21 Funky & Cool Gifts For Guys

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Looking for some unique, humorous & funky gift for the male species of your life then you have come to the right place.

It’s not easy to come up with funky & cool gift ideas for guys. It’s even harder to gift them something amusing & unusual.

We understand your problems and we are here to help you out of your dilemma. We have gathered 21 funky gift products that any would love & also find funny and amusing. From snack package to Marvel encyclopedia we have all the funky things you are looking for.

  1. Novelty Cotton Socks

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis fun & cute “Do not disturb” gaming socks will definitely win a gamer’s heart. This socks are super comfortable. The gamer guy will love wearing them all the time. The materials used in this is ninety percent combed cotton & ten percent polyester of great quality. These socks are stretchable, it will anyone with US shoe size 6 to 12. It is perfect for the seasons’ winter, autumn & spring.

  1. CraveBox Care Package

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThere’s a saying that goes like, “Way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach” and this gift will surely make your way to the guy’s heart. This mouth-watering snack basket package is the dream gift for any food lover guy. This basket comes with 45 delicious snacks such as Chex Mix, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy and others. It’s the perfect basket to accompany your friend during this lockdown.

  1. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis hilarious guzzler helmet is the best funky gift for any soda or beer lover guy. This gift will make your friend laugh out loud literally. Apart from its whimsical side, this helmet is pretty useful. Your friend can easily have their favorite soda & beer without using their hands. They’ll be able to quench their thirst easily while playing games, during office work or any other work.

  1. Artblox Soundwave

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis sound wave acrylic block is a very personal & a beautiful gift. You can record anything special or choose any song for the art wave design. This will hold a special place in your friend’s heart. The look of this high quality acrylic art piece is 3D & luxurious. It will be a great décor item for the guy’s home.

  1. Viking Drinking

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis medieval-style Thor horn drinking cup is perfect for the guy who is a true Viking inside. Drinking from this large horn will make the guy feel majestic and grand. This perfectly handcrafted cup is made from real buffalo horn. Point to note, no living buffalos were harmed making this. This horn comes with a stand. The design of the cup and the stand looks very chic. It is totally safe to use.

  1. MISHOWNET Tire Coffee Tea Mug

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysKnow a guy who is a car enthusiast? Then this mug is the perfect gift for him. The mug design of tires stacked up together & the wrench handle will make any car lover drooling for it. This mug is made of safe raw materials such as high-quality ceramic. You won’t have to worry about the packaging of the gift. It comes with a great gift package that will make your friend admire the mug even more.

  1. Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysYou’ll hardly find a millennial guy who isn’t a Marvel fan. This gift is the bible for any Avenger fanatic. This hardcover is a collector’s item as the legendary Stan Lee has written the introduction. Your friend will be extremely happy getting this gift. In the era where reading is a lost art, this encyclopedia will give your friend enough incentive to read this. They’ll discover crucial facts about their favorite characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and many more in this.

  1. Real Bullet hand-made Shot Glass

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis trench art designed of this shot glass is epic. This handmade shot glass has a real bullet embedded in it. The bullet is lead-free & there is no residue of gun powder. It’s totally safe to drink from it. This shot glass is very aesthetically pleasing & unique. Perfect gift for a guy to drink their favorite pour from it.

  1. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis shiatsu electronic massager is a great gift item that shows that you care. It will ensure perfect relaxation for the guy. The ergonomic design makes it a great full body massager. It provides deep tissue kneading massage from shoulder to feet. The heat & the intensity can be adjusted easily according to your friend’s requirement. This massager is durable & comes with great features.

  1. All in One Tools Hammer

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis multi-tool hammer will make the guy’s life way easier. There is no better versatile gift for a guy. They will not have to carry a heavy tool kit anymore. This all in one gadget has 12 different features which include a bottle opener. So the guy can easily have his beer while working. The guy can get a lot of work done with just one tool. It’s lightweight so easily portable.

  1. Tactical Pen

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis 10 in 1 tactical pen is a great gift with many features. It’s a pen come emergency survival tool kit. This gift is an amazing way to show someone that you care. It’s made of ultra-strong aircraft aluminum. This pen will last a long time. Expect smooth writing with smear-proof ink. Other features of this pen include a flashlight, glass breaker emergency whistle, and many more.

  1. Beard Apron

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysDuring this lockdown when it’s not safe to go to a saloon & men are turning into a hairy mess, there is no apt gift than this beard apron. This waterproof beard apron is just what every guy needs. Beard apron keeps the sink clean while a guy shaves. This will make the guy’s life 10x easier. It comes with a bag to make it travel friendly.

  1. All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa Gift Set Basket

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis 7 piece spa set is a great gift for guys to pamper themselves. Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while. In these stressful days, it’s more needed than ever. These Bath and Body products smell great. The guy can have relaxing aromatherapy while using these products. These products include bath gel to sisal sponge. These come in a paper suitcase.

  1. Etsfmoa Unisex LED Beanie

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis waterproof LED beanie is the perfect hat for dark winter nights. This hat is totally waterproof & washable. This beanie is insulated. It’ll be a cozy partner during winter. The headlight is just what everyone needs. It comes in handy in many situations where the other light source isn’t enough. This beanie is made of ultra-soft acrylic blend. This hat is suitable for almost all head sizes.

  1. People’s Choice Beef Jerky – Jerky Box

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysWho doesn’t love beef jerky? These are high in protein. It’s a perfect gift for any guy who is into bodybuilding. It’s a tasty treat for those who have sweet tooth. This premium quality jerky box includes a variety of flavors from classic teriyaki to sweet honey BBQ. These are handcrafted packed with real gourmet flavor. Any guy would love to get this as a gift.

  1. TAILGABLE-BLK Collapsible Folding Table

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis folding table is perfect for camping or parties. Guys will enjoy a great night in with games & these table which will hold all the items they need. This table comes with an insulated cooler compartment. Guys can chill their beers, sodas easily. It also features a bowl holder and four cup holders. What more does a guy need to enjoy a football match with his amigos?

  1. Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Pillow with Heat

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysIf you know a guy who has been tensed & tired lately then this is the ideal gift for him. This shiatsu massager pillow gives deep kneading tissue massage. The heat feature is great for reenergizing the tired muscles. It is suitable to use all over the body. It has an adjustable strap for greater convenience. It fits the body perfectly for ultimate relief.

  1. Saukore Funny Apron for Men

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThis funny apron is for all the male cooking enthusiasts. Your chef friend will love the apron and may whip up some delicious food for you for this gift. The pun written on the apron will surely make your friend laugh and if somebody says their food is burnt then they will be able to just point their fingers towards the apron quote. This apron is a universal size and has two pockets to carry utensils or other necessary items.

  1. ThxToms LED Flashlights Gloves

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysThese flashlight gloves are very handy. It can help in many chores such as plumbing, car repair, outdoor works, etc. Gift it to those who like to do the handyman job on their own. It’ll be a great assistance for them. These gloves are flexible. Fits almost everyone. It’s comfortable & lightweight. It’s operated with battery power.

  1. FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysIf the guy loves playing practical pranks then there is no better gift for him. This wooden prank toy that comes with a fake spider inside will make the child inside him jump with happiness. This prank box is durable. Perfect gift for little boys as well. This gift is guaranteed to bring more laughter & some silly scolds in the guy’s life.

  1. Hanes Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt

Funky & Cool Gifts for GuysIf the guy takes a long time making any decision or keeps thinking about stuff rather than coming to a conclusion then here is the perfect t-shirt for him. “I am thinking…” quote with the loading sign will make the guy laugh for sure. This will also show you put some thoughts into buying the gift keeping their personality in mind. This will make the guy feel special. This 100% cotton t-shirt is lightweight, soft & super comfortable.


Make any guy’s day with these gifts.

These gifts will perfectly show their importance in your life as well as the taste of your humorous personality. These won’t fail to put a wide smile on the guy’s face. These gifts will surely help you climb up the ladder in the guy’s heart.