14 Cute & Unique Anime Gifts for Her

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Last updated on May 13th, 2022

Gifts are a casual exchange between two individuals to make the bond stronger. It’s simply an act of care. So, when it comes to giving your ‘the one’ a gift, as special as she is, don’t hold back your efforts my boy or she’ll be outta the door, leaving you all heartbroken.

Let’s assume you have a good choice; that’s why your special one is an Otaku (die-hard Anime lover). Her love for anime is more than she has for you. A bit competitive situation for you here, man. But hey, why don’t you make a clever move?

Yes, gifts! Cute anime gifts for her to win not only her heart but the competition as well. This is where the actual article begins, to help and save you guys from roaming around, wondering what to buy as a gift for your cool anime girl.

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Gifts for Your Cool Anime Girl

Phew! It made me all tire up to save you some time and making this list of some amazing cool gifts for your cool anime girl. So, don’t you dare skip any of these rather, take a good look at all these anime gifts for her, buddy. Trust me, your opportunity to wow her is hidden here. Let’s get this party started.

1. TAMASHII NATIONS Kamado Tanjiro Figure

TAMASHII NATIONS - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kamado Tanjiro -Water Breathing-, Bandai Spirits FiguartsZERO Collectible Statue

Please don’t judge your girl if she’s a lover of anime figure collections. If she does, she’s a keeper. Anime lovers have a special affection for stacking up on cool anime figurines. They love to have a collection based on their favorite series or characters.

This one is from the famous series- Demon Slayer. A very well manufactured and well-detailed sculpture to collect. It actually looks super dope. If you gift her this one, she’ll definitely love this plastic guy. And also, it’s very less costly yet worth the shot. You might want one for yourself, too after getting it, haha!

2. Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World | Rem & Ram Coffee Mug Set

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World | Rem & Ram Coffee Mug Set

A mug or a mug set is unquestionably one of the most common gifts possible. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty average gift to give to your special someone. But what if you add an anime twist to it? Yes, indeed! This is how you transform a bland item into something spectacular.

Loot Crate has released a pair of mugs inspired by the anime Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World. These sweet, and handy anime gifts for her only weigh 11 ounces, making them tiny, cute.

You don’t have to worry about the quality; the only thing to keep in mind is that these prefer hand washing, no soaking, and no microwave.

3. Uzumaki Boruto Headband

Black Headband For Anime Halloween Costume

Girls are really into hair accessories stuff. In that case, if your girl gets a headband, themed on one of her favorite anime characters, she’ll feel up above heaven. If she has her birthdays or special days during Halloween, trust me, this is the best you can get for her.

I mean, she’ll have a costume prop to cosplay as her favorite anime character. How cool is that? Go get one for yourself as well, and you’ll make a fantastic anime cosplay duo. It’s a fully adjustable elastic headband; However, the metal plate side is a little sharp.

4. Super Danganronpa Plush Doll Toy Anime

Anime Gifts for Her - Super Danganronpa Plush Doll Toy Anime

Giving a doll as a gift is the sweetest effort, according to girls. Although we don’t know what’s so special in it, never mind, here’s something for her that’ll make her pretty smile prettier. This Danga Ronpa plus doll is simply an anime stuffed animal from the brand Animelody.

Girls adore stuffed animals. So, it can be a perfect present for birthdays or anniversaries. Moreover, in cases of ups and downs, this adorable doll will be more than enough for her to accept as an apology gift. It’s very lightweight, only 5.3 ounces. It can be her sleeping buddy while reminding her of you.

5. Naruto Silicone Designer Airpod Cover

Anime Gifts for Her - Naruto Silicone Designer Airpod Cover

Now, let’s talk about something that can actually be useful to her rather than dolls or mugs. An air-pod case. Oh no, this one is not a normal one. Not just an anime one, it’s a NARUTO-themed 3D air-pod case.

It’s a really cute piece to gift your loved ones. Don’t worry, it won’t break even if she throws it towards you out of tantrums, lol. My point is, the case is quite solid. It’ll secure the air-pods while also ensuring that they are scratch-free.

It also comes with a keychain that can be worn with bags, purses, or even jeans. It’ll certainly give everyone a trendy, total geek look.

6. Rhinestone Gold Star Cosplay Quartz Pocket Watch

BOSHIYA Sailor Moon Pocket Watch Gold Rhinestone Star Quartz Pocket Watches for Girl Women with Chain Necklace Cosplay Accessories & Gifts Box

Searching for useful yet stylish gifts for your cool anime girl? Here comes another useful product for use daily. An anime pocket watch is the most stylish piece you can give to her. It’s a sort of jewelry that she can style with any outfit anytime, anywhere.

But she can’t wear it while swimming cause, it’s not waterproof. The backup battery will be there to save her and speaking about aesthetics; just take a look at the packaging, please.

We can assume she’ll love it because she has a good choice, or else why would she end up with some guy like you, right? Just kidding. If she’s a lover of ancient fashion, don’t think twice to hand her this masterpiece. 

7. Stainless Steel Attack on Titan Ring; Wings of Freedom Logo

Hmooy Wings of Freedom Ring, Black/Silver Stainless Steel Anime Ring Titanium Steel Couple Ring Polished Wedding Band Anime Jewelry for Men Boys (Silver, 8)

Rings are precious gift exchanges between two souls who are deeply in love. A titan ring for your anime-fan girl is the best option during times of special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Be wary, this symbol of heroism isn’t something you’d want to propose with. But hey, why not?!

This unique ring features a design of fanned wings. The shape is similar to the iconic legion logo’s badge. For anime role-playing fanatics, it’s pretty appealing. It’s available in sizes 6-10. Both men and women can wear it. This can be the perfect opportunity for twining with your special one.

8. Kamado Nezuko Night Light LED Anime Lamp

Sosowlight Kamado Nezuko 3D Illusion Anime Neon Night Light LED Desk Lamp 16 Colors RGB Remote Room Decor for Girls Party

This is for anime lovers who don’t even spare their love for anime in their dreams. It’s a sweet surprise gift, an anime-themed bedside lamp.

It’s the figure of Kamado Nezuko from the famous anime Demon Slayer. I heard girls have a huge crush on these types of stuff. Hey, don’t be jealous okay? After all, it’s just a 3D illusion LED lamp. Although it can be controlled by a remote and has 16 color-changing effects.

She’ll love it to use for decorating her room in a fancy way. An awesome present for an anime fan.

9. Yuesha Aiyina Anime L Necklace

Yuesha Aiyina Anime L Necklace

Jewelry is the ultimate thought when you want to gift anything to girls. They love to style their soul with it. Want to make your anime-head girl happy while making it a bit interesting? This Anime L necklace is where your goal is.

Again the theme is totally based on an anime; Death Note. Please, don’t tell me you don’t know what this is. It’s a masterpiece, I’m sure your girl loves it as much as she’ll love this jewel piece. So, grab this chance to impress her with this anime gift. Just don’t try to build an L-Kira relationship. Nothing is worth dying for.

10. The Master Guide to Drawing Anime

The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: How to Draw Original Characters from Simple Templates – A How to Draw Anime / Manga Books Series (Volume 1)

Let me guess, you’re dating an artist girl or someone who loves to draw random stuff in her sketchbook. Bingo! You’ve come to the right option. It’s a guidebook on; how to draw your favorite anime characters.

Nothing thrills an anime artist more than creating unique characters using their creativity. This will provide them with easy-to-follow, well-illustrated, and written stage process tutorials. It’s the guidebook that every wannabe anime artist, especially your ‘the one’ was already looking for.

While looking for thoughtful anime gifts for her, make sure you don’t miss this one.

11. Naruto Leaf Alloy Village Badge Bracelet Wristband

It’s yet another Unisex gem to boost your soulmate twining. It’s a black cuff bracelet made entirely of leather that can be worn casually. It’s emblazoned with the renowned Naruto logo. This is a unique fashion accessory that will delight any anime fan.

When you give her this, she’ll greet you with a warm hug. Won’t it be worth it? Be your partner’s wrist-bud, with the Naruto wristband.

12. Veediyin Abaddon Crossbody Wallet Bag

Veediyin Abaddon Crossbody Bags Canvas Small Cute Cell Wallet Bag Phone Purse with Shoulder Strap coin purse Candy Bag (girl)

After all of the conversation about adorable and tiny things, it’s time to talk about something huge, something feminine, and something that may genuinely be regarded as a suitable gift for her. What we have here is a wallet bag entirely based on a lovely anime character doll.

It’s a product with multiple uses. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, a side bag, or a phone purse. Because the dimensions are 18*13*2CM, any phone will fit properly. She can also adjust the straps to her personal preference.

There’s a whole lot of space inside for literally anything. Cash, personal accessories, choco-bar, makeup stuffs anything you name it, you got it.

13. Meiystyle Pokemon Anime Zipper Shell Eyeglasses Case

meiystyle Anime Zipper Shell Eyeglasses Sunglasses Case Unisex Durable Portable Lightweight 3D Printed Vivid, 5

It’s time to talk about some cool gifts for your cool anime girl. And what’s cooler than an anime sunglass case? Perfect stuff to make her grins bigger. Oh! did I forget to mention what anime was it?

Yes, it’s our very own Pokemon anime and the character is my personal favorite; Pikachu! Who doesn’t love Pikachu? Everyone does.

The case is fully covered with Pikachu themed design and is very lightweight. She can carry it easily when going out on beaches. It’s waterproof, it has a zipper (easy use), and moreover, it can be used as a wallet as well.

14. Shonen Jump Naruto Keychain

Great Eastern GE-3995 Shonen Jump Naruto Itachi in Fighting Gear PVC Keychain

On the last product, here we’re back to something tiny again. Don’t get disappointed, it’s indeed very fascinating and a daily use-friendly bud. Yet another Naruto merchandise. Yep! An adorable keychain made with quality materials to use almost with anything.

This small piece weighs only 0.95 ounces. She can even hang it in her jeans to compliment her looks. It will remind her of you all the time she takes a look at it.

The Anime Ending Song

So, the wish list for your girl has concluded. It should be obvious that you already have what you’re looking for in your head. Everything has been properly covered here, from jewels to accessories. Is there anything else you’re looking for?

Of course, not everything will satisfy everyone. The goal is to fulfill her preference. That concludes the anime-themed gift. You’ve chosen something close to her heart. Whatever you bring her that is anime-related will make her grin and melt your heart.

This list of cool and fun anime gifts for her is more than enough to make her blush. So, don’t hesitate. Just pick any of these and your path to a lifelong love has just begun.


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