Top 10 Best Send Anonymous Prank Gifts

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Last updated on April 30th, 2022

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1. Archie McPhee Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle Multi-colored, 8″

Does your friend love pickles? And does he or she love yodeling? And do you know that pickles and yodeling come in the same box? Well, here it is – Archie McPhee Yodeling Pickle!

Now, don’t be tempted to keep this yodeling pickle for yourself. After all it is a yodeling pickle! No, you must make the sacrifice and send anonymous prank gifts with it!

The best thing about this mind-boggling yodeling pickle is that it doesn’t come in a brine. It runs on batteries, and starts yodeling at the press of a button.

2. Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank. Hilariously Labeled Package. Funny Gag Gift and; Practical Joke, Guaranteed to Shock and Awe!

One of the best ways to spread happiness in this dark and gloomy world is through friendly mischief. It doesn’t hurt anybody and makes all the parties involved happy. Just like this Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank: Va**OdorHelper.

This embarrassing box prank comes in industrial size! 2.5 inch wide and 13 inch tall. A complete package of cringe that your female besties would kill you for sending.

With these send anonymous prank gifts you have the option of make your bestfriends sign for the package. Just imagine the look on their faces when the delivery man hands them over this “gift.”

3. Prank Postcards

The only other alternative to sending those immaculate holiday postcards are prank postcards. They are witty, hilarious and funny as heck.

Here you have a paperback full of prank postcards for every occasion. You can send one to anyone, on any occasion. It can be a baby shower, anniversaries, even retirement parties!

These prank postcards don’t only work as send anonymous prank gifts, but also party favors and decorations. Or you can simply display them in your home.

4. Pranks Anonymous – Eat my A Vegan Dark Chocolate Box – Funny Prank Gifts – Anonymous Gag Gifts for Adults

Chocolate always screams PRANK! Of course, not all kinds of chocolates can be best send anonymous prank gifts. But this Eat MY A** Vegan Dark Chocolate box can definitely be one.

Yes, you guessed it right. This dark chocolate box is truly dark. For it contains pieces of molded dark chocolate that look like a**hole.

These go really well for bachelorette parties and send anonymous gift pranks. You can even send a box to your frenemy.

5. 17 Prank Envelopes – Witty Pranks for Adults. Practical Jokes by Mail Prank for Friends and Family. Pranks for Adults

Hold on a sec. These prank envelopes are for adults only. If you are underage, better scroll away! And if you are an adult who loves pranks, keep reading.

This pack contains 17 of the best hilarious and witty prank postcards. The best part of prank postcards is that they not only embarrass the receiver but also the one who hands them these.

Imagine sending your married friend one of these cards saying “Your online lover Tanya wants to know…”, and their spouse receives them! The look on both of their faces will be priceless.

6. The STD Coloring Book: An Adult coloring book of the human body, infectious diseases and viruses including syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes for men and women!

Here we have another adult-only item! The STD Coloring Book is exactly what it sounds like. This is an adult coloring book that is suitable for both men and women!

STD is never pretty, neither are the pictures in this book. But as send anonymous prank gifts, this book will be perfect.

You will actually be surprised to see the details with which each and every photos are drawn. There are images of different STDs, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea and so on.

7. Crazy Novelty Guy Fake Product Box for Pranks, Gags and Practical Jokes. Send Directly to Recipient You Want to Embarrass, Great Laughs! (100% Anonymous) (Herpes Test Kit)

Do you think one of your friends needs to test for herpes? Why not send them a herpes test kit! Of course, not seriously but as send anonymous prank gifts.

This is a product by Crazy Novelty Guy, and they make some of the best prank gifts ever. This item will be sent without any additional packaging. So yeah, embarrassment!

The box doesn’t actually contain any product. Instead, your friend will find a sticker inside that says “You’ve been pranked!”

8. Embarrassing Mail Joke Prank Box Fake Product Butt Hole Stretcher ~ Gag Gift Box Funny Prank gets sent to a Loved One/Victim 100% Anonymous

Mail pranks are some of the most hilarious send anonymous prank gifts. They not only embarrass the receiver but also anyone who sees the mail. And this Fake Butt Hole Stretcher 9000 is one of them.

This prank box will be sent as it is. No additional cover. These are sent directly to the friend you want to prank, and that so, anonymously.

There’s nothing inside the boxx. Well, there’s definitely something, but not the stretcher 9000 that your friend maybe expecting inside. Instead your friend will find a card saying “ha ha you have been pranked!”

9. Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank: MicroPsCure. Mail Your Target a Hilariously Labeled Package to Make Them Cringe. Great Gag Gift, Guaranteed to Mortify and Offend!

If your think any of your friends need to get a bigger p**, then send them this hilarious Embarassing Box Prank that says MicroP**Cure!

This prank box comes in industrial size, and so it will be hard not to notice. Everybody will be embarrassed, starting from the mailman, you, and anybody who sees it on your doorstep.

You guessed it right, this prank box comes as it is. No extra packaging.
With some additional steps you can select the option where your friend will have to sign for it. That just makes send anonymous prank gifts better.

10. Amazon eGift Card – Amazon For All Occasions

You probably weren’t expecting this in this list. Don’t worry, this is not a prank! But it would be hilarious if you got pranked while trying to prank somebody else!

Anyways, not all send anonymous prank gifts have to be funny. You can also send ones that will actually be useful. Of course, as you will be sending it anonymously, it will still seem like a prank.

You can even add a message while ordering this eGift card. You can say something really mysterious or nonsensical to prank your friend.


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