Things You Need to Buy for Your First Epoxy Resin Craft

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Last updated on December 30th, 2023

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Epoxy resin crafts for beginners exampleIf you are a crafty soul and want to take up a new craft as a hobby or maybe to make some money, you should definitely try epoxy resin craft because not only the outcomes are really fulfilling but also you can make really beautiful stuff at home using only a few tools.

Do not dread, I know resin work might sound complicated and intimidating, but trust me it really is not. You just have to get a few things for your safety before you take the first steps to become a pro resin artist.


Because the resin is a chemical that can be hazardous if not dealt with caution, you need to use some protective equipment. You should also keep in mind that resin creativity usually demands some mess.

That is why hand gloves, goggles, and an apron are a must while making resin crafts. You also need to keep resin and hardener away from children if you have any at home.


Infi-Touch Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves, Strong & Tough, High Chemical Resistant, Disposable Gloves, Powder-Free, Non Sterile, Medium, 100 Count


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The core ingredient you need for doing epoxy resin crafts is epoxy resin.

It is a two-part resin that consists of two liquids, the clear resin, and hardener. The resin-hardener ratio can be 1:3, 1:2, or even 1:1.

Here are two of the best resin-hardener combos available: 

Resin Epoxy Craft Kit 16 Ounce Epoxy Resin Kit (8oz. Resin + 8oz. Hardener) High Gloss UV Resistant Odor-Free Art Resin, BPA-Free and Non-Toxic Crystal Clear Formula 16oz

ArtResin - Epoxy Resin - Clear - Non-Toxic - 16 oz (8 oz Resin + 8 oz Hardener) (474 ml)


The two liquids will have to be mixed proportionately. The ratio is weight-based, so in order to get the ratio right, you will need a digital scale. You can use small and light measuring cups for weighing purposes.

Weighing scale:

Milligram Scale 50 x 0.001g Reloading Gunpowder Grain Scale 771 x 0.02 gn Gemstone Scale includes 20g Calibration Weight 2 Scoops 4 Weighing Powder Pans Tweezers Read in 6 Units

Measuring cup+ steering stick:

Disposable Epoxy Resin Mixing Cups with Measurements (50-Pack) Pixiss Mixing Cups for Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Mixing Containers, Epoxy Cups For Epoxy Measuring Cups - 20 Resin Mixing Sticks

In order to mix the two liquids properly, which is of utmost importance if you want your resin to cure, you will need a cup and a stirring stick. Pour the two liquids into the cup and make sure to stir for at least four minutes to get a proper mixture.


For casting your resin, you will need a well-shaped negative mold.

More importantly, your mold has to be made of a material that will not stick with resin. Keeping that in mind, molds made of silicon are perfect for epoxy resin crafts.

The good news is there are wide ranges of varieties and shapes of silicone molds available for you to choose from.

Alphabet, Sturdy Letter & Number Silicone Mold

Reversed Resin Casting Alphabet Mold, Sturdy Letter & Number Silicone Mold for Epoxy Resin Crafts, Resin Keychains, Crayons, Soap, Clay Crafts, Key Rings not Included

Silicone Ring Molds

2 Pieces Resin Ring Molds Silicone Ring Molds Assorted Sizes Ring Casting Mold Resin Casting Circle Jewelry Molds with Syringe in 20 ml for DIY Craft Ring Making

Animal Silicone Molds

EuTengHao 132Pcs Animal Silicone Molds DIY Resin Casting Molds Kit Contains 4 Bears Resin Molds 3D Bear Rabbit Cat Paw Mold and Pendant Molds Eiffel Tower for DIY Resin Candle Soap Making

Jewelry Molds

LET'S RESIN 198PCS Resin Jewelry Molds, with 8 Pairs Earring Resin Molds, Resin Earring Molds Silicone for Jewelry, Earring Hooks, Jump Rings, Head/Eye Pins for Resin Jewelry, Pendant

Multiple Styles Resin Molds

LEOBRO Jewelry Wax Molds, 3 Pack Jewelry Casting Molds, Silicone Molds for Jewelry Wax

Resin Molds for Jewelry

Resin Molds for Jewelry, Paxcoo 678pcs Earring Making Kit with 28pcs Epoxy Molds and 650pcs Earring Hooks, Jump Rings for Pendants, Resin Crafts, DIY Earring

Another thing to keep in mind is you want your resin to cure bubble-free. Small air holes all over your piece are one of the worst nightmares of resin-crafters. Heat helps get rid of the bubbles, you can either use a heat gun or a flame torch in order to get the job done.

Heat gun:

Heat Gun for Crafting, Mini Dual Temp Hot Air Gun Tool for Epoxy Resin, Shrink Wrapping, Vinyl Wrap, Embossing, Electronics, Candle Making, Sublimation, Phone Repair & DIY (Pink)

Flame torch:

Butane Torch Refillable, Woputne Rotatable Head Blow Torch, Cooking Torch Adjustable Flame, Kitchen Culinary Food Torch for Creme Brulee, BBQ, Baking, Art Resin(Butane Gas Not Included)


There is almost no limitation to what you can use to ornament your resin piece. Starting from small sequins to glitters to various charms, you can really let your imagination break free to decide what to use.

For perfect coloration, you can use mica powder or alcohol inks, both available in a wide range of colors. Being able to play with as many colors as you want is really one of the best parts of resin crafting.

Holographic Chunky Glitter

NOOBECR 12 Colors Holographic Chunky Glitter,Chunky Sequins Iridescent Flakes,Ultra-Thin Sparkles Set for Festival Arts,Epoxy Tumblers,Epoxy Resin,DIY Nail Art Design and Other Decoration

Resin Decoration Accessories Kit

Thrilez Resin Decoration Accessories Kit, Jewelry Making Supplies with Dried Flowers, Glitter Sequin, Mica Powder, Foil Flakes and Epoxy Fillers for Crafts Beginners

Alcohol Ink Set

Alcohol Ink Set - 20 Bottles Vibrant Colors High Concentrated Alcohol-Based Ink, Concentrated Epoxy Resin Paint Colour Dye Great for Resin Petri Dish, Coaster, Painting, Tumbler Cup Making(10ml Each)

Gold Foil Flakes for Resin

YULIKTOR Gold Foil Flakes for Resin,3 Bottles Metallic Foil Flakes 15 Gram,Imitation Gold Foil Flakes Metallic Leaf for Nails, Painting, Crafts,Slime and Resin Jewelry Making,Gold,Silver,Copper Colors

Natural Coloring Pigment for Epoxy Resin

Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder 24x0.2 Color Set Assortment - Natural Coloring Pigment for Epoxy, Soap Making, Lip Gloss, Body Butter, Candle Making, Bath Bomb, Resin Art, Acrylic Nails

Metallic Pigment Powder

LET'S RESIN Metallic Pigment Powder, 5 Colors Fine Resin Pigment Powder, Each Bottle 20ml Resin Color Pigment for Epoxy Resin Coloring, Polymer Clay and Other Crafts


Small pendants:

Epoxy resin crafts for beginners example
Resin pendant with real flowers

Just pour your colored or clear mixture into a suitable mold, put your favorite charm inside, and let it dry for at least 24 hours. The results will definitely astonish you. Tie the pendant with a thread or cord and hang it around your neck to get your own personal customized jewelry!


Epoxy resin crafts for beginners example
Horoscope keyring made of epoxy resin
Epoxy resin crafts for beginners example
Epoxy resin horoscope keyrings

Personalized keyrings are just the best. Attach your creation with a ring and hang your keys from it and get ready for everyone to ask where you got your new keyring from!


Epoxy resin crafts for beginners example
Epoxy resin keepsake made of sea-shells

A sea shell you found during your favorite holiday at the beach or the four-leaf clover you thought you were really lucky to have come across, all can be preserved inside resin to make them long-lasting and help you or your loved ones remember beautiful memories.

All of these can be made very easily using the tools and accessories mentioned above. You can even preserve your favorite flower or one from a loved one to hang around your neck or as a keyring using resin.

Pro tip: Always use dried flowers/ leaves inside the resin. Fresh flowers and leaves have a lot of moisture in them, once trapped inside resin the moisture has no place to go. As a result, the flower/ leaf will rot and be subject to discoloration.


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