Top 10 Best Cat Lover Gift Baskets

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Last updated on August 26th, 2022

Some say that cat owners end up becoming cats themselves. And as we all know well, cats are the hardest things to figure out. Do they want to murder us or take care of us – who can say? Then there are people who don’t own a cat and still love them nonetheless.

The best kind of gifts for such groups of people are cat-themed items. But it can be tricky to find the best ones.

Below you will find a list of the top 10 best cat lover gift baskets. There you will find everything any cat lover and/or owner would appreciate receiving as gifts.

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1. Modern Cat Tree Tower

It’s safe to say that cat owners are strange creatures. They can do anything for their cats. Perhaps, the most practical thing you gift them is this Modern Cat Tree Tower by Mau Lifestyle.

This tree is made with two one-of-a-kind trunks topped with handwoven wicker baskets. And in those wicker baskets, you will find extremely comfy cushions which are machine washable. It’s like a cat lover gift basket.

The great thing about this cat tree tower is that unlike other cat furniture this one actually enhances the aesthetic of your room.

2. Cat-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

There are people who may not have cats but are definitely obsessed with them. These cat shaped ceramic measuring spoons will be the right gift for them.

These spoons are made of extra durable ceramic which are then finished with cute cat designs. You can use them to your heart’s content, and still these spoons won’t lose their shine.

This set contains four spoons which will come handy for your everyday cooking. Of course, you can also use them as decorations instead of as utensils.

3. Funny Cat Lover Coffee Gift Basket

Now we have a coffee sampler gift basket specially designed for cat moms and cat dads. If they love cats and they love coffee, then this is the right cat lover gift basket for them.

SillyBean, just like their name, makes hilarious and witty products. Just look at the names of each of the coffee samples. One of them goes like “Whispy Whiskers” Salted Caramel.

If you are buying this for somebody else, you have the option of choosing the wrapping at checkout.

4. Cat Mom Gift Basket

Are you looking for gifts for a cat mom? Then you should get this VerryMerryMakering cat lover gift basket. This has got a number of cute things that any cat mom would love.

In this gift pack, you get one mint-colored cat tumbler with the words “show me your kitties”. Along with that, there’s a straw, cleaning brush, cat-themed candle, and to top it off, a pair of cute cat socks.

The tumbler has double walls with copper-coated inner walls. It will keep your drinks hot/cold for a long time.

5. Cat Is Good 12-Piece Pounce Toy Gift Box

Cats love toys, especially if they are soft and squishy. And in this gift box, you get 12 such adorable toys for your cats. You can get it as a gift for your cats, they are sure to love it or tear it to pieces.

There are 12 different types of toys including rolling balls and catnip toys. Cat is Good has put a bit of catnip in some of the toys so that your cats can get a kick out of them.

A great thing about this gift box is that it can be easily wrapped. In fact, the package is already good enough to be gifted as it is.

6. Pet Gift Basket for Cat

A storage basket is always an essential gift. And if it’s a cat liver we are talking about, they are sure to love having this storage basket shaped like a cat head.

This is a literal cat lover gift basket which is big enough for storing laundry, all your cat toys. In fact, your cat may even choose to sleep in it.

This basket is made with eco-friendly cotton rope. That’s why you can even wash it when it gets dirty.

7. Kitten Interactive Toys

You can never go overboard with a cat lover gift basket such as this. It has all the things a cat would love playing with.

In this gift set, your cat will get 6 different types of bread: baguette, croissant, pretzel, toast, bun, and cinnamon roll. On top of that, these toys are filled with the right amount of organic catnip.

This is a complete package for anyone who has a cat or two. It will never disappoint.

8. Sillybean Funny Dog Lover Coffee Sampler Gift Basket

This isn’t a cat lover gift basket, so what is it doing here? On rare occasions cat lovers also love dogs. And if they also love coffee, then this gift basket is perfect for them.

This Sillybean coffee sampler gift basket 8 sample packets. But what’s so dog about it? Well, all the packets have funny dog themed names like Muddy Dog Caramel Mudslide. Isn’t it hilarious?

Open these beautifully packaged coffee samples each day to add joy to your life.

9. Cat Basket Clothes & Toy Organizer

If you have been looking for a cat lover gift basket that screams “kawai” then you are at the right place. This organizer is perfect for so many purposes.

For a start, you can store clothes and toys inside it. But there’s a high possibility that your cat may declare it as its lair.

This is due to the high-quality material that is both sturdy and comfortable. You can rest assured that this cat basket will last a long time.

10. Cute Cat Office Supplies

If your cat lover friend is in need of some office supplies, then you can gift them this cat-themed office supplies set.

In this set, there are 6 pieces of cat gel ink pens, 60 pieces of cat shape paper clips, 1 pack of cat self-adhesive notes in 3 colors, 2 styles of cat claw sticky notes, cat-shaped bookmark clips, and extra cute cat stickers. These cat-shaped sticky notes can also be used for decorations and wall art.