35 Unique Tactical Gifts for Men

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Last updated on May 31st, 2023

We all know this guy who is very much into tactical equipment. Getting a gift for them could be a bit tricky if you don’t know much about these gears. In this post I’ve narrowed down 35 unique gifts for a tactical guy.

Feel free to go through the list and pick the best tactical gifts that hit the mark. 

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35 Tactical Gifts for Tactical Guys

Let’s begin the hunt for finding the best tactical gifts for men. You’ll find many different kinds of items when you search online. But it might just be too overwhelming to decide which one to get.

Here’s a list that you can trust. Buy anything from the 35 items listed below. Your tactical guy will love it.

1. Tactical Wallet

Tactical Wallet

This almost never fails to please a tactical guy. They always like things with multiple use cases. A tactical wallet is a perfect example of that. This has a slick look and sturdy build quality. It holds cards and money with ease and security.

2. Survival Axe

Survival Axe

No, this isn’t an actual full-sized axe (although he might love a proper axe too!). This is a small axe that integrates a hammer head, hatchet blade, claw, changeable saw, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and more!

A tactical guy will love this multipurpose tool to have with him. This small tool can be a great savior in many situations to come.

3. Folding Pocket Knife

Folding Pocket Knife

A tactical guy can never have too many knives. A good quality folding pocket knife is something he’d love to keep with him all the time. This one comes in different design options for the handle.

You can rely on its high performance and long-lasting stainless steel. It’s fairly simple to open and lock. This makes it a great go to knife for a tactical person.

4. Camping Spork

Camping Spork

What the hell is a spork? Well, it’s basically a multi-function spoon and fork that has multiple usages. This little beast has a saw tooth blade, bottle opener, harpoon, knife, whistle, rope, and the fork and spoon. All of it in one! Perfect gifts for tactical guy. 

5. Tactical Pen Survival Gear

Tactical Pen Survival Gear

You see how this is going? Having multiple things built within is a big thing here. This pen is just like that. It’s a tactical pen that can shine light, has a bottle opener, glass breaker, and screwdriver. And of course, it also works as a regular pen.

6. Multitool Camping Gear

Multitool Camping Gear

This gorgeous piece has everything essential for a variety of situations. When you gift this to a tactical guy, you hit the mark. It has 16 different tools like axe, hammer, plier, knife, bottle opener, and more. The design is built to last, and looks like something a tactical guy will definitely like to have.

7. 50 Caliber Shot Glasses

50 Caliber Shot Glasses

Someone who fancies getting tactical gifts are likely into guns and bullets. Sometimes they’re pretty geeky when it comes to these things. Here’s a pair of shot glasses that look like 50 cal bullets.

These are cool, and create opportunities for adding clever messages. For instance, I’d say, “Here’s a bullet. Take a shot.” (I know I try hard, lol.)

8. Folding Camping Chair Stool

Folding Camping Chair Stool

When a tactical guy goes camping, he tries to minimize packing as much as possible. This folding camping chair stool can be a great help in that regard. This is a stool that can also act as a bag for all the necessary stuff.

And the camouflage design is a proven choice of tactical men. So, gift it to him  right away for his next camping, hiking, or trekking adventure.

9. Snowflake Multi-tool Keychain  

Snowflake Multi-tool Keychain

This is essentially a keychain. But it has 18 tools with it. At first glance it may look like one of those fidget spinners out there. This 18-in-1 keychain has important tools like screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, etc.

The multicolor finish is a treat to the eyes. He can use this lovely gift as a keychain, or a decorative item on his backpack. These are perfect tactical gifts for men. 

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10. Flashlight Glove

Flashlight Glove

When I stumbled upon this item, I went like, “Woooaaaah! That’s bizarre and useful”. It truly is. Just imagine pointing fingers at something and that has light on it. Light, from your fingers! 

This is pretty useful outdoors, and especially useful for small tasks at night when constant light is necessary but there’s no one there to assist. It runs on batteries, and has an on/off switch for easy functionality.

11. Grenade Paracord Emergency Toolkit

Grenade Paracord Emergency Toolkit

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to talk you into buying an actual grenade (although some tactical guys would love to possess one, perhaps). This is a survival kit that looks like a grenade.

When it’s disassembled, it provides 48 different tools, including rope, razor blade, flashlight, fire starter, fishing hooks, needle, pocket knife, compass, and more. This is like a total package when we discuss tactical gifts for men.

12. Water Storage Bladder Bag

Water Storage Bladder Bag

A gift is a perfect way of showing that you care. Now, tactical guys will keep on collecting different tools for their next adventure. Give him this cool water bag to remind him to keep himself hydrated on the way.

This is a cool bladder bag that’s easy to carry. It’s also easy to clean and made of premium materials. So, it’s more reliable and efficient than flasks and bottles in tactical situations.

13. Weener Kleener Soap

Weener Kleener Soap

Tactical guys can’t have fun gifts, said no one ever. This is a hilarious one. The name is pretty much self-explanatory. It’ll surely get a good laugh. And good laughs are good memories. Don’t worry about the size. With this sort of gag gifts, I believe size doesn’t matter.

14. Paracord Bracelet

These cool bracelets are a great fashion choice for a tactical guy. This is a paracord bracelet, perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting situations. It comes with a compass on it, and a whistle too. It’s one of the most common tactical gifts, and for good reason.

The pack contains two bracelets. You can give your tactical guy one and wear one yourself. Now you two are “Bracelet Buddies!” (yes, this is a F. R. I. E. N. D. S. reference) 

15. Tactical Machete

Tactical Machete

Machetes are proven swords with huge versatility. Machetes are traditionally used as pairs in fights. However, this is more like a non-fighting machete. 

Consider it more like a utility item. It’s sharp, has a pointy tip, and it’s very durable. Tactical guys will love something like this when they need to clear bush as they walk in jungle areas. And he’ll certainly find creative ways of using this. 

16. Tactical Flashlight

A flashlight is every tactical guy’s core necessity. And tactical flashlights are quite different from the ones we buy for casual use. For starters, this flashlight can project 10000 lumens of super bright light. That’s huge!

17. Blaster Toy

Blaster Toy

This is a super fun item for a tactical guy. It’s a blaster gun that is fun to play around with another friend. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a children’s toy.

Any tactical guy would love to have fun using this gun with friends. It’s a fairly good sport, and a safe simulation of high energy action. If these aren’t the best gifts for tactical guy, I don’t know what is.

18. Military Grade Phone Case

Military Grade Phone Case

Tactical men prefer heavy-duty items in their arsenal. A phone is a rather sensitive item in this case. Gift him this phone case, or should I say the phone ‘armor’. This will provide heavy shock resistance, impact resistance, and a rugged look to his phone.

19. Tactical Mini Beer Vests

Tactical Mini Beer Vests

Adventures make you thirsty. And nothing beats a bottle of chilled beer on camping nights. A tactical guy deserves a tactical beer. How does a beer become tactical? By wearing this ridiculously cute tactical mini vest meant for beers.

Now your tactical guy and his beer looks like they’re made for each other in the adventure of a lifetime. He’ll love this, and find this very thoughtful.

20. Stormproof Match Kit

Stormproof Match Kit

You can never rely on one gadget solely on trips where options are very limited. Say your guy goes camping, and suddenly realizes the Firestarter he brought along doesn’t work. Now he has no way but to try with stones, or spend a cold night outside.

This stormproof match kit is a great tool to get as gifts for tactical guy. A tactical man will find it extremely helpful as it also comes in a waterproof case. This maximizes its reliability a lot. 

21. Bungee Cord for Training

Bungee Cord for Training

Your tactical guy needs to stay fit, and focused for his next big trip. To help him improve his strength, stamina, and agility, gift him these highly useful bungee cords. He will love these tactical gifts, and would love to train hard before the next adventure.

22. Tactical Vest

Tactical Vest

Every tactical man deserves a good quality tactical vest. Gift him one, show him you care a great deal. This tactical vest is perfect for carrying all the emergency items. It has useful additions like magazine pouches, Velcro for ID patches, and more.

A tactical guy will love this gift for its utility, quality, and style.

23. Military Folding Shovel and BBQ Kit

Military Folding Shovel and BBQ Kit

When we say camping, we automatically imagine firing up the BBQ. Here’s a great gift for a tactical guy that includes a BBQ kit, and a folding shovel. Because he might also want to dig a hole for the fire and to bury trash afterwards.

24. Tactical Gloves

Tactical Gloves

What are tactical gloves? Well, they’re protective gloves that will save his knuckles from harm, keep his hands clean and dry, and allow flexible movement of hands. These are great gifts for tactical guy. These leather gloves feel darn premium.

25. Bullet Whiskey Stones

Bullet Whiskey Stones

Gift this cool item so that your tactical man can cool off his signature “man’s drink”. These whiskey stones get cold really fast, and can cool down drinks pretty fast. It’s not actually made of stone though. It’s metallic but it doesn’t interfere with the flavor of whiskey.

This gift will bring a smile to any tactical item loving man. The packaging exerts manliness on a whole other level.

26. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Here’s another one to crack them up. Tactical men often need small bags or pouches to carry a thing or two. This beer belly-like fanny pack will get the job done, yes, but also bring some laughter to the table.

It’s so lifelike, that it’s capable of pulling off a great but harmless prank. To make a tactical guy laugh, check this out.

27. Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles

Men with a thirst for tactical things will go places. And some trails require a stick to guide the way. This is a lightweight trekking pole that’ll be a great addition in his arsenal.

It’s resizable and quite easy to maneuver. The pack contains two sticks, so he’ll have a spare for his buddy on the journey. Great, great item for a tactical man.

28. Bullet Shell Tank

 Bullet Shell Tank

A gift isn’t simply something funny or something that has day to day use. Decorative items also make great tactical gifts. And for a tactical man, this army tank made with bullet shell shaped pieces really hits the mark. Tanks are always great gifts for tactical guy, no matter their size!

29. Vintage Key Rack

Vintage Key Rack

Tactical men love tools, all of them. This rack for holding keys is made with a cast iron wrench. This has a serious retro look to it, and it’s super solid. He’ll love one of these for his house. 

30. Pistol Decanter Set

Pistol Decanter Set

I feel proud to have found this for you. Take a look at this antique looking decanter. Gift this to your tactical guy, he’ll proudly show it off in his personal bar, and guests. It has a pistol that pours the liquor. It can hold up to 600ml liquid. 

By the way, it comes with 4 equally gorgeous shot glasses. Trust me, it’s a complete package. 

31. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder and Paper Weight

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder and Paper Weight

This gun cylinder-like pen holder is one of the perfect gifts for tactical guy. He’d be able to keep his favorite pens in it. And also use the whole thing as a paperweight. The product is made of aluminum. It is durable, shows off a tactical vibe, and excellent as a decoration.

32. Magnetic Wristband 

Magnetic Wristband 

Another really handy gift for someone who is tactical minded. This magnetic wristband has super strong magnets. It will hold every metal object you give it. Ideal for a tactical guy who’d love to have multiple metal objects “in hand”.

This isn’t too heavy on the hands. It leaves a lot of breathing space. 

33. Survival Kit

This kit is not like any other kit I mentioned above. This one can be labeled as the ultimate survival kit for tactical guys. This has a whopping 118 pieces of equipment. All of these are super necessary. This kit fundamentally covers every basic tool a tactical guy would need. This kit will keep four persons protected for 72 hours.

34. Massage Gun

 Massage Gun

Don’t forget his relaxation. They get tired too! As he likes guns, give him a gun then. Not just any gun. It’s a gun that massages muscles. Doesn’t that sound comfy? This has different speed modes and different heads for massaging different areas.

35. Leather Journal

Leather Journal

This last item in the list is a pretty thoughtful one. Tactical guys do love all the gears, cool gadgets, and tools. But I believe what they like most is telling stories of their adventures. 

So, gift him this lovely leather journal writing notebook. It has a classy look, that is ideal for holding the precious memories of your beloved tactical guy.

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Wrapping Up the Tactical Gifts

There you go. I hope I was able to help you with this list to settle your tactics of choosing the best tactical gifts for men. This list covers almost every aspect of gifts – thoughtful, creative, fun, useful, and caring. Choose one, or more depending on occasions and the relation you’re nurturing. Happy gift giving!