37 Gifts for Sloth Lovers [Cute, Adorable, & Fun]

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2024

Why do we need gifts for sloth lovers?

Because most of us have a sloth as our spirit animal. Why? Because there is nothing we humans enjoy more than resting and not having to work. Being lazy isn’t just a habit; it’s a part of who we are. We never miss an opportunity to snore around a corner.

Obsessive sloth disorder (OSD) is something we all have. Hilarious! Who in your life is the lazy slob? Because there’s no way you’ll be able to engage their attention in anything other than slothy behavior. So, today, we’re here to talk about amusing and adorable gifts for sloth lovers.

A spirit of these adorable three-toed sloths may live inside your sluggish friend or sibling who only works to rest. If given the option, they would simply respond, ‘Don’t worry, don’t hurry, just sleep and be happy’.

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Just Hanging Around with 37 Gifts for Sloth Lovers

You’ll be amazed to learn how much this critter inspires people; it’s not just for being lazy, but there are lots of sloth-themed gifts out there. From tiny adorable items to large, bulky things there’s something for everyone. If you want to get cool and unique sloth gift ideas for the sloth admirers in your life, let’s take it slow from here.

1. Slothy Sloth Hooded Blanket

Original Authentic Slothy Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

Sloth lovers are nap lovers without any doubt. They love to take a quick snuggle here and there. Let’s make their sleep more comfortable with this hooded sloth blanket. They can not only wrap it around them but wear it, too.

It’s a wearable blanket with two loose sleeves that looks like sloth claws. Super soft inner layers won’t give them any itch, only extreme coziness. It’s among the nicest sloth gift ideas that you will find. 

2. Sloth Charm Necklace

ZZ ZINFANDEL Charm Cute Animal Sloth Necklace,Fashion Sloth Necklace for Women Sloth Gifts for Women

This is a charm sloth neckpiece for our sloth queens. The design is of a cute little sloth, hugging and hanging around a tiny heart. The jewel has perfect edge cuts, is comfortable to wear and the chain won’t make a scratch on the skin. 

There goes a saying that a sloth necklace does bring you good luck with happiness. This will melt their heart with warmth.

3. Sloths Lover T-Shirt

Just a Girl Who Loves Sloths T-Shirt Gift For Sloths Lover T-Shirt

Not every miss is a jewelry fan. Some love to have some black tees with cute quotes on them, just like this special sloth-themed gift t-shirt with a quote ‘just a girl who loves sloths’. Nothing can be any better for a sloth lover girl.

It has a classic fit, super lightweight to wear with comfort.

4. Sloth Fun Socks

Jeasona Women’s Sloth Socks for Women Cute Sloth Gifts for Women Mom

Looks like the list is half-filled with cozy and comfy wear items, which obviously is a common sight when you’re choosing presents for sloth lovers. These are adorable little pairs of cozy sloth socks. It has cute sloth patterns all over it. You can totally include this in your preferred gifts for sloth lovers.

These are mostly for women and little girls, although men who have a good taste for vibrant colors can wear them, too.

5. Cute Sloth Wall Pottery

Fatty Bee Sloth Planter, Animal Planter, Sloth Gifts for Women, Unique Planters for Indoor Plants, Cute Plant Pots

Furniture pieces are also made with creativity, inspired by sloth figures. This is a flower pot. What makes it a delightful display, is the design. A hanging sloth carrying a plant in its belly. It kind of looks like he’s hanging from the bush. Surely among the coolest sloth themed gifts!

It’s a handmade art piece, will make wonderful home décor and you are just going to appreciate the talent of the artist. 

6. Sloth Book of Sticky Notes

Book of Sticky Notes: Notepad Collection (Sloth Lazy Days)

A sloth book of sticky notes for the lazy people who often forget their tasks while taking a quick snooze. 

This notepad has different sections, it’s not like writing everything in just one single corner. There’s a lot of space to write to-do lists, messages, plans, grocery lists, reminders, and notes, mark pages in magazines, and much more.

7. Funny Wine Glass ‘Let’s Get Slothed’

Let's Get Slothed Funny 15 oz Stemless Wine Glass - Unique Sloth Birthday Gift Ideas For Men or Women - Sloth Lover Gifts for Him or Her - Novelty Gifts for Office Coworker or Best Friend

Being a sloth is not at all a bad thing. And to give them this constant reminder, this classic piece of a stemless wine glass will do a great job! 

It’s made with a touch of humor. There’s a written quote, which says let’s get slothed’ with a cute little sloth print. 

The glass is made of high-quality material and is quite sturdy. The print won’t fade even after several hard washes. 

8. Sloth Ring Holder

Agantree Art Sloth Ring Holder Sloth Lover Gfits Cute Sloth Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls Daughter Friends Mom Aunt Grandma Niece

Lazy sloth queens have no time or energy to arrange their stuff. So, their sloth buddy has to help them to organize their jewels neatly. 

This sloth-themed ring holder is indeed a creative tool as a ring stand. It’s a cute decorative vanity piece for girls who adore sloths. 

Help them take care of their jewels in their own way.

9. Tervis Sloth Tumbler

Tervis Sloth Nope Not Today Made in USA Double Walled Insulated Tumbler Travel Cup Keeps Drinks Cold & Hot, 24oz, Classic

It’s a double-wall insulated tumbler for sloth lovers which has the excellent feature of keeping the hot beverages hot, and cold ones cold. It also reduces condensations and is BPA-free. It’s a great water bottle for daily use. 

And guess what, it has a cute sloth face sticker over it! It’s one of the most useful and cute sloth gift ideas. 

10. Sloth Tumbler with Straw

Sloth Tumbler with Straw and Lid - No Sloths Given - Sloth Gifts for Women, Mom, Friend - 20 oz Stainless Steel Sloth Cup with Straw - Animal Lover Gifts for Animal Lovers (Navy Blue, 20 Oz)

Another sloth tumbler option is here for you, in case you aren’t fascinated much with the previous one, or who knows there can be a combo, too. This one is made of stainless steel, not plastic like the last one. Both of them have a quite appealing design with sloths and slothy quotes.

The quality for this one is good too, unbreakable, and can accompany them for long times with its durability. 

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11. Sloth Stickers

Sloth Stickers for Water Bottles Sloth Decal Vinyl Sloth Sticker Pack Laptop Stickers Sloth Cute Sloth Stickers(50 Pcs)

Sloth stickers are one of the cutest sloth gift ideas in here. Because you can use them anywhere you like. These are high-quality decals that won’t ruin the things you’ll attach them to. It won’t leave any residue or unwanted marks and are reusable.

So, they’ll love to have it stick to their phones, devices as a badge of an official sloth lover.

12. Three Toed Sloth Doll

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12' Plush, Cuddlekins (12257)

Here comes the most awaited sloth gift idea – a three-toed sloth doll. 

Kids will adore this puppet for sure. It looks like a furry sloth sitting there, listening to their lazy murmurings. 

It can be a great sleeping companion for snooze fanatics. 

13. Hanging Sloth Plush Toy

Wild Republic Hanging Three Toed Sloth Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Zoo Animals, 30 inches

If you want a more realistic toy for them, then check this one. This doll’s posture is different from the last one, it’s a hanging three-toed sloth plush. They can hang it or wrap it around their neck or waist like adoring a little wild pet of their own. 

So, let them curl up to their favorite with this jungle critter, relax and dream of sleeping in the wild.

14. Sloth Coloring Book

Sloth Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with Lazy Sloths, Adorable Sloths, Funny Sloths, Silly Sloths, and More!

This one is specially made for the kids, who love to draw and do artwork. A sloth coloring book for little sloth lovers. It has all the different patterns to color; lazy sloths, funny sloths, silly, and adorable ones.

It’s a fun way to spend their leisure time while sitting at home, doing nothing. 

15. Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

Decodyne Funny Sloth Coffee Mug - Cute Sloth Gifts For Women and Men - White Elephant Gifts for Adults Funny Office Gifts

We often start our day with a mug of coffee as a token for starting the day, but sloth humans won’t do the same. This coffee mug will help them to show off their motto in life with this quote ‘I will do nothing today’ written on it. It also has a miniature figure of a tiny sloth sitting on the top.

What could be a more ideal gift for sloth lovers and enthusiasts who happen to be also a coffee lover?  

16. Snoozies Sloth Slippers

Snoozies Womens Slippers Animal Furry Foot Pals - Sloth-2019 - Large

The name says it all, a snoozie pair for snooze lovers. These furry slippers have cute sloth faces on them. It’s a comfortable pair to wear at home. The furriness keeps the feet warm from cold floors. Moreover, these are machine washable and unshrinkable. 

It’s a sort of crossover of socks and slippers. Protecting the feet like sandals while keeping them warm as socks do.

17. Sloth Lunch Bag

LOKASS Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Wide-Open Lunch Tote Bag Large Drinks Holder Durable Nylon Snacks Organizer with Removable Shoulder Strap for Women Men Adults Work Outdoor,Sloth

A sloth lunch bag for them to make their lunchtimes more enjoyable. This has long and adjustable straps to carry it with comfort. The bag may look tiny, but it has a good capacity and enough compartments to pack big containers or boxes. 

It looks like a fashionable piece to wear around with style. And also, they can use it for other purposes, like a travel bag and more. 

18. Sloth Backpack

LOOMILOO Small Backpack for Women Sloth Mini Backpack Kids Backpack for Young Girls (sloth)

Another mini backpack with a sloth theme. This is basically the same pattern but with a different design, and it’s a shoulder bag to carry stuff like books or others. It can be a great school bag for kids, too. It has polyester lining with zipper closures.

There are adjustable double shoulder straps to carry it with ease. 

19. Spring Flowers Floral Sloth Carpet

Vdsrup Cute Baby Sloth On The Tree Floor Mat Funny Animal CartoonDoormat Round Washable Non-Slip Indoor Carpet for Living Room Dining Bedroom Home 36'

A cute fuzzy rug for sloth lovers to roll over whenever they feel like taking a quick nap. The material is very spongy and woven fabric to make it extra extra soft. There’s a big sloth print on the center with a quote saying ‘follow your dreams’. 

The rug is not slippery at all; has good wear resistance. It’s a versatile item to use; like a doormat, yoga mat, bedroom carpet, or just a normal foot rug. 

20. Sloth Seat Covers

JoyLamoria Follow Your Dreams Cute Sloth Print Seat Covers Flexible and Wear-Resistant Automative Seat Protector Decor for Car Sedan SUV Van Truck

The same sloth pattern with sloth prints and quotes has its version for seat covers, too. These are comfortable and flexible seat covers for cars. It’s made of polyester fabric material making it cozy and comfy. It’s a good way to protect the seats from dirt and spills.

This will be a stunning way to help them style their car interior with a sloth theme. Their car will have a new unique look of their favorites. 

21. Two section Sloth Holder

Isaac Jacobs Ceramic Makeup Brush Holder, Multi-Purpose Organizer. Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Office Décor (2-Section Cup, Sloth)

This is a cute sloth-faced brush holder for them. It’s mostly used for makeup or cosmetic brush stands or toothpaste holders for bathroom needs. It can be used as pen holders too. So, one will work for various purposes. It’s definitely one of the most unique and versatile gifts for sloth lovers.

It has two separate sections to provide structured storage for various objects.

22. Microwavable Sloth Wrap

Intelex Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush, Sloth Wrap

There’s a plush toy for them again. Made with super-soft, high-quality fabric; filled with grain and Lavender to provide warmth and cozy comfort. What’s great is that it’s microwaveable and heat-able, and releases a relaxing aroma of lavender.

It’ll be a great stress relief toy to play with and helps to reduce anxiety. 

23. Floral Sloth Duvet

Merryword Floral Sloth Bedding Cartoon Sloth Duvet Cover Set Flowers Sloth Printed Design Boys Girls Bedding Sets Queen (90x90) 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases (Queen, Flower Sloth)

A full set of sloth bedding for the sloth fanatics to sleep on all day and night. It has four corner ties that’ll ensure the grip and keep the comforter immovable. They won’t be able to stop rolling over on the softness of it. 

It’s made of microfibers; superior stain and wrinkle resistance with 100% guaranteed comfort. 

24. Canvas Sloth Basket

3 Sprouts Large Toy Storage Basket - Durable Kids & Baby Toy Bin with Handles for Toy Basket Storage, Round Hamper for Laundry in Nursery & Playroom, Sloth

A sloth storage bin to help them organize neatly while being too lazy. It can be used as laundry bins or toy baskets for kids. The bin is made with cotton canvas; easy to wipe and clean, also super flexible to carry and move here and there. 

A quite unique one among other sloth gift ideas.

25. Sloth Cosmetic Bag

LOOMILOO Cosmetic Bag for Women, Adorable Roomy Makeup Bags Travel Water Resistant Toiletry Bag Accessories Organizer Sloth (Sloth 51476)

We had so many sloth themed gifts for bags; a lunch bag, shoulder bag, backpacks, and now it’s time for some cosmetics bags that can’t be left out. It’s from the same brand and has the same sloth pattern on it. But the size is smaller, as it’s a makeup pouch.

Quite a handy product to use during travels. 

26. Harry Bear Sloth Pajamas

Harry Bear Womens Sloth Pajamas Size Small Purple

Where’s the pajama party happening tonight? Here comes one of the favorites, a sloth-printed pajama for night parties and home wear. It’s a premium quality women’s PJ. The fabric is super soft and stretchy cotton to provide utter comfort. 

There are fine details of glitter on it, making it simply one of the gorgeous sloth themed gifts. 

27. Foldable Sloth Purse Hooks

Knocent Foldable Purse Hook Handbag Hangers for Table Handbag Storage Folding Decor Table Hook,Women's Bag Handbag Hanger Holder (Turtle Sloth A)

Here starts the list of cool creative sloth crafts and artistic tools. This one is a set of foldable handbag hooks. It has cute animal prints including the sloths. These are sturdy and long-lasting.

It’ll look great with other sloth-themed handbags. It also features an anti-slip mat function that allows it to be stuck to a hard surface and used as a portable hanger.

28. Sloth Animal Over Door Hanger

5th EGG Over The Door Hooks for Hanging Towels, Clothes, Coats & Robes for Bathroom and Bedroom Door hanger hook Heavy-Duty Metal, Black and white, Hanging Sloth Gift Idea (2-Pcs)

Sloth’s hanging nature has given people so many sloth gift ideas to create and craft creatively. Just like this tool, it was meant to be some dull hangers but instead, the sloth design gave it a whole new vibe. The hooks look similar to a sloth who is helping to put clothes in places, holding them for you. 

It’ll make a great housewarming gift for new house owners. 

29. Hi Space Sloth iPad Case

Hi Space iPad 9th 8th 7th Generation Case iPad 10.2 Case Sloth 2021 2020 2019 with Pencil Holder, Flower Black Slim Protective Shockproof Cover Auto Sleep Wake for A2270 A2428 A2429 A2197 A2198 A2200

A charming iPad case with sloth drawings all over it. The cover is composed of high-quality materials to protect the device from being dropped or smashed against harsh surfaces. It’s also shock-resistant and has an auto-sleep and wake-up feature.

It’s surely among the good gifts for sloth lovers + iPad users. 

30. Sloth Pattern Badge Holder

Badge Reel Lovely Sloth Pattern Retractable Badge Holder with Alligator Clip, Nurse Name Decorative Badge Clip on ID Card Holders (Lovely Sloth)

It’s a creative badge holder with sloth designs and patterns. Those who have to wear badges to work, office, and others will adore these clip-ons. Looks like they won’t get irritated or bored anymore while putting on badges for work. It’s the little things through which you can show the act of care or a simple token of love. 

31. Sloth Phone Rings

Phone Ring Holder Stand,Phone Ring Stand Holder 360 Rotation Finger Ring Grip Stand for Cellphones,Smartphones and Tablets (3 Pack Sloth Phone Ring Stand)

Sloths might be lazy sleepers but can be a great helping hand for the sloth lovers. Here comes a sloth-style phone ring holder. It’s a 360-degree rotating ring stand.

It’s easy to set up. Just glue the ring on your device covers. This might look tiny and lightweight but the firm grip will help you to have a stronghold. 

32. Sloth Pattern Finger Grip

New Version Phone Holder 3 Pack Sloth Pattern Expanding Grip Stand Finger Holder for Smartphone and Tablets

It’s a different version of sloth phone holders. These look similar to pop sockets for devices. It also gives your gadgets a unique, stylish look. No matter what you do, this won’t come off or slip from the surface. These are a great protector for your phones from dropping. 

33. Sloths Journal

Sloths Journal (Diary, Notebook)

A diary to write down the slothy activities sounds like a great choice of gifts for sloth lovers. This journal is full of glossy colors and eye-catching detailed work on it. The different mixture of shades; moss green, brown, and taupe making it look like a fine work of art. There’s also a blue elastic band to keep it closed. 

34. Slot of Sloth; Pencil Case 

qianshan Pencil Case Holder Slot - Holds 202 Colored Pencils or 136 Gel Pens with Zipper Closure - Large Capacity Pen Organizer for Watercolor Pens or Markers - Perfect for Artist Sloth

It’s a premium case full of colorful pens & pencils. The outer layer is bursting with sloth drawings. It has two different sets. You can choose either the slot of 202 color pencils or 136 marker pens. It’s a great gift to offer to sloth-loving artists. They’ll surely appreciate this thoughtful gift from you!

35. Plush Lined Sloth Eyeglass Stand

PG6 Plush Lined Anti-scratch Eyeglasses Holder Protective Glasses Stand Case, Sloth, One Size

There’s a sloth holder for eyeglasses also. It’s one of the most innovative sloth gift ideas to keep spectacles safe from scratches, unintended accidents, and constant losing. The inside layer of this glass stand is made of soft velvet plush. 

It won’t let your glasses bend or break.

36. Sloth Time Marker Water Bottle

Water Bottles with Times To Drink | Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker | BPA Free Gym Water Bottle with Chug Cap & Carry Loop | Gym Water Bottles for Women | Sloth Water Bottle | Cute Sloths

A sloth water bottle with a time marker to help you keeping track of how much water you drink a day. The goal is to have enough water, stay healthy, and keep checking on yourself. It’s a BPA-free, non-toxic plastic bottle that is also eco-friendly and reusable. 

Encourage them to stay hydrated always with one of these cute gifts for sloth lovers!

37. Sloth Funny Car Sticker

Toogod Sloth Automotive Decals Car Window Cling Funny Car Sticker Animal Window Decal for Vehicles

The last ones will surely put a smile on their faces. A car window sticker of a sloth waving. It’ll make a great car décor for slow drivers. They can give a sign to those impatient cars behind in line, letting them know he’s a sloth driver, not fast, and definitely not furious. 

The easy-peel of decals won’t leave a residue or ruin their windows, so don’t worry about that. 

Nap Time Is Here

Enthused by the sloth, the article took 37 product-years to reach the finish line. 

But the journey didn’t bore you, I guess? Why else would you be reading instead of getting a quick nap? Jokes aside, these sloth-themed gifts certainly piqued your interest.

What not to like here? Sloths are the cutest adorable mammals on earth. Things related to the sloth theme would be sweetest enough to melt anyone’s heart. That’s why websites are crowded with gifts for sloth lovers. 

But here you can find something from every category, so give a good read, and take It slow. No doubt, sloth progress is better than no progress.


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