20+ Egg Gifts for the Egg Lovers in Your Life

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Last updated on August 4th, 2023

We all have egg lovers in our life. And, we need perfect egg gifts for them from time to time. 

Whether you are looking for egg gifts for Easter or any other occasion, we have got you covered!

Here we have created a comprehensive list of all the cool and fun egg gifts that any egg lover will love to own. 

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Egg Gifts Selection Criteria

Here are the factors that were taken into consideration while evaluating and selecting egg gifts for you: 

Egg-ness: How closely and accurately will the egg gift rise up to the egg lovers’ emotions? 

Aesthetics: Is the product design and features aesthetically pleasing enough to be a good egg gift?

Customer Reviews: Are the reviews for the gift item predominantly positive? 

Suitability: Are the products suitable enough as an egg gift for Easter as well as for every occasion?

Ordering Process: Is the ordering process easy enough and includes good packaging ready to be gifted? 

Depending on the above factors, the team at Things I Need To Buy has evaluated hundreds of products to prepare this exclusive list of best egg gifts available now. 

The Comprehensive List of Cool and Fun Egg Gifts

The list contains a wide array of gifts for egg lovers to choose from. Pick the ones that best suit your gift-giving preferences. 

Pro Tip: Some of the egg gifts suggested here go very well with stuffed balloons filled with gifts.

1. Penguin-Shaped Boiled Egg Cooker 

Penguin-Shaped Boiled Egg Cooker 

Specialty: Cute penguins holding eggs. 

Description: Don’t you want to have one of these just by looking at the picture? Why not buy one for every egg-lover you hold near and dear to you? 

Yes, these penguin egg holders will be the favorite gift that they have received in their life. 

It can be used for boiling, storing, and serving up to six eggs at the same time. It’s super easy to use — just place the eggs into the penguin tummies and place them into the water for boiling. 

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2. Double-Sided Giant Egg Blanket

Double-Sided Giant Egg Blanket

Specialty: Blanket that looks exactly like a fried egg.

Description: This egg gift is really going to impress all the egg lovers of the world. It’s a blanket that looks exactly like a fried egg — sunny side up! 

It’s a 70 inches long giant blanket suitable for both adults and kids. 

The blanket is made of micro flannel, an innovative fabric that combines the top comfort features of high-quality European flannel with the easy-care qualities of 100% polyester fleece. The material is environment-friendly, sustainable, skin-friendly, anti-wrinkling, and anti-fading.

To make it an easy-to-gift item, it is packaged within a funny-designed gift-worthy string bag. 

3. Physics Egg

Physics Egg

Specialty: Philosophical toy known to help with relaxation and meditation

Description: Once you give this egg a spin, you are bound to exclaim with joy, “what an egg!”

This egg-shaped toy will offer joy to people of all ages. It has often been dubbed the philosophical toy due to its unique spinning motion.

You have to give it a spin on its side, but as soon as it starts spinning, it stands erect and keeps spinning for more than a minute. The stopping motion is even more mesmerizing. You have to try it yourself to get the full feel of this enigmatic toy.  

Its soothing and relaxing motion is known to help with relaxation and meditation. 

4. Funny Squishy Chicken and Eggs Stress Reliever

Funny Squishy Chicken and Eggs Stress Reliever

Specialty: Chicken that starts laying an egg when you squeeze it. 

Description: Yes, it’s funny, but it can also gross people out. So, beware before gifting it to anyone who can be sensitive to this kind of imagery. 

Apart from that, it’s just a harmless, fun toy to hold and play with. On top of that, you can also use it as a keychain. 

It’s a yellow chicken that starts laying an egg when you squeeze it. 

But also note that it’s not appropriate for children under 14 years of age. 

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5. Sandwich Maker with Egg Cooker Ring

Specialty: Very useful gift for an egg lover. 

Description: What can be a truly useful gift for an egg lover other than a sandwich maker that has a dedicated ring for eggs? 

It cooks sandwiches in just minutes. This nonsticky sandwich maker is also perfect for English muffins, croissants, and mini waffles. 

On top of that, you can create your custom sandwiches by putting in the ingredients you like. 

All the parts can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. 

6. Rapid Electric Egg Cooker

Rapid Electric Egg Cooker

Specialty: Perfect for smaller kitchens and dorm rooms.

Description: This super cool egg gift will make the life of egg lovers easier than ever before. 

With its auto shut-off feature, you can not only boil the eggs easily with this gadget, but you can also make poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets. 

It can be a lifesaver in smaller kitchens and dorm rooms. You can also take it with you camping. 

You can boil six eggs. Eggs come out consistently perfect with shells that are easy to peel. 

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker includes a poaching tray, omelet tray, 6 egg holder tray, measuring cup, recipe book, and recipe database access. All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe.

7. Rack Metal Egg Storage Holder

Rack Metal Egg Storage Holder

Specialty: Hold up to 22 eggs in style.

Description: This is a must-have for any egg-loving family. And, if you gift this to an egg-lover, they will also become a lover of you. 

It can hold up to 22 eggs easily, all the while looking stylish as hell. You can also access the eggs with the utmost ease and efficiency. 

It has a sturdy steel construction with a black coating. 

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8. Stainless-Steel Egg Whisk in Showcase Gift Box

Stainless-Steel Egg Whisk in Showcase Gift Box

Specialty: The cutest egg whisk on the planet. 

Description: Now, this cute little gift for egg lovers is here to steal hearts. It’s so cheap yet so adorable that you can combine it with any other egg gifts listed here and make an unbeatable package. 

The adorable whisk handle is a cracked egg with a flat bottom, so it stands easily. 

The wire whisk is crafted from resin and stainless steel. The top of the cracked egg lifts off to reveal a baby chick with an orange beak and tiny, orange legs. 

9. Eggs on Socks

Specialty:  Socks featuring eggs.  

Description: Here are three different socks featuring eggs. Pick the ones that stir up your imagination the most. 

Eggs on Socks

10. Eggcellent Keyring

Eggcellent Keyring

Specialty: Keyring with an eggcellent message. 

Description: This is another one of those egg gifts that you might as well gift to yourself. 

It’s made of stainless steel and alloy. It is hypoallergenic. It doesn’t rust, change color, or tarnish. And, it is lead and nickel free.

The keyring will be delivered ready to be gifted with a velvet bag. 

11. Poached Egg Dangle Drop Earrings

Poached Egg Dangle Drop Earrings

Specialty: Earring with a poached egg. 

Description: How about some egg-themed jewelry? 

A 14k gold plated earrings that sports a hanging poached egg. This lightweight earring weighs only 8 grams. It’s lead and nickel free. Safe and comfortable to wear. 

It’s also suitable for matching clothes of various colors and styles. 

12. Tiny Delicate Golden Egg Pendant Necklace

Tiny Golden Egg Pendant Necklace

Specialty: The tiny golden egg; super cute. 

Description: While we are at it, here’s another piece of beautiful egg-themed jewelry. This cute egg will look adorable on the neck of an egg lover. 

The necklace pendant size  is 0.39″ X 0.43″. 

It comes with a gift message card saying, ‘Life is better with friends – A true friend is someone who thinks you’re the golden egg, even if you’re slightly cracked.‘”

13. Egg-Themed T-Shirts

Egg-Themed T-Shirt

Specialty: When in doubt, go for a t-shirt. 

Description: Any list concerning gifts, can’t be complete without an awesome t-shirt. How can we complete the list of egg gifts without one? 

Here’s your eggcellent t-shirt if you were looking for one as a gift for the egg lover in your life. 

14. Golden Egg Bath Bombs

Golden Egg Bath Bombs

Specialty: Extra-large six egg bath bombs with different fragrances.

Description: Here comes a bath bomb gift set! It’s one of the most exhilarating gifts for egg lovers. 

The package contains extra-large six egg bath bombs with different fragrances.  

Just drop the bombs and watch them explode and make the bath time a worthy experience with fragrances to cherish. Made with natural organic ingredients. 

It’s a perfect egg gift for all ages. 

15. Lava Dragon Egg

Lava Dragon Egg

Specialty: Artistic egg showpiece. 

Description: This hand sculpted exquisite dragon egg is made with high-quality resin. It’s crystal-like and you can see the beautiful baby dragon sleeping peacefully inside the egg, ready to be born. 

The size of the dragon egg is 8*5.5cm/3.15in*2.16in. 

If you put it on a light source like a LED stand, the little egg will glow.

Dragon lover or not, this egg gift will surely uplift the vibe of any room it sits in. 

16. Egg-Themed Trinket Boxes

Specialty: Aristocratic egg-themed trinket boxes.  

Description: Here is a selection of the best egg-themed trinket boxes that you can use as jewelry organizers or for storing valuable items. 

These beautiful egg gifts will create an aristocratic vibe and will uplift the mood of the onlookers. 

The gift receiver will forever cherish it as one of the best gifts that they have ever received. 

Egg-Themed Trinket Box

17. Various Egg Gifts for Kids and Toddlers

Here is a selection of egg gifts that are specifically for kids and toddlers. 

Easter Egg Toys — Kids will love to color sort and match the eggs.

Assorted Sports Balls Egg Shells — Use these to fill in treats for Easter. 

The Easter Story Egg — Open one egg and read the corresponding story every day until Easter Sunday.  This Easter gift helps kids understand the Easter story and reminds them of God’s love

Musical Shake Egg — When you shake it, the sound can develop a sense of rhythm for kids.

Chalk Eggs — Chalks to use for creating Easter arts and crafts. 

18. Dino Eggs

Dino Eggs

Specialty: Tiny dinosaurs hidden within dino eggs. 

Description: These egg gifts are mostly for kids. Although adults might also find it fun to dig up these eggs and discover fun dinosaur toys, kids are particularly very fond of these dino eggs. 

It will be more amazing if the kid is really into dinosaurs, but which kid isn’t? 

This gift package includes 12 dino eggs, 12 chisel/brushes, 12 instruction guides, and 12 full-colored beautiful learning cards. 

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19. Pre-Filled Eggs with Animal Building Blocks 

Specialty: Get the building blocks out of the eggs and build the animals. 

Description: Here’s another variation of the dino eggs, instead of dinos, these eggs contain animal building blocks. 

Each of the animals has 19-31 individual pieces of blocks. Kids will simply love to discover these animals and build the animals with these cute little blocks. 

These egg gifts are great for Easter Egg related activities as well as daily playtime.  

20. Growing Unicorn Hatching Eggs

Specialty: The eggs and unicorns actually grow with time. 

Description: Add water and the eggs will hatch and unicorns will pop out! Most interestingly, the unicorns will gradually grow up over 48 hours. 

Recommended age 3 years and up. It will simply blow the young minds! 

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