30 Wholesome Native American Gifts

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Last updated on February 1st, 2022

May the next celebration have the touch of tradition

There were times when finding Native American gifts was a challenge. You had to travel all the way to Colorado to get your hands on Native American fine art. But luckily, modern day business has made things a lot easier.

Now you can get great Native American themed things with just a few clicks. But are you unsure what to buy? Worry not, here are 30 wholesome Native American gifts that are culturally appropriate and show that you care.

30 Native American Gifts

Trust me, with a lot of good items out there, it can get pretty hard to find great ones. I’m shortlisting 30 Native American gifts that are great without doubt. Your gift recipient will love to have one or more of the following items.

1. Peace Pipe Tomahawk Axe

Peace Pipe Tomahawk Axe

Peace pipe, also known as Sacred Pipe is one of the central ceremonial objects of Native Indian tradition. This item will remind the gift recipient of their sacred root and the festivity. This Peace Pipe Tomahawk Axe is such an adorable little gift.

2. Limited Edition Native American Knife

Limited Edition Native American Knife

This is a limited-edition knife that’ll without doubt give out Native Indian vibes. It’s beautifully designed with feathers and beads that capture the core essence of Native American lifestyle. It’s relatively small, but useful nonetheless.

3. Tribal Wolf Dreamcatcher

Tribal Wolf Dreamcatcher

Anyone would love the soothing tones of these harmonic wind chimes. It’s designed with care and made to look like a perfect Native American dreamcatcher. The harmony, along with excellent craftsmanship makes this a solid choice.

4. Indian Girl Chief Wall Art

Indian Girl Chief Wall Art

Native American ceremonies are all about color and joy. These wall arts capture that very idea beautifully. These paintings of an Indian girl chief will enhance the aesthetics of any living room for sure.

5. Tribal Cotton Woven Blanket

Tribal Cotton Woven Blanket

The most prominent artistic items that we get from Native Americans are their uniquely crafted blankets. The design is uncanny, and the popularity hasn’t gone down ever. This particular blanket is of turquoise color. They make amazing and comfortable Native American gifts.

6. 5 Panel Native American Wall Art

5 Panel Native American Wall Art

One of the beautiful sides of Native American culture is their sense of unity. They feel complete as a tribe, not just as individuals. This 5-panel wall art is a great depiction of the idea. It’s not a complete image unless you put every piece together.

7. White Sage Smudging Kit

White Sage Smudging Kit

Smudging kits are important as almost every Native American ceremony starts with smudging. Gift this kit to your loved ones so they can cleanse their house, feel positive, and be relaxed. This smudging kit has instructions, in case one needs them.

8. Native American Collectible Decoration

Native American Collectible Decoration

A gift is twice as beautiful when it means something to the person. This collectible decoration sums up the wholesomeness of Native American tradition. It’s beautifully detailed and makes a wonderful addition to a personal showcase.

9. Boho Peacock Feather Jewelry

Boho Peacock Feather Jewelry

Now her pretty hair can get prettier. This peacock feather jewelry is just the perfect Native American gift. It’s not just a hair ornament. One can choose to wear it as a necklace, belt over a boho dress, or denim shorts. 

10. Arrow Bookends

Arrow Bookends

This item is very cool and durable at the same time. This arrow bookend is made of cast iron that’ll last for decades. And they look really amazing as Native American gifts for anyone. 

11. Genuine Garnet Cuff Bracelet

Genuine Garnet Cuff Bracelet

It’s a beautiful bracelet with a dragonfly design on it. Native American tribe members rock these with pride. Your loved one will find this item really cool. It’s something they can proudly show off.

12. Native American 3D Nightlight

Native American 3D Nightlight

3D nightlights are immensely popular these days. There are designs of many different kinds. This particular one shows a Native American figure when turned on. It’s amazing to look at, and also the color is adjustable to taste.

13. Native American Horse Hair Vase

Native American Horse Hair Vase

This is not just any vase. This is authentic Native American horse hair pottery. This vase is carefully detailed with real horse hair and hand etched Indian art. This is one of a kind, and a perfect Native American gift.

14. Indian Navajo Vector Eagle Feathers Turquoise Wall Cross

We all love to express ourselves with our home décor. Native American themed wall hangings and dream catchers are perfect for those who proudly show their love for the Indians. When you’re buying these, make sure you go through the different design choices. There are multiple great ones.

15. Dreamcatcher Etched Wine Glass

Dreamcatcher Etched Wine Glass

These wine glasses are as classy as they get. It has a dreamcatcher design elegantly etched on them. These glasses look really nice and will mean a lot to anyone who loves receiving Native American gifts. 

16. Indian Chief Head Ring

Indian Chief Head Ring

One ring to guide them all, one ring to protect them all, one ring to unite them all. No, I’m not telling you it’s a magic ring that’s going to do all those things on its own. I’m saying that this is THE ring that has this spirit pumped into it.

17. Boston Terrier Grey Apron

 Boston Terrier Grey Apron

This is a wonderful heartfelt present. Given any occasion, gift this to your chef buddy. With this purchase you can’t go wrong. It’s also handy as a protective layer during other chores.

18. Two Worlds and Three Worlds

Two Worlds and Three Worlds

Songs are one of the most prominent agents of any culture. Native American culture is also the same, and their music is centered around drums, which is the core of Native American music. This album by A. Paul Ortega is one of the most iconic albums of Native American music.

19. Collectible Turtle Design Mug

Collectible Turtle Design Mug

To most tribes, turtles represent healing, wisdom, spirituality, health, safety, longevity, protection, and fertility. Need I explain why this mug makes a great Native American gift?

20. Handmade Cacho Seed Shaker

Handmade Cacho Seed Shaker

Native American music is largely about super expressive percussion. Here is a percussion that’s fairly easy to play, and captures the essence with perfection. You can get somebody these Native American gifts for any occasion.

21. Feather Headdress

Feather Headdress

Trust me, I’m planning to keep one of these for myself. These headdresses are the traditional Native American head apparel that are totally handmade. It’s made with natural materials so comfort shouldn’t be an issue.

22. Native American Style Crossbody Bag 

Native American Style Crossbody Bag 

This beautiful bag is a very convenient one as well. Users can keep their hands free, allowing engagement elsewhere. The material, design, beads, straps, everything is executed keeping the Native American spirit in mind.

23. Wolf Charms for Jewelry Making

Wolf Charms for Jewelry Making

Wolf represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding, and intelligence in Native American culture. Of all land animals, the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers and is the most accomplished hunter. These wolf charms will be more than a meaningful gift.

24. Native American Round Barrel

Native American Round Barrel

This very raw looking barrel is made of resin with feather accents and a faux tooled leather band. Perfect for storing small items, this barrel is a really cool Native American gift.

25. Southwest Bull Skull Decoration

Southwest Bull Skull Decoration

A bull skull is a symbol of life-long protection from all the natural enemies. When you give somebody these Native American gifts, you give them a message of safety. This is a perfect decoration for the living room wall. It doesn’t take much space. And it has a really eye-catching design. 

26. Native American Themed PopSocket

Native American Themed PopSocket

A beautiful Native American dreamcatcher printed PopSocket for smartphone users who love simple things and Native American elements. With this PopSocket, they can proudly show their cultural identity to the world.

27. Native American Themed Phone Case

 Native American Themed Phone Case

Phone cases have become one of the best platforms to promote oneself. Someone who proudly promotes love and respect for Native American culture will love this phone case as a gift. 

28. Indigenous Pillow Cases

Indigenous Pillow Cases

These lovely pillow cases are beautifully designed to represent the beauty and color that Native Americans have. You can also add your own image or custom text on these if you wish. It can be like a ceremonial card, but better.

29. Native American Theme Mousepad

Native American Theme Mousepad

Mousepads are kind of an essential item these days. And this is a great opportunity to express things in a modern way. This is why this mousepad is a small but thoughtful Native American gift.

30. Southwestern Woven Blanket

Southwestern Woven Blanket

I’d love to wrap this up with another blanket (ha-ha…). This is not a rip-off. It’s the real deal. This blanket is made with premium material by local artists from Ecuador. If you’re looking for authentic Native American gifts, well this is it!

Concluding Words

Native American culture is vast, colorful, and full of spirit. It was really fun to go through hundreds of items while I narrowed down the best ones. I hope this post helped you to pick the perfect Native American gifts for the upcoming special day.

Almost all the items are unisex, and fits people of all age. “Donadagohvi” for now, I’ll see you in another post filled with exciting items.