30 Gifts for Pool Players: Truly Touching the Spirit of the Game

If you plan to buy gifts for pool players, you’ve got quite a few options, depending on playstyle and personality. Check them out here! 13 min

Last updated on July 26th, 2023

Pool is a game that can be whatever you want it to be. It can be serious, or casually played over drinks. This means if you plan to buy gifts for pool players, you’ve got quite a few options, depending on playstyle and personality.

This list aims to help you generate gift ideas for pool players, not to tell you what to buy. So you don’t have to follow it to the tee. Instead, put some thought into what the intended person likes or needs, as gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be meaningful.

However, if you’re sort of a Bill Gates, we suggest you start at the bottom of the list.

What Not to Buy as Gifts for Pool Players

The last thing you want to give somebody as a present is something they already have/don’t need. What you can do instead, is recall a few memories or ask some people whom the recipient is close to.

Is their pool table not level? Are they having problems with their cue stick? Did they suddenly run out of chalk? Do they play long games and need position markers? If the answers are no, don’t buy these. Instead, look further down the list for ideas.

1. Cue Stick Holder

Wall Mount Cue Stick Holder - Very Useful and Aesthetic Gift for Pool Players
Wall Mount Pool Stick Holder
Stick Holder Floor Stand
Stick Holder Floor Stand

Having a proper place to rest your cues is one of the earliest upgrades in a pool player’s arsenal. It provides easy access to them and safely stores them away when not in use. Not to mention it also adds a very nice look to the room. If the person you have in mind loves playing pool, this is a must-have item for them.

2. Ball Set

Having nice balls can change the game. Old balls can be given an uplift with cleaners as you’ll find further down the list, but new, smooth balls are sure to get all the attention.

Not only are they fun to play with, but they’re also a treat to the eyes. Especially if you have guests to impress, generic balls simply won’t do the trick. Here are three options, all for different budgets. 

3. Carrying Case

Carrying Case
Leatherette, Crush-resistant Resin
Carrying Case
Faux Leather

Is the recipient friends with other pool players? Do they go out to their neighborhood establishment to play? Do they play competitively? If the answer is yes, they’ll be thankful for one of these.

These options are made of synthetic or leather to help you meet your fancy. You can also choose between a 1×1 or 2×2, or even a 2×4!

4. Pool Pockets

Pool Pockets
Plastic Web Pockets
Pool Pockets
Made of Real Leather

Pool pockets get worn over time. They can look old and dingy, and in worst cases, can let a ball slip through the holes! Imagine running around the room cause a ball decided to run off! Absolutely unacceptable.

If your friend’s pool pockets are worn and old, or you just plan on gifting him some nice pockets, you can give these a go.

5. Wall-mounted 8 Ball Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted 8 Ball Bottle Opener - Unique gift idea for pool players

Beer and billiard are like two peas in a pod. If you’re playing casually, the combo works great. But passing a bottle opener around can be a little troublesome. You can end up losing it too! So why not get your friend one of these?

Every time they open a beer while playing, they’ll think of you. Cheers!

6. Pool Ball Shot Glasses

Pool Ball Shot Glasses - A very cool gift

Go hard or go home, right? One of my favorite games to play with my friends is the hit-or-drink game. If you miss a shot, you have to take a shot! PSA – These games rarely end, and the performance starts going downhill from the very first missed shot.

These shot glasses are perfect for this game, as they’ll keep you focused on the balls! Not really though.

7. T-Shirts

8. Gloves

Multiple Colors Available
Red and Black Colors
Lycra Spandex

Getting your cue stuck on your skin is never a good thing. Slipping on sweat can also ruin the game! Especially in games like pool, a single mistake can cost you the match. That’s why gloves are always recommended (plus, they look cool).

Again, you have options to choose from. Different budgets and different customizations match exactly what you’re looking for.

9. Lights

Bad lighting will simply drain the pleasure out of an otherwise fun game. Shadows can severely hamper your perspective, and concentrating on seeing too much can cause you to miscalculate your shots. 

That’s why having dedicated lights is so important for your pool table. Choose the one that corresponds to your room and the pool table.

10. Cue Chalk

Cue Chalk

Slippery cues are a nightmare if you want to put a bit of spin on the ball. Because it’s such a widely used item, it’s always handy to have some of it lying around so you never run out of them.

This is one of those gifts for pool players that you can’t go wrong with. Maybe throw this in with some other billiards gift ideas to make a goodie bag!

11. Brushes

Clean tables can’t be overstated when it comes to pool. Fur from your pets, dust, bits of chalk, and wood – lots of things can litter your table and cause trouble.

In some cases, these things can harm the delicate felt on your pool table, leading to further problems. So it’s always a good idea to clean the table after each game, just to be sure.

12. Bridge

Like many others starting out with pool, I didn’t understand the need for bridges. I mean, what’s the big deal, right? Turns out, no. If you’re not comfortable shooting, not only will you shoot like an idiot, but you can also cause some injuries to your hands and shoulders.

Any serious pool player should have one of these in their arsenal, period.

13. Bridge Cue Stick Rest

Playing pool can lead to some seriously awkward shooting positions. Unless you’re a gymnast or Elastigirl from the Incredibles, you’re bound to get injured if you don’t use a cue bridge. And To help you make the shots, there’s a rest at the tip.

It helps you line up the perfect shot no matter where the cue ball is by letting you customize the height and angle you want to shoot from.

14. Shims


A level pool table is one of those silent blessings that just keep on giving. Sometimes it’s hard to detect it with the naked eye, but with a level, you can easily spot imperfections.

These imperfections can ruin your pool experience, so if your friend’s table is askew, it’s time to get him these shims! This cheap upgrade will have a huge impact on the game and be one of the most useful gifts for pool players.

15. Cue Tips

No, this isn’t for cleaning your ears. For that, this would simply be too big. This is what transfers all the energy from the cue stick to the cue ball. Standard ones are fine to start with, but any player with some experience will tell you that some tips are better than others.

There’s a certain balance between ball control and consistency that makes all the difference. Ultimately it comes down to preference, but nicer ones generally result in better shots.

16. Pocket Reducers

Pocket Reducers

This is for those who are dead serious about the game. One of the most unique gifts for billiard players, it reduces the size of the pockets by 30%, forcing you to make more accurate shots. 

Meant for practicing rather than playing, this helps you significantly improve your aim and takes your skills to the next level. Give this to your friend to make him a better player.

17. Ball Care Products

Ball Care Products

As we said earlier, shiny balls are bound to impress. But it’s unreasonable to buy new balls every time they get a scratch. That’s where these guys come in.

This combo of cleaner and restorer is meant to be used on phenolic balls. By cleaning and polishing them, you’ll give them a lustrous look that’s going to make playing an absolute pleasure.

18. Corners

Nicer corners on the pool table not only allow better gameplay but also look absolutely gorgeous (and we all know how important that is when it comes to pool). 

Whether they’re made of bronze, iron, or colloid, they’re sure to give the pool table a new look. If your friend is an avid player, this will make one of the nicest billiard gifts for him.

19. Rail Cushions

Another one of those underlooked pool table upgrades is the rail cushions. Trust me, they may seem insignificant but have a huge impact on the look and feel of the table, not to mention the gameplay.

Depending on the aesthetic of the room and the preference of the recipient, you may opt for a professional looking brown one, or maybe a hot pink one, just to spite the purists (also, they look pretty).

20. Leg Levelers

Pool tables can be heavy. So if you want to move them around, your floors may end up being scratched. Minutely uneven floors can severely affect the game. So how can we protect the floors and ensure a perfectly level table at the same time?

The answer is in the leg levelers. The PE base will protect your floors from being scratched, and the table can be leveled using adjustable screws. Think of these like the elder brother to the shims.

21. Position Markers

Sometimes, games can take a long time. I’ve come across games that last several sessions. Continuing games over long periods can be very frustrating if you have to recreate the table with pictures or memory. That’s where these markers come in.

They’re practically harmless for the table. They’re easy to use, leave no residue, and are easy to peel off. What more could you want?

22. Felt Cleaner

Over time the felt on the table can get pretty dirty. Dust, sweat, chalk, and wood accumulate on the fine creases of the felt. They make the table look dirty and have a negative effect on the game. Not to mention they can also harm the felt if left untreated.

It’s always a good idea to clean them from time to time, so it’ll be one of those thoughtful gift ideas for pool players.

23. Felt Cleaning Tool

Felt Cleaning Tool

This is one of the most unique gifts for billiard players. This holds two U.S. patents, that’s how unique it is! Using static electricity and capillary action, this tool can reach under the rails and extract chalk dust and just about everything that doesn’t belong there.

Just sweep this across the entire table gently. You’ll be surprised at how clean the felt will be, even with minimal effort.

24. Cue Stick

Cue Stick
Made of Titanium and Graphite Composite
Cue Stick
Made of Hardwood

This is a no-brainer. Everyone likes a well-made cue stick. A nice stick gives you great control without being too cumbersome and looks pretty neat too. The generic ones everybody starts with are a great bang for the buck, but if you wanna make your friend feel like a pro, give him one of these.

It’ll make them feel like a champ.

25. Cue Stick Repair Kits

Like our favorite bikes or guitars, pool players tend to get attached to their favorite sticks. It doesn’t have to be an especially good one, it just has to be the one that they like. So even if they get old and worn, throwing them out and getting a new stick just isn’t an option sometimes.

Cue sticks can also be somewhat expensive, so this will be another one of those thoughtful gifts for pool players.

26. Pool Themed Key Ring

Pool Themed Key Ring

This opens up the possibility of using the pun ‘pool keys’ for your friend. ‘Honey, I need the pool keys!’ can cause a pleasant confusion as to whether they need the keys to their pool or something else.

Use this keyring on the keys to the pool for maximum effect. We are not responsible for the events that will follow.

27. Mug

What if you don’t wanna get hammered while playing? What if you want to stay focused yet have the air of a casual game? Is your friend a coffee lover too? Then add this to their table, they’ll love the fact that you’ve put two of their favorite things together for a present.

The dark taste of the coffee will go nicely with the wonderful dark humor of these mugs.

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28. Portable Pool Table

Portable Pool Table
Table Dimensions: 55″ L X 29″ W X 32″ H
Portable Pool Table
76″ L x 43″ W x 31″ H
Portable Pool Table
76″ L x 43.25″ W x 32″ H

We’re now stepping into Bill Gates’ territory. If your friend loves pool so much that they want to take the game with them, then this is one of the gifts for pool players that’ll let them do just that – literally.

Here are miniature sizes and a full-sized one too, if you’re up for it. There are also color options so you can match your friend’s fancy to the tee.

29. Table Tennis Conversion Top

Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool Tables
Multiple Color Options
Table Tennis Conversion Top for Pool Tables
Highly Rated

Are you a table tennis fan? Do you want to get your pool-playing friend into your sport? Or does your friend love both table tennis and pool, but having separate tables for both is unrealistic for him?

This can be addressed with this conversion top. Simply put this over your pool table and get ready with your bats, and have some water nearby – it’s about to get sweaty!

30. Pool Table

Pool Table
7.5 Feet Wooden Pool Table
Pool Table
6 ft & 7 ft Options Synthetic Billiards Table

This is the last item on this list for obvious reasons. But still, it’s a solid present, and it’ll serve the user for a long, long time. Not to mention the wonderful memories and mental workouts that’ll follow.

Certainly, a valid option as it’s arguably one of the best gifts for pool players you can imagine, but definitely think this one through, as they may already have one. If you’re going to give this as a present, make sure your friend doesn’t have one yet or wants a new one.

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Finishing Touches

The thought behind a gift is what makes the gift special. So make sure you think about whatever you want to give as a present. 

Pool is a gentleman’s game, so the time you spend trying to make your friend feel special counts a lot more than the dollars spent. Have fun with these gifts for pool players!