35 Star Wars Gifts for Men to Make Them Jump with Joy

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Last updated on January 15th, 2024

Seeking cool and unique Star Wars gifts for men? You have landed in the right place! 

Are you looking for something special to give to the men in your life? He could’ve been your best friend, your lover, or your siblings. And of course, he has a particular interest that excites him the most. So, the target will jump right on that and gather the specials for him.

However, the aim of this article will be on a particular idea. It’s a list of Star Wars gifts for men. Star Wars has a sizable fan base, and there are a variety of products available to appeal to these aficionados.

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Some Incredible Star Wars Gifts for Men

Gifts for men are simple to find; you only need to explore a few categories, and you’re done. Here, almost everything is covered as much as possible. So, you won’t miss any. Just a good skimming through this list and Voila! There it is. 

1. Star Wars Darth T-shirt

Star Wars mens Dark Lord Darth Vader Graphic Shirt , BLACK , MEDIUM

Starting with a man’s all-time favorite, casual t-shirts. This is a Star Wars tee with an awesome graphic of Lord Darth Vader. Men aren’t very much into colors at all. Therefore, this Black tee will work just perfectly for them. The material is 100% cotton making it much comfortable for even home wears. They can style it with a leather jacket. 

2. Star Wars 3D Night Light

Manco 3 Pattern 16 Colors 3D Night Light Birthday Gifts for Fans

It’s a décor lamp that creates a 3D illusion of Star Wars characters. This altogether has three different patterns in 16 different shades. It can be changed according to preferences and to suit your wishes. The lamp is controlled by a remote and works with a touch sensor.

This will be a great bedside lamp for those who spend hours in bed daydreaming about being a Star Wars character. It is surely among the funky Star Wars gifts for men.

3. Darth Vader Device Holder 

Exquisite Gaming: Star Wars: Darth Vader - Original Mobile Phone & Gaming Controller Holder, Device Stand, Cable Guys, Licensed Figure (Multi-colored)

Darth Vader, the mighty lord, has arrived to graciously carry your tools in his arms. Just joking! Take a look at this gadget holder tool that looks like this famous Star Wars character. It seems so cool. This one will simply replace his boring holders. Ideal for controllers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

4. Darth Vader Socks

Star Wars Darth Vader World's Greatest Dad Men's Crew Socks Size 6-12 Black

If he’s a true Star Wars enthusiast, a pair of Darth Vader socks will be adored by his inner kiddie self. The material is 70% Polyester and a 30% mix of nylon and spandex to make it last longer. The good quality won’t let those sock holes make their way. It can be perfect as Star Wars gifts for boyfriend. 

5. Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bottle Opener

Rebel Alliance Star Wars Millenium Falcon Metal Bottle Opener

It’s amazing how people use their creativity to turn simple tools into something extraordinary. You’ll not think of giving someone a bottle opener as a gift unless this thing hits in. It’s a Star Wars falcon metal bottle opener. This looks so tiny yet a fun gadget. 

The zinc alloy construction makes it sturdy and increases its longevity.

6. Star Wars the Mandalorian & The Child Building Kit

LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars The Mandalorian & The Child 75317 'Baby Yoda' Building Toy, Collectible Model Figures Set, Gift Idea for Teens

A Lego set is always a favorite of both kids and adults. They love to spend time building the kit. This will be an adored, unique piece for them, too. Lovers of The Mandalorian will enjoy making these LEGO BrickHeadz models of the Child and The Mandalorian. It’ll be a cool display of a collection for them. 

7. Star Wars Stormtrooper T-Shirt

STAR WARS Death Star Road Stormtrooper Crossing T-Shirt (Large, Charcoal Heather)

Another awesome Tee with different Star Wars graphics. The graphic is well detailed of a group of Stromtrooper passing by a road. The t-shirt has a classic fit for adult men. It’s a USA-imported officially licensed Star Wars Tee. This can be the best choice among other Star Wars gift ideas for him.

8. “Being Darth Vader” Throw Blanket

STAR WARS Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves, Adult-48 x 71 Inches, Being Darth Vader

This extraordinary piece of throw blanket won’t just warm him, but the big Star Wars lord Darth will warm his heart, too. This cute piece of blanket has loose sleeves making it wearable like an outfit. The ideal is actually very fascinating. The fabric is 100% polyester and is very soft. 

9. Star Wars Special Edition Mouse

Logitech G502 X PLUS Millenium Falcon Edition Gaming Mouse, LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse - LIGHTFORCE hybrid switches, LIGHTSYNC RGB, HERO 25K gaming sensor, compatible with PC - macOS/Windows

This will be one of the most unique Star Wars gifts for boyfriend or any man. This high-quality wireless mouse is a Star Wars special edition inspired by the Millennium Falcon. With this in his hands, he’ll feel as if the galaxy is under his control and he is the commander. It’s one of the impressive Star Wars gift ideas for him. 

It works with any version of macOS and Windows. The grip is comfortable, and the speed is impressive.

10. Death Star Circo Cheese Set

PICNIC TIME Star Wars Death Star Circo Cheese Board and Knife Set, Charcuterie Board Set, Wood Cutting Board, (Parawood)

A cheese board featuring Star Wars, can u think of something like that? Yes, this is the set of cheese cutters and a cheese board that has a laser engraved Death Star fine artwork on it. The board comes with four assorted cheese knives. It’s a useful kitchen appliance and is also suitable for family times, or picnics.

11. Star Wars Lightsabers Mug

No products found.

You can make a dull present like mugs unexpectedly cool and special with this specific one. It has a color-changing imaging feature when in contact with heat or hot liquids like warm water or hot coffee, and beverages.

And not only just one, but it’ll also display many different lightsabers of characters including Darth Vader, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and many more.

12. Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

Star Wars Li-B33.FMv7 Bluetooth Speaker - The Force Awakens First Order Star Destroyer Villain Flagship Lights Up When In Use

Any Star Wars devotee will adore this Bluetooth speaker so much. It’s a wireless speaker, so he can control it through smart devices. Audio can be streamed wirelessly up to 30 feet away. He can even receive and end calls with the built-in speakerphone.

Allow him the luxury of listening to Star Wars music in style.

13. Death Star; Star Wars Popcorn Maker

Uncanny Brands Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker - Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl

While watching their all-time favorite, Star Wars, your guy will definitely crave some snack time. This is the perfect gift you’re looking for to remind him of his passion and to lend a helping hand at times of hunger. A popcorn maker from the Star Wars universe.

It’s a healthier choice than the others because it doesn’t require any oil. The hot air will help the kernels to pop. And to make sure he doesn’t miss any scenes, this works quicker than the usual ones.

14. Star Wars Themed Music Box

Star Wars Music Box,Wooden Hand Crank Unique Musical Boxes Theme Starwars, Mini Antique Vintage Craft Laser Engraved Home Decorations for Christmas, Wedding, Valentines, Birthday Gifts(Black)

If he’s a vintage music instrument lover rather than modern gadgets like a Bluetooth speaker, you can consider this musical box as a perfect gift item. And there’s a catch: it’ll only play the lovely Star Wars theme music. It’s a high-quality wooden box.

A Star Wars badge with a humorous quote is carved into the front. It can also be a complementary item for home décor.

15. Star Wars Pint Glass Set

Star Wars Classic Pint Glass Set - 16 oz. Glass Capacity - Set of 4 Glasses - Classic Shape

It’s a beautiful set of four classy pint glasses with Star Wars images printed on them. These are well-built, sturdy, and good-quality glasses. For a Star Wars fan who happens to be a drinker as well, this can be among the best star wars gifts for men. 

But it’s not microwave safe, and to keep the designs integrated, handwashing will be a friendly choice.

16. Vandor Star Wars Wall Clock

Vandor 99089 Star Wars 13.5' Cordless Wood Wall Clock, Multicolor

This is a great wall clock that was designed exclusively on the Star Wars theme. It features one-of-a-kind, artistic artwork. Those who want to turn their room into a Star Wars galaxy will need this item to complete the look.

The clock runs on with an AA battery. It looks really vibrant and striking because of the variety of colors.

17. Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Mask

STAR WARS Movie Roaring Chewbacca Wookiee Sounds Mask, Funny GRAAAAWR Noises, Sound Effects, Father's Day Gifts, 5+ (Amazon Exclusive)

Help your man to cosplay his Star Wars character with this easy fit Chewbacca mask. It even has the same sound effect, the roar of Chewbacca Wookie. There are realistic Wookie audio noises fitted into this electronic mask that will activate when they open their mouths wide. 

So, they won’t just look like a Star Wars character but will also sound like one.

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18. Star Wars Coffee Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Sculpted Ceramic Mug, 18Fl oz

The head of Lord Darth Vader appears on this 3D figurine coffee mug. The mug has been created with so much dimensional effect and creativity that it doesn’t even resemble a coffee mug. It’s a little funny to think of this way that he can feel like getting his energy boosts directly from the Lord of Strengths’ head.

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19. The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set

Star Wars®: The Jedi Path and Book of Sith Deluxe Box Set (Star Wars Gifts, Sith Book, Jedi Code, Star Wars Book Set) (Star Wars x Chronicle Books)

Star Wars books attract the curiosity of a big fan base. They can use their ideas to develop and create their own galaxy through books. It’s not the same as watching the story on TV or on a laptop.

So, this deluxe box will be an ideal present for them. It’s the early handbook of Sith & Jedi Path that educates and enlightens generations of Jedi, including Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker. 

20. Words of Wisdom T-Shirt

Star Wars unisex adult Star Wars - Words of Wisdom T-shirt T Shirt, Premium Navy Heather, Medium US

Looks like we didn’t miss another charming apparel with slim-fit for men, Star Wars words of wisdom tee. The fashion t-shirt is entirely made of 100% cotton, making it wearable with comfort. It’s machine wash friendly; even hard washes can’t ruin the graphics of the tee.

You can collect the sets from this roll and make a bundle of different Star Wars tees for him. It’ll be an exclusive hamper of Star Wars gifts for boyfriend.

21. Star Wars Folded Flyers Kit

Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyers Activity Kit

It’s a Star Wars flyer kit, except instead of being a stop-dead toy, it’s a flying toy. It’ll fly with the help of force. The Star Wars Folded Flyers kit will soar around his lounge room like it’s orbiting. The Kit is made with vibrant colors, designed papers – expressive galactic exteriors and authenticity. 

With five different designs, he can have a fleet of Y-wings and X-wings with command.

22. Star War Burned Spoons Gift Set

Star War Burned Wooden Spoons Utensil Set Gift Idea Cooking Serving Utensils Natural Bamboo Kitchen House Warming Presents Slotted Spoon 5 Piece

An awesome set of wooden spoons with Star Wars engraved artworks on them will be a good choice to give as a gift. There’s a spatula, a folk spoon, and large spoons in this set. These can be used for high heat sautéing, baking, or mixing, etc. The heat won’t ruin the utensils.

The plus point is, it’s not plastic or metal; the material is wood, making it eco-friendly. 

23. Star Wars Apron for Men Darth Vader 

ICUP Star Wars - Darth Vader Be The Character Adult Size 100% Cotton Adjustable Black Apron

Talking about Star Wars kitchen utensils and not including this will be a crime. It’s a superb treat for Darth Vader lovers who enjoy cooking. Featuring an image made to look like Darth Vader’s mechanical suit, this will enable him to protect his clothes with the help of the lord! The adjustable string around the neck makes it fit like a charm.

24. Star Wars Wall Calendar

2024 Star Wars: The Mandalorian - The Child Wall Calendar

A Star Wars wall-calendar, brimming with his desired and favorite characters. Isn’t this the ideal one for your man who’s drooling over Star Wars for a long time? The calendar has printed scenes and illustrations centering on Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian.

It’ll look so good to decorate rooms or workplaces with this. Nothing can be classier and cooler than this among all the Star Wars gift ideas for him. 

25. BlenderBottle Star Wars Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle Star Wars Shaker Bottle Pro Series Perfect for Protein Shakes and Pre Workout, 28-Ounce, Darth Vader Suit

This BlenderBottle shaker uses the same energy as the Lord to use the force to whisk and mix your liquids or protein shake. The liquids won’t spill out thanks to the leak-proof lip, and a Spout Guard makes it easy to open the cap without touching it.

It keeps bacteria and direct contacts out of the liquid. There’s plenty of other different designed Star Wars BlenderBottle available from this brand too.

26. Stormtrooper Inspired Storm Pooper

Disruption Star Wars Stormtrooper Inspired Storm Pooper Parody Vinyl Decal,Black or Glow in The Dark,Perfect for Toilet Lid,Wall or Bathroom Decor,8.5in by 6in,Funny Star Wars Gift for Fans(Glow)

Time for a humorous and funky item to show your man that the spark is still there. It’s a storm pooper toilet sticker you can attach to the lid of the toilet seat or around. The vinyl decal glows in the dark. Looks like one of the stormtroopers is guarding your poop. It’s one of the funniest Star Wars gifts for men. 

This is a very hilarious way to show off someone’s love for Star Wars. He will love it for sure!

27. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Figure

Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Mandalorian Flying with The Child, Grey

All aficionados love to have a collection of their favorite series, bands, or movies. It’s a sort of passion for them. To enrich their collection here’s a cool vintage Mandalorian figure. 

The Mandalorians has a separate fan base among Star Wars. So, if he too has an interest in it, grab this item as soon as possible. Help him to collect and display!

28. Star Wars Ice Trays

No products found.

We have seen a lot of kitchen appliances themed on Star Wars. Spoons, glasses, utensils, and whatnot. So, some ice trays surely deserve to be ended up here too. This set of eight pure silicone ice trays has the shape of different Star Wars, including Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett, and so on. 

These are super easy to use and durable. 

29. The Black Series Snowspeeder Vehicle

STAR WARS The Black Series Snowspeeder Vehicle with Dak Ralter Figure 6-Inch-Scale The Empire Strikes Back Collectible Toys

Don’t think that men don’t love to have a collection of awesome toys regarding their favorite series or characters. It doesn’t make them any less man, just showing off their childish love. This Star Wars snowspeeder miniature is a terrific addition to any Star Wars collection.

They can imagine the Star Wars scenes in their head with this premium and aesthetic toy figure. The details and outlook will blow any fan’s mind. It’s certainly among the coolest Star Wars gifts for boyfriend. 

30. The Vintage Mandalorian Action Figure

STAR WARS The Vintage Collection The Mandalorian Toy, 3.75-Inch-Scale The Mandalorian Action Figure, Toys for Kids Ages 4 and Up

There’s another action figure for collection purposes. This one is a vintage figurine of the Mandalorian with realistically detailed works on it. His body is protected by armor and his face is unseen behind a T-visored mask. The whole look is wrapped in mystery.

The vintage collections are rare so don’t let this slip through your fingers. 

31. Mandalorian Backpack


A Star Wars backpack! Yes, it has characters of the The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The padded surface will provide utter comfort to wear and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to switch the ease according to your preference. There are plenty of pockets, too.

It’s lightweight, can be used as a laptop bag and the quality is surely praiseworthy.

32. Chewbacca Seat Belt

GNEGNI Star Wars Chewbelta Chewbacca Seat Belt Shoulder Cover Pad for Car Handbag

This will be an unusual one among other Star Wars gift ideas for him. He won’t see this coming until you surprise him with this Chewbacca seat belt wear. The belt is made of soft Wookiee fur, caring and comforting for the shoulders.

It’s a versatile belt pad; can be used for duffle bags, shoulder bags, luggage, or others. The strap is easy to install, easy to open, and foldable without any hassle. 

33. Star Wars; The Saga Toys

STAR WARS Celebrate The Saga Toys Rebel Alliance Figure Set, 3.75-Inch-Scale Collectible Action Figure 5-Pack, Toys for Kids Ages 4 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)

Men, as previously stated, have a childlike instinct when it comes to their favorite series, and saying no to series/movie-inspired toys is never an option in these cases. So, here’s a collection of Saga Toys small figurines. It’s a fantastic present for Star Wars buffs. The legendary five miniature characters allow fans to have a closer look at their favorite idols.

34. Darth Vader Gel Rollerball Pen

Sheaffer Pop Star Wars Darth Vader Gel Rollerball Pen with Chrome Trim

Yes, it’s a Star Wars pen. The pen is covered in Star Wars-themed graphics. It’s a rollerball pen with 360-degree Darth Vader character design motifs. His basic paperwork will become fascinating, and this will fuel his motivation to work even harder.This fantastic pen comes in three different characters: R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Yoda. The packaging looks so eye-catching and will do a good job as an occasional gift.

35. Yoda Metal Bookend

Premium Heavy-Duty Metal Bookend - Black L-Shaped Bookend Supports on Office Desk, Creative Gift for Dad and Lover (Master)

This is specially designed for bookworms. The thing looks like a cute little Yoda figure is using his power to save books from collapsing. It also works great to arrange your books neatly. The product is made of good quality stainless steel making it sturdy. 

Add charm to his study room or table by giving him this creative piece of Star Wars bookend.

All of the Great Star Wars Gifts for Men in One Read!

Well well, it appears that the war for finding the perfect Star Wars gifts for men is just about to meet its conclusion. There have been enough items to look for on this theme. And the choices don’t just end there. 

You’ll find 100s of similar products too, but let me tell you, these are the best among them with the best quality and of course a kudos to the versatility. So, why bother? You’re getting all in one within one read.

Looks like we’ve reached the end. Wondering if there’s something left? Check the sections from the bottom again and you’ll find a stoppage somewhere between them. 


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