30 Cool Lumberjack Gifts that Loggers Will Dig

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Last updated on July 10th, 2023

Being a lumberjack isn’t easy. After much hard work, a logger would really find it comforting if his actions are recognized and appreciated. This is why you should consider buying them lumberjack gifts to express your care and appreciation.

But what makes good gifts for loggers? In short, anything that signifies and symbolizes their work can be really comforting for them. In this post, I’ve shortlisted some of the coolest and funkiest items to gift a lumberjack. 

30 Lumberjack Gifts for Loggers

As you know, the idea of gift-giving can be challenging. A gift should be something thoughtful and useful. It’s something that a person might not buy for himself in general. 

So, in order to bring a smile to your lumberjack friend’s face, here’s a list of lumberjack themed gifts that are fun, thoughtful, and show that you care. I’m positive that you’ll find the best Father’s Day gift for lumberjacks, or lumberjack gifts for any given occasion.

1.Sawdust is Man Glitter Mug

Sawdust is Man Glitter Mug

Is this the manliest mug or what? The message on the mug is clearly something a lumberjack will love. A mug is like a hug. So, give him one that also represents his work. Perfect gifts for loggers!

2. Lumberjack Axe Pen

Lumberjack Axe Pen

Everyone loves novelty items that tell something about themselves. Here’s a nifty pen that says its user is a worker in the woods. It’s really funky, to be honest.

3. Lumberjack Santa

 Lumberjack Santa

A lumberjack works really hard to bring joy to many of us. So, in a way, he is like Santa Claus. But a more hardworking one I tell you. That’s why this can be a very cute gift for a logger.

4. Funny Lumberjack T-shirt

 Funny Lumberjack T-shirt

Let me ask you, what are the two things that loggers love? The answer is beer and sharp objects. Here’s a funny t-shirt that expresses this very thought. It makes a perfect lumberjack gift.

5. Lumberjack Winter Scarf

Lumberjack Winter Scarf

One may not consider scarfs as lumberjack gifts, but they can add a personal touch to any gift. This winter scarf is a great one with a signature lumberjack checkered design. It’ll keep him warm and cozy, and motivated.

6. Lumberjack PopSocket 

Lumberjack PopSocket 

PopSockets are really popular these days for their utility and their ability to express a person. And they can be great gifts for loggers too. This popsocket perfectly expresses a lumberjack. Gift him one of these to make his life a bit more efficient.

7. Lumberjack Bracelet

Lumberjack Bracelet

This handmade bracelet is unique for lumberjacks only. It’s a great gift for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, or anniversary. He’ll love it. 

8. Tree Stump Storage Basket

Tree Stump Storage Basket

Everybody needs a storage basket. It may be for keeping certain things in a place, or maybe to keep laundry. This basket looks just like a tree stump. A lumberjack will find this really useful as well as personal.

9. Antique Wooden Beer Mug

Antique Wooden Beer Mug

Nothing is more comfortable to a logger than a cold beer after a tedious day at work. Having a cool mug for that may add more to the comfort score sheet. It looks really amazing and feels premium.

10. Keychain for Loggers

Keychain for Loggers

A beautifully designed and carefully detailed keychain that lumberjacks will love. These are thoughtful and useful lumberjack gifts.  Your lumberjack will surely love having all his important keys attached to this.

11. Engraved Beer Growler

Engraved Beer Growler

If you are looking for father’s day gifts for a logger, here’s something personal for a lumberjack. Gift him this, and he’ll be carrying the brew of his choice in this growler with pride. It can hold 64oz of beer, just enough for the working hours.

12. Wooden Pencils

Wooden Pencils

When it’s themed accordingly, even the simplest thing like pencils can be fun. These graphite pencils are made from and look like wood. This will bring excitement every time a lumberjack uses this.

13. Wooden Watch

Wooden Watch

Being a lumberjack means leading a life of woods. He works to provide wood with which many beautiful things are made every day. Here’s a watch that’ll remind him how gorgeous things are made because of their good work.

14. Lumberjack Simply Great Beard Oil

Lumberjack Simply Great Beard Oil

Does your lumberjack have a beard? This might just be an irrelevant question as most of them do. This beard oil is amazing for their precious beard. And it smells just like fresh-cut timber, a smell that lumberjacks know by heart.

 15. Symphonized Bluetooth Headphone

Symphonized Bluetooth Headphone

Taking down trees is lengthy work, and very noisy too. To stay safe from that noise, and have quality time with music while working, get him these headphones. This is wireless, making it hassle-free. But most importantly, most of its body is made of real wood. If these aren’t the best lumberjack gifts, I don’t know what is.

16. Cologne for Men

Cologne for Men as lumberjack gifts
Diesel Sound of the Brave

Cologne for Men as lumberjack gifts
Diesel Spirit of the Brave

Cologne for Men as lumberjack gifts
Cedarwood Cologne for Outdoor Guys

Working hard doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no time to smell great. These great smelling cologne comes in powerful designs and aromas, which lumberjacks will love. Colognes are always the best father’s day gifts for a logger.

17. Safety Toe Logger Boot

Safety Toe Logger Boot

Loggers are always at risk of different things at work. Things falling on their feet is one of the common ones. With these boots, he’ll be much safer as well as stylish. He’ll dig these boots.

18. Saw Protection Gloves

Saw Protection Gloves

One bad move with the chainsaw and things can get pretty ugly. This is a fear we have for our lumberjack dad, friend, and spouse. Luckily, with these gloves, we can rest assured that nothing bad is going to happen.

19. 6 in 1 Safety Helmet

 6 in 1 Safety Helmet

Every lumberjack requires safety equipment for work. The basic things necessary include a trusty helmet, a face shield, and a headphone for sound isolation. This 6-in-1 helmet has all of it plus more.

20. First Aid Kit for Loggers

First Aid Kit for Loggers

First aid kits can be very useful lumberjack gifts. When loggers work, they deal with sharp machinery and heavy objects. So, little accidents are frequent. This first aid kit has all the things he might need to stay secure when there’s a minor setback. 

21. Chainsaw Multitool

Chainsaw Multitool

This is a very handy tool for any lumberjack. With this multitool, now he can have everything he needs for convenient maintenance of every other tool and machine around.

22. I Don’t Snore I Dream I’m A Chainsaw T-shirt

I Don’t Snore I Dream I’m A Chainsaw T-shirt

Come on, cut them a slack! They work really hard. It’s okay if they’re having a ‘sound’ sleep. They’ve earned that. And this t-shirt is just the right pick for any lumberjack out there.

23. Chainsaw Heartbeat T-shirt

It’s safe to say that all lumberjacks love what they do. And chainsaw is the ultimate symbol for loggers. This t-shirt is a perfect way of showing that you care for him and his crafts. 

24. 10 Unframed Artwork for Lumberjacks

10 Unframed Artwork for Lumberjacks

It’s simply gorgeous! You’ll get 10 lumber work artworks that are done on antique-styled paper. Note that with the purchase you only get the arts, not the frames. Once you get them, frame them and these make quite nice decors for the living room of a logger.

25. My Money Grows on Trees Hoodie

 My Money Grows on Trees Hoodie

It’s technically true! Their money does grow on trees. How we wish it were true for all! Anyway, this hoodie is comforting, expresses a man’s love and pride for his work. Who wouldn’t want these amazing lumberjack gifts?

26. Lumberjack Designed Socks

Lumberjack Designed Socks

This checkered sock should probably be the default sock for all lumberjacks. It’ll bring joy, comfort, and color to one’s life because of the thoughtful design and materials. 

27. Wood-like PopSocket

Wood-like PopSocket

Lumberjacks love anything that has something to do with wood. This PopSocket is designed to look like an annual ring of a tree stump. It’ll look classy, and he’ll find it really fascinating.

28. American Axe: The Tool that Shaped a Continent

American Axe: The Tool that Shaped a Continent

Everyone loves to read about things they love. Lumberjacks and axes are like bread and butter. He’ll love this informative book with stunning photographs.

29. Lumberjack iPhone Case

Lumberjack iPhone Case

Aftermarket phone cases not only make a phone look cooler but also help to express its user. Hence, this case. After all, your lumberjack does manage branches well, don’t they?

30. Stainless Steel Throwing Axes

Stainless Steel Throwing Axes

What is the favorite sport of every lumberjack? It’s not soccer, it’s not baseball. The most favorite one would be axe throwing. Gift him these quality axes, he’ll love them. After all, axes always make the best lumberjack gifts. You think these aren’t safe? Well, they deal with chainsaws for God’s sake!

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Concluding Words

Lumberjack gifts are fun to browse through. There are really creative ones out there, and I’ve tried my best to pick out the coolest and funkiest lumberjack themed gifts. These gifts are perfect for any occasion like Father’s Day, birthday, valentine’s day, and all the holidays.

I hope this has helped you pick the right gift, and saved you all the hassle of looking for the perfect gift.