30 Pokemon Gifts for Boys: The Best of the Poke-Verse

Choose anything to surprise the sweet young souls, whether they prefer Pokémon cards or adorable plush toys. Here's an exciting list of Pokémon gifts for boys!13 min

Last updated on December 31st, 2023

In a world where we can’t survive without imagination, there’s a field filled with our favorite creatures of all shapes and sizes, each with their own special power and ability. The world is none other than the enthralling Pokemon universe.

The appearance of Pokemon has slowly captured the hearts of boys who spend their time trading Pokemon cards, playing video games, and watching animated series. Finding a gift for these little Pokemon fans can be tough due to so many available options. 

But it will become easier than ever with this article. Think of this as a treasure hunt to find adorable, cool Pokemon stuff! 

We have the perfect Pokémon gifts for boys, from Pokémon cards and collectible charms to Pokémon-themed t-shirts, slippers, and so much more. So, why wait? Let’s explore the thrill! 

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1. Pokemon Kids Jumpsuit

Pokemon Kids Jumpsuit

These Pokemon jumpsuits will be the coolest addition to your child’s wardrobe! The material is extremely comfortable for playtime adventures. If you’re just in time for Halloween, bingo! These can be the ideal cosplay or Halloween costume for the boys. It’s more than just a jumpsuit; it’s a portal into the Pokemon universe. 

If you’re looking for Pokemon attire for your kids, this should be the first item on your list. This could be one of the best Pokemon gifts for a five to 10-year-old boy! The jumpsuits are available in eight different Pokemon variants. 

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2. Charmander Night Light 

Charmander Night Light 

A nightlight can make your children’s bedtime stories even more special. This Charmander night light is designed to create a soothing atmosphere by emitting a soft glow throughout the room. The warm glow will help them sleep and keep nighttime stirrings away. They will drift off to sleep thinking about all of their favorite Charmander episodes. It’s one of the must-have Pokemon gifts for kids, lovingly crafted! 

Also, check out these other Pokemon nightlights:  

3. Pikachu Styled Embroidered T-Shirt

Pikachu Styled Embroidered T-Shirt

Pokemon t-shirts can be a child’s all-time favorite thing to wear. It will be more than just a piece of clothing for them; it will be their identity. They will believe they are a Pokemon character with superpowers. The Pikachu tee is the most popular, but other prints are available too. The T-shirt is very cool to wear, and the fabric is very comfortable to wear during playtime. 

The quality is guaranteed; it will not fade or shrink after repeated washings. If you ever find yourself wandering around looking for Pokemon-themed clothing, make sure you put it in your basket! 

Also, check:

4. Pokemon Mugs 

Searching for Pokemon gifts for boys? Look into Pokemon-themed mugs to help them start their day with Pokemon superpowers via their beverages. 

There are a variety of designs available; you can pick their favorites too! The mugs are high quality and designed with style in mind so that they can also be used as collectibles. Watch their grins grow the next time you let them have their hot cocoa in Pokemon style!

Also, check out this straw bottle:

THERMOS FUNTAINER Water Bottle with Straw - 12 Ounce, Pokémon - Kids Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Lid

5. Pikachu Headphones

Pokemon Pikachu Wired Kids Headphones, Adjustable, Stereo Sound, 3.5Mm Jack, Tangle-Free, Volume Control, Children's Headband On Ear for School Home, Travel

Pokemon fans will adore the idea of Pikachu-themed headphones; this could be the coolest addition to their Pokemon collections. It has tangle-free cords and can be adjusted to provide the appropriate level of comfort. The parental volume control system is what makes it so cool. This way, you can protect the children’s ears from loud noises.  

Also, check out these cool Pokeball earbuds:

SILIMADE Anime Stuff Headphones - Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Elf Ball Charging Box - Wireless Earbuds for Kids — airpods Kids — earpods Kids

6. Pokemon Resin Lamp

Pokemon Resin Lamp

Brighten up the kid’s room with the Pokemon resin lamp. The resin effect will fill our child’s bedroom with a soft glow and artistic lights. They will enjoy the atmosphere, but not as much as the design. The resin lamp, designed with a Pokemon theme in mind, will help them spark their imagination.  

The design is very organic, and it will blend in perfectly with a Pokemon fan’s room decor. Bring the world of Pokemon into their daily lives in a stylish manner! 

Also, take a peek at this Pokeball nightlight:

No products found.

7. Pokemon Card-First Edition 

Pokemon Card-First Edition 

A true Pokemon fan will always have the ultimate fantasy of owning the first-edition cards! If they don’t already have it, this could be your chance to make their dream come true. It’s like giving them a piece of Pokemon history—a treasure for the little collectors.  

A first-edition card, whether it’s a Charizard, Blastoise, or Pikachu, is a timeless gift that will always be at the top of any Pokemon gift ideas for a boy. 

Also, check out these TCG cards: 

8. Pokemon Slippers

Warm up those little toes with the coolest selection of Pokemon slippers and clogs. It’s ideal for those little Pokemon fans to snug in on chilly mornings. These slippers are more than just footwear; they are a constant reminder of a child’s love for Pokemon, as well as a unique way to express that love.

Also, check out this Classic Pikachu Clog:

Crocs Classic Pikachu Clogs, Pokemon Shoes for Kids, White/Multi, 8 US Unisex Toddler

9. Pokémon Dolls Plush 

What could be a better gift for little Pokemon fans than a Pokemon plush doll? These plushies come in a variety of characters; just figure out which one they prefer and watch their smile reach the sky! These plushies, whether Pikachu or Charizard, will bring magic into their lives. A very own Pokemon pal to adore! 

10. Pokémon Legends: Arceus Video Game

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - US Version

Pokemon Legends: Arceus can be the coolest thing ever for any 10-year-old boy who is just discovering his love for Pokemon video games. The storyline set gives them an exciting way to explore the Pokemon world. They can learn about the origins and histories of their favorite Pokemon characters. They will spend hours in this game learning strategic gameplay, and their excitement will be limitless. So, be mindful of keeping their gaming hours within healthy limits. 

Here are a couple of other popular Pokemon games for Nintendo:

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11. Pokemon Board Games 

Pokemon Battle Academy Board Game

With the Pokemon board game, you can introduce your children to strategic gameplay. If they are obsessed with Pokemon cards, this box will undoubtedly be a treasure for them.  It’s a quick and simple way to learn Pokemon TCG. Even for a beginner, it can be very simple to grasp. 

The game also includes instructions and booklets for each of the three decks to help explain it. This could be a great choice for bonding over Pokemon adventures with friends and family! 

Also, check out these other forms of Pokemon games:

 12. Pokémon – School Pencil Case 

Pokémon - School Pencil Case

Get them the coolest accessories with Pokemon designs, like this Pokemon pencil case. It will be another way for others to see who the biggest Pokemon fan is. The pencil box is extremely durable and has plenty of space for pencils, erasers, colored pens, and other items. It’s a unique and practical choice for any other stationary school essential. Allow them to get ready for class in Pokemon style! 

13. Pokemon Digital Watch 

Accutime Pokemon Kids Digital Watch Pikachu & Ash, Easy-to-Read LCD Display, Educational Quartz Wristwatch, Durable & Fun, Ideal Gift for Boys and Girls - Model POK3018

Kids are always sporting their favorite character-themed accessories. The most seen of them all is a new watch featuring their favorite cartoon characters. This Pokemon digital watch could be another accessory they can use to show off their true love for Pokemon. Furthermore, the cool digital display will assist them in telling time more accurately. The watch is available in a variety of designs, allowing you to choose your favorite!

Also check these other variants: 

14. Pokemon Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, Kids Battery Toothbrush with Included AA Battery, Extra Soft Bristles, Flat-Laying Handle to Prevent Rolling, Pokemon Toothbrush, 1 Pack (Style May Vary)

Gift this Pokemon toothbrush to make their dental hygiene time more fun. The brush has soft bristles and a convenient design for the little ones to have a good time while brushing their teeth. The flat-laying handle makes applying toothpaste easier and the battery-powered brush will ensure the teeth are cleaned properly. It’s an excellent option for parents who want to instill good dental habits in their children. 

15. Pokemon Piggy Bank

Itazura Coin Bank Eevee Coin Collector Piggy Size 4.96 × 4.25 × 4.17 Inches

Here’s a fun way to teach your children about financial education. A Pokemon piggy bank can be the perfect companion to teach them the value of saving money. There’s an Eevee hiding right there inside the bank to inspire them to put on the coins.  

It’s got a playful feature, which “steals” coins in an amusing way, making it more enjoyable. This will allow the children to learn to be responsible while enjoying the experience as well. 

Also check this one on Etsy:

16. Pokémon: Collector Chest

Pokemon TCG: Collector Chest Spring 2022: Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott, Multicolor, 210-85020

Here’s a collector chest box to hold all of their Pokemon artifacts and display the Pokemon Go cards. The exclusive cards that are included with this collector’s chest add to the excitement. It’s one of the must-have Pokemon gifts for boys of all ages who are just building their collection. 

Also, it can be a great help to you since kids frequently misplace their cards and cry a lot. With this, they can safely store the cards in a box, relieving you of the burden of constantly searching for them on the floor and under your cushions. 

Also, check out these similar collector chests:

17. Charizard Deluxe Collector’s Statue

Charizard Deluxe Collector's Statue

For Pokemon fans, the Charizard Deluxe Collector’s Statue can be a fantasy. The statue is magnificent. Its elegant construction enhances Charizard’s strength and majesty. The statue can be a special centerpiece for the kids’ room. 

It’s got fine detailing and quite a sturdy build. It makes the coolest addition to their collection!

Also check out these fantastic Eevee, Sylveon, and Scyther statues:

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18. Pokemon Building Toy Kit 

Mega Pokemon Action Figure Building Toys Set, Charizard with 222 Pieces, 1 Poseable Character, 4 Inches Tall, Gift Ideas for Kids

With the Pokemon building toy kit, kids can express their creativity. It has up to 200 pieces of Charizard, one of their favorite action figures. Since kids enjoy making up their adventures, this will entice them even more. They can customize the toy while having way too much fun.  

There are also building kits available below for those who adore Pikachu and Squirtle. Each kit combines the excitement of making impressive Pokemon figures with the delight of construction.

Also, check out these Pikachu and Squirtle building kits:

19. Pokemon Giant Coloring Pages

Pokemon Giant Coloring Pages

Give the kids their favorite Pokemon coloring pages to make their free time more enjoyable. They will be inspired to pursue their artistic passion. With these coloring pages and using their imaginations, the young artists will bring their favorite Pokemon creatures to life. It has giant pages, having enough space to let them have as much space as they want to use. 

Additionally, you could hang these in their room as posters, or wall decor. This will undoubtedly swell those tiny hearts with happiness. It’s a creative way to explore the world of Pokemon, as well as a wonderful all-occasional gift for both girls and boys! 

20. Pokemon Crystal Keychains 

Pokemon Crystal Keychains 

These adorable little keychains are designed to capture the essence of the characters from the Pokémon franchise. These can be excellent tiny pieces of gifts for the little ones. They can use it and carry it around with them in their bags with pride. 

The Pikachu keychain is a standout, although there are more options to choose from. It is made of high-quality metal that is safe for children to use and is not at all sharp to cause scratches. 

Also, check out these other Pokemon keychains:

21. Pokemon Caps

Step into the fashion world of Pokemon with these cool caps. It’s like showing off your Pokemon spirit and wearing the culture with pride. 

Each cap symbolizes a unique aspect of Pokemon. The Gengar and Psyduck caps add playful attire, while Charmander will give you a retro fashion style! 

22. Pikachu Costume Hoodie

Pokemon Boys' Pikachu Costume Hoodie (4/5) Yellow

Pokemon fashion is an evergreen love affair for those who have a lifelong passion for it. If you’ve ever had a soft spot in your heart for Pokemon, this Pikachu hoodie is sure to melt your heart. The Pikachu face and ears in the hood are what truly steal the show. 

It’s the perfect blend of comfort and cosplay, transforming you into the cutest Pokemon creature. This Pikachu hoodie is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to feel the power of a lightning-striking Pokemon like Pikachu!

Here are a few more Pokemon hoodies for you: 

23. Pokemon Pikachu Wall Stickers

These incredible Pikachu Wall Stickers can turn your child’s room into a Pokemon paradise. They’re more than just decals; they’re an exciting and mess-free way to bring Pokemon magic into your kid’s playroom or nursery. You just need to simply peel and stick it to the wall. 

These are of high quality, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your wall. The Pikachu sticker will brighten up the room and spark their imagination. An enchanting room decor!

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24. Pokemon Pocket Advent Calendar

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: Pokémon - 24 Pocket Pop! Figures!

A Pokemon pocket calendar can be a one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas days or the start of a new year! It will help them remember what day it is and keep track of special occasions such as holidays. Each page of this calendar has a different Pokemon theme, making the countdown even more special and fun. It can be an exciting addition to their growing collection of Pokemon collectibles!

25. Pikachu-Glow in the Dark- Badges

Pikachu-Glow in the Dark- Badges

These Pikachu badges can provide an entertaining way to keep little boys amused. They can pin it to their bags, jackets, or other accessories and join the growing community of Pokemon fans. These badges glow in the dark, giving the impression of possessing imaginary electric abilities and powers just like Pikachu.

26. Pokemon Boys Socks

Pokemon Boys 5 Pack No Show Casual Sock, Assorted Grey Stripe, 6-8.5 US

These aren’t just any socks; these are a daily reminder of being Pokemon obsessed. It’s like adding the Pokemon vibe to everyday attire. The socks are made of a stretchy spandex material and are very comfortable to wear every day.  You can also get all of your favorite Pokemon character socks in one pack; it has five different Pokemon themes!

27. Pokemon School Backpack

Your young Pokemon fans will have the best school days ever. These backpacks are intended to be both fashionable and comfortable. 

The one with the famous tagline of “gotta catch ‘em all” will literally inspire the Pokemon lover boys to go and conquer the world. 

The yellow one is so cute, with graphics of Pikachu. This one also includes a lunch bag, pencil case, and water bottle along with the backpack, all in the same cute design. This package makes it a really cool Pokemon gift set. 

28. Pokemon Towels

Pokemon Pikachu Bath/Pool/Beach Soft Cotton Terry Hooded Towel Wrap, 24' x 50', By Franco Kids

Use these incredible Pokemon towels to turn the kids’ bathtime into a Pokémon adventure. The hood is the best feature! Additionally, it includes a Pikachu graphic to further enhance their excitement. Cotton makes the fabric incredibly soft and will also add to their comfort. These are fantastic for the beach, the swimming pool, and everyday use. 

Also, check out these towels with stunning poke-designs:

29. Pokemon Soft Comforter 

Transform the kids’ room into a complete Pokemon universe with these printed soft comforters! These are full of vibrant colors and eye-catching graphical designs. The materials are extremely soft and cozy, and there is no need to worry about cleaning! These are washable, and the colors won’t fade.

Every night, your child will eagerly climb into bed and embark on adventures with their favorite Pokemon. It’s a thoughtful and exciting gift that will make any young Pokemon fan happy to their core.

30. Pokemon Fanny Pack 

Give your child a new look with his favorite Pokemon fanny pack. These lightweight, adjustable fanny packs are ideal for kids to wear all day. They can carry their essentials, Pokemon trading cards, or collectibles everywhere! 

The packs have multiple chambers and enough space to carry snacks, a water bottle, and other necessities. It will keep the child’s belongings safe and their adventure uninterrupted!

Also, check out this Poke Ball Crossbody Purse:

Loungefly Pokemon Poke Ball Crossbody Purse

Wrapping Up the Pokemon Gifts for Boys

As we come to the end of the list, it is undeniably evident that the world of Pokemon offers countless opportunities for gift items. Each item exudes individuality, imagination, and adventure! It will be more than just a gift, whether you choose Pokemon cards, plushies, or anything else. You are igniting in them a passion for wonder and providing them with lifelong memories. 

These Pokemon gifts for boys aren’t just any normal presents; they’re the doors to a world brimming with excitement, adventure, and glitter! Cheers to giving! 


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