35 Unique and Essential Gifts for Streamers

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Last updated on May 16th, 2023

Gifting something to someone who already has a lot of things can be challenging. I’m talking about aspiring streamers here. If they don’t have a good mic, or headphones to work with, gift them one of those, problem solved!

But what if they already have a good audio-video setup? What can you gift them now? Well, here I have 35 unique and essential gifts for streamers especially selected for such people. These are items that can enhance their desk, or their workflow.

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35 Gifts for Streamers

We all know most streamers have a big love for tech thingies. So, my list has a number of them keeping that in mind. But also, there are non-tech things as well. Without wasting any more of your time let’s dive right into it.

1. Stream Deck

This is one item that streamers drool over. It’s a bit pricey, yes. But it’s a very useful and efficient addition to every streamer’s desk. It’s basically all you need to take control of your setup, including lights, media playback, audio controls, screen capture, and whatnot.

 Seriously, get them one of these. Streamers love having a stream deck for their videos.

2. Modular Hexagon Lights

Modular Hexagon Lights

No modern setup is complete without proper lights. You’ll find a lot of streamers with rainbow PCs, and then another type with a one color, preferably warm color setups. You can give these modular hexagon lights to any streamer.

These are pretty cool. You can touch to turn it on or off, use the remote to change color. And, he can add more plates to the lot. These can be arranged in any desired way. Awesome!

3. Gaming Keypad

Gaming Keypad

No, these are not suggestions for full-sized mechanical gaming keyboards. This is just a part of it. The only keys that matter most in most games these days. It doesn’t matter what games the streamer streams, this keypad has everything covered.

It has macro keys, it’s backlit, and has a wrist rest. With this, you have full control in MOBA, FPS. RPG, Arcade, Racing, and any other game genre. It’s such a pretty addition to a streamer’s desk.

4. Steam, Xbox, PS Balance

Streamers need content. A lot of it to maintain the regularity of his/her channel. If the streamer is a gamer, you can gift them balance for buying new games. A new game means multiple new stuff for the channel. 

5. Portable Green Screen

Portable Green Screen

With this gift, a streamer can finally have the background he/she always wanted – by having no background but green to begin with. Everyone in video content making needs a green screen these days.

This is a portable one, so a streamer can take it along anywhere and set it up very easily. Great gift!

6. Blue Yeti USB Mic

Blue Yeti USB Mic

I’m not saying gift a microphone. I’m saying gift a “Blue Yeti”. It’s that good, trust me. Even if your aspiring streamer has a good microphone, this will still be a great addition to that. The little beast has proven itself in all use cases.

7. RGB Headphone Stand with Charger Desk

RGB Headphone Stand with Charger Desk

A streamer’s cool headphone needs a cooler way to stand. This is an exciting RGB headphone stand that has a USB charging system at the bottom of it. It’s really a useful thing for any desk. It enhances aesthetics quite a lot too, which makes it one of the best gifts for streamers.

8. Livestream Planner Notebook

Livestream Planner Notebook

It’s 2021, everyone is online. And a big number of people are making quality content. But why do some channels stand out, while a lot of them just come and go? I’ll tell you, it’s because the ones that failed had no idea what they wanted.

Gift this planning notebook designed for streamers to let him/her know that you care and you want the channel to go big.

9. Mouse Bungee

Mouse Bungee

Excess cable is a nightmare for a person who loves his PC setup. People do all sorts of things to really tidy up and hide extra cables. But what do you do with the cable of a mouse? It can’t really be fixed somewhere as this moves all the time.

This mouse bungee saves the day. It looks cool, and gives you just the amount of cable you need to operate the mouse. A great gift for a streamer.

10. Lights


A user will skip a video faster than every bullet that has ever left a gun if the video lighting is bad. In a world full of perfectly lit videos, nobody will settle for a dark and grainy video. Save your streamer from this. 

Buy a streamer this cool light setup. It can be modified with the filters that come with it. Two lights mean a perfectly symmetrical light drop on the streamer’s face. Very necessary!

11. Live Sound Card

 Live Sound Card

It’s likely that your streamer is recording audio through an XLR mic setup or a USB mic setup. Now, the quality is great and it can be processed anyway in the post processing. But there’s nothing much to do with these during live streams.

This sound card can save the day. It has built in special effects for voice. A streamer will be able to modulate his/her vocals in real time with this baby.

12. Neon LED Decoration

Neon LED Decoration

For catchy videos, decoration is everything. This neon LED decoration can add so much to a streamer’s videos. This is something that’ll probably be in the background. But it has the potential to contribute so much.

13.Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Gift your streamer these fun and cool pillows. These are pretty comfortable, and they have some funny messages on them. It basically sums up a streamer’s life, ha-ha.

14. Silent Fan

Silent Fan

A good stream demands clean audio. To get the best audio, one needs to minimize every source of noise in the room. In comes this fan. It’s fully capable of keeping your streamer cool while keeping the noise floor to the minimum. Who knew fans could be such useful gifts for streamers?

15. Air Purifier

Air Purifier

This is something a streamer won’t normally buy for his/her setup. If they don’t have an AC in their room, this is probably the best solution to purify the air. It also filters and emits clean odor. This will make the room environment work friendly.

Give this as a gift to a streamer to reduce their stress. They can focus more on their work, and the world can have amazing contents to watch.

16. 100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

We all love to plan things. Bucket List is wildly popular for that. This is a scratch poster that a streamer will love. He/she can create their own bucket list here. Most importantly, this can give him a direction for future streams. 

17. Legend of Zelda Hook

Legend of Zelda Hook

Here’s a nerdy one for your streamer. This is a retro looking Legend of Zelda themed key holder. It has 4 hooks to hold keys, coats, and whatever you can hang here. It’s a very cool item to gift a streamer.

18. Piranha Plant Lamp

Piranha Plant Lamp

A streamer’s desk needs cool little details to really grab attention. A lamp on a desk is good. But why not spice it up a bit? This is a fun little piranha plant lamp. Yes, this looks familiar because we all grew up with it.

This is the same piranha plant monster that we have seen in Mario games. These cheeky killers came up the tunnels and killed Mario. It’s the same thing in a lamp form.

19. Wrist Rest for Keyboard

Wrist Rest for Keyboard

Longer hours in front of a PC can be stressful for a streamer’s hands. We often see black marks for using the mouse and keyboard too much. Save your streamer from this by giving him/her this excellent wrist rest. Now their wrist can rest in peace.

20. Capture Card

Capture Card

A streamer often needs a device to capture what they’re doing on screen. For PC users there are solid options like OBS studio or Bandicam to capture or broadcast. But if your streamer is using Playstations or Xboxs, then it’s necessary to have an external capture device.

This device allows capturing screen in 1080p resolution at 60 Hz. That is good enough for streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

21. Ring Light

Ring Light

I cannot stress the importance of good lights enough. Desk lights and room lights are important. But it’s vital to have proper light on the star’s face. This ring light can bring out the best features of the streamer’s face. 

Gift a streamer this ring light and be a part of creating something sensational.

22. Streaming Webcam

Streaming Webcam

Good quality cameras always make great gifts for streamers. And an ordinary webcam found in markets just doesn’t cut it. This Razer webcam is specifically designed for streamers. It has superb video quality, as well as built-in microphone and lights. 

It’s a complete package that is compatible with all the popular streaming software. A streamer will be more than happy to receive this smart webcam as a gift.

23. Vinyl Coaster

Vinyl Coaster

People who stream live music will love this gift. It’s a coaster that replicates a vinyl player. But it’s not a limited pick for only musicians. Gamers, makeup artists, dancers, and every kind of streamer love music. Go ahead, gift them this perfect desk decoration.

24. USB Hub

 USB Hub

When a streamer streams, there’s a lot going on in the background. Their PC will likely have these things running at the same time: monitor, mouse, keyboard, webcam, audio interface, microphone, lights, and more. 

There aren’t this many USB ports available on any PC to host all these gears. So, a streamer absolutely needs a hub that can give them additional ports to work with.

25. Streamer Mug 

Streamer Mug 

You know what the motto of every streamer and vlogger is? It’s “make sure you like, comment and subscribe for more awesome contents”. This motto can sit right on their desk thanks to this cool mug that literally says like, comment, subscribe, and share. 

26. Door Knob Hanger

Door Knob Hanger

We’ve all seen live streams go wrong. Maybe some family member who didn’t know accidentally entered the room and interrupted the stream. Save your streamer from this online mishap. 

This cool door knob will let the world know that there’s good stuff in the making inside the room. It must not be interrupted, unless the world is falling apart.

27. Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand

Streamers who don’t work on a webcam or DSLR camera setup often record things with their phones. They need something steady to hold their phone in place. This tripod can help them in this particular situation.

It’s Bluetooth supported. So, there’s no need to run here and there for each take. And it supports all phones. It can hold up to 1.5 kilograms. A perfect gift for a streamer who streams from a smartphone. 

28. Microphone Boom Arm

Microphone Boom Arm

A streamer needs something to hold the microphone in place. A traditional microphone stand does the job. But it takes a considerable amount of space in the room. And if you need to readjust the mic position, well it’s tedious.

Boom arm can easily be attached to the desk, and it can be repositioned simply by pulling or pushing. That’s why these can be wonderful gifts for streamers and a perfect addition to their desks.

29. Clip on Mic

Clip on Mic

Sometimes having a big microphone in front of the face can interfere with work. A streamer might find it hard to focus because there’s this huge condenser mic in front of him. A clip-on mic can solve the issue. Just connect it to your PC or phone, and clip the mic to your shirt. Done!

30. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

Sound echoes, room reverbs, and some ambient noise can really mess up audio of streams. It gets annoying really fast. Gift these cool looking acoustic panels to a streamer. He/she can decorate the room with it and also improve the audio of streams.

31. Portable SSD

Portable SSD

Streamers need a lot of storage space to keep all of their source files. One can never have too much storage. Buy him a portable SSD so that he can keep all of the necessary files in one place. SSDs provide superior speed. And portable SSDs will allow access to files anywhere.

32. External Lens for Smartphone

 External Lens for Smartphone

Streamers on smartphones can get away from the stock phone camera and add new dimensions to their videos with external lenses designed for phones. These lenses can enhance the video and also allow a new framing for the streamer’s videos.

33. Mesh Wi-Fi System

Mesh Wi-Fi System

Streaming needs a good internet connection. A good Wi-Fi system should be ensured for a smooth streaming experience. Gift this mesh Wi-Fi system to a streamer for improved connectivity and better transmission of contents.

34. Drone

Static videos just don’t feel enough in this era of advanced technologies. To make things interesting, putting some drone shots in a video can really help. Buy your streamer a drone. He can use this for videos that aren’t live. It’ll certainly add more professionalism to the contents.

35. Smart Lock

Smart Lock

A streamer has a room full of cool gadgets and gears. It’s important to keep them safe. This smart lock is a smart solution for a smart streamer’s gears. It looks amazing, has Wi-Fi functionality, and is easy to install.

Final Words

Buying gifts for streamers is a very dynamic process. ‘Streamer’ is an umbrella term. There are all sorts of streamers like gamers, musicians, makeup artists, chefs, and more. So, pick up a relevant item that can support their craft.

These handpicked gifts will bring joy to all streamers. Any of these items will inspire a streamer to keep up the good work. And in return we all can have amazing and entertaining videos on different platforms.