30 Birthday Gifts for Your 70 Year Old Woman: Impressive Cool Gifts

Here's all you need to pick the best birthday gift for 70 year old women. From special items to everyday utilities, you will find them all!12 min

Last updated on September 9th, 2023

Grandmas hold a special place in our hearts. Whether due to our common enemies (their children, our parents) or their second childhood, they’re mentally much closer to us than most of our relatives. 

Since they’re extra special, their birthdays are special too. To help you pick the best birthday gift for 70 year old woman on her special day, here are 30 super cool gift ideas.

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Birthday Gifts for 70 Year Old Woman: It’s the Thought that Counts

Keep in mind, these are just guidelines, so they’re not set in stone. We urge you to personalize your gifts according to the preferences and interests of your special person. Invest some time and effort into what she likes, what she needs right now, what she used to do in her youth, what she always wanted to do, etc. 

After all, it’s the thought that counts. Putting some effort here will help you pick the best birthday gift for the 70 year old woman in your life.

1. Funny Tumbler Mug

Funny Tumbler Mug - A classing birthday gift for 70 year old woman

This tumbler is something that you can gift to the 70 year old woman if you want to offer a humorous touch and an uplifting vibe on their birthday. 

This mug can offer a fresh perspective on aging with its funny yet powerful quote written on it. 

Although this would be most suitable for birthdays, you can gift it whenever you want. Also, check out this collection of gift ideas for 70-year-old women suitable for all occasions.

Here’s another similar birthday gift idea for 70 year old woman:

Funny mug as a gift for 70 year old woman

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2. Sterling Silver Seven Circle Necklace

Sterling Silver Seven Circle Necklace

If you are looking for a 70th birthday gift for the senior loved one in your life, this necklace with seven sterling silver circles can be a wonderful option. 

The seven circles represent the glorious seven decades of her life. The chain and interlocking circles are made of 925 Sterling Silver. 

Here’s another similar necklace option: 

Another Seven Circle Necklace option

3. 70 Year Old Birthday Gifts Makeup Bag

70 Year Old Birthday Gifts Makeup Bag

Here comes a very affordable option when it comes to birthday gifts for a 70 year old woman. 

It’s a simple and cute makeup bag with an empowering quote for your loved ones to feel good about. 

The bag is made of 100% waterproof material and linen. It’s stable and durable. It measures around 10 x 7 x 0.6 inches with plenty of space to carry her styling essentials. 

Here’s another similar makeup bag option: 

Another Makeup Bag

4. Personalized Succulent Planters

Personalized Succulent Planters

Here’s another great option for your 70-year-old loved one’s birthday – personalized succulent planters. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, grandma, aunt, or friend, you can choose the relationship directly from the product page to personalize these planters. 

The planter gift set includes three ceramic pots with small drainage holes in the base. Also comes with three small bamboo saucers to catch the water from the plants. 

5. Birthday T-Shirts

One more cult classic on this list – the t-shirt. Grandmas love showcasing their grandkids, and if you think she’s the best (of course you do), she’ll love showing that off too! 

Why not let your gran showcase your love for her through this shirt that’ll let everybody know what a great grandma looks like?

6. Indoor Garden Starter Kit

Indoor Garden Starter Kit

Doing extensive gardening outdoors could become difficult with age. But here’s a good news for the 70 year old woman in your life who loves gardening! 

With this indoor gardening kit at her disposal, she can get the full flavor of gardening right in the comfort of her room. This kit includes everything required to have a very own kitchen herb garden. 

7. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are said to have mysterious powers. They filter out nightmares and promote happy dreams. But most importantly, dreamcatchers are said to ‘catch’ dreams, lest you forget them! 

A truly wonderful gift for those people in their second childhood. Whether you believe these or don’t, you can’t deny they look absolutely gorgeous! One of them comes with fairy lights, so it can double as an ambient light source in the room.

8. Incense Burner

Smell is a sense that is often overlooked. It can truly change the atmosphere of a room and elevate it. So it can make an unusual gift for 70 year old woman. 

The plus side to these particular incense holders is that they look mesmerizing. You can easily spend a lazy minute gazing at the streaming smoke and taking in the aroma.

9. Initial Jewelry 

Is the name of the 70 year old woman starts with A or an R? No matter the letter, you can gift her jewelry or gifts that start with the first letter of her name to bring a personalized touch to the gift. 

Here are a few jewelry items that feature letters. You can pick the letter that you need. Although we generally think of jewelry as gifts for younger women, jewelry is also an all-time favorite with women of all ages. 

10. Terrarium


Terrariums are the ultimate low-effort home decor. You just need to spend a little time building it, and then you can get away with minimal effort. Nothing a couple of youtube videos can’t help! 

This is one of those birthday gift ideas for 70 year old woman that will surely be a conversation starter. Besides, she can watch it grow, and we all know how good that feels!

11. Bioluminescent Orb

Bioluminescent Orb

Bioluminescent decors are another of those conversation-starting pieces. You can spend several lazy minutes just staring at the beautiful creatures living inside. 

There’s some sense of peace in watching them emit a faint blue light on your mantle or bedside table. They require light to live, so be sure to place them in a brightly lit place during the day. At night, give them a swirl, and behold!

12. Artwork Album 

Artwork Album 

As I said before, grandchildren hold a special spot in grandma’s heart. There’s a reason her cookies taste better – they’re made with love. 

How else should we reciprocate, other than to give her something handmade? 

However bad of an artist you think you are, your grandma thinks you’re the best. So gather your favorite photos, and collect your best drawings – stick them in here and watch her treasure them.

13. Lit Up Rose in A Glass Dome

Lit Up Rose in A Glass Dome

Neatly lit rose in colorful lights! What’s not to love about this wonderful gift item? It can be a perfect gift for a 70 year old woman. 

During the day it will act as a beautiful showpiece uplifting the vibe of the room. And, at night she can use it as a cool night light! 

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14. Chess Set

Chess Set

This one is a bit of a controversial one – if your grandma is a fan, she’ll love it. If not, well, this is probably not for her. 

I find that playing chess with my grandma was one of the best memories I have of her. Besides, it will help her stretch her brain muscles, something we can all get more of these days.

15. Wooden Music Box

Wooden Music Box

Are you looking for something emotional and meaningful for the 70 year old woman in your life? This wooden music box can be your thing. 

Express all of your unexpressed emotions for her with this meaningful gift item. 

16. Drone


Bit of an adventurer, is she? I get it, a birthday gift for 70 year old woman shouldn’t include adrenaline-inducing products – but this one is safe! 

With a drone, she can go to places she never even thought of, and see the world around her from a different angle – literally. 

It will surely lift her spirits and fill her with joy. The return to phone function means she won’t even lose it.

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17. Birdfeeder


Birds are one of those creatures that can instantly lift your mood. What better way to attract them than with their favorite seeds? 

Your balcony or window will gain an extra dimension of liveliness once you install these feeders. They’re sure to help your grandma make new bird friends who will make her feel like a Disney princess. 

18. Film Camera

Film Camera

Few things grasp memories as well as a film camera. There’s something about picking a specific film, manually loading it, and having the film developed. 

It’s almost meditative and tough to put into words. The best way to get her into it is to have one land in her hands. It’ll bring back some wonderful memories and help record new ones.

19. Bonsai


There’s something truly amazing about miniature things. They give you a different view of things, things that would normally be too large to view from this angle. 

Bonsai is even more special because they’re alive. You can watch them grow and care for them. This is one of those unusual gifts for 70-year-old woman that is sure to turn heads. It will also make your grandma feel like a giant!

20. Gardening Kit

Gardening Kit

A good set of gardening tools is the battle gear for a green thumb. Caring for plants is a skill – a skill to use the proper tools in a proper way. 

This is a perfect hobby for aging people as it’s not too demanding, but the rewards just keep coming. They aren’t dangerous like most other tools, so your grandma can’t even hurt herself accidentally.

21. Angel Figurine

Angel Figurine - A cute 70th birthday gift for woman

This is another very popular 70th birthday gift for women. This 6-inch angel figurine is made of polyresin and features rich and intricate design details on wooden and silver backgrounds.

The lower front of the angel displays a befitting wish for the birthday girl, saying, “Happy 70th Birthday; May Today’s Wishes Fill Your Life With Happiness”.

The gift box that comes with this figurine is also very elegant.

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22. Kalimba/Xylophone

Music is a natural painkiller. The healing and soothing properties of music have been scientifically proven time and again, so this makes it a great birthday gift idea for 70 year old woman. 

It’s one of the easiest instruments to play, so it’ll be wonderful if your grandma is a beginner. If she’s already a musician, this will gracefully adorn her collection of musical instruments and give her some space to unwind.

23. Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen

As we grow older, we tend to notice the finer things. Jotting down with a dollar store ballpoint or a half-sharpened pencil just doesn’t cut it for someone who’s stepping into her seventies. 

So why not give her the necessary tools to fully enjoy the art of writing? A fountain pen can do just that. It’ll provide comfort and style. After all, her stories have matured and deserve this.

24. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

As people age, they tend to savor peace and quiet over louder things. Listening to music requires a level of silence that is often lost in cities. 

You can help your grandma listen to her favorite music with these headphones. The fact that they’re wireless just means it’s less hassle for her.

25. Polaroid


Polaroids are loved by all. It gives us tangible paper holding our memories. 

These can capture truly priceless moments without the need of developing the photos, unlike film cameras. 

The plasticky, saturated images give a nostalgic feel to the photos, making them even more desirable. Give one of these to your grandma and watch her capture moments like a kid who just learned to draw.

26. Card with Love

Birthday Card with Love

Birthday cards are a classic gift. There’s a reason they’re cliche – it’s cause they work, and they work well. 

But the boring cards won’t cut it for your special person. Let her know what she truly means to you with an intimate note written inside. That’s the true charm of a card – the personalized one-to-one note is the secret sauce. 

27. Bookends


If your grandma is an avid reader like mine, chances are, her bookshelf is overflowing, and there’s never enough room for books. And who has the time to organize their bookshelves regularly? Plus, it’s a pain to find the ones you’re reading, only to put them back once you’re done. 

That’s where these bookends come in. They can help arrange your books that your grandma can’t be bothered with organizing, and they look great too!

28. Willow Tree Grandmother

Willow Tree Grandmother

All the members of our Things I Need To Buy team, personally love the Willow Tree store and their uniquely handcrafted figurines that always beautifully embody the true emotions associated with the regular relationships of life. 

Just look at the aesthetics of these figurines! What can be this simple yet exude such elegance? 

The figurine featured here is for a grandmother, however, the Willow Tree Store has figurines for every important relationship in life. 

29. Massage Accessories

I hate seeing Grandma in pain. Sometimes, arthritis can really ruin her day. These massagers can help alleviate the pain and help her relax. 

These are basically what it says on the tin, no bells and whistles. We have picked four separate types of massagers for you to choose from. Or, you can take all of them for the ultimate massage accessory gift basket.

30. The Little Quote Book About Growing Older

The Little Quote Book About Growing Older - one of those uplifting gifts for 70 year old woman

So, how about a cool book to casually cherish while enjoying the massages with the awesome massage accessories above?

Yes, if you want your elderly loved ones to enjoy their time while pondering and feeling good about aging on their 70th birthday, then this is the combo you should go for — one massage equipment from above coupled with this book filled with quotes on purposefully aging gracefully.

Wrapping It Up

The best presents are the thoughts that come with the gifts. This rings especially true as we get older. 

The small things, tiny gestures, and intimate moments mean a lot more than any material thing ever can at this age. So the best present for your grandma will probably be the time you spend with her, and the stories you exchange. Grandmas are precious, let them know they’re loved!

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