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Last updated on May 13th, 2022

No, we’re not here to talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend wanting space from you; rather it’s a more important issue! What to gift someone whose love for space is actually in the air. I mean, ‘love is in the space’. It’s time to pay a little attention to your dear Astrophiles; people who love stars, astronomy, etc.

We all know what giving a gift means. It’s to show affection, making your loved ones feel special, blah-blah-blah. But it only makes the gift unique when it’s something close to their interest, their passion.

Speaking of giving a present to someone whose interest crossed the boundary of the earth, this article will help you find a variety of gifts for space lovers. Take a good look towards the end of this write-up, you won’t be disappointed.

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Top 30 Space Themed Gifts for Space Lovers

If you do research, you’ll see there are a ton of products based on the astronomy theme. Looks like people’s enthusiasm for this has no bounds, just like space itself. So, you may struggle to choose among so many choices.

No worries! Here’s a shortlist with a bit of everything out there about gifts for space lovers.

1. Star Projector; MOKOQI Night Light Lamp

Gifts for Space Lovers - Star Projector; MOKOQI Night Light Lamp

Not every space lover can fulfill their dream of traveling to space, watching starts. To help them feel their dream a little closer, this product might help.

This is a star projector through which you can have a view of the starry sky from your room. It’ll give a spectacular celestial skylight display in four neon colors. The soothing warm light will be helpful for sleep, too. There are two ways to get it powered. You can either use the USB or the battery.

It’s perfect for the little ones. Because, in this modern urbanized era, a sky full of stars is hardly a common sight for them.

2. Bright Solar System Wall Stickers; Glow in The Dark

Gifts for Space Lovers - Bright Solar System Wall Stickers; Glow in The Dark

This will be a great piece for someone who loves to decorate their room. In space theme, of course. These are high-quality glowing decals of stars and planets. It contains a good number of elements of our solar system. You don’t have to worry; the sticky residues won’t harm your beautiful walls.

There are eight realistic planets, the Sun, and 19 different-sized stars. The fluorescence helps to glow it in the dark. They’ll feel like starring at the solar system with open eyes. A pleasant view for someone who has an enormous passion for space.

3. The Mysteries of the Universe: A Book to Explore

Gifts for Space Lovers - The Mysteries of the Universe: A Book to Explore

For centuries, space has been a mystery to us. Astronomers are still discovering new things, new facts, and activities while exploring space. There’s always more to know in this sector. For someone who’s thirsty for more of this knowledge about space, I couldn’t think of a better gift than this book.

The book is called mysteries of the universe. Every section of this fascinating volume unveils the mysteries of astronomical objects. From planets, galaxies to asteroids and black holes, it got all covered. Anybody who’s interested in space would love to have it.

4. Chaos World Unisex Novelty Hoodie

Gifts for Space Lovers - Chaos World Unisex Novelty Hoodie

Who says a space fanatic can be a nerd, not a fashionista? They can even look cooler if their appearance has a touch of their interest. If you gift this Unisex realistic 3D printed Novelty hoodie to space lovers, their happiness will touch the sky. 

It’s a very uncommon piece. The logo of NASA on it makes it more unique. What makes it cooler that they can wrap the space around them with the help of fashion. The fabric is soft and very comfortable. You don’t have to doubt the quality; it won’t fade or peel even after a hard wash.

5. iKNOW FOTO Canvas; Galaxy Stars Space Wall Art

Gifts for Space Lovers - iKNOW FOTO Canvas; Galaxy Stars Space Wall Art

This one is a great choice for interior decorating. It’s a tri-piece gift. Three 12″ x 16”-dimensional wall canvas themed on Galaxy stars. But you can customize the sizes according to your choice. These are finely worked wall art, a masterpiece to give as a present to your dear ones.

The material is wood, not plastic. Pictures printed on the canvas are highly detailed. The vibrant colors of these are beautiful. He/she can hang these to their walls. It’s an ideal complement for living area, study, or workplace.

6. Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume

Gifts for Space Lovers - Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume

Any space lover kid will love this gift, undoubtedly. It’s an astronaut jumpsuit with the famous logo; NASA. Moreover, it has a movable visor helmet too. A complete spacesuit costume to make those Halloween times special.

The jumpsuit looks pretty authentic. If it was for adults, anybody will doubt him. ‘Did he just return from the Space?’ Just kidding! But the suit is actually pretty good, it’s made from 100% polyester. If you’re a parent, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kid with this product. 

You can sponge wash it in need, it won’t hamper the quality.

7. Astronaut Spaceship designed LED String Light

Gifts for Space Lovers - Astronaut Spaceship designed LED String Light

Another home decorating piece present here. It’s simply fairy lights but there’s a difference. Instead of stars, the 20 pendants here are themed on rockets, astronauts, and planets. Pretty creative, right? It’s totally a win-win for low-budget space-related gifts.

It can be used as party lights, room decors, etc. The material is not glass; it’s plastic. So, it’s a safe choice to decorate your baby or children’s rooms. The warm white color will give off a charming atmosphere. There are two powered modes; battery and USB.

But don’t expect the USB is included, you have to add it, separately.

8. NASA Apollo Saturn Space Model Rocket; Science Building Kit

Gifts for Space Lovers - NASA Apollo Saturn Space Model Rocket; Science Building Kit

How cool does it sound to build your very own rocket? Yes! This is an extraordinary LEGO set with 1969 pieces. It’s the famous Apollo Saturn V launched by NASA which took men to the moon.

It’s the coolest play-set gift for space lovers. They’ll love to build it in their free time. Once, the structure has been made, it can be an intelligent creation to show off. One can learn a lot about spaceships while making them. Very educative for both kids and adults.

I can’t think of a better option than this among the gifts for people who like space.

9. The Unemployed Philosophers Constellation Mug

Gifts for Space Lovers - The Unemployed Philosophers Constellation Mug

Mugs are very average gifts for close ones. If you still have this choice on your mind, then maybe take a look at this. It’s a Constellation Mug. Constellation means the formation of stars. Lovers of astrology will find this ceramic piece amusing.

At first glance, it may look like a dull mug. Once you pour the hot coffee or tea into it, the 11 constellation slowly appears on its body. It’s like magic. But remember, it only works with hot liquids. The heat activates the mug to change its outer surface. It would definitely be a hit with Zodiac fans.

10. Sock It to Me Alien Socks

Gifts for Space Lovers - Sock It to Me Alien Socks

It’s actually a very funny gift idea, but at the same time, it’s a cute one. A pair of socks which has astronaut prints on them. I mean, a total go-to look for astrophiles. Who wouldn’t love it?

Anyone will find it very eye-catching stylish. It’s like showing someone that you’re a total space lover without telling them anything.

The socks are very comfortable, made with 53% Cotton and other harm-free substances. It’s unisex, ultra-soft, and stretchy. Washing them won’t affect the colors. Gift this to anybody and wait to see their moonwalking dance.

11. Afco Lovely Goldfish Hook Earrings

Gifts for Space Lovers - Afco Lovely Goldfish Hook Earrings

For a girl space lover, this gift is a charm. A stylish pair of astronaut earrings to complement her look as well as her passion. The pair of jewels resemble two small guys in spacesuits reaching towards the stars. Isn’t it the cutest?

This special jewelry with an appealing design can be worn with any attire and for any event. They can wear it for a long time, it wouldn’t bother because of the lightweight. Moreover, it’s like a clip-on, with no hassle for pins. It’s a perfect gift for a girl who is a lovely space lover.

12. Menglina Stone Bead Charm Bracelet

Gifts for Space Lovers - Menglina Stone Bead Charm Bracelet

Another beautiful jewel piece both for men and women. This gift for space lovers is my personal favorite. It’s a charm bracelet; the beads here resemble the eight planets of our solar system. It looks so unique and pretty.

The funny part is, you’ll feel like you’re the core planet; like the Sun. And the other eight planets are rotating you. However, the bracelet is handmade. It includes two styles; one with a woven rope and another is the normal elastic string. Both are adjustable, subjecting anyone’s comfort.

People who like astronomy will sure fall for it.

13. Outer Space Comforter 3D Printed Galaxy Bedding Sets

Gifts for Space Lovers - Outer Space Comforter 3D Printed Galaxy Bedding Sets

‘I love to sleep in the space’, funnily this phrase goes too well with the product we’re looking at here. It’s a 3D printed bedding set based on a galaxy theme. An unusual gift maybe but a worthy one for sure. The comforter is suitable for anybody who’s curious about our universe.

It’s like a stylish bedroom décor. The fabric is microfiber polyester. A better option than cotton. It’s very soft, comfortable, and frequently washable. The machine wash will be fine as well but don’t try to bleach it if you don’t want it to get ruined.

14. fisher SPACE PEN; Original Astronaut Pen

Gifts for Space Lovers - fisher SPACE PEN; Original Astronaut Pen

Now it’s time to talk about a product for which spending money is like throwing a dart on the target, accurately. A genuine present for space aficionados. This space pen is made of stainless steel and is commonly referred to as an astronaut pen.

There is zero gravity in space, therefore standard pens won’t function. It was a significant problem that took years for scientists to resolve. The astronaut pen can write in zero gravity, such as space or underwater, and at any angle, even in extreme temperatures.

It’s one of the coolest and most versatile space gifts.

15. Space Shuttle Building Kit; Mars Rover and Astronaut Mini-figures

Gifts for Space Lovers - Space Shuttle Building Kit; Mars Rover and Astronaut Mini-figures

Building a toy model of spaceships can be equally fun and creative. This one is a building kit of the research shuttles, the Mars rover, and other astronomy stuff. Including two mini astronaut mini-figurines the helidrone and the storage drone. How cool is that!?

The construction contains 273 pieces with instructions to build the figures. It’s a great gift for creative thinkers. Best toy for not only kids but also space-loving adults. People who love to build LEGO will adore it much.

Once it’s done, you can use it to enrich your surrounding interiors as a cool-creative furniture piece. Happy Building!

16. Pavaruni; Galaxy Pendant Necklace

Gifts for Space Lovers - Pavaruni; Galaxy Pendant Necklace

Yet comes another jewel piece gift which is related to our universe, for our fellow space lovers. We can call it the galaxy necklace. The design looks very aesthetic. It can be worn as regular jewelry.

This one is a unique handmade piece from creative craftsmen. There’s no metal included in this, made entirely with glass. You’ll get the finest quality at the most affordable price.

The design is inspired by the space cosmos. There is more to this theme than just a necklace. Each gem is crafted by artisans with over 30 years of expertise. Do take a look!

17. AceList LED String Light

Gifts for Space Lovers - AceList LED String Light

There was one more string light on this list previously, but this one is unique. Of course, the astronomy motif is reflected in the design. And the pendants are made to look like spaceships, astronauts, planets, and so on.

So, you might be wondering why we separated this light string from the earlier one. This special LED string light has multi-colors. Not just the soothing warm glow, it’ll give a different vibe as party lights.

Because the copper string is silver plated, it does not become hot after prolonged use. So, it’s a safe choice for a child’s room. It also lacks the previous model’s USB system in favor of a battery-powered system.

18. Pluto Shirt; Retro Style Science T-Shirt

Gifts for Space Lovers - Pluto Shirt; Retro Style Science T-Shirt

What to give someone whose mind is roaming around planets? Yes, a tee-shirt with a similar vibe seems a great choice. So, now it’s time for some tea on tees. Can it be one of the perfect gifts for people who like space? Let’s find out.

It’s called the Pluto T-shirt. The name is an idiomatic expression of the big print of the Pluto in the center of the T. This one is a short sleeve retro-style garment. The vintage style of it is very attractive.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of those classic gifts for space lovers.


Gifts for Space Lovers - LOGROTATE LED Moon Lamp

We often fell in love with the beauty of the moon. The charming view soothes our heart. So, this bedside lamp is perfect for any of us. It’s a remote-controlled lamp in the shape of a Moon.

There’s a stand with it. The 4.8inch moon sitting on it looks so realistic. It’s a beautiful piece for interior decoration. Moreover, it can change colors. There are 16 different shades in this LED night light. The decorative gleams will embellish the surroundings.

There’s no wire hassle with it. It’s completely rechargeable and battery-operated. It can be charged through power banks or adaptors.

20. FNGEEN NASA Space Explorer Stickers

Gifts for Space Lovers - FNGEEN NASA Space Explorer Stickers

Space lovers will change everything in space theme if they get the chance. Cause for them, it’s like their different world. Let’s make it easy for these folks.

Starting with these special space explorer PVC stickers. There are a variety of awesome astronaut patterns in it. These look pretty dope and cool to use. You can stick it on your accessories.

Plus, it’s safe for laptops, mobile or other electronic devices. They’re waterproof and removable and won’t leave a residue mark behind. Anyone who is interested in space-related stuff will love to get it.

21. Galaxy Printed Duct Tape Roll

Gifts for Space Lovers - Galaxy Printed Duct Tape Roll

It’s even cooler to transform the daily tools into a space theme and gift someone who has a similar taste. Interestingly, there are actually products available like this. This is not a simple duck-tape; it has the entire galaxy printed on it.

The material is Polyethylene. It’s about 10 yards long and the width is about 1.88inches. It won’t serve best on the hardwood surface, but all other ones; plastic, vinyl, fabric, or metal will work just fine.

So, even for their daily chores, they’ll have a touch of space in them. And surely will thank you enough. You’ll find this in the Duck store.

22. Snug Flask for Kids

Gifts for Space Lovers - Snug Flask for Kids

Speaking of giving a total space makeover to your dear ones, why leave out the water bottle? Snug flask has the perfect one here, an astronomy-printed flask with a fantastic space wars color scheme.

It’s lightweight and the liquid capacity is about 500 ml. Made with stainless steel to protect it from any kind of breakages or damage. But this is not suitable for dish-wash, prefers hand wash instead. 

Aside from these ordinary features, it’ll keep your cold beverages cold and your hot drinks hot for an extended amount of time. However, it’ll not affect the bottle’s outer layer. So, for the cold, there’ll be no sweating, and for the hot, there’ll be no heated surface.

23. HotStyle TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack

Gifts for Space Lovers - HotStyle TRENDYMAX Galaxy Backpack

Here again with an asset representing the space makeover, a galaxy style backpack. With this one, anybody can own the trend. Take a look at this bag; it’s absolutely cool.

The colors are vibrant, high-quality fabric and zippers that won’t make a mess with you. People of any age can wear it comfortably. It’s not too big nor too small, a perfect size bag.

Put the mystery book in the backpack, one that we’ve mentioned on this list. BOOM! Now, it’s a complete wrap for someone as a perfect space gift.

24. Astronomical Refracting Telescope

If you’re up for giving an expensive gift to a space fanatic, take a glance at this one. It’s an astronomical telescope. Moreover, it’s a portable one to travel with anywhere, anytime. 

Astronomers can use this adjustable telescope to study the stars and the moon. The lens is 90 millimeters in length. The focal length is up to 600mm. Three interchangeable eyepieces are included, as well as a 6*30 finder scope for easy object detection.

It doesn’t require any additional operations or tooling. The tripod will be stable thanks to the attached castor wheel. With the help of a mobile holder, it can snap pictures and share them.

25. CAGIE Starry Sky Lock Diary

Gifts for Space Lovers - CAGIE Starry Sky Lock Diary

This is a diary with a 3D printed starry sky designed on it. The lock on it is not an ordinary one rather it’s a password lock to keep your personal information safe. But if your gift receiver has a weak memory, the code lock might create a problem there.

This diary includes 56 pages of lined blank paper and colorful sheets. The pages are luxuriously thicker than usual and the quality is quite good as well. Also, there are two color ribbon bookmarks and a stretchy band closing with it.

It’s a fun way to keep track of thoughts or write down key events, memos, and other information. For space enthusiasts, they can take notes when gazing at the stars or studying constellations.

26. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Gifts for Space Lovers - Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Another home decorating product with a touch of aesthetics. It’s a wall hanging based on the phases of the moon. The moon’s appearance keeps on changing. You can watch it all in this one single piece.

It’s created by hand with hammered metal and iron chains. The metals are formed beautifully in moon shape. There are 13 moons in total, arranged horizontally. It can be hanged using nails or hooks. It’s lightweight, and won’t cause any harm to your walls.

Any modern boho lover will adore this piece a lot.

27. 4M Solar System Planetarium

Gifts for Space Lovers - 4M Solar System Planetarium

A planetarium set is designed to exhibit fun and educational presentations on astronomy and the night sky, as well as to provide education in celestial mapping. So, it’s clear why this ended up being listed as one of these space gifts.

This is a complete toy set including eight planets, painting, learning about the wonder of our solar system. There are also robotic art and crafts kits in it. Even there’s a quiz chart for education purposes. Undoubtedly, you’re getting all in one.

It’s like where the arts meet the science. Anyone can transform their room into a planetarium. And also it’s safe for kids above 8.

28. Chef’s Vision Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Gifts for Space Lovers - Chef's Vision Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Now, it’s an interesting turning point where your gift will have an actual purpose and could serve help to your receiver. Just like a space fanatic can be a fashionista, they can be lovers of cooking; chefs, also.

So, how do you feel about a knife set featuring a stunning artwork of our infinite universe? Unusual and unique at the same time. This chef special knife set is not the ordinary one, they’re exclusively gorgeous.

These six knives are sharp with an ergonomic design. It has top-notch quality. Not only a helping hand for space lover chefs but an uncommon useful present for them.

29. Solar System Poster Chart

Gifts for Space Lovers - Solar System Poster Chart

It’s a chart with all the required information about our solar system on it. There are planets, stars, asteroids, the sun, the moon, and whatnot. A beneficial gift sprinkling knowledge, mostly for kids and children.

It seems to have a variety of astronomical info that is both entertaining and educational. The chart is categorized into three sections. These are the introduction area, highlighted region, and astronomical info area. Up to 56 entities are present here. How cool is that!?

As it’s a poster, it can be hung on the wall. Again, a product to embellish your interior.

30. LEGO Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Building Kit

Gifts for Space Lovers - LEGO Creator NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Building Kit

Saved the best for the last, an extraordinary creative LEGO set to build the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar. It has an insane number of pieces; 1087. Not a kid’s toy unless he’s a genius.

This has an advanced-level LEGO set. Quite a challenging toy at the same time, it’s creative. You’ll be fascinated by the details and the designs. It looks like a finely detailed replica of the original Apollo 11.  For space and NASA fanatics, this gift is a must. For creative thinkers, it’s like a blessing.

It can be a cool and spectacular display for your home or office, once the structure has been stood.

Ending of The Tour

When it comes to gifting something to someone, it’s always worth the money. This array of gifts for space lovers comes with a variety of price ranges. From the most lavish to the most cost-effective. Don’t be put off by the prices. Your loved ones will notice your efforts, not the tags.

Plus, quite surely, what you were looking for has been solved pretty easily by now. Otherwise, what’s the point of the research? To make it more of a package, you can combine the options. Make a set from the jewels or the galaxy duvet with the bedside lamp for bedroom décor.

So, there’s a lot of space gifts to choose here. You can pick anything from these to surprise your dear ones. They’ll be easily impressed by any of them. So, that’s it, farewell for now.


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