Gifts for 80 Year Old Man: 28 Unique, Cool, and Useful Gift Ideas

Be it for a birthday or Christmas, you will not find any better collection of cool, useful, and unique gifts for 80 year old man than this. 10 min

Last updated on August 13th, 2022

Looking for gifts for 80 year old man? 

Believe it or not, you will not find any better collection of cool, useful, and unique gifts for 80 year old man than this comprehensive list here prepared by Things I Need To Buy. 

This list includes gift ideas that are all-purpose and suitable for every occasion. These gifts are thoughtfully selected so that you can gift something meaningful to your senior loved one. 

Whether you are looking for a suitable gift for birthday or Christmas, or for any other occasion, you will find plenty of options to choose from this comprehensive list of gift ideas for 80 year old man. 

1. Exercise Pedal Bike

Staying active in senior years is tough but very much necessary. 

This portable exercise pedal bike will take the tough part out of the lives of our senior loved ones. 

It measures just 13.7″ x 15.7″ x 11.6″ and can be used for both legs and arms exercise. The easy-to-read LCD screen displays RPM, time, speed, distance, and calories burned. 

2. Weekly Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

Gifts are never about the price, it’s always about conveying the message that you care. 

This weekly pill organizer does exactly that. It let’s you convey the message to your favorite octogenarian that you care about them. 

It’s thoughtfully selected to have three separate compartments for a 3-times-a-day medicine schedule. 

3. Complete Nail and Toenail Clipper Set

There’s nothing to say about this wonderfully useful and unique gift for 80 year old man. 

Just ask your senior loved one about how hard and thick those nails get at that age. Now, with this clipper set, they will have a fighting chance.  

The rotating head clipper is truly a game changer. 

4. Senior-Friendly Tools

Is your 80-year-old still an active handyman of the house? 

Why not gift them a new set of tools that will make their day-to-day tasks of fixing everything much easier and comfortable?

These telescopic magnetic pickup tools will enable them to pick up washers, screws, nuts, or bolts when they need a third hand. 

5. LED Beanie Hat 

Here’s a cool gift for 80 year old man that’s also super useful. 

They can wear this while going for a walk or on their usual schedule of going about fixing things in the house. 

It will protect them from the cold and make it easier to see everything bright and clear in front of them. 

6. Pocket Watch 

This pocket watch can be a unique and wonderfully traditional gift idea for a 80 year old man. 

On top of that, this watch comes with a thoughtful quote featured on it saying, “To My King: Never forget that I Love You FOREVER. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.”

7. Bath Shower Scrubber

Everybody finds it difficult to reach their back while taking a shower. With age, this task gets even more difficult.

But this bath shower scrubber makes it easier than ever before. 

Gift this to your senior loved one, and they will jump all over the house in joy. 

8. Angle Adjustable Phone Holder

Our new age seniors are super attached to their smartphones nowadays. You just can’t keep them away from their phones. 

But you can definitely make their phone binging easier with this adjustable phone holder. And, you know what, it comes with an HD sound and bass Bluetooth speaker attached to it. Funky, isn’t it? 

9. Armrest Organizer

This armrest organizer is surely one of the very useful gifts for 80 year old man. 

It has six pockets which can be used to keep and organize everyday use items like remote, glasses, phones, pens, etc. 

This will make the life of your senior loved ones a bit easier. 

10. LED Page Magnifier

Reading books is one of the favorite pastimes of seniors. However, with age reading the regular size fonts can become increasingly difficult by the day. 

To deal with that difficulty, give them this 3X LED magnifier that will create an evenly lit and magnified reading area of the page to relieve eye strain and facilitate easy reading. 

11. Munchies 

Variety Assortment of Chips, Cookies, Crackers & More

Selection of 12 healthy nuts

Okay, so with the page magnifier above, you have solved the problem of reading difficulty. 

But now, how about taking the experience of reading one step further with these delicious munchies to munch on while they read their favorite books?  

12. Jar Openers

6 in 1 can opener, a 5 in 1 bottle opener, a 4 in 1 jar opener.

The Original Under Cabinet Lid Opener

Electric Automatic Jar Opener

Seniors at the age of 80 would give anything to make their lives a bit easier and effortless. 

These cool and useful jar openers can be the gift that will make their lives a bit more effortless. 

Here are three different types of jar openers that great for everyday use. 

13. Foldable Grabber Reacher Tool

Bending down or reaching up to grab something at the age of 80 can be a task on it’s own. 

But not anymore with this smart and handy foldable grabber reacher tool. It has a 32″ arm extension and a 90° rotating head. There’s literally nothing that will be out of their reach now. 

14. Custom Desk Photo Calendar

This one is packed with sentiment and usefulness together. On top of that, the personalized selection of photos makes it one of the super cool gifts for an 80 year old man. 

Pick all the photos from their glorious days and combine a few group photos of friends and family, and you have an emotion-packed impactful gift at hand. 

15. Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder, and Item Locator

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Apple AirTag

Losing stuff now and then; happens to the best of us. But it won’t be happening to the best 80 year old man in your life anymore. 

With this bluetooth tracker, they can keep track of the things they lose the most. Be it keys or their phone. 

If they tend to lose more than one item, you might consider gifting them a whole bunch of these. Or, you can also consider Apple AirTags. 

16. Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! 

Comfort is the most wanted usability in senior years. 

And, with these slippers, comfort is the thing you get. 

Padded with thick memory foam, these slippers will mold to your foot, giving you a custom fit for maximized comfort. 

17. Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

Massage accessories are all the rage at the age of 80. They are also very popular gifts for 80 year old man. 

That’s why we have included multiple options when it comes to massager on this list. 

Now, this one is a hand-held massage gun with six different speed settings. That means you can apply this to massage whatever area of the body you want and at whatever intensity you want. That’s a hell lot of flexibility, isn’t it? 

18. Foot and Calf Massager with Heat

Dealing with leg cramps is never too easy. It gets especially worse the older you get. That’s why using a massager can be a very useful gift for 80 year old man when it comes to relaxation. This product will give you a professional-level rolling massage with plenty of adjustability.

You can customize your at-home massage by adjusting the massage modes and their intensity level.

19. Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Massage chairs are definitely some of the best gift ideas for 80 year old man. It’s something that you can never go wrong with because everyone loves it. Yes, it is a bit on the expensive side, but it is a gem for older people. It can relax their whole body, and they can finally sleep in peace. 

Plus, they can listen to their favorite music via Bluetooth in this chair. 

20. Back and Neck Massager

Aches and pains are regular companions that come with age. This back and neck massager would definitely help to alleviate that pain from time to time. 

It’s ergonomically designed to merge with the contours of different body parts. It can help to relax neck, shoulder, back, feet, legs, and tight muscles. 

21. Medical Alert Systems

Active Guardian Mini Alert Button

2 Pager and 2 Call Buttons

All-in-One Medical Alert Device

We are often afraid to admit it, but the senior years can be filled with anxiety for our loved ones’ health and safety. The tension especially reaches its peak when they have to spend a considerable amount of time alone in the house. 

These medical alert systems will help to soothe the anxiety a bit. With these at hand, you will know that they can summon help at the press of a button.

22. Portable Induction Cooktop

Is your senior loved one still enjoys cooking their favorite recipe every now and then? 

Then, make their cooking adventures safe, fast, and easy with this lightweight and portable induction cooktop. 

Apart from cooking, it will also make it much easier to reheat or warm stuff. Moreover, it’s easy to clean – just wipe with a damp towel. 

23. Echo Show

A smart voice assistant is a pretty useful gift for 80 year old man. You don’t have to be tech-savvy even to use it. You can play music, listen to the news, call your relatives, check the weather and even control your room lights with simple voice commands. 

Life can’t get easier and more fun than this. 

24. eufy by Anker

Cleaning your house can never be easier. This robot vacuum cleaner is by far the most bang for the buck option in the market. You can control it via the app on your phone or using your Google voice assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

The RoboVac also goes back to it’s charging station automatically when the battery becomes low.

25. Overbed Table

If you have ever been to a hospital, you must have seen one of these. 

These overhead tables are a no-brainer. Anybody who wants to live their life in comfort and style must have one in the house, let alone the elderly loved ones. It’s simply a must for them. Get one for your 80 year old man, if he already doesn’t have one. 

26. Assist Rails

For chair, couch, or recliner

For Toilet

While we are trying to make our senior loved ones’ lives as comfortable as possible. Here’s three other items in the same vein. 

These assist rails and mobility aids will enable your 80 year old loved one to securely and comfortably get in and out of bed, couch, or the toilet. 

27. Adjustable Shower Chair

While we are making the task of taking a shower enjoyable and easy, why not go one step further with this super comfortable adjustable shower chair? 

It comes with all the features of bathroom safety and comfort, like a suction assist grab bar, anti-slip seat, and adjustable height from 12 inches to 19.5 inches. 

28. Walking Stick Cane

A dragon-head on a cane? Can something look more badass than this? This will be the perfect look for your cool grandpa. You can either go for a Japanese Yakuza or an Italian Mafia look with this one. 

On another note, the wooden design of this cane is pretty impressive and on the point. 

So, here you go! Now you have a master list of gifts for 80 year old man at hand. 

You can pick any of the gifts for any occasion. Be it for their 80th birthday or for any general gift-giving occasion, every single gift idea listed here will be perfectly suitable for a 80 year old man.

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