35 Weird Mugs You’d Crave to Have – Uncommon, Unusual, Unique!

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Last updated on April 19th, 2022

Sipping a cup of coffee works like a charm, especially in the morning. And, by chance if you have one of the crazy weird mugs, you are in for a helluva morning! 

The caffeine boosts you up and gives you super energy to bear with this world- for a day, at least. 

But those weird coffee mugs or weird cups will offer you added boost of joy and carefree vibes. 

However, many coffee-freaks have this damaging habit of drinking coffee from their common, cliche mugs every single day. 

Are you missing out on that creative and fun feel of having crazy, uncommon, and weird mugs? 

Has this idea of having a weird mug ever crossed your mind? Do you crave having the unusual ones? If yes, then you’re welcome! This written piece is just for you! Checking out some of the unique coffee mugs will make your day.  

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s just dive right into the main topic, shall we?

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Perfect Lists of Weird Coffee Mugs that You’d Want to Add to Your Collection 

Here, I’ve made a shortlist containing 35 weird mugs out of thousands for the ones who are more likely to get fascinated by just thinking of these unique, uncommon mugs. 

Now you won’t have to take so much trouble finding these here and there. 

Or even if you aren’t fond of coffee that much, you still can gift it to your close friends, or you can have it as a decorative piece for your home! I mean, that‘ll unleash a lot about your humorous self. 

Each of them is budget-friendly uncommon mugs, just like you wanted. So, give it a read. It won’t take that long. 

1. The Original Toilet Mug

BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug - Funny Coffee Cup for Men, Women - Novelty Toilet Bowl Mug - Hilarious Gag Gift for Holidays, Birthday, Secret Santa Party - Ceramic Bathroom Mug for Home, Office - 12 Oz

Staring at this unusual ceramic coffee mug filled with brown color liquid might feel nauseous, but that’s what this is all about!

You can even gift it to someone who’s having a rough time keeping their sh*t together- representing potty humor. I think this 12oz liquid-carrying mug will help them hold on a little longer. 

2. The Recycling Bin Mug

BigMouth Inc BMT Ceramic Mug, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Blue

Cheer up your younger brother with this, who’s unwilling to take the trash out each week. Now, whenever he takes a sip from this trash mug, it will remind him of his responsibilities once in a while, but in a savage yet unusual way. 

3. Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Island Dogs Makes Me Poop Coffee Mug, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Brown, 22 ounces

Mornings can be great if your bowel system doesn’t ditch you at the crucial moment. Say bye-bye to this trouble with the poop-shaped weird coffee mug. Because it not only looks like poop but also makes you do it right away! 

4. Butt Roast and Toast Ceramic Mug 

Weird Mugs -

It’s your time to let go of your typical mug and choose nothing…“butt” this unique one. Get a nice cup of coffee and chill out with bong shots simultaneously, as it fits both perfectly well. It can safely be termed as the weirdest among all the weird mugs. 


Fairly Odd Novelties DONUT TOUCH MY COFFEE Mug Fairly Odd Novelties-12oz Ceramic Shaped Tea Cocoa, One Size, Brown,FON-10288

Hello, pun-lovers! “Donut” miss your chance to expand your weirdo collections of mugs with this unique one. Also, it will be a lot easier if your mug itself speaks for you. No? 

6. Have A Nice Day Funny Finger Coffee Mug

Have A Nice Day Funny Finger Coffee Mug - Unique Gift Idea and Humor Sense Cup for Milk Juice or Tea, Black

Imagine going to the office on Mondays and faking a “Have a nice day” smile with everyone you meet at work. Pain in the ass, I know! But you can immediately turn your mood into a great one by having a coffee blast in this mug while showing your colleagues how you genuinely feel. 

7. Pot Head Coffee Mug 

Pot Head 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug Willcallyou

Convey your love to your most sarcastic coffee-addict friend with this 11 ounces uncommon coffee mug. He’s gonna love the simple yet meaningful design. Also, it will melt his heart more if he has other habits that fit the “pot-head” name itself. You know what I mean!

8. POXIWIN Camera Lens Coffee Mug

POXIWIN Camera Lens Coffee Mugs,Stainless Steel Camera Lens Cups,Unique Gift Idea for Photographers,Novelty Coffee Mugs for Home Supplies,Men,Women

Get this 12 ounces pretty piece as a gift, at home, or even at your office, and get a stainless spoon, cleaning brush, along with a straw. This is the only camera lens and an amazing conversation starter that anyone can afford. 

9. Disney Villain Ursula Tentacles Mug

Silver Buffalo Disney Villains Ursula Tentacles 3D Sculpted Coffee Ceramic Mug, 20 Ounces

Now, with this one, you don’t get to limit any Disney villain fan based on their age. Be it a kid, or a teenage girl, or even an adult one! They can have their own piece of the magical world at home or the office now, with this 20 ounces 3D printed weirdly sculpted mug. 

10. UCK Coffee Mug

Thumbs Up UK White Ceramic UCK Coffee Mug, One Size (Pack of 1), 325 milliliters

You’ll be the center of attention if you’re seen holding this “..UCK” coffee mug in the morning. This great quality ceramic mug can also be considered as a gift for anyone who shares the same humorous side as yours. 

11. Up Yours Mug

LYOFOX Up Yours Mug Thumbs Up Ceramic Middle Finger Coffee Cup 14 Ounces Milk Tea Funny Coffee Gift Mug for New Year, Christmas, Halloween and Birthday.

You gotta finish your coffee first to see the twist of this unique piece. You can have this one at the office, just in case, to unleash your work mode once in a while when needed. This is surely one of the most weird mugs out there! 

12. Shuh Duh Fuh Cup Coffee Mug

STFU Shuh Duh Fuh Cup Coffee Mug - 11oz Novelty Cup for Best Friends, Sister, Brother, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife

Enjoy sipping your cup of coffee with your annoying co-workers from this uncommon STFU mug, and let everyone wonder what the caption is all about till they get it right!

13. Get Shit Done Weird Coffee Mug

Get Shit Done Motivational Black Ceramic Coffee Mug

Get your both shits done literally by having a big coffee on this black ceramic-made weird mug. Stay motivated, stay healthy. 

14.  Morning Coffee Mug

InGwest. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 ounce. Changing Color Mug for you and your friend. Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug. Novelty Heat Sensitive Mug With Funny Smile

Just like your mood, this coffee mug changes its color as soon as you pour hot water into it. Get this now and uplift your mood instantly.

15. I don’t like morning people

Funny Mug - I don't like morning people. Or mornings. Or people - 11 OZ Coffee Mugs - Funny Inspirational and sarcasm - By A Mug To Keep TM

If you are the kind of person who needs a little time processing after waking up from bed, this mug will just fit your need. This 11 oz uncommon coffee mug lets everyone know straight that you don’t like morning people or mornings, or even people. 

16. Ray of Fucking Sunshine

Island Dogs Ray of Fucking Sunshine Giant Novelty Coffee Mug, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Yellow

You’re gonna need it to keep them reminded, in case anybody dares to imply the opposite. You are the ray of f*cking sunshine, and they better not mess with it because you’re gonna rise no matter what.  

17. Cow Non-Skid Silicone Feet Ceramic Mug

Boston Warehouse Udderly Cow Mug with Non-Skid Silicone Feet, Hand Painted Ceramic, 20 fl.oz.

Make your everyday a-moos-ing with this 20 ounces capacity unique mug in your hand. You can gift it to your farmhouse decor friend and make their day. 

18. Eeffoc Is Coffee Spelled Backwards, As I Don’t Give Eeffoc Mug

Eeffoc Is Coffee Spelled Backwards, As I Dont Give Eeffoc Mug- Perfect Office Mug Sarcastic Cup Funny Mugs For Women, Men, Boss, Coworker, Employee, Boss - 11oz Coffee Mug and Tea Cup - By CBT Mugs

This high-quality, weird coffee mug is all you need if you don’t give “eeffoc” about anything or anyone. Decorate your home corner with this piece of long-lasting ceramic or even gift it to your close ones whom you think it fits the most. 


Now, this can be more of a stylish uncommon decorative ceramic piece and less of a coffee mug for you. If I were you, I would prefer the same, to be honest. This unique piece will make your heart skip a beat with its coolness and style. It’s definitely among the awe-inspiringly weird mugs!

20. Shh. Nevermind, Time to Poop Mug

AW Fashions Shh. Nevermind, Time to Poop Mug - Funny Poop Mug - 13OZ Glass Coffee Mug - Mugs For Women, Boss, Friend, Employee, or Spouse - Perfect Birthday Idea

The unusual coffee mug will speak your sarcastic language for you when you got no time to talk. Because who dares to avoid it when nature is calling you! No?

21. You’re My National Treasure Morphing Coffee Mug

SCSF You're My National Treasure Morphing Coffee Mugs Heat Reveal Color Change Mug Christmas Mug For Men11 Ounces

Pamper your wife/girlfriend with breakfast in bed using this color-changing coffee mug and spoil her with your love. This will help to make your rest of the day the best, I can say. 

22. Sloth Coffee Mug

Decodyne Funny Sloth Coffee Mug - Cute Sloth Gifts For Women and Men - White Elephant Gifts for Adults Funny Office Gifts

This sloth coffee mug will intensify your inner sloth on your weekend days. Grab yourself a mug full of coffee and let everyone clearly know that you will do nothing but rest and enjoy the whole day. 

23.  May the Froth Be With You

It can be a super humorous coffee mug for someone who is a huge fan of Star Wars. You can wish them a good day with this uncommon one and can literally mean to have the greatest “force” with them. 

24. One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug

BigMouth Inc. One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug – Hilariously Huge 64 oz Ceramic Coffee Cup – Perfect for Gag Gift for Coffee Lovers

To all the coffee-freaks! Your time has finally come. You can now dive into this huge 64 oz weird coffee mug and say, “I’ve cut back to just one cup of coffee a day” and actually mean it. 

25. Legendary Coffee Mug

Funny Mugs, LOL MMO Mug - Legendary Coffee Mug Level 110 - Large Ceramic Black Coffee Mug 15oz - Gaming, Gamer Cup

“Keeps you alert and Ready”- Does as it says! Your gamer friend can now stay energized for his upcoming match after having a hot coffee blast in this mug. 

26. Put The Lit In Litterature

Willcallyou I Put The Lit In Litterature, Shakespeare Enlish Teacher 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug

Just like mornings can‘t be imagined without coffee, the greatest dramas of centuries can’t be imagined without Shakespear too. For those who are in love with both, get this 11 ounces cool weird mug right now to enjoy your weekends combining a perfect pair of these two. 


FLY SPRAY Funny Coffee Mug YOU'VE BEEN POISONED Novelty Creativity Drink Cups Unique Joke Great Gag Gift Idea For Men Women - 12 OZ Ceramic Tea Cup White

To get the real twist, you gotta make it up to the bottom of the mug. Anyone can pull off a prank with their friend or family using this weirdo. Good luck with it! But, on a serious note, you can make your day much better with this handmade ceramic mug. 

28. I survived another meeting… should have been an email- Unusual Coffee Mug

Donbicentenario I Survived Another Meeting that Should have been an Email 11 Ounces Funny White Coffee Mug

A perfect coffee mug for your lazy self who prefers emails over meetings, mostly at this time of the pandemic. Get yourself a black coffee on this unique mug to get energy and to stay awake during the meetings.

29. The F Word and Verb Definition Coffee Mug

The F Word and Verb Definition Coffee Mug, 11 Ounces

Is it just me or you, too, who thinks this F word can be placed anywhere and make more sense more than anything? If it is, then get this effing unique mug and make your mornings effing beautiful with coffee or the kind of beverage you love every day. 

30.Creepy Cage Face Coffee Mug

Creepy Cage Face Coffee Mug (11oz)

The reaction of Nicolas Cage on this mug will speak for you on Monday mornings when you’re unwilling to even care to deal with people. Just hang in there with your coffee in this 11oz mug; you’re doing great! 

31. Wise Woman

A Wise Woman Once Said She Lived Happily Ever After, Funny Coffee Mug Gift for Bff, Besties, Soul Sister, Mom, Grandma, Mothers Day, Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Cup 12 Oz Whit A Gold Spoon

Get this 12 -ounce capacity weird coffee mug, and this will have you showing off a wise statement.

The blurry effect also makes the mug a family-friendly one!

32. Dragon Ceramic Cup

creature cups Dragon Ceramic Cup (11 Ounce, Black) - Hidden Animal Inside - Holiday and Birthday Gift for Coffee & Tea Lovers

Enjoy every coffee time when the dragon inside gets revealed slowly as you drink. The 11-ounce black outside and white coffee mug can be the greatest unexpected gift for animal lovers too.

33. Dr. Seuss Grinch Sculpted Ceramic Mug

No products found.

The 12.08 ounces Grinch Sculpted coffee mug boasts a strong and colorful character design, and you can add it up to your collection to experience both uniqueness and usefulness simultaneously.,

34. Nightmare Before Christmas Novelty Drinkware

Nightmare Before Christmas novelty drinkware, multi color

Boost up your Christmas vibe with this 6.6-ounce weird mug. Let it be the center of all attention during a gathering, in the form of a weird coffee mug or even a showpiece. 

35. Unique 3D Character Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

Zak Designs Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Unique 3D Character Sculpted Ceramic, Collectible Keepsake and Wonderful Coffee Mug (11 oz., Jack Skellington, BPA-Free)

The last unique coffee mug that sums up our list is this 3D character sculpted hand-painted ceramic mug. It brings 11 oz capacity with a 360-degree printed view so that you don’t miss its iconic design from any angle. Increase your daily dose of coffee and be the master of weirdos with this weird yet stylish mug. 

Wrap Up 

Drinking coffee and beverages from only one boring mug must be tough for those coffee-freak, humorous minds who want nothing but some variations, at least, in the form of a coffee mug. Moreover, in this pandemic, we want something new to hang in there till it’s all over. 

And, to lessen your hassle, I have listed 35 weird mugs that will not only help you to drink your coffee but also inspire your inner child to show off your unique collections to the world. These budget-friendly unique mugs will win your heart and spread a humorous vibe around you. 

So, wake up from bed, fill up your coffee mug in front of your laptop before joining a meeting, take a snap and post it on your Instagram profile, and REPEAT!


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