35 Gifts for Anime Lovers – Cool, Fun & Funky!

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Last updated on October 31st, 2023

Looking for fun and cool gifts for anime lovers? You’ll get them here!

There are always people who have particular favorites that are different from others. But surely, it’s obvious that they have great taste. Because they fall in love with anime characters instead of humans. Ha-ha! Just kidding. 

But Anime is special and so are the anime aficionados. So, you already know what their special day or occasional gifts should be themed on. It’s already specified – you need special gifts for anime lovers! 

It’s not tough to find gifts for anime lovers. You just have to look for the characters/series/manga from anime they’re fond of. That’s all. This is where the article will serve its purpose. There is a huge list of items here related to anime.

As gifts are like an unexpected shower of love fallen on someone, these should be something that’s close to their heart. It shows a simple act of care for your beloved.

Some of the links to products are affiliate links. We may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps us run the work of discovering the best products across the web.

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35 Wonders of Gifts for Anime Lovers

You know your friends; you know their choice. You like anime as well (if not, get your taste fixed). So, what’s tough here? Nothing at all. So many incredible products here will fascinate you as well as your otaku buds. Let’s wait no more.  

1. Anime Eat Sleep T-shirt

No products found.

Starting with absolute perfection for the Otaku, an anime t-shirt. It has a quote saying ‘Eat, sleep, anime & repeat. Just the things an actual anime lover will wish for.

It’s Unisex and classic fit, people of any age can wear it comfortably. The tee is made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester and is machine washable. Above all, t-shirts are the safest yet one of the best gifts for anime lovers.

2. Guildable Top 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster

Enno Vatti 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster - Top Animes Of All Time (16.5' x 23.4')- Ultimate Bucket List/Cool Anime Stuff- Best Gifts for Anime Lovers, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day

If you ever visit an anime fan’s place, you’ll at least find one anime poster there. It’s like a tradition they follow. So, you clearly get the hint why this product ended up on this roll.

There is a poster of all the old anime and the latest ones. It’s one of the specially handpicked best gifts for anime lovers. It’s a high-quality thing, the posters are thick, won’t crinkle or get any creases.  

3. Japanese Snacks; Dagashi &TONOSAMA

SHOGUN CANDY, Japanese Snacks & Japanese Candy Variety Pack 30 Pcs

Who doesn’t love to sneak a snack? I’m sure everybody does. This box has all types of Japanese dagashis (candy). It’s often compared to American penny candies.

TONOSAMA has picked 30 pieces of famed Japanese sweets for this selection bundle. These snacks are wrapped in cute, bright, and colorful packages. 

4. Men’s Naruto Ripple Hoodie

Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Men's Full Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt Kakashi Hatake Anime Zippered Fleece Hoodie Olive Medium

It’s a zipped hoodie-themed on the famous Naruto. The style is more like military but gives a fun vibe. Anyone can cosplay with this merch. It’ll give a rocking look.

The fabric is cotton and polyester making it comfortable for casual wearing. It’s one of the best gifts for anime lovers.

5. Spirited Away Night Lamp

OVANUS No Face Lamp,No Face Night Light for Children Gift Toy Home Decor

How about a small night lamp sound like? Obviously in a popular anime theme. This no-face man doll-like lamp will make a very cute present for someone.

This miniature night light has an instant on-button feature. Its battery operated. They can use it to decorate their 7home, yards, or gardens. Even for the living area, it’ll make a lovely interior.

6. Demon Slayer Gift Set

No products found.

This set alone will cover most of the gift ideas for anime lovers. The hamper is designed focusing on the famous Demon slayer movie. It has bags, a pop socket, stickers, and whatnot.

There’s also a charming piece of glass pendant included. This is a must for every demon slayer lover!

7. Women’s Anime Hoodie

Tstars Anime Hoodie Women Teen Girls It's An Anime Thing Novelty Pullover Hoodies

Another cool merch for girl anime aficionados. There’s a phrase written on the hoodie saying ‘It’s an anime thing you wouldn’t understand’. A most used and common saying to those who don’t watch animations.

The printing quality is outstanding and so does the fabric. It’s a fun way to show your affection towards anime. She’ll love it! After all, hoodies are one of the most useful anime gift ideas.  

8. WoneNice Cute Kitty Night Lamp

WoneNice Cute Kitty Night Light, Rechargeable Silicone Cute Lamp with Warm White & 7-Color Breathing Modes, Touch Sensor Control, Gift for Women Teen Girls Kids Toddler Baby

It’s a lovely and cute piece of a kitty-themed bedside lamp. That isn’t common for any ordinary lamps. But this one has the advantage that you can wash it.

If you touch the silicon surface, it’ll automatically switch the color to a different shade. Altogether it has seven color modes. It’s totally safe and undoubtedly perfect for little anime fans.

9. 3D Crystal LED Night Lamp

SJQWZRY 3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light Base Changes Color Toy Night Light Child Christmas Present (Gen-gar)

It looks like the list is obsessed with anime lamps, but no wonder these are very different from each other. Here’s another color-changing one.

The lamp is made of crystal. It’s a portable 3D night light with laser engraving technology. It looks like more of a magic ball through which psychics see the future. Just kidding, this will be an amazing choice of gift.

10. Ninja Weapons

BMARLF Kunai Ninja Cosplay Props Ninja Themed Costume Plastic Cosplay Accessories Kunai Set 12 Pcs (Big 10”) Black

For the friends who give a ninja vibe, this gift is a must. It’s a premium set of replica ninja weapons from anime movies and series. Although, some of them can be a little sharp for toddlers to handle.

It’s very stylish, they’ll love the ergonomic design it has. Let your buds have an opportunity to think of them as a character from the anime and act like a ninja.

11. Golden Ball Grinder

Qucovba Anime Grinder - 2.2 inch 3 Pieces, Yellow

You’ll love this one for its creativity. It’s a spice grinding tool but that can’t be figured out by the look of it. The grinder looks more like a golden ball from the Dragon Ball Z, but it’s actually a kitchen utensil. I mean how cool is that?

It’s a quality ensured product. The top part is connected with the bottom using magnets, so you don’t lose any of them. Crush those herbs in anime style!

12. Anime Manga Series; Charm Bracelet

SONGCHANGJEWELRY Anime Figure Tanjiro Charm Bracelet - Tanjiro Nezuko Zenitsu Inosuke Figure Bracelet - Gifts for Girls and Boys

A little piece of jewelry with a touch of anime. This charm bracelet can be worn both by men and women. It has many small pendants of anime characters – Kamado Tanjirou, Kamado Nezuko, Agatsuma Zenitsu, and so on.

The bracelet is made from alloy; highly resistant to rust and tarnishing. Perfect casual fashion wear.

13. Men’s Naruto Shippuden Sweatshirt

Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Anti-Leaf Clouds Anime Adult Crew-Neck Fleece Sweatshirt Officially Licensed Med Black

This cool sweatshirt has a big Naruto logo on it. For this reason, it’s been a highly favorite for the Naruto fandom. They’ll love to rock themselves wearing it. For them, it’s not just a character. It’s a part of their life.

This is an authentic Naruto Merch. Made with pure cotton and polyester helping them hyping their favorite theme with comfort.

14. Resin Cat lamp

Resin Cat Design lamp Creative Night Light Table Bedside Lamps for Reading (Iron Wire Lampshade,3.1 x 4.7 x 6.7Inch)

Again, there’s a lamp but wait, does it look like one? This seems more similar to a resin cat sitting with a tiny bulb in his tail. Got to clap for the creativity of the maker.

However, if the receiver is fond of pet cats, you can give this to him/her. Two things to cover just in one.

15. Chinese Dragon & Phoenix Chopsticks

Chopstick Reusable Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Chopsticks with Holder and Carrying Bag Chinese Traditional Stylish Gift Set (2 Pairs )

People love to inherit the little things when they’re fond of them. Such as, in most anime, we see the use of chopsticks as it’s a part of the Japanese culture. Anime lovers seem to learn it too.

So, a pair of these extraordinary Chinese dragon and phoenix chopsticks will be a thoughtful present for them. It’s made with natural wood and comes with beautiful packaging.

16. Naruto Uzumaki Figure

ANIME HEROES - Naruto - Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure

An actual anime buff may have at least one anime figure in his belongings. Talking about this, it’s a famous figurine of Naruto Uzumaki. This surely has a common and separate fan base.

The figure is very well detailed. It’s not possible to make you a list of anime gift ideas without including this one.

17. Naruto Headband

Great Eastern Naruto Anti Leaf Village Headband,Black

Looks like a large part of this has Naruto-themed gift items. It’s obvious as this is a popular and most loveable anime of the fans. This product here is a crown accessory, like an ornament to wear.

It’s a Naruto headband. Don’t worry if your friend has a big unusual head, joke- It has a large adjustable size to fit in. This is safe for kids, too.

18. Dragon Glass Balls

New 7pcs 42MM Large Crystal Acrylic Resin Glass Ball with Gift Box Dragon Transparent Play Balls

Fans of 7 Stars Balls will love this. Especially for those who love to keep an Anime collection. It’s a set of all the seven balls from the Dragon Ball Z anime. Surely, it’s one of those super cool gifts for anime lovers. 

You can even share it between your anime fandom circle. The display box looks fabulous itself as a gift wrap.

19. Pokémon Crystal Ball Lamp

kaitnax 3D Crystal Ball Toys Games Night Light Color Changing Lamp for Kids Room Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Looks like we aren’t going to be fed up with so many lamp items. Why would we? These are way too cute and cool. Here’s one themed on Pokémon ball.

You’ll be interested to know the differences. The lamp looks a little diverse because of the look of luxury. This too has Laser engraving points resembling the last one. It creates a more magical atmosphere than others.  

20. Anime Danganronpa Cosplay Hoodie

GK-O Anime Monokuma Black White Bear Hoodies Anime Cosplay Costume Zipper Unisex Jacket Uniform (Asian Size XXL)

Looks like we have a lot of options for apparel here based on anime themes. But as the fun saying goes ‘too many is never too much’. Here’s another anime hoodie-themed on Danganronpa. It’s more like a cosplay suit but can be worn as a daily outfit. The fabric is pretty comfy.

Do recheck the size before you place your order, sometimes it gets messed up.

21. Zoro Action Figure

ANIME HEROES Bandai America One Piece, Roronoa Zoro

Anime figurines are making their way on this list. This one is a Zoro action model with a premium packaging box. Zoro is a renowned bounty hunter and the Straw Hat Pirates’ first crewman. His ambition is to be the world’s finest sword fighter.

This Anime Heroes toy comes with two pairs of replaceable arms and also character-specific extras.

22. Ninja Sword & Kunai Set

Red Guardian Ninja Sword and Kunai Set - 27” Stainless Steel Ninja Sword, Three 6 3/8” Kunai, Striking Crimson Red Embellishments, Black Nylon Sheath - Ninja Set for Collectors and Enthusiasts

This is one of the more fascinating items on the scroll. A ninja sword with three kunai, similar to what an anime stunt agent might use. Those with a desire to learn sword fighting should definitely give it a shot.

It even includes straps that you may use to drape it around your shoulder like a ninja. It’s a beautiful piece to have in collection and one of the best gift ideas for anime lovers!

23. Bandai Demon Slayer Sword

Bandai Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba DX Nichirin Sword

It’s a replica of Tanjiro Kamado’s Sword from the famous Bandai spirits. This looks like an actual one in molded plastic. The fine details will attract the receiver so much.

The difference between this and the previous one is, this one is a safer choice for kids to play with.

24. Attack on Titan: Key Chain

Great Eastern Entertainment Attack On Titan SD Levi PVC Keychain

Finally, a single piece keychain with an anime theme. Don’t worry it doesn’t look childish one bit, both men and women of all ages can use this amazing attack on titan keychain .

It’s a plastic keychain with a collectible design.

25. Death Note POSTER

POSTER STOP ONLINE Death Note - Manga/Anime TV Show Poster/Print (Character Collage) (Size 24' x 36')

Who hasn’t seen the movie ‘Death Note’? If that’s the case for you, it’s time to put this gift-hunting on hold and keep an eye on it. Back to the topic, the recipient will cherish this death note poster as a present since it’s based on a well-known anime.

The poster is among the stunning anime gift ideas and the quality is incredible too.

26. Demon Slayer: Keychains

Keychain: Kimetsu no Yaiba Keychains, 4 Pcs/Set Anime Pendant Hanging Ornament

Time for some adorable keychains. Why will we leave this one out when we can turn jewels and toys into anime-theme? These are keychains with demon slayer hanging pendants.

The metal keychain has perfectly smooth edges, is lightweight, and can be worn in any style. It can also be hung on bags, jeans, or electronic devices.

27. Learn to Draw Anime

How to Draw Anime (Includes Anime, Manga and Chibi) Part 1 Drawing Anime Faces

Is there any anime fan in your gang who is a secret artist and loves to draw characters? If yes, don’t let this one slip off from your knots.

It starts with the very basics for beginners and guides the process in an enjoyable way. It’ll be helpful for them to draw their heart out.

28. Anime Cooking Guide

Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character―From Bento to Yakisoba: A Cookbook

Surprised by the heading? Yes! There’s also a book on how to cook your favorite anime dishes. The ones we see in anime or manga series and movies. Fandoms always crave those meals because they look so delicious.

The receiver can study the food’s origins, heritage, and tips, and so on from it. No one will expect this gift yet they’ll be very happy to receive it.

29. Bioworld Snapback Hat

My Hero Academia Allover Art Snapback Hat

This Bioworld Hero academia cap will round off your look like an anime fan. It’s covered in anime prints. The quality is excellent. You can clearly see the characters on it.

The colors are quite bright. The adjustable straps will also allow it to be worn comfortably by people of different ages.

30. Tamaki Amajiki Throw Blanket

My Hero Academia Collage Anime Tamaki Amajiki Fleece Throw Blanket, Fuzzy Warm Throws for Winter Bedding, Couch and Plush House Warming Decor Gift Idea (M 60'x50')

With this throw blanket, you can transform their whole interior into an anime motif. It’s cozy and warm. Comfortable to wrap around when you’re cold or sleeping.

They’ll bound themselves with this item while relaxing on a sofa or bed, watching their favorite anime series. Highly recommended as gift ideas for anime lovers.

31. Famous Anime Crew Socks

DearMy Womens Famous Cartoon Japanese Animation Print Cotton Blend Crew Socks (Anime 6 Pairs) ,One Size

What more ways are there to show off your anime obsession to the world? That’s right, we’re not leaving these cute socks behind. These have famous anime characters printed on them.

It’s specially designed for teen girls who love anime. These cotton socks are fashionable, high quality, bright-colored, and of course, very comfortable for daily wear.

32. Naruto Rings

AKATSUKI ring Narutoo Rings Set New in Box Itachi ring Cosplay Member's Ring anime rings Set contacts for Cosplay Narutoo Fans 11 pcs…

These Naruto cosplay rings are for those who can’t leave fashion alone without a touch of anime into them. The set is a total of 10 pieces. All have the same design but different shades.

It’s made with metal material but won’t cause any kind of scratch on hands. This is a unique way to give your friend their favorite gifts. Make sure you get the size for the right.

33. NINJAGO Legacy Monastery LEGO Set

LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670 Battle Toy Building Kit Includes Ninja Toy Weapons and Training Equipment for Creative Play (1,070 Pieces)

Now, it’s time for some anime toy items to play with. This is a NINJAGO toy set built like LEGO. Wu, Nya, Cole, Kai, and Wyplash are one of the 8 LEGO NINJAGO minis included with this ninja playset.

A perfect choice for kids to make their imaginative play through toys. They can create ninja conflicts and legacy through this set. Let the adventure build in for them.

34. Anime Cartoon Stickers

Anime Cartoon

People of every age love to play with stickers. Actually, it doesn’t define ages, it’s a matter of taste. And with these anime decals, it just gets better and better.

A packet of these vinyl anime stickers can cheer up any anime lover’s mood. They can stick these on their laptop, water bottles, or any other personal belongings. This surely belongs on the list of the best gifts for anime lovers!

35. Magic Array Charger Pad

Finally, saving the best for the last. An actual useful gadget, like this magic array wireless charging set. It’ll ensure fast charging for your electronic devices. Make sure it matches the receiver’s phone model otherwise it’ll be up for no use.

The pad is shaped like an anime ancient magic pottery tray. If you place your phone in the middle, the map will auto light up and charging will begin. Isn’t it magical?

Closing Scene

Well, that’s all for this article. I think you already got the ideas for gifts for anime lovers. I mean, where’s the doubt? The cool and funky anime items will be more than enough to make it easy for finding your anime devotees just the ones.

You see there are jewels, outfits, decorating stuff, snacks, and so on. All you have to do is choose your preference. Of course, you’ll prioritize the acceptor’s choice mostly. But if you’re still confused, take these suggestions.

Don’t storm it too much, I think the blog has all the choices covered. So, are you excited about what you had in mind? If you’re this eager, think about how happy the person will be when the gift is given.

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