt

T-Shirt - Octopus Playing Drums

12. Angry Octopus Statue

Angry Octopus Statue - Octopus Showing Middle Fingers

Oh man; oh man; this is cool! An octopus giving you the finger from all of its hands. What could be a better use of having all those extra hands if you don’t use them this way?

If you give this to a friend with a similarly nonchalant view of life as this octopus, they will surely never forget you in their whole life. It’s made of high-grade resin.

Here’s another color variation with a plastic built: 

Angry Octopus Statue - Octopus Showing Middle Fingers

13. Funky Octopus Drinkware

Funky Octopus Mug -- Tentacles coming out of a skull.

How about some extreme design options featuring octopuses? 

If you think the person you are gifting this to belongs to the genre of loving anything radical and raw, this might be the gift for them. 

Imagine having your morning coffee or the evening drink every day out of this chilling mug that seems to have been brought out of hell by the devil himself just for you! 

The interior of the mug is made of stainless steel, and the outer part is made of high-quality,  food-grade cold cast resin.

Similar eccentric mugs:

Funky Octopus Mug -- Tentacles holding a skull mug.
Made of resin and stainless steel

Funky Octopus Mug
Made of resin and stainless steel

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14. Mugs and Cups

If the drinkware above seems too raw and extreme for the gift receiver you have in mind, here we have found a few mugs and cups that would suit almost all octopus lovers out there. 

This also includes a super funny mug that says, “Sometimes I wish I was an octopus so that I could slap eight people at once.”

We suggest you get one of those for yourself too! 

Glasses – Set of 2

Black and White Ceramic BOHO Mug

Coffee Mug with Funny Octopus Quote

A set of mugs
Tall Ceramic Boho Mug with a life-affirming message printed on the inside rim

15. Keyrings

Octopus-themed keyrings could be another cool and affordable octopus gift idea. There are quite a few good ones available now, and we have picked the best ones for you here. 

We have tried to include different vibes in this selection of three keyrings. 

16. Octopus Pirate Beanie

Octopus Pirate Beanie

Turn your friend into an octopus itself with this pirate beanie. 

If you are into watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you might have noticed the resemblance with Davy Jones’ octopus-like appearance. 

It’s made by the traditional hand-knitting method and comes in many different colors to choose from. 

17. Necklace Pendants

We have reached the jewelry section of the list featuring all of the best gifts for octopus lovers. And here are three wonderful necklace pendants for your octopus-loving friend. 

Do you think your friend loves octopuses so much that they would want to keep them close to their heart? These necklaces can make that happen!

Necklace with Octopus Pendant
Sterling Silver Crystal Necklace

Necklace with Octopus Pendant
Solid Brass Casting (Unisex)

Necklace with Octopus Pendant
Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

18. Earrings

Earrings are another way to keep your octopuses close. This time, really close to your face.

Both of the options below are hand-crafted, sterling silver earrings.  

Sterling Silver Octopus Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

19. Rings

These octopus rings are truly impressive. Just see the concept of octopus tentacles hugging your finger with elegance. 

Another interesting thing about these rings is that the tentacle ones are unisex. That means you can gift this to both your male and female friends.  

Unisex Stainless Steel Octopus Ring

Sterling Silver Octopus Ring for Her

Stainless Steel Ring (Unisex)

20. Paperweight

Paperweight with Octopus and Jellyfish

The great Sufi poet Rumi once said something similar to this thought – every drop contains the ocean. 

If you want a drop of the ocean that truly emits the vibe of the whole ocean, go for this gift item. 

This octopus and jellyfish glass sculpture is hand-blown by professional craftsmen. It measures around 5.3 inches by 5.3 inches and weighs around 1075 grams. 

21. Octopus 3D Illusion Night Light 

“Turn the octopuses at night!” Did you ever think of reading or hearing anything like that, even in your wildest dreams? 

Well, now with these octopus night lights, get ready to hear that pretty often from now on. 

Both of these options below are color-changing lights and adjustable brightness so that you can pick the color and intensity of light you want with an easy-to-use remote control. 

22. Antique Octopus Bronze Decanter Set

Antique Octopus Bronze Decanter Set

Do you know how many octopuses are in there within this decanter set? I bet you didn’t! 

There are a total of four – one each in those two glasses, the stopper on the top, and the big one holding the whole set with its gigantic and detailed tentacles. 

As a whole, the set measures around 15.5 inches in height and 8.5 inches wide.

Another similar octopus gift – a wine holder. The bottle not included:

Octopus Wine Holder

23. Mousepad

Octopus-themed Mousepad, Coaster, and Wrist Rest Set as Cool Octopus Gifts

Here’s one of those super cool and very useful octopus gift ideas — a mousepad set to adorn the computer desk. 

The set includes an ergonomic keyboard wrist rest pad measuring around 17.32 x 3.34 inches, a soft mousepad with wrist support of around 9.84 x 7.87 inches, and a cute coffee coaster with the same octopus-themed design.

24. 1000 Pieces Round Jigsaw Puzzles

1000 Pieces Round Octopus Jigsaw Puzzles

We are talking about a puzzle that has 1000 pieces. Do you know how many pieces that means? That means 1000 pieces! 

Are you still not losing your mind? Then what will make you lose your mind and click the buy now button?

Also, the pieces are made of high-quality cardboard. Once completed, the whole puzzle would measure around 11″ x 15.7″. 

25. Octopus Gifts for Kids

So, you might have wondered during the course of your reading this article about not seeing any kids’ gifts. Well, now is your chance to get octopus gifts for kids.  

We have included two items for kids — one big octopus plush toy and another crawling musical octopus. 

Octopus Plush Toy
Size: 19.6 inches
Made of polyester fabrics and polypropylene plush filling

Crawling Musical Octopus Toy
The crawling octopus toy with light and music.
Size: 9.8 x 5.1 x 4.3 inches

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26. Octopus Wood Notebook

Wooden Notebook with Octopus Design

Would a wooden spiral-bound notebook with a carved octopus on top impress the person you are searching the gift for? 

You don’t think so? Okay, if it doesn’t stir them into being impressed, it will surely be their favorite notebook for quite a few months to come or even years! Who knows! 

27. Throw Pillow

4 Throw Pillows

Here’s a set of four throw pillows featuring octopuses doing many different octopus-like activities as they are used to doing in their mythical world of existence. 

Please note that it’s a cover-only set. The pillow inserts are not included in the product package. Each of the covers measures around 18 x 18 Inches. 

28. Tumblers


Tumblers are among the very safe and popular gift ideas for all occasions and situations. So, we have also included a couple of tumblers featuring octopus themes. 

Both of these are from a reputed manufacturer. So, quality won’t be an issue. The one below has triple-wall insulation.


29. Wall Art

Wall Art Featuring Octopuses

Octopus wall arts are also among the very popular octopus gift ideas. Among all the available pieces, our product researcher picked this one up because of its vintage look and two different equally impressive design options. 

Another great gift idea would be to pair this one with any other gift listed in this article to make an unbeatable octopus gift package. 

30. Reversible Octopus Plushie

Reversible Octopus Plushie

Although it might not seem to be much of a big deal just by looking at it, these octopus plushies have around 85 thousand reviews with 88% of 5-star ratings. 

Now, you might ask, “why so popular, son?” 

It’s because of the innovative reversible design. You can change the color and the mood of the octopus — happy and sad — just by reversing the plushie. 

This simple yet fun touch has made it into a social media sensation. 

So, buy as many as you want! You can even put these plushies inside a stuffed balloon for a more dramatic effect.

31. Coasters with Holder

Coasters with Holder

An Octopus coaster set of six with a holder would be another very useful gift for the whole family. 

The six round coasters are ceramic stone and the coaster holder is black iron. 

The large 4.3 inches size of the coasters makes them suitable to hold all kinds of glasses and mugs. 

32. Octopus Sculpture Mug Holder

Octopus Sculpture Mug Holder

Here’s another octopus gift idea befitting for the kitchen or the living room of octopus lovers. 

They can use it as a mug holder, key holder, or simply for decorative purposes if they like. 

It’s made of high-quality resin material with an ocean-inspired rustic design. 

33. Handle Bag

Handle Bag

Okay, then we are signing off this list of octopus gifts with this octopus-themed handle bag or shoulder tote bag. 

If you were wondering how to carry all these wonderful packages of octopus gifts that you have brought to your octopus-loving friend or family member, here’s a wonderful option that will also double down as a separate gift item! 

What could be more ingenious and awesome than that?  


In the end, we just want to express our gratitude, as we always do, toward you for reading this article up to this point. 

We would be proud and happy if we helped you find that perfect octopus gift that you were looking for. 

Do you have any octopus gift ideas that you want to share with our readers and us? Please send us your ideas at [email protected]

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